Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176

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Using love to heal personality disorders



Ozodi Thomas Osuji


       Personality is learned. It is learned in childhood. People do not come into this world with a preexisting personality.  What they come to the world with is something in them that can learn a personality.

       There is something in people; it is not definable. Let us call it spirit. That something is born in a human child. It takes the configuration of the child’s inherited body and social experience, especially the child’s family interactions as building blocks and uses them to learn how to behave so as to adapt to the world it now finds itself in.

      Learning is intense during the first few years of life.  By age six the child has, more or less, learned a pattern of behavior. At the end of childhood, before adolescent, age thirteen, the child has learned a pattern of behavior that is now called his personality.

       Personality is the individual’s predictable pattern of behaving, of responding to his physical and social world.

       The environment is always bombarding people with stimuli and they are responding to them; personality is the individual’s pattern of responding to stimuli emanating from his physical and social environment.

       Each human being, by adolescence (age 13-18) has an established pattern of behavior. Most people, more or less, have normal personalities but some have personality disorders.

        In personality disorder the individual’s pattern of behavior produces tension and stress for him and for those around him. Those with personality disorders generate loads of social conflicts and get the feedback that their personalities are problematic.

       The problem is that once personality is established in childhood it is very difficult to change it. Very few human beings have understood their personalities let alone changing them.

         In this paper I shall try to understand personality and show how to change them. Yes, personality can be changed. It can be changed because what is learned can be unlearned and replaced with another learned pattern of behaving, another self-concept.




       At present the American Psychiatric Association in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual delineates nine personality disorders. They are paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal, and narcissistic, histrionic, borderline, anti-social, dependent, avoidant, obsessive compulsive and passive aggressive.  These personality disorders are enduring patterns of behavior that generate social conflict for those who have them.

      Briefly, the paranoid personality disordered person is very suspicious; he does not trust anyone else to look after his interests; he feels that people will screw him; he is guarded and scans his world looking for danger and often sees what he is looking for; he feels inadequate and compensates with false over adequacy and fears other people demeaning him, belittling him etc.; he generally accuses other people of belittling him and quarrels with them.

      The schizoid personality does not care much for other people’s attention, he does not care whether you like him or not; he keeps to his self and does his own thing.

       The schizotypal personality is eccentric and odd; she tends to believe in what those around her do not believe; she often claims to have extrasensory powers.

        The narcissistic personality feels inadequate and compensates with belief in his exaggerated adequacy; he feels special and wants other people to see him as special; he seeks other people’s attention; he often uses other people to get what he wants and when they are no longer useful to him he discards them without any qualms.  He generally works hard and makes loads of money and marries a beautiful woman that he expects other men to admire (and thus indirectly admire him); she is his parlor wife, his trophy wife; he really does not love her for he does not love himself and cannot love other persons.

      The histrionic personality is the drama queen who is always looking for attention and wants to be the center of attention; she has little or no feeling of love for other people, and no attachment to people; she just wants your attention but does not give it to you.

      The borderline personality is unsure who she is; she does not know what her gender is, and does not know what she should be doing with her life; she latches unto whoever gives her attention and would not let go; she would threaten to harm or kill herself if you want to leave her; she controls people by making them feel guilty for the wrong they supposedly did to her; often she cuts on her body.

      The anti-social personality has underdeveloped social conscience; he does not feel guilt or remorse when he harms other people or takes their things; it is from this class that criminals emerge; at their worst they are sociopaths and psychopaths; some are even sadists who enjoy inflicting pain on people.

      The Dependent personality feels weak and wants other people to take care of him; he will please other people if those take care of him;  he is not interested in leading other people but just wants to follow those who take good care of him.

       The Avoidant personality feels that as he is, is not good and feel that if other people get close to him that they would see that he is not good and reject them. He feels anxious in social settings. Not wanting to be rejected he avoids people and keeps to himself. He has underlying fears and anxiety.

      The Obsessive-compulsive personality thinks as if some inner forces he dares not disobey pressure him to think; he often behaves compulsively.  He seeks perfection in whatever he does. He is riddled with self-doubt (he checks and rechecks to make sure that his door is locked, stove is turned off, car is locked, paper typed well etc.).

      The Passive- aggressive person so wants to please other people that he dares not assert himself lest he offends people  and they reject him; he keeps quiet and is pushed around by aggressive people; he is seen as a door mat; occasionally, he blows up and people feel surprised at his seeming unwarranted intermittent explosive anger.

        People with personality disorders are found in all walks of life, in all professions. Many heads of states are paranoid and or narcissistic personalities; many actors and actresses are histrionic personalities; many engineers, mathematicians and scientists are schizoid personalities; many writers and professors are avoidant and or obsessive compulsive personalities. 

      Simply stated, we find personality disordered persons in all professions and areas of life.  You may have a personality disorder and don’t even know it.




       The first order of business is for the individual to understand his personality, normal or disordered. There are many personality tests out there that can give one reasonable feedback on one’s personality. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, MMPI, coupled with psychological interview by a psychologist can reasonably tell one what ones personality is like.



       You can look at it any which way you like the fact is that the individual’s inherited body and social experience affects his personality.

      The spirit in the human child uses his body and social experience to learn a pattern of behaviors, develop a personality type and to construct a self-concept. 

       Biology and society plays key roles in the origin of the individual’s personality type. If you are born with a different body and had a different social experience you would have a different personality.

      If you were born with serious life threatening medical issues and needed to be taken care of by your significant others you probably developed dependent and or avoidant personality.

       If you are born with tendency to anxiety and your parents expected you to be perfect before they accepted you, you probably developed obsessive compulsive or passive aggressive personality.

     If you feel that there is something the matter with your body you probably feel that other people see you as not good, feel angry at them and develop paranoid personality disorder.

       How do you change your personality?  To change your personality you begin with accepting certain basic truths. You were born with a spirit; what that spirit is we do not know. The spirit that you were born with was born in a human body and society. In childhood that spirit used your inherited body and social experience to form your self-concept, aka your personality.

     Spirit, body and society are the three key factors in the formation of personality.

     By adolescence you have formed a personality type, learned a pattern of behaving, and posited a self-concept. For the rest of your life you are more likely to behave as you did in childhood.   Even with scientific psychotherapy folks seldom completely change their personalities. It is here that spiritual psychotherapy comes in.

       One must first go to scientific psychotherapists for they enable one to ascertain ones personality type. In addition one must also have spiritual psychotherapy or religion that enables one to reconcile one’s self to life on earth and what happens when one dies.




       Each human being has two sides to his mind, to his thinking and behaving. There is the ego mind and the Holy Spirit in one’s mind.

       I employ the term Holy Spirit because this is a paper on spiritual psychology but you can change the term Holy Spirit to your higher self.  What you call it doesn’t matter provided that you understand that there is a part of the self that thinks about metaphysical matters.

      The ego mind is the mind we all develop in childhood. All of us already have ego minds. The ago mind is the mind that wants to adapt to this world and does what it has to do to adapt to the exigencies of this world.

       In childhood your ego mind figured out what your body is like and what your society is like and does what it has to do to adapt to them.  

      To be a human being is to be an ego. The ego is the sense of me, the self that wants to survive in you. The ego is self-centered and does what it has to do to survive. It puts its interests ahead of other people’s interests for it knows that when push comes to shove nobody is going to do for it what he needs to do to survive.

        We came to this world alone, live alone and die alone. The ego understands these facts and does not rely on other people for its survival.




       The ego mind sees all the forces arrayed against its physical and social survival and feels fear. In the ego is fear.   

      Most ego behaviors are shaped by fear. For example, before you cross a busy street your ego mind anticipates the on-coming car; it only crosses the street if it is reasonably sure that it would not be run into by the car. If you had no fear you would be reckless and try crossing the road and cars would run into you and kill you.

      Without fear no human child can survive in this world.  The ego is fear based; it has to be so for survival on earth needs fear to alert one to the danger that surrounds one.




       While your ego mind is filed with fear and fear helps it to do what it has to do to survive another part of your mind, as it were, sits back and observes what is going on. That part of your detached mind does not feel fear. It knows that you have eternal life and that it does not matter whether you are killed by cars, people, and hurricanes or not.

        The right part of your mind knows that you are an immortal spirit trying to have a fear based body experience. This part of your mind is calm and does not interfere with your fear based thinking and behaviors.

       However, if you ask your right mind, ask the Holy Spirit, ask God what you should do, he would suggest that you engage in non-fear based response.

       Love is the opposite of fear; the right mind always asks you to love people and the world. Only love eliminates your fears.

      For example, if you are afraid of other people rejecting you (that would lead to avoidant behavior) ask your right mind, the Holy Spirit and it would tell you that it does not matter if other people rejected you or accepted you; you are eternal and what other people do to you does not change your divine reality.  The Holy Spirit would tell you to love all people and overlook whether they loved you back or not.

      If you love people they can still reject you. If you are black and love racists they may still reject you, for they think that you are an inferior being who would drag them down to your inferior status. Be that as it may, the Holy Spirit asks you to love racists and leave them to have their racist view of you.

      If you choose to you can think and behave from the right side of your mind, from the Holy Spirit, from your higher self.

       Your ego suggests fear based behaviors and if you listen to it and do as it asks that you do you are back to the personality you formed in childhood.

       If before you think and behave you keep quiet and ask your right mind to think for you, to guide you, if you think from your right mind, from the Holy Spirit you would be told to do what loves all people.




      Your personality, normal or disordered was formed by your real self, the son of God, bent on separating from God.

       If you did not wish to separate from God you would not be born on earth. The fact that you are on earth means that you had wished to separate from God. To be on earth is to be separated from God. 

       Each of us has separated from unified spirit, aka God or else he would not be on earth, in body, in space and time.

        To be on earth, in the language of Christianity, is to be born in sin. To be born in sin is to have separated from God.

       The original sin that Christians talk about is our separation from God. The fall from God’s grace happened when human beings decided to separate from their creator, God.

        Human beings originally lived in God. Thereafter, we decided to separate from God and now live in the world.

       To live on earth, to be  an ego is to be in the dark, to be fallen, to have committed the original sin plus whatever other sins we commit on earth by not loving people (to sin is to not love people).

        To be an ego is to have separated from God. And since God is light, to separate from light is to live in darkness.




        The individual human being must return his mind to God, to unified state; this means that the individual must let the Holy Spirit guide his thinking and behavior.  In real terms this means that before you think you pause and ask: from what part of my mind am I thinking from left, from the ego, wrong mind or the right, the part of my mind that contains the Holy Spirit and Christ.

      Ask that question and do not try to answer it from the ego part of your mind; just stay quiet. The part of your thinking that gives you peace and confidence is the right mind.

      When you think from the right mind you think from love, love for you and love for all people affected by your thinking and behavior.

