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A spiritual perspective on mental disorders

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The Cause And Cure Of Mental Disorders

Date: April 2, 2016

To: Daniel Akusobi

From: Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD (UCLA)

Subject: The cause and cure of human maladies; separation and return to union.

Here is the response to your observation that some mentally ill people, on their own, heal. We know that after their first psychotic decompensation about one in three psychotics go into remission with or without treatment. That is, 33% of psychotics spontaneously improve without psychiatric intervention.

The other two thirds become the wards of the psychiatric establishment and pharmaceutical companies. They are the chronically mentally ill and must be on medications for the rest of their lives. The medications do not heal them.

In the meantime, taking those medications enrich drug companies. For example, a tablet of Zyprexa, a standard medication for schizophrenia, costs about $5. If each schizophrenic takes six of them during the day that means that the pharmaceutical companies have made $30 off his mental illness daily.

Since the schizophrenic is unable to pay for his medications it follows that society (via Medicaid) pays for it.  Thus, annually these drug manufacturing companies make billions of dollars off mentally ill people (as they make from those with other chronic disorders).

The pharmaceuticals are the richest part of the American economy. Yet they and their medical doctor friends do not cure the mentally ill.

A few months in the mental health industry and you conclude that psychiatrists are glorified drug pushers; all they do is push drugs on the poor devils that they pretend to treat and do not cure. Instead of accepting that they have not even understood the cause and nature of mental disorders they befuddle the public with the voodoo science called neuroscience; they tell the ignorant public how mental illness is function of brain chemical imbalance and that they are balancing the chemistry of the brains of the mentally ill by giving them medications They are doing no such thing.

I do not believe that psychiatry is a science nor do I believe that they can cure the mentally ill.  I am speaking as a person who supervised mental health professionals (psychologists and psychiatrists) for fifteen years and knows the industry from the inside out; it is a racket, I tell you, Dan.

You made some whimsical but germane observations. You said that some mentally ill people see sex as therapeutic and claim that in orgasm they feel as good as when they were given brain electrical shocks.

My own observation is somewhat related. Years ago, while at graduate school at UCLA, I worked nights at a neuropsychiatric hospital. I had to make regular contact with the patients. Occasionally, I walked around and went into the patients rooms. I noticed that those diagnosed as bipolar affective disordered, in manic phase, were almost always masturbating. One night I saw a young woman, about twenty two, masturbating during most of the night. I decided to talk to her. I asked her why she had the need to masturbate several times during the night. She told me that when she masturbates and has orgasm that she felt her body calm. Ordinarily, in her manic, excited state, her body is over stimulated; she reduced her over stimulated body by having orgasms.

I talked to the staff and they told me that it is their common experience that excited BADs (bipolar affective disorder) masturbate a lot and that they do so in an attempt to calm down their hyper excited bodies.

The medications that they are given, Lithium and Depakote, essentially do the same thing for them: calm their over excited bodies. .

The inference I drew from that episode is that women who are nymphomaniac, women who must have sex several times a day, with men and or women, are probably hyper somatically excited and use sex to calm down. This is an anecdotal observation; it is heuristic and not proved scientifically.

I am saying that your observation that sex is a kind of therapy for some mentally ill people is probably correct? If so we must then allow people freedom to have as many rounds of sex as they want to.

In the real world some men and women need sex just about every day, some more than once a day; some need it twice a week and some once a week; some only need it once a month and so on. To each according to his physical nature!

Having gotten the sexy part out of the way let me try to explain to you my understanding of the cause of mental disorders. I have given the issue long thought. I have written at length on the subject. My approach