       Only speak when the Holy Spirit speaks for you; that is, when you love and do what is good for you and all people. 

       At first it is difficult to always pause to ask the Holy Spirit to think for you but with a little practice it becomes a habit. In time your mind will only consider love for all and you think from love.

       When you think from love for all, have social interest, you tend to be peaceful and happy. Peace and joy is indicator that you are living from love.




      Normal and personality disorders are of the lower self, of the ego. They are necessary formulations of behavior in childhood.

       Now that the person is an adult he can choose to think and behave differently. He can choose to behave from love (that is, his right mind, the Holy Spirit).

       The paranoid personality disordered person can choose to think and behave from love.  Normally the paranoid is distrustful, suspicious and fears demeaning.  These are all ego based thinking and behaviors.  They can be corrected if the person now chooses to think and behave from the right mind, from the Holy Spirit, from love.

      Paranoid thinking goes like this; that person in front of me does not like me. He thinks that I am small and powerless; he wants to harm or kill me. I should therefore be careful around him.  I must not trust him. If I let down my guards he is going to take advantage of me. 

       Now change your paranoid thinking to loved based thinking. You say I could care less what that person thinks about me. What matters is what I think about him. I choose to love him. I choose to see him as one with me. I choose to see him as unified with me. I choose to see us as the sons of God. I will not worry about what that person thinks about me but will concentrate on what is within my control, love or hate. I choose to love him and all people. I choose to forgive those who show harmful behaviors towards me. I choose to forgive racists. The correct behavior is to love all people. I will trust love and leave it at that.

      Of course, the person you choose to love may not be a loving person and may still want to harm you. Then say, he cannot harm my spirit but my body. What can be destroyed, body, is not important. The racist may destroy my body but he cannot destroy my spirit. So, I am going to forgive his racism and insist on love for all and not fear his terroristic attempt to intimidate me with fear. I will not give in to fear; I will do what love asks me to do.    If you think along these loving lines you will feel peaceful and calm.

       Persons with schizoid personalities generally do not believe that there is anything wrong with them; they just keep to themselves and mind their business; it does not bother them that they do not have friends. The only thing that needs to be said is that they should think and behave from their right minds and that means loving all persons.

       Schizotypal persons do not bother anyone with their seeming weird beliefs. As long as they try to think and behave from their right minds there is nothing more to say about them.

    The narcissist wants to seem special and have other people admire him, pay attention to him; he tends to use other people to get what he wants and thereafter discard them. The narcissist can change his mind and now approach people from love and ask how can he help people; what can he do for people and not from what can he get from people.

       The narcissist henceforth sees people as one with him and only does what is good for all people.   If you want to be respected and loved by all people respect and love all people. Return your mind to love, to God, to unified state and you end narcissism.

        Anti-social persons who harm other people do so from the ego, wrong, left mind; if they paused and thought a bit they would realize that all people are their siblings and that the best behavior is one that cared for people not one that hurt people. With regards to their envy of the rich, if you feel that some people got rich through illegal means then work through the law to make sure that folks become rich legally.

       Histrionics must learn how to love and care for people; we all seek attention; if histrionics remember to give attention before seeking it they are doing fine.

     Borderline personalities manipulate people in the effort to be cared for; they could change if they learned to care for themselves and cared for all people; they must learn to love and become loving persons.

       Dependent personalities should think and behave from their right minds; that means that they should love all people. In love there is no fear so they do not have to fear people and depend on them to take care of them.

       Avoidant personalities should know that no person rejects them and just love all people. No one can reject a son of God. They are good by virtue of being the sons of God.

     Obsessive compulsive personalities should think from their right minds; pausing and asking their right minds to guide them would remove their self-doubts and anxieties. The pursuit of perfection is of the ego. The right mind and the Holy Spirit accept them and all people as they are. 

      Passive aggressive persons must learn self-assertiveness and assert themselves from their right minds, not their ego minds.




      The term personality comes from Latin, persona. Persona means mask. Persona is mask worn by actors to disguise their faces as they act out roles that those in the audience may not like.

      We all wear ego masks, personalities; we believe that we have to wear these masks in society; we act in a way that we know that other people would like us to act.

      Most people are afraid of alienating other people so they adopt patterns of behaviors that they believe would please people and get them to accept and not harm them.  

      We all have personalities' means that we all wear masks that we believe would make us safe in our world. 

       What we now need to do is ask: who is it in us that wear the mask? Do we have a self that is not our egos? Do we have a real self as opposed to the false ego self?

      Can we live from the real self without the necessity of wearing masks to please other persons?  If we removed the mask of personality what would we see?

       If we removed the mask of ego personality, discarded our ego self-concepts we would know that our true selves is a part of unified self, aka the son of God.

       The son of God does not have body but in his separated state he constructs a body to wear; body enables him to seem separated from God and from his brothers and live a separated existence.

      If he accepted to live as his real self he would literally cease living in body. The human body is a dream figure that enables us to play our roles in the world of dreams we live in. If we stop dreaming, stop wishing for separation we have no more need for bodies.

       In the meantime, we wish for separation and live in bodies. What we can do within the bodily state is to live from our right minds, the part of us that is in touch with our real self, unified spirit.

       If we consistently live from the right mind we would occasionally see ourselves and all people in bodies made of light.

       The Holy Spirit has already remade our bodies and everything in our world into light forms. If we love and forgive all we occasionally see that world of light forms (Hinduism calls it the astral world). When we die we see the world of light forms.

      The world of light forms is not our ultimate home. Our ultimate home is the world of God. In God we are not in forms. God is a sea of consciousness; in God each of us is a unit of consciousness.

       God is a wave of spiritual light and each of us is a particle in that wave of light. In God we are eternal, permanent and changeless.

       In the world of light forms we do not die for it is our world purified with love; in our world of dense forms we do die for we live in bodies made of matter and what is composed must decompose. However, the spirit that lives through our dense bodies is eternal. That spirit, upon our physical death sees itself in the world of light forms and if it had not learned to love all while in the world of dense matter returns to the world of dense matter until it learns to love all people.

      After loving all, upon death, one’s spirit stays in the world of light forms.  From the world of light forms ones spirit helps teach those in dense matter the nature of love.




     Upon birth in body and society, in the world of space, time and matter each child forms a pattern of behaving, a personality, normal or abnormal.  He must have a personality that enables him to cope with the exigencies of his world of separated selves and things.

      While he is in the world of the ego separate things the individual can choose to think and behave differently; instead of thinking and behaving from the ego he thinks and behaves from love.

      The part of our minds that know only love can be called the Holy Spirit, the higher self, the right mind. Call it what you like what matters is using one’s mind to love one’s self and all people.

      When we choose to love we are no longer living entirely from the ego, separated mind. We have returned our minds to unified mind, to God. In that unified mind we feel peaceful and happy and in so doing heal the psychological pains caused by our earlier choice to live as separated ego minds.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 16, 2017




Sunday, 15 October 2017 21:54

We are God

Chinazor Onianwa:


 I did not go to Church this morning so as to stay home and write the below material for you. I hope that it may help you to understand that everything is God. We are all God. The problem is how to articulate that fact without making human beings proud. It is us, a part of God that wrote the mathematical equations that were acted out as our universe. Top notch physicists at Oxford and Cambridge universities are coming to the realization that a super brain wrote the equations that were translated into our universe; everything happened when it was planned to happen. The idea that accidents produced this universe is laughable. You just do not know what human beings are made of. I can close my eyes and shut out our physical and social world and find myself in a different universe, the universe of light forms. While there I can decide that I do not want to be in forms, dense or light, and tune those out and know myself in the sea of unified consciousness and experience perfect peace and joy. In that formless unified state I am eternal, permanent and changeless. Try to experience your real self, the formless unified spirit and stop been deceived by sick western liberals who say that there is no God. Only God exists. Cheers, Ozodiobi Osuji






Ozodi Thomas Osuji


      God is a wave of spiritual light with infinite particles in it (units of it). The wave and its particles are the same.

     God is holographic; every part of God contains God and all other parts of God; every particle of God is in each other particles of God. Each part contains the whole yet is not the whole for the other parts also contain the whole so there can be no more than one whole; you cannot call each of the infinite particles of the whole God  the whole of God for to do so is to have infinite wholes, infinite Gods. There can be only one whole, one God.




       A part of the whole that contains the whole, aka a son of God that contains all of the other sons of God and God wished to separate from God; it cannot do so in reality for the whole and parts are inherently connected and cannot separate from each other; if separation were possible both the whole and the part would cease existing. 

      Unable to separate from the whole the part, as it were, went to sleep and in its sleep dream that it is now apart from the whole.

      A part of God exploded (the Big Bang, fourteen billion years ago) and produced infinite particles of physical light, photons.

        It immediately combined those photons into quarks and combined quarks into protons and neutrons, and transformed directly to electrons.

        By the end of three minutes protons and neutrons had combined into nuclei and the universe sped off into space and time it is creating.

        The universe remained a sea of nuclei and photons for 400, 000 years while expanding into the space it created.  Later, nuclei captured electrons and the first atom, hydrogen was created. The entrapped light in the hitherto sea of plasma and unattached electrons was released.

       This is called the cosmic background microwave radiation; it is what Robert Wilson and Arnold Penzias picked up in their equipment in 1965, for which they won the Nobel prize in physics; turn on your television, it is the wavy light waves on the TV screen, it is left over light from 13.7 billion years ago!

       Now the universe is an expanding sea of hydrogen with some helium and lithium atoms in it. 

       Thereafter, space occurred in the sea of hydrogen and clumps of hydrogen emerged. Gravity acted on each clump of hydrogen and generated pressure and heat on it so that in its core the tremendous heat led to the fusion of two hydrogen atoms to helium and stars are born.

      The clumps of hydrogen became stars and a group of stars become galaxies; there are today over 200 billion galaxies with each galaxy containing over 200 billion stars; our galaxy, the Milky way has over 200 billion stars; it takes light over 100, 000 years to travel from one end of our galaxy to the other, travelling at the speed of light, 186, 000 miles per second.

       Stars are cauldrons of hydrogen in whose core hydrogen fuses into helium and releases light and heat.

       The initial stars were massive in size and in a few million years exhausted their hydrogen and began fusing other elements and when the process got to iron they exploded. In their explosions, supernovae, the accompanying heat led to the formation of the other elements on chemistry’s periodic table (there are 92 naturally occurring elements; scientists have cooked up another twenty elements in laboratories).

      During supernovae the outer parts of those hug stars were thrown into space as star dust, debris, but their inner cores collapsed into black holes or neutron stars.

      In black holes the composition is so dense that not even light can escape from their event horizons; We do not even know what black holes are composed of; all we know is that anything that come close to them are chewed and swallowed by them (may be they are spilt out at the other side, white holes as new universes?). In neutron stars the stars are composed of only neutrons and spin at mind dizzying speed.

      Four and half billion years ago, debris from exploded massive stars formed our star, sun, and its nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Plato...and the asteroids and comets belts that also orbit the sun).

      On a little planet on the edge of a spiral galaxy, where it is neither too hot nor too cold biological life came into being.

       On planet earth 64 elements (mostly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, calcium, phosphor, iron, zinc etc.) mixed in a pool of water and lightening acted as heat and heated the elements into a chemical mixture, compound and molecule and from those cells of plants and animals was formed.

       Plant and animal evolution began about 3.5 billion years ago on the recently cooled down planet earth.

       The initial earth was very hot but over time comets brought frozen water to the earth to cool it; solid elements like iron and nickel sunk to the earth’s core, molten iron became the outer core, followed by viscous rocky mantle and the solid crust we live on.

      The earth has an atmosphere that prevents the sun from frying it; the atmosphere is divided into segments: Exosphere: 700 to 10,000 km (440 to 6,200 miles); Thermosphere: 80 to 700 km (50 to 440 miles); Mesosphere: 50 to 80 km (31 to 50 miles); Stratosphere: 12 to 50 km (7 to 31 miles); Troposphere: 0 to 12 km (0 to 7 miles).


The major constituents of dry air, by volume are::





in ppmv(B)

in %













Carbon dioxide

















Water vapor(C)





      Please note that the composition of the earth and its atmosphere had to be the way it is for biological life to exist on it; alter one of the elements and biological life ceases existing on earth. It is as if an intelligent force calibrated everything to make biological life possible, from the big bang to the present. This is called anthropic view of the universe.

     For our present purposes, the earth produced animals. Gradually, evolution produced animals that have the brain to accommodate consciousness and thinking. Those animals are human beings. Thus, here we are today, animals able of thinking about the universe and about themselves.

     The universe was not produced by chance, accident and randomness. An intelligent force produced the universe. The same intelligent force, let us call it God, became the son of God and as the son of God entered into matter as us.

      Because a God now believes that it is separated from the whole God force it is called a separated self, the ego. 

      Logically, the same God is the son of God, and the ego.  Seeing egos working against each other the whole God created the Holy Spirit and placed him in the separated Gods, egos minds to remind them to work for their mutual interests. Thus, one God force is now God, son of God, Holy Spirit and ego.




        When I realized that God is in the various phases we call: God, son of God, Holy Spirit and ego I felt proud of myself for reaching this correct conclusion.  I said to me that I have accomplished amazing feat; I am a human being who has understood the nature of reality; I have succeeded in giving mankind a new paradigm of reality, a new thought system, if you like, a new spirituality and a new religion.

      What has happened? I became proud of my accomplishment. The ego can become proud. When the ego become proud it can fancy that it is better than other egos and before you know it develops superiority complex and tries to get other egos to worship it; it plays God and forgets that all other egos are also God. When this happens the ego becomes confused and lost.

     (Igbos claim to be superior to other people thus showing their delusion disorder; a God claiming to be superior to other gods is a psychotic god; Igbos are psychotic but do not know it!)

      It is the awareness of how dangerous the ego can become should it see itself as God that led the ancients to compartmentalize God from the son of God and the Holy Spirit and ego and talk as if they are separated from each other.

     Listen, here is the truth: one self, one force has different phases; its first phase is as the whole God; its second phase is as part of the whole God, as the son of God; its third phase is as the unifier of God’s separated children, the Holy Spirit; finally its earthly phase is as the dream self, the separator, the ego.

      When the ego feels superior to other egos it is sick for it believes that it is separated from other egos and needs healing.  The reality is that all of us are unified into one self with one mind.

      If the ego can accept that it and all other egos is God then it is healthy.

       Hinduism and Buddhism teach that there is one force in the universe, Brahman and that we are all parts of it; each part of Brahman is called Atman and that Brahman and Atman are one. That is, Oriental religions teach that we are God.

       But in our dreams of separation we forget that we are God and become Ahankara, the Hindu name for the ego separated self, a dream figure, and a false self.

      The objective of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Zen is to help us transcend our separated egos and know that we are God.

      When you experience oneness you are said to be God or self-realized, enlightened and illuminated; you become very peaceful, happy and humble for you see all people as parts of your one God self and thus you cannot hate any one for to do so is to hate you.

       When western childish atheists rant and rave against God they are really complaining about Western concepts of God; they need to know that Asians construe God differently. Asians see those so-called atheists as God so if they deny that God exist they deny that they exist!

       Rene Descartes tells us that we cannot deny that we exist: cogito ergo sum; I think, therefore, I exist.

      God is real; in fact, God is the only reality there is. But you have to know what is meant by God. God is not a father figure sitting in the sky praising or punishing you for admiring him.

      God is universal consciousness; each of us is a holographic unit of that consciousness; each of us is a particle in that wave of light that begins nowhere and ends nowhere.




      To heal is to get the separated see that it is one with other seeming separated selves; to heal is to unify, to join the seeming separated selves to one self.

       What is psychotherapy? Psychotherapy is effort at healing; is the effort to convince the separated egos that they are parts of one unified self; psychotherapy helps egos to join and work in concert, in tandem.

       Healing and psychotherapy helps the individual to let go of the delusion that he is separated from other egos so that he would experience oneness with all other selves.

      Upon letting go of the sense of separation the ego becomes aware that it is the son of God who is God and in that awareness is peaceful and happy.

      However, the immature ego can fancy itself better than other egos hence develop ego arrogance and if it does so it experiences psychological pain (it is now mentally disordered).

        The psychological pains and medical illness we give to us when we feel separated from other people disappears when we accept that we are all one shared self with one shared mind and work for our common good, for public interest.

     My psychological mentor, Alfred Adler, realized that some form of democratic socialism is the most compatible political ideology with the healthy human being. Socialism teaches man’s oneness with man; capitalism teaches separated interests hence are an unnatural philosophy! Yet capitalism is very productive, so we have to combine it with socialism, as in mixed economy.




       If the ego does not work for public good and keeps fancying that it is separated from other egos it becomes insane. See, most Nigerians only work for their egos and at best for their family members egos. As a result just about all psychologists and psychiatrists observe that 99% of Nigerians are mentally ill

      Most of the Nigerians that I have encountered in my life have one or more of the ten personality disorders: paranoid, schizoid, schizotypal narcissistic, borderline, histrionic, anti-social, dependent, avoidant, obsessive compulsive and passive aggressive; as in other human populations two percent of Nigerians have psychosis, that is, schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, depression; many Nigerians have anxiety disorders.

        And these folks don’t even know that they have mental disorders and masquerade around as if they are sane.

      Consider Igbos who specialize in degrading people; the Igbo likes to verbally put people down, abuse them; in their minds by calling you degrading names they kind of feel superior to you but in fact what they show is that they have self-esteem and low self-confidence, that they are neurotics, for it is the inferior feeling neurotic that feels, falsely, that if he degrades people he is superior to them.

      Mentally healthy people do not degrade any one; they understand that people are suffering psychological and medical pains and do their best to uplift their downtrodden spirits, by loving and respecting them and by saying nice things about them.

        Helen Schuman wrote a beautiful spiritual poem called A course in miracles but refused to work for our common good. She did not join the 1960s and 1970s civil rights movement to fight for the equality of man and woman, white and blacks.  She isolated herself in the ivory tower talking about God but not doing anything to demonstrate that God is all of us (she was a professor of psychology at Columbia University, New York).

       Admittedly, she wrote a beautiful poem on gnostic Christianity, perhaps the best poem on spirituality that came out of the twentieth century. But in her last writings, such as Psychotherapy, purpose and processes, you could tell that her mind was degenerating, becoming increasing psychotic.  That book managed to make the point that the Holy Spirit is the therapist working with paid professional therapists in healing peoples relationships, getting people to see themselves as unified but the manner in which that point was made was disjoined and rambling; reading it made me feel like I was reading what a hypomanic person with some controlled psychosis wrote. If she had come to my clinical when I worked as a psychotherapist I would have given her the diagnosis of dissociated identity disorder (multiple personality disorder).

      If that obviously gifted woman (her IQ was 160) had practiced what she wrote, gotten into the world and worked for our human good, being a useful Jewish social democrat, she would have retained her mental health. As it was, she developed pancreatic cancer and during the last year of her life become totally psychotic.

      The lesson for you, the reader is that you must work for our social interest if you want to be sane, happy and peaceful.




       Let me reiterate the point that I made in this short paper: it is that the same force called God is the son of God and is the Holy Spirit and the ego.

      The reason the ancients bifurcated that one force into four selves is to prevent human beings from running around calling themselves God and not seeing other people as God, which is what psychotics do.

     Schizophrenics and manic depressives tell you that they are God and that you are not God! They want you to worship them; that is, they are deluded and on a power trip.

       The mystic that has experienced oneness with God knows that he is God and that all of us are God and loves all people for in loving all he loves his whole self and in hating people he hates parts of his unified self; only a mad man hates his self. 

      The mystic has a humble self, a self that does not acknowledge other selves as better than it or see it as better than other selves; the mystic sees all selves as divine and worthy.

       In God we are all the same and coequal; where superiority enters there is neurosis, delusion and psychosis.

       If one can prevent the danger of feeling delusional superiority then one might as well accept the truth: we are the God we talk about and project to outside us as if he is apart from us.

     But if ones ego cannot handle the idea that all of us are parts of God hence love all people then one is best served if one is told that God is outside one and that one ought to worship him.

      Praying to God is a means of humbling grandiose egos, but if you can self-humble you are God.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 15, 2017









Ozodi Thomas Osuji



      Contemporary psychiatry and psychotherapy, so far, has not healed any one of his or her mental disorders. These days’ mentally sick folks are given medications. The assumption is that mental disorders were caused by chemical imbalances in the brains and these medications would rebalance the disordered neurochemicals. These medications appear able to manage the symptoms of mental disorders but do not cure them.

       Can mental disorders be healed?  Mental disorders can be healed but to do so we first have to understand what caused mental disorders and what mental disorders are.

        A mind is sick when it is separated from God; a mind is healed when it is joined to God and if has been disjoined rejoins to God.

       All human beings have mental disorders. They have mental disorders because the very act of being in the world of separation is to be mentally disordered. We are all literally mentally disordered; this is because we believe that we are separated from our creator, God.

      We believe what is not true to be true (separation is not true) and see people that are not there; we all have delusions and hallucinations; delusions and hallucinations are the definition of psychosis. 

      The world we see with our physical eyes and the people we see in that world are literally not there and yet we see them hence we all are insane.

      In reality, reality is changeless, we are not in forms. We are all part of one unified consciousness. If you like, there is one wave of light. Each of us is a particle of light in that wave of light. Wave and particles are one, literally, not metaphorically.

      In religious metaphors, we can say that there is God and God has infinite sons. God and his infinite sons share one self and one mind; where God ends and  his sons begin is nowhere; there is no space and gap between God and his sons for they share one self and one mind.

      God is the creator; he is always creating; he creates by extending his self to his sons. 

      To understand the nature of creating consider light; light is always moving; light is always expanding; God is spiritual light; he is always expanding to new selves, new particles of light; God creates new space where he is expanding into.

       God and his sons are literally one.  While they remain one, for they cannot separate from each other, we, the sons of God, decided to separate from him and from each other. We cannot separate from God but we wished to separate from him.

       We wished separation because we resented that God created us and we did not create him or create ourselves.  We wanted to be more powerful than God; we wanted to chase God away from his creatorship throne, usurp it and replace him and become the creator of the universe. We cannot accomplish these goals in the spiritual world.

       We remain in the unified state that is God and his heaven and, as it were, went to sleep and in our sleep seem to have separated from God and from one another.

      You can root this separation to the Big Bang where one particle of light, one son of God that contains all sons of God, emerged in darkness (became an ego, ego is darkness; God is light), shattered and expanded into the space and time it invented.  A part of spiritual light (God’s son) invented physical light.

       First, it created photons; it combined photons to quarks and used those to form protons and neutrons, and formed electrons directly from photons.

      It united protons and neutrons into nuclei. 400, 000 years later it had nuclei capture electrons to form atoms, especially hydrogen atoms.

      The universe became a sea of hydrogen atoms.  Millions of years later the sea of hydrogen separated into clumps.

       Each clump of hydrogen was acted on by gravity and pressured inwards; pressure and heat led hydrogen to fuse, in the core of hydrogen, into helium and stars were born.

     The initial stars were huge and quickly exhausted their hydrogen, and fused to other elements and when the fusion process reached iron the stars exploded (supernova) and in the additional heat of the explosion formed all other elements beyond iron.

       There are 92 naturally occurring elements in the universe; scientists have formed additional 20 or so elements in the laboratory.

       In time the elements gather to form medium sized stars and planets. Four and half billion years ago the sun and its nine planets, earth included, formed.

       On planet earth 64 elements gathered in a pool of water and was heated by lightening to form cells that later became plants and animals, and, ultimately, human bodies.

       On planet earth we see ourselves as separated persons housed in bodies. Our bodies are mostly made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, phosphor, iron, zinc, calcium, chlorine, sodium and so on; and those elements are made of electrons, protons and neutrons; and those particles are made from light. Thus, ultimately, our bodies are made of light, albeit disguised in flesh.

      To live as separated selves housed in bodies is to be deluded for in truth we live as unified selves. As we speak, we remain as God created us, unified with him and with each other.

       The people and everything we see on earth are seen in dreams; they are not real. In effect, we are deluded and hallucinate for we see what is not there.

        Because we see what is not there and believe that they are there we are all psychotic; to be a human being is to be psychotic, insane.

       If we returned our minds to unified state, awakened to our reality as unified consciousness we would not be deluded, schizophrenic, manic, depressed, anxiety disordered, personality disordered and the other mental disorders.

       The cure for all mental disorders, be they psychoses, anxiety disorders or personality disorders is to return our minds to what God created  them as, unified state and give up the idea that we are separated from God and from each other.  The cure for mental illness is as simple as return our mind to God.

      For that solution to be effected, however, we must give up the wish to be separated from God; we must stop the desire to be greater than God and each other.

      The cure of mental disorders, in effect, would end the world we see with our naked eyes! Mental health would cost us the perception of the physical universe!




        We do not want to end the world we made and see. We created the physical universe; it is our handiwork and we are proud of it and we do not want to relinquish it.

      God does not destroy what his sons made in separation but improves it to become an instrument of returning to union. God takes his sons where they think that they are at; he purifies their physical world, transforms its dense matter base to light.

       God allows us to dream that we are separated from him. He knows that we are still unified with him for we are him.

      God created another self, the Holy Spirit, and as him entered the dreams of his sons. Thus, there are now three sides to God: God the father (who is still in heaven, is transcendental); God the son (who is us and who are sleeping and see themselves on earth and identify as separated ego) and God the Holy Spirit (the immanent God, God in the temporal universe of space, time and matter). All three Gods are one God, hence the Holy Trinity.

        As the Holy Spirit, God entered the temporal universe and lodged his- self inside his sleeping sons’ minds. Thus, in the temporal universe our minds now have two parts: the left ego side with which we wish for this world and dream; on the right side is the Holy Spirit with which God reminds us that we remain forever one with him.

       Teachers of God, such as I, teach from their right minds; that is, they are guided by the Holy Spirit; right now I have shot down my ego mind and am writing this stuff from my right mind; of course, I can revert to my wrong mind, the ego mind and as it operate in the insane egos world.

      There  is a third part of our mind, the unified mind; the unified or holy mind is the mind we have in heaven, the mind we share with God and all of us.  Nobody on earth remembers the unified mind.

       The few persons who have had holy instants when they temporarily forgot the earth and its separation and experienced heaven’s union have experienced unified mind (what Catholics call the mystical union of God and his sons; Hinduism calls it Samadhi; Buddhism calls it Nirvana and Zen calls it Satori); those who have had this experience are said to be enlightened to the light that they are and are illuminated to the truth of their union with all being as one shared self with one shared mind.

      When we return our minds to union with God we are sane and are mentally healthy. While we remain on earth, the return to union can only be temporary for if one stayed in the state of formless union with God one would exit from this world; folks return to this world to become the teachers of God, to do what I am doing here; they return to ego separated state hence return to being insane but this time have purified insanity, purified ego because they now transform their egos into egos of love; they use the ego meant to separate with to egos used to unify with; they  use their neutral bodies to love all people.

      On earth we have the ego mind guiding our thinking and behaviors.  To regain some mental health we have to consult the right part of our minds, the Holy Spirit.

      The Holy Spirit can be called our higher selves and the ego called our lower selves; the Holy Spirit represents the mind of the son of God and his father in heaven, hence sane; the ego is the mechanism the son of God uses to dream separation from God. The Holy Spirit is the God in us whereas the ego is the animal in us.

       Whenever you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and keep quiet and do not think or act from your ego mind you are moderately mentally healthy, however, not as mentally healthy as you are in heaven.

       In heaven we are formless unified spirit but on earth we see ourselves in bodies made of matter and see us living in a separated world of space and time, so on earth, ipso facto, we are always mentally sick.

        But we can moderate our mental disorder by always asking the Holy Spirit to guide us. If the Holy Spirit is guiding one, one occasionally overlooks our world of dense matter and sees another world, the world that the Holy Spirit has remade from our world.

      That world is still like our world except that everything in it is in light forms. This is literal not figurative; there is a version of our world where our bodies are in light forms; animals, trees, planets, stars are all there but all in light forms. That world has been called the gate of heaven, paradise, bridge between heaven and earth and happy dream; it is not real but it so approximates heaven in its love that it might as well be called the real world. It is not heaven for in it we are still in forms whereas in heaven we are not in forms, dense or light; in heaven we are pure consciousness, pure light.

      While on earth if you remember to ask the Holy spirit to guide you, you moderate your delusions (to wish to be a powerful ego is to be deluded); you purify your hallucinations (for you now see people in light forms instead of the gross dense forms the ego sees people as), you are no longer depressed for your mind is cheered by the beauty of people in light forms; you are no longer anxious because you feel eternal in the world of light forms for you cannot be harmed or die there.

     In the world of light forms you are now somewhat mentally healthy; on earth what this means is to be guided by the Holy Spirit.




      My grandfather Osuji was egotistical; he was always asserting his ego; he was an alpha male and wanted to dominate his world.  He wanted his ego to be real for him.  He lived in the world of egos and tried to make his ego the number one ego in town. He dominated his town with iron fist and folks did what he wanted done or else he felt belittled and angry at them and punished them. This means that he was deluded.

      All human beings are deluded, aka paranoid, for paranoia is taking on the personality of a self that one is not; our true self is unified spirit but we take on the personality of a human being hence are paranoid.

       Because grandfather was asserting his ego he knew no peace of mind.  His son, Ohaegulam, too, wanted to become a very powerful and important ego although he did not succeed, but he did try. Like his father his ego was deluded (an ego is deluded when it tries to make itself real by telling other egos what to do). 

       I, too, wished for a big ego. In doing so I experienced anxiety from fear that my ego would not become big and powerful; I feared my ego been humiliated. I was proud; I had anxiety issues as well as the personality issues relating to anxiety (dependent, avoidant, obsessive compulsive and passive aggressive).  My brothers, in varying degrees, have anxiety issues and accompanying personality issues.




       The cure for all human beings mental disorders is for all of us to stop wishing to be special, separated selves and instead return our minds to unified mind, aka God.

      While still in the temporal universe, the universe of space, time and matter, the middle ground is for us to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. 

       We cannot benefit from traditional religions for those asked folks to retain their egos and use them to pray to the ego God that they mistook as the real God.

      The new man in new Israel (world of light forms is what Christians mean by New Jerusalem) can only benefit from a religion that asks us to give up the ego and or allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

      The Holy Spirit is the modern world’s psychotherapist (priest); he is the healer of our sick minds.  A mind is healthy when it is joined to God and sick when it is separated from God.

       Separation is the sickness and sin; union is sinlessness, guiltlessness, holiness and innocence.

       It is not a person, therapist or priest, who heals us but the Holy Spirit who heals us. All true psychotherapy is spiritual psychotherapy; the therapist or priest is the agent of the Holy Spirit reminding us to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and explain how the Holy Spirit does it, as I am doing here.

        Spiritual psychology is the psychology that people need; scientific psychology is an adjunct to spiritual psychology (although we conceive it the other way around).

       Ego psychology describes mental disorders but cannot heal them. To heal is to join one’s mind to God’s mind; only therapists who ask us to return our minds to unified state can heal us.

       The ego and its science teaches us to separate our minds from God hence cannot heal us.  Only the new religion that asks its members to ask their right minds, the Holy Spirit to think for them and guide them heals us.  This type of new religion is found in A course in miracles and in my writings on living love.




       Talk is cheap. Anyone can make unverified claims about how to heal people. The question is: is there evidence that returning one’s mind to unified state, aka God heals people?

       Only the mentally ill can provide us with evidence of their healing when they returned their minds to God.

      I will speak for me not for mentally ill persons.  I had anxiety secondary to medical issues and returned my mind to God and no longer have anxiety.

      If you have serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia, mania, depression, the various anxiety disorders and personality disorders why don’t you try doing what I said here: stop thinking and behaving from your ego separated mind and keep quiet and try to have your thoughts come from your right mind, the part of your mind directed by the Holy Spirit and Christ and see if you would be healed?

      If you think and behave from the Holy Spirit, that is, if you love and forgive all people, then come back and report to us whether you are healed or not.

       I believe that if you live from the Holy Spirit in the least you will know peace and happiness. Peace and joy are the gifts of God; they are the indicators of mental health.




      Scientific psychology is descriptive; it describes the various mental disorders.  I found that secular psychology cannot heal people. This is because to be mentally ill is to be separated from the whole self and its whole mind that folks call God.

       To be healed one must return to the awareness of wholeness and think and behave from it. In this world of separated selves it is impossible to think from the whole mind. The best that we can do is consulting the Holy Spirit and asking him to guide us.

     The healer of mental disorders is the Holy Spirit. The individual must continually consult his higher self, not his lower ego self; he must consult the Holy Spirit if he wants to be healthy.

     A spiritual psychology that teaches people to return their minds to unified state and stop affirming their ego separated selves is the healer of our insane selves and world.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 15, 2017




Sunday, 15 October 2017 01:30

What do you believe and act on?




Ozodi Thomas Osuji


  1. You must believe in what you do regardless of what other people say about it.


  2. You must live what you believe is true.


           (3) If you believe and act on your belief you are going to make it come into being for you.





  1. I believe that  the physical universe is a dream in our minds (in our consciousness);

  2.  I believe that what I see happening in the world is not happening, in fact, except as in a dream;

  3.  I believe that the events of this world are like a mirage, fantasy and chimera;

  4. I believe that this world is like a movie and each person assigns a role to himself and all of us assign his self-chosen role to him; we do so because all of us act in tandem, we are one self;

  5. I believe that  the moment we are born our roles are set in concrete and cannot be changed;

  6. I believe that it is, therefore, a waste of time envying other people;

  7. I believe that you are here to do what you are here to do  and I am here to do what I am here to do; you cannot do what I am here to do and vice versa;

  8. I believe that the world is a jointly written script, a play in which each of us chooses a part to dramatize, a role that only he can play;

  9. I believe that each individual chooses a body and social experience that enables him to play his role;

  10. I believe that if one is to play the role of a murderer  or  a thief  or an African politician who knows only how to steal from his people and do nothing to improve them that that is the role one chose to play;

  11.   If one is an African screwed by his politicians that is the role one wants to experience until one chooses to be a fighter for social justice;

  12. If one is a black American  discriminated against by white Americans that is the experience one wants to have until one chooses differently; if one is a white American who enjoys screwing black people that is the role one wants to play until one chooses differently;

  13. I believe that each person plays the role he is here to play;

  14. For every person to play his role he chooses his body and social experience to form his personality that suits the role he wants to play;

  15. Each person chooses the place and time he is born in and plays out his role in it;

  16. I believe that it is a waste of ones time to be idealistic and regret the ugly roles people play, such as Muslim Jihadists running around chopping off the heads of those who do not accept their blood thirty religion,  for all of one’s idealism cannot make other people play different roles; for example, seeing my siblings messing up, big time, I wrote epistles on how to change their behaviors and sent them to them but they still behave as they had always behaved, no change; seeing Igbos, Nigerians and Africans behaving as criminals I undertook to write moralistically but they still are criminals;

  17. Those who have to be stolen from or murdered will be stolen from or murdered by those who are here to steal and or murder them;

  18. Those who will fight for justice will fight for justice for that is what they are here to do; 

  19. Those who would tolerate injustice will do so even if you stood on your head and told them to fight for justice; 

  20. There will be police, courts,  judges, prison wardens and governments each playing its role in trying to get people to behave justly and punishing criminals; 

  21. I play my role of making the observation that the universe is a movie in which each of us chooses a part and plays it hence one should not lose sleep over what people do and what the world is.




          I believe that judging people’s behaviors as good or bad is a waste of time for each person must do what he is here to do. Prostitutes and homosexuals will do their thing even as what they do seem disgusting to us.

          It is a waste of time moralizing against seeming odious behaviors because the world is a dream, a play, a movie so people’s behavior are not inherently good or bad but role playing; because it is a dream what people do, even murder, has really not been done!

         A man who will kill another man will do it for the script calls for that event; white folks who ruled Africans had to do so; Africans who asked for independence and then cannot role themselves well had to do so (it will take a few centuries before Africans learn to serve their people and not just steal from them and appear like stupid big men).

         The world is a weird dream that we are having so one must just observe it and let it be without giving one’s self headache about its absurdity.

           One’s judgement and preference for a certain picture of the world would not make it come to be. There are no accidents in our world; things are unfolding as they are supposed to unfold (planned by us before we separated from each other and entered planet earth and started dreaming separation).

         The world is moving along on its trajectory of nothingness that seems something important. One must relax and enjoy the macabre show and let it unfold as it is meant to unfold.

         It does not follow that one should tolerate injustice; if you slapped me, not only would I slap you back, I would shoot you to death because you must have death wish to act aggressively towards me; killing you means that you got what you wanted and I remain innocent. However, to remain innocent I must not initiate injustice to other persons, I must not harm you; you must not harm me and if you do I will not forgive you; I will take you down and get rid of you from the world for the world does not need hurtful persons.

          In the long run, we shall learn to get along with each other, forgive each other and love one another and thereafter the world of dense matter ends.

           When the world of dense matter ends we continue living in the world of light forms and from there we reenter the formless world of God and the physical universe ends.

         The universe ends when we all awaken from the nightmarish and happy dreams called our life in the physical universe.

           Finally, are the ideas expressed here too pessimistic for you: am I too fatalistic? Are you an optimist?  Suppose that I told you that the USA and Russia have enough nukes to wipe off the entire population of the world in thirty minutes would you still be optimistic? As they say, optimism is the mental set of low information folks, so I am going to assume that some of such folks would still be optimistic even as the reality of our meaningless and pointless existence, existence that can be wiped out by nature and man at any time, stares them in the face!

          The Roman stoic cum epicurean writer, Horace said:  Seize the day, carpe diem, do what you can today, do not put it off to tomorrow for tomorrow we shall all be dead!




          As you can see, my core beliefs are the exact opposite of science; science teaches that we are determined by nature’s random, accidental and chance occurrences; I believe that we designed nature to operate as it does. I merely told you what I believe; I am not asking for your opinion so as to help me make up my mind; my mind is made up. If you consider yourself a scientist you probably cannot hold your own if you and I were to talk about science.  I do operate from the chance determined world paradigm of science; nevertheless, my core belief is that we choose what we experience. My core beliefs give me peace! I am at peace because I know what I can change and what I cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference.


    Ozodi Thomas Osuji

    October 14, 2017






Spiritual psychology heals because it returns our separated minds to our unified mind; in unified mind all our medical and mental disorders are healed. Inferiority feeling results when the mind is separated from other minds and from our whole mind; inferiority complex is healed when the separated mind is returned to the whole mind, aka God’s mind. We feel complete in God and in that completeness have worth. We cannot have worth outside God.




Ozodi Thomas Osuji


      Those people who feel inferior, which in degrees is all human beings, often attribute their inferior feeling to their problematic bodies and social experiences. As they examine their bodies they see legitimate issues that handicapped them from participating effectively in sports and social life; they see social rejections that made them feel socially inadequate; on the whole, it would seem like it is their problematic bodies and negative social experiences that made them feel inferior and disposed them to compensate with superiority, ala Alfred Adler.  But is this true?




       We live in the age of science; science’s paradigm is that matter caused mind; therefore science reduces mental processes to body causation; psychology, a science want to be field sees mind as the product of body and society. 

      This is just a paradigm; there is no evidence that it is true!  So what really causes inferiority feeling?




       Once you posit an ideal self, a false self, that self must be defended to seem real in your mind; it must be perpetually defended, not just one time only defense but forever defense.  It is false and does not exist therefore you must get other people to acknowledge its existence otherwise it feels like it does not exist. Thus you are caught in a vicious cycle of always seeking other people’s attention and admiration.

      Your worth is now dependent on other people, other dream figures, other fantasy selves telling your fantasy self that it is real. Of course no amount of approval by other fantasy figures would make your fantasy figure feel real, so you must now do so all your life and never get what it is you are seeking.

      The ego seeks and must not get what it seeks, worth; this is because the ego is not real and the unreal does not have worth nor can other unreal persons give ones unreal self-worth.

      You can only obtain worth in the real, in God; you obtain worth by not seeking it from other egos but by returning your mind to God’s mind.




       The entire physical universe is in our mind, in our consciousness. Each of us is a unit of mind, a unit of consciousness; a unit with porous membrane for each unit flows into other units; all people think with one mind for they share one mind, God’s mind, aka universal consciousness.

      The galaxies, stars, planets, plants, animals, people, everything we see in our world are in the mind. It is like what happens when we sleep and dream. In our dreams we see stars, planets, people, cars, everything in our world. In our dreams are erupting volcanoes, raging floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, death and dying and burial of dead people but when we wake up in the morning we realize that none of those things existed or happened.

       Our physical universe seems to be real but in fact it is not real; it is a fantasy in our minds, in consciousness.

       Does this mean that we should not study science and try to understand the universe on its own terms?  Of course we must study science and devise technologies to adapt to our seeming external world.

     However, the next phase of civilization is to realize that the entire universe is in our minds and that we can use our minds to adapt to the so-called physical world. This is not going to happen soon; we are still in the age of science where what is in the mind, matter, space and time are externalized and made to seem to exist outside mind. We have to exhaust sciences possibilities before we return to using only mind to do whatever we want to do.

     We use only mind to do what we want to do in the world of light forms.




      Inferiority feeling is caused when a child separates from God and God’s son, separates from his real self and uses his mind to create a false self that identifies with body.

      The ego is the false self that identifies with body. Inferiority feeling is caused by separation from God and compensation with an ego invented ideal self; both the ego and ego ideal are false and no matter how big we make them they cannot make us feel adequate and complete.

       What heals inferiority feeling is return to God; one must stop separating from God and accept the self that God created one as, a spiritual self, a self-unified with God and all his creation.

     In God one feels complete but in ego one feels incomplete and inferior and seek solution to it by seeking ego based big self in body and society and that does not solve it.

      Body is neutral; we use it to do whatever we want to do. Body is not the cause of inferiority feeling.




     Mind is not in body; consciousness is not in body; memory is not in body; you can look at the human brain all you want and you cannot see where consciousness is located in it. I believe that I know as much neuroscience as any person alive; I have studied the brain exhaustively and know that you cannot locate consciousness in it.

      However, consciousness, memory is made to seem in the brain hence we say that our bodies cause our memory loss.  Alzheimer and other dementia related diseases are our ego tricks to make it seem that consciousness and memory is in body; memory is not in body.




        When we sleep and dream we see persons in bodies; each of them behaves according to his personality that seem determined by body yet they are in the sleeping person’s mind.

      It is mind, consciousness that separates from its source, its creator, God that makes one feel inferior and one seeks solution in the ego world by trying to seem superior to other persons when the solution lies in mind reconnecting to God’s mind.

      In God one feels complete, important and no longer feels inferior; in God one feels one with all people and does not feel like an outsider in the world created by God.




     I hate to personalize this discourse but since abstract ideas are often best made by citing human examples let me cite the example of my life. I inherited a mitochondria disorder called Cytochrome C Oxidase Deficiency, Spondylolysis and Mitral Valve Prolapse of the heart. If you want to know what these means read them up. For our present purpose, they made my body unable to play and participate in sports without feeling inordinately pained. In childhood I was almost always in pain. Since I could not do what the other kids did rather easily, play, I felt inadequate. Other kids laughed at me for been weak; they did not select me to play in their soccer teams, for I was not going to help them win.  According to Alfred Adler’s individual psychology, my inherited organ inferiorities and social rejection made me feel inferior.  I compensated by seeking superiority. I wanted to be superior to the other kids. How do I obtain superiority? I sought it in mental matters. I studied hard. I had inordinate ambition and waltzed through elementary school, secondary school, undergraduate and graduate school and became a professor at a very young age.  In my mid-thirties, I realized that no amount of ego accomplishments would eradicate my sense of inferiority. Thus, I began asking for solutions to it. I asked: what really makes people feel inferior, is it their weak bodies and social experience or something else. Well, I sought the answer everywhere and eventually found it in God. My body remains the same but I do not feel inferior to any human being.  It is now self-evident to me that my inferiority feeling was rooted in been born on earth and the separation from God that meant; my problematic body was a trick of my mind to make it seem like my body made me feel inferior. Social rejections were not the cause of my inferiority feeling for I was easily the smartest boy in my world so why would I feel inferior to the boys that I used to call dummies? My reflection led me to realize that been born on earth means cutting ourselves off from God and in that separation we feel incomplete hence inferior and seek completion on ego terms, superiority. In maturity we realize that completeness lies in returning to our whole self, God. In God we feel worth but outside him we do not have worth. I hope that my example helps you find worth in God, not ego narcissistic and delusional worth. The current American president, Donald Trump models for us what narcissistic and deluded worth is; the man feels totally worthless but thinks that he has worth in his buffoonery, his acting tough.  Worth lies in God, not our false egos.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 13, 2017






Ozodi Thomas Osuji


      The Teaching of Jesus Christ in the New Testament part of the Bible clearly asks people to forgive one another their wrongs.  This sounds good but is it good or is it mere sentimental claptrap, even a dangerous teaching?

     We know from human experience that forgiving people’s wrongs does not make them engage in good behaviors. Therefore, we have to go beyond forgiving people and insist that they correct their behaviors.  

      Jesus forgave those who crucified him two thousand years ago; we still have murderers in the world. Forgiving murderers, thieves, rapists and other criminals does not make them change their behaviors but instead give them permission to keep on inflicting harm on people and society. 

       It is sentimental to ask folks to merely forgive evil; what is realistic is to insist that people change their anti-social behaviors and if they refuse to do so punish them, even kill them (there is no such thing as death; they merely return to earth to learn loving behaviors).




      Many new age religions, especially Helen Schucman’s A course in miracles teach that we only experience what we want to experience. This implies that those who harmed us did it at our beckoning hence are not bad people.  

       From an ego psychological perspective, this is an attempt to rationalize evil behavior and find evil persons still good persons. Nevertheless, it has metaphysical truth in it, read on.

      Let us assume that people experience what they want to experience otherwise it would not happen to them.  We also know that sick persons may want to experience pain. Masochists want to experience pain and ask equally sick sadists to inflict pain to them.

      I can see how a masochist may want to experience slavery and discrimination to feel pain. That is his choice but it is choice made out of mental illness; no healthy and rational person chooses for other persons to inflict pain on him, to enslave him, for healthy persons want to experience pleasure and joy, not pain.

       Okay, let us proceed on the assumption that I am a masochist hence insane and want to experience slavery and ask you to enslave me.

       My asking you does not force you to enslave me. You have freedom and can refuse to enslave me even if I asked you to enslave me.

       I must, therefore, shop around looking for folks to enslave me until I find a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain on people and he agrees to inflict pain on me.

       So, now I am a slave and live in a society where you discriminate against me, such as the USA. The USA is Satan’s own country (which clever by half white egotists converted to its opposite by calling the country God’s own country).

     At some point I regain mental health and no longer wish to have other persons inflict pain on me. I ask you to stop enslaving me and discriminating against me. You tell me that I am born to be your slave, to work for your good.

       Should I then accept your warped thinking?  Should I accept that I should continue serving what is in your interests and not mine?

      The moment that you refuse to do as I asked you to do, stop enslaving me, discriminating against me you are no longer doing what I asked you to do that I want to experience.

       It now behooves me to push you away and if you insist on being a sadist I have a right to kill you.

      When I kill you I would have done what you want to experience, death from those you inflict pain to; that is, you died because you want to die.

        If you did not want to die, if you are sane it would not occur to you to inflict pain on people who do not want to experience pain.




        Human experience shows that my forgiving you would not make you stop inflicting pain to me, enslaving me, discriminating against me; my forgiving you is thus an insane behavior. 

       Forgiveness does not stop anti-social and evil behavior; it merely gives criminals permission to keep on inflicting pain on people.

      If black folks forgive white enslavers and discriminators those would continue enslaving and discriminating against them. Black folks enslavement might last several thousand years until black folks decide to push off or kill their enslavers.

       If black people forgive their enslavers and do not fight for their freedom they may remain slaves for the next ten thousand years.  That is to say that the Jesus teaching of forgiveness is not good for black folks or for any human being.

      What gives people freedom, peace and joy is not for them to forgive evil persons but for them to insist that evil persons behave in a prosocial and loving manner and if they refuse to do so punish them or kill them.




      Perhaps, ones past personality wished to be discriminated against and one invited white racists to discriminate against one; what one now needs to do is correct ones dependent personality disorder, learn assertiveness and self-confidence and use those to insist on respectful behavior from white racists and if they refuse to do so kill them.

      Racists do not need to be forgiven their anti-social behaviors. To forgive them is to perpetuate their evil and that evil stunts their minds and also stunts the minds of those they discriminate against.

     What improves the human mind is love. People must therefore be taught to only love one another but not harm or discriminate against any one.

      To improve humanity you must not forgive its evil behaviors but must teach it loving behaviors and punish those who insist on evil behaviors.

      Therefore, the Jesus teaching of forgiveness is not useful at all; in fact, it is part of the problem of mankind; it made people stunted and warped in their thinking and behaviors; it made people to become masochists who tolerate pain.

      We must therefore jettison the Christian Bible and stop asking folks to forgive their enemies and give them a new theology that asks them to love all and correct their enemies’ hurtful behaviors.

      Helen Schuman was wrong in teaching forgiveness; her mind wrote a stupid theology; it was not Jesus who wrote her book, she wrote it and projected it to Jesus to give it religious authority.

      And even if Jesus wrote A course in miracles Jesus was wrong. Helen Schucman wrote it and was wrong.

      What are wrong needs to be corrected! I correct the teachings of A course in miracles by asking folks to correct their evil behaviors and not just forgive them.  

        Helen Schucman refused to think through her teaching and corrected the clouded and irrational part of it.  She left her book at mere poetic rendition of life rather than rational rendition of life as we know it.

       You do not need to overlook evil and tell yourself that it is done in a dream and that what is done in a dream has not been done.

      True, the world is a dream but we must make it a happy dream; we do so by loving each other and correcting our evil behaviors.

     We do not need to wait for the Holy Spirit to come and correct our evils, as Helen Schucman urged her students to do; the Holy Spirit has already corrected our evils, reinvented our world in the world of light forms, but for those still on earth, in ego state, we must use our minds to correct evils and not wait for the Holy Spirit to do so for us.




      In our true state in eternity we are part of one another and part of God. In that true state our minds are unified with each other and with God. We share one unified self and one unified mind; in heaven we have unified consciousness. In that true state we know only love, peace and joy, bliss.

      At some point we decided to experience the opposite of our unified state and created the separated mind, aka the ego. The ego mind is the mind the sons of God employ to dream that they are separated from each other; it is the mind we are aware of on earth.

       The moment we invented the ego mind, separation, we and God invented the Holy Spirit’s mind.  The ego mind became, as it were, the left mind, the wrong mind whereas the Holy Spirit’s mind, as it were, became the right mind.

       On earth we have two parts to our minds: ego part and Holy Spirit part. We made both parts of our minds and it is us who decide what part we choose to behave from.

       If we are on earth, in the dream of separation we have already chosen to think and behave from the ego separated mind hence do evil to one another.

     Now, we must choose to think and behave from the Holy Spirit part of our minds. This part of our minds knows that in eternity we are unified and asks us to do only those things that in time unify mankind.

       The Holy Spirit is not apart from us, it is a way of looking at us and the world just as the ego is a way of looking at the world. We are neither the ego nor the Holy Spirit; both ego and Holy Spirit are means of living in this world.

       Our real selves are parts of God; we are the sons of God; we are the particles of the wave of light that folks call God; we are parts of one formless unified consciousness.

      Our real self are particles in the wave of light; our real self is eternal, permanent and changeless.

       Our real selves, the sons of God decided to dream that they are the opposite of their real selves, unified selves, to dream that they are separated from each other and from the whole self, aka God. The result is our evil world (evil and sin is whatever makes for separation; love is what makes for union).

      We must now decide to love one another and correct our evil behaviors.  To correct our evil behaviors is to return to unified living, to love one another. Love is union.

      It is us who choose ego or Holy Spirit. Our choices have consequences for us in the dream of separation, on earth but not in heaven where we remain unified with God and each other.

      In heaven we remain formless spirit; in heaven we do not live in separated egos and bodies; in unified spirit we are eternally unified hence only know love.

      If we choose to overlook the world, the dream we shall awaken to our unified state but as long as we wish to be in the dream, be on earth we must correct our evil behaviors and not forgive them. 




     If while we are on earth we consistently love all people when we die we stay in the world of light forms, which is our current world purified, made loving by the Holy Spirit, by our right minds. 

      But if while on earth we have not learned to love all people, if we are racist and discriminate against people or engage in anti-social, evil behaviors when we die we visit the world of light forms and karma requires us to return on earth and keep returning to earth until we love all people and then after death stay in the world of light forms.

     When all human beings have learned to love all people, and are now living in the world of light forms, we would jointly decide to stop living in forms, dense or light, and simply return to the awareness that we are formless spirits; we are particles of one wave of light called God.

      Heaven is one wave of light that has no beginning and no end; in heaven, which we always are in, while dreaming separation, we are eternal. But in the dream of separation we do obviously change; on earth we seem to live in bodies that die.

     And where is heaven? Heaven is not a place; heaven is a state of mind. Right now, where you are, you can remember heaven, for you are always in heaven, and find yourself in heaven (in formless unified self).

      While you are right now in heaven you have chosen separation and find yourself in our world of separated beings.

      There is a middle ground between heaven and earth. If while you are on earth you love all people and correct your evil behaviors (evil behaviors or sinful behaviors are behaviors that separate you from other people; loving hence good behaviors unify you with people), when you seem to die in the dream of separation you find yourself in the world of light forms.

       In the world of light forms you see you as you looked like on earth but your body are now made of pure light and do not die.

       You remain in that world of light forms, working to help those still in the world of dense forms, our matter based world, to learn love and those who do join you in the world of light forms (the world of light forms is also called gate of heaven, happy dream, bridge between heaven and earth) etc.).




       There are three levels of being.




      Level one is our home in heaven; heaven is unified consciousness; heaven is formless; heaven is one wave of spiritual light that begins and ends nowhere; it has infinite particles of light in it but particle and wave are the same. 

       At this level of being all are unified hence always in love. There is no separation, space, time and matter; there is no one doing wrong doing in heaven; to do wrong is to separate from others but since here people are unified there is no wrong done in it;  therefore, there is no need for forgiveness (forgiveness is returning to love, and that means closing the gap of separation).




     Level two state of being is the world of light forms; here, we still have forms like the forms we have on earth but the forms are in pure light. Everything on earth, people, animals, plants, stars, planets etc. are in level two but are in light forms.  This is our present world forgiven; it is our world purified with love; it approximates heaven except that we are still in forms whereas in heaven we are not in forms.

     There is still space and time  and purified matter, in light, here; by merely wishing it we are instantaneously wherever we want to  be in the light universe (that is, in our present world in its light version). 




     Level three stage of being is our present physical universe. For our present purpose our earth. Here, we are in dense matter. Here we live in bodies composed of the various elements which are composed or electrons, neutrons and protons and ultimately light.

     On earth we have freedom of choice; people do choose to harm other people and can inflict pain on other people’s bodies; people for perverted reasons also do choose to be harmed, to experience pain.

       Though we are dream figures but in the dream we do feel pain. Therefore, no one should go about inflicting pain on people and if you do you must be corrected (punished, jailed or killed as in capital punishment).

      In our world there is guilt and punishment. If you choose to harm other people you are guilty and must be punished.

       Be that as it may, in heaven we are always innocent because in heaven we are always joined hence are sinless, guiltless and holy. Helen Schucman confused our eternal innocence in heaven with our tendency to guilt albeit dream guilt on earth.

       Helen Schuman confused behaviors appropriate for level two with level three behaviors. On earth we must have egos in bodies and be defensive and punish offenders; in the world of light forms we are not in dense bodies and are in purified egos and nothing can harm us so we are not defensive; to be in level two state we have already forgiven each other what they did to us on earth and do not bear grievances and seek revenge (as we must do on earth to be on earth).





      What one wishes for other persons is what one wishes for one’s self; if one wishes for other people to be punished if they harm other persons one wishes that one be punished if one harms other people. I wish to be punished if I harm other persons. Thus, I have consistency in my philosophy; I do not excuse me from the consequences of my philosophy. Forgiveness is not good for me and people; what is good for us is for us to correct our evil behaviors (which is separating behaviors) by learning loving (which is unifying) behaviors.




      In this short essay what I wanted to do is establish that on earth we must not forgive evil behaviors but must correct them; we must teach all people to engage in loving behaviors.

        I hope that I have made that point. The rest of the essay contains points that I elaborated on elsewhere.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 8, 2017




From Ozodi Osuji’s Daily Journal:




       To give up fear one must not identify with ego and body and what happens to them; one must say I am not ego and body that can be hurt hence needs to defend itself; what I am I do not know and then let go and see what happens.

     When fear and ego is dropped one enters a different realm of being where body is still seen but is not heavy and does not weigh one down; one is now in the world of light forms where mere wishing to be somewhere takes one to it and does so instantaneously (that is, the thought and action is almost simultaneous).

       On earth people must live in fear for they are aware that something could destroy their egos and bodies and they die and since they believe that life in body and ego is all there is to them they are afraid of letting anything harm their egos and bodies.




      Perfect love is only possible in heaven where people are pure consciousness and do not live in bodies and egos; they join each other in union (union is what love is).

     On earth people live in bodies and see themselves as apart from other persons; perfect love is impossible on earth; only attenuated love is possible for as long as people live in bodies, dense or light bodies.




      On earth only special love relationships where those who respect ones ego and body is possible; one avoids those who can harm or destroy one’s body and ego.




   In the world of light forms where people are in light forms holy relationships that approximate the perfect relationship of heaven is attained, but that kind of unconditional love cannot be attained on earth.






      On earth people live in bodies and egos that can be snuffed out by those who wish to do so; therefore, they must protect themselves to survive.

       Those with guns can easily control those who are not armed. A few hundred Europeans with maxim guns were able to conquer all of Nigeria and control Nigerians; they did so because they had guns and since Nigerians are human beings and want to live in bodies and egos they can be intimidated so the white men from Europe were able to intimidate them into allowing themselves to be ruled by them.

      Arabs and Europeans were terrorists who used force to intimidate people into going where they do not want to go to. 

       On earth if you do not want other persons to control you, you must be armed and have as much weapons as they do.

        This leads to the concept of balance of power in international relations; in world politics it is assumed that the only way to avoid war is if nations are balanced in their possession of weapons of war. If one nation has more military power it attacks and controls the weaker ones.






      In youth folks have enthusiasm and want to accomplish great things; they want to become wealthy, powerful and if idealistic change the world and make it heavenly.

       After age forty one has seen enough of the people and the world to know that people and the world cannot be changed; sadness and realism sets in in one.




     You can understand people by reading their faces.  My face shows intensity (and desire to change me, change other people and change the world).

       You cannot change people for what you see written on their faces show the confluence of biology, personality and spiritual level of development.

       On some people’s faces are written timidity, on others childishness and on others immaturity; the few wise persons around have it written on their faces.

      Accept reality as it is and stop trying to change people for you cannot change them; each person is who you see him as; if he is born an imbecile you cannot make him smart or wise.

      Most  Igbos have written on their faces childish sense of superiority, hiding their underlying sense of inferiority; you cannot change this Igbo neurosis and delusion; because of it they will always have problems with their neighbors, those they feel superior to.

      No human being is superior to others so if you feel superior to people they will resent you and occasionally attack or even kill you. Igbos will have intermittent attacks on them by those they feel superior to. That is their fate, the result of their childish sense of superiority to other people.

      I have done my best to help them see that all people are the same and coequal; I must now leave them to experience the result of their delusion of superiority to other Nigerians; Nigerians will always hate them and occasionally attack and kill them.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 7, 2017







Ozodi Thomas Osuji


     What are guns for? Guns are used to protect one’s self if one feels that one’s life is endangered by other persons; one equalizes the threat to one’s life by having guns to aim at those who can harm one.  That is to say that it is fearful persons that carry guns to protect themselves.

       Fearless persons who do not perceive threat all around them do not carry guns to protect themselves.

      Who are fearless persons? Fearless persons invariably are loving and forgiving persons. Love makes one fearless.

       Love makes one courageous. Love is what gives people the sense of security and safety they crave.

       All the guns of this world would not make you feel safe especially if other people also carry guns.

       Black Americans have been subjected to the most humiliating social situation, slavery and discrimination that human beings could be subjected to.

      One would expect African Americans to be a bitter and angry people but they are probably the most loving human beings there are on the face of planet earth.

      Because they are a loving people black folk are courageous people and do not need to carry guns to protect themselves (there is always an exception to every general rule; young inner city black kids do carry guns to protect themselves from their rival gangs; as we know, those guns do not protect them for they are easily killed by their fellow gang members; only love protects people). 

        It is fearful white folks who carry guns about.  White folks feel that they enslaved black folks and currently discriminate against them hence fear them.

        White folks carry guns around because they feel that the Africans they enslaved and the Native Americans whose lands they expropriated are angry at them and want to kill them so they must have their guns to protect them.

        At the root of white Americans love affair with guns is their fear of been killed by the people they wronged, black folks and Native Americans.

      White folks live with tremendous guilt from their past injustice to Africans and Native Americans.

       The good news is that since Africans are a loving and forgiving people they really do not want to retaliate for what was done to them by white Americans; they just want to live in harmony with all human beings.

      But since white folks know only how to use force to intimidate people, get them to do what they do not want to do they expect other people to be like them, use force on them.

     White policemen are mostly terrorists for they use guns to intimidate black folks to going along with the unjust laws white folks make and use to control black folks.

      It is going to be difficult to get white Americans to relinquish their guns, the second amendment notwithstanding; this is because they live in enormous fear and believe that they need guns to protect themselves. They must be taught to try love for a change, for it is love that protects us, not guns.




   Since white folks live in fear and need guns to protect themselves it is going to be rather easy to defeat their rule. 

       A house built on fear is not a solid house; shake that house and it crumbles. The American civilization is based on fear: fear by the rulers and fear by the oppressed. This fear based civilization will not last much longer. 

        The only human civilization that will endure is one based on love; so far we have not had a civilization based on love but it is clear that it is where civilization is trending towards.

       The future is a world where people love one another hence live in less fear of people harming them and thus have less need to have guns with which to protect them.




      Cable News Network, CNN and other news outlets interviewed a young black man, 30 years old Jonathan Smith, who ran into Mr. Stephen Paddock’s killing field and rescued 30 persons whereas most people ran away from the gun fire raining down on them from Paddock’s cowardly blazing guns.

       Asked why he ran into danger instead of run away, he said that he does not have a rational explanation for what he did.

       He got it right. Love does not have rational explanation; if you use pure reason what you would do is run away from danger, and work for your self-interest at the expense of other people’s interests.

       Love simply sees a need by people and meets it and does so without thinking about the consequences for one’s life.

       The young black man had many gun shots to his body; as I write he still has bullets in his neck. He is mankind’s hero, not the gun toting cowardly NRA old white men who are scared shitless hence must carry guns to protect their useless lives.

      The NRA gun nuts in the country Music festival at Mandalay Bay Hotel probably had guns on them; yet they ran away from Paddock’s guns! They belie the notion by King Narcissus (Donald Trump) that if folks have guns they would protect themselves from terrorists.

     No, people run away when the guns blaze; only the few, the brave, the loving stay to go after terrorists bent on using force to intimidate mankind to embracing their nihilistic ideas.

      Muslim Jihadists, Christian fundamentalists and white racists are terrorists who use force to intimidate people to accepting their stupid views of reality.

      Reason uses love and persuasion to get people to accept public policies. People want to be loved so if you love them they will likely do as you ask them to do; you should not attempt to use force to intimidate folks to accepting your unloving lifestyle.

     In sum, white folks carry guns because they are a very fearful people. They are egotists and, as such, live in fear. They must learn that it is only love, which gives one a sense of union with all people, gives them security, not guns.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 6, 2017







Saturday, 07 October 2017 00:41

America is ruled by mad men and women!



Ozodi Thomas Osuji


      Republicans claim to be Christians but nothing they do smacks of the behavior of Christians that one could infer from the bible. They are not a loving and forgiving people; they engage in anti-life political policies; they discriminate against black folks; they want people to have guns and use them to kill each other; they are opposed to healthcare for all; they want some to be rich and the many poor; these people are Satan itself.  They are literally insane!

      Democrats appear to be caring but they are mostly interested in forcing all people to accept homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality and other sexual aberrations; they are in league with the devil and want to transform humanity to only god knows what; they, like Republicans are literally insane.     America is ruled by insane persons.

       The West that approved sexual aberrations is on a fast track to self-destruction; the West is done and must be replaced by a more sane and healthy civilization.

        Among other fields of study, I actually studied American politics and have doctorate degree in it. But I could not get myself to teach it for it seems like teaching the politics of mad men and or criminals.

       Whenever I teach about American politicians I get the distinct feeling that I am teaching about mad men and criminals and about devils hence something that I ought to not be doing.  Instead, I ought to be seeking ways to improve American and human politics.

     What applies to America applies to all other countries; in effect, the entire world is ruled by insane persons.

      Satan, as religious folks say, is really in charge of this world! I do not believe in a literal Satan; to me the human ego is what the ancients mean by Satan and devil.

     I know that people and their world cannot become perfect, whatever that is, but we must try to make the world a loving place, a place where we love  each other hence have relative peace and joy (not the perfect peace of unified spirit state, aka heaven).

     We must wrestle political power away from the princes of darkness that rule America, Africa, Asia Australia and Europe and the entire world and design a new human polity based on politicians been motivated by the spirit of love and social service.

      This sounds like an idealistic political philosophy and, as such, seems impossible of accomplishment in the so-called real world were dog eat dogs. However, it is doable and must be done.

     The goal of human civilization is to get us go from self-centeredness to caring for all people.  My psychological mentor, Alfred Adler, reached a similar conclusion in his writings on what constitutes mental health; he said that the only way to cure neurotics and psychotics is to get them to work for social interest; he said that working for self-interests , in addition to biological factors, is the cause of mental disorders.

       By the way, in nature dogs do not eat dogs; most animal species care for members of their species; it is mostly human beings that enslave and exploit their own kind. 

      Evolutionary biologists teach that the world is a competitive place, that the fittest competitors survive and those unable to compete, the weak die out. This sounds true but, in fact, is mere justification for the extant capitalist states of the West. A mixed capitalist-socialist state that provides health care and education for all is part of a sane society.

      The truth is that if the weak band together they can kill the powerful but they do not do so. They do not do so because there is a compassionate aspect of human beings; it is not only power that makes for survival of the individual and societies.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 6, 2017






From Ozodi Osuji’s Daily Journal:





       Racism is rooted in inferior feeling white folks’ efforts to seem falsely superior by feeling superior to black folks.

       All human beings, by mere fact of living in bodies that will die and rot, feel inferior. They seek a sense of worth and value.

       All human beings try to seem to have worth because they feel that they have no worth. What it means to be a human being is to feel inferior and seek superiority. Human civilization is predicated on all people feeling inferior and seeking superiority.

      White folks, like all human beings including black folks, feel inferior and try to obtain a false sense of worth by seeing black folks as inferior to them.

       Inferior feeling Igbos want to seem superior to their Nigerian neighbors; they do so by putting other Nigerians down.

      White racism and Igbo tribalism is deluded behavior. In truth all people, black and white, men and women are the same.

      We all feel inferior and desire superiority. The trick is for us, while seeking superiority, for we must do so, Alfred Alder in his individual psychology made that point and I agree with him, our civilization depends on it, we must strive to not feel superior to other persons. 

      I must confess that it is kind of difficult for those who have superior intelligence to feel equal to the 90% of humanity that is average.

      Average IQ is 85-115; above average IQ is 118-130; superior IQ is 132-139; genius is IQ of over 140; mental retardation is IQ under 70.  About 2% of humanity has superior IQ and 2% has mental retardation. The distribution of IQ is the same worldwide; all over the world only 2% of the people have superior IQ, and these are the people responsible for creating new science, philosophies and arts.




      If you accepted the logic of A course in miracles you would say that Mr. Stephen Paddock is a dream figure and that those he killed were killed in a dream setting; what is done in a dream has not been done so no one has been killed; because no one is killed then we should forgive him, we should overlook his act of killing; we must forgive all evil behaviors and see monsters like Paddock as innocent, guiltless, sinless and holy; they still remain as their God created them:  not separated from God and whatever we see them do on earth was done in a dream and has not been done in reality hence their existential innocence.

      If we accept this idea of forgiving killers the next question is this: why don’t we allow killers to kill all of us and we forgive them for they did nothing; why even bother doing all that we do to stay alive; why work for food, clothes, medications, houses and all that we do to protect our bodies and egos, why not exterminate our egos and bodies and not have to protect them?

      Why even wait for other folks to destroy us and we forgive them, why not destroy us and get it over with so that we do not have to deal with the philosophy that asks us to forgive murderers, rapists and thieves.


       We have nuclear weapons so let us use them to wipe all people off the surface of the earth and that way we won’t have to talk about forgiving evil.

      Let us allow the Paddocks of this world to re-lead their rifles as many times as they want and wipe off the entire world so that we do not have to talk about forgiveness any more.

      To live in body we must defend body; we have egos and must defend them for them to seem alive; if body and ego are not defended they die. 

      Our instinct is to kill people like Paddock who want to destroy our lives, not to forgive them.  Yet, a convoluted religion asks us to forgive them. Why not just allow them to wipe out all the people.

       A course in miracles teaching on forgiveness aims at getting people to reverse their natural, instinctual response to offense against them, defense, and possible attack on the offender; people naturally bear grievances and seek revenge for the wrongs done to them and the book wants them to eliminate that tendency.

     This theology of radical forgiveness is not going to happen; this teaching does not have to happen for it permits evil to reign in the world and does not help eradicate evil; it is a bunch of hooey that appeals to our feelings not reason.

     Reason tells us that for society and civilization to exist we have to remove evil doers; we must punish evil behaviors, not just overlook and forgive them.

      If we forgave all evil then we would not have a need for government, police, courts, judges and prisons. We would allow anti-social criminals to run around killing people, raping people, stealing from people and tell ourselves that they are doing what they are doing in a dream and that nothing is happening. If we did so we would all die within a month.

       A course in miracles philosophy, therefore, is anti- life on earth; it is nihilistic. This is the correct assessment of the philosophy.  

      This negative assessment of A course in miracles does not rule out the existence of other worlds; quantum physics, by the end of this century, will prove that there is a replica of our world in light forms. In the future, science will prove that there is a formless world (a wave of spiritual light, aka God, in which each of us is a particle of that light), our original home.

     A course in miracles fault is that it did not teach the correct way to attain the world of light forms. Love all people and love yourself and you experience relative peace and joy in our world; and when you die you live in the world of light forms. Forgiveness is not the way to reach the world of light forms. However, while in the world of light forms, if we overlook its form we experience our formless real selves.

      The Writer of A course in miracles, Dr. Helen Schucman, had a clouded mind; despite been a professor of psychology at Columbia University, New York, her mind was not sharp  enough, certainly, not as sharp as mine! I am here to correct her errors. This is not arrogance on my part by merely state my mission.




      A man, albeit a psychopath, chose to and killed 58 people and wounded 530 people. This tells me that anyone who so chooses can kill people and no god will stop him from doing so; only human beings can stop those who kill people from doing more killing. We are on our own; no gods protect us.




       It is a fact that to live with a prideful, swollen ego, to be full of one ’s self, is to suffer. The egotist suffers psychological pain; he lives to protect and defend his nonexistent proud self. Therefore, the egotist should reduce his pride and simply see his self as the same and coequal with all people and thereafter live flexibly, peacefully and happily.

        This does not mean that he should allow other people to destroy his body and ego and he forgives them. If he has a death wish he could kill his self and does not have to wait for other people to do the job for him.

        I am saying that A course in miracles is wrong in talking about blanket forgiveness as the means of returning to love (unified self and its unified mind).

       Yes, we ought to have understanding, such as try to understand why monsters like Stephen Paddock killed people; that does not mean that we should forgive his behavior; we must destroy him and people like him or if we could correct them and make them loving not hurtful persons we try to do so while keeping them in prisons.

        This is my philosophy; it is not rooted in A course in miracles or any philosophy given to me by so-called religious authorities, such as Jesus or Mohammed. It is simply what makes sense to me.

     I live by what makes sense to me, not by what other folks tell me to live by.




      Yesterday, my girlfriend, Lady Jewells, told me that she heard from some of her friends that the Jesus of the bible was not a real person, that there is no evidence of his existence, but that he was an entity channeled by some medium in the second century AD. If so, over time people take that presumably imaginary Jesus as a real person!

      This is a new one to me; I thought that I had heard all the possible speculations as to who the old boy, Jesus, was.

       Interestingly, I have never seen Jesus as my savior; indeed, if truth is said I have never considered him at my level of mental functioning; I consider him inferior to me!

       The Jesus of A course in miracles was channeled; I would not be surprised if folks take him as an actual person who lived in Palestine 2000 years ago!

     If the New Testament teachings by Jesus Christ was not real but is a mere channeled message that probably accounts for its impracticality, for in the world as we know it no one can be defenseless and survive in it; no one has actually practiced the Jesus gospel of forgiveness for wrongs done to him; we all seek revenge for the evil done to us.

      For example, I want to punish Arabs and white folks for enslaving Africans; they must pay a price for their past and present sins; I do not want to forgive them, for to overlook their evil is to permit similar evil to continue in our world.

      Nature does not forgive those who attack its creations. Consider that our bodies’ immune systems are defending our bodies at all times, killing germs that want to kill us; our ego minds are defending against those egos that want to attack and or kill us.

      Without defense we cannot survive in this world; yet, Jesus asks people to be defenseless, meaning that he is either unrealistic or wants people to die; as Fred Nietzsche pointed out in “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, Jesus is either a lunatic or nihilist; he is dangerous to human survival on planet earth.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

 October 5, 2017







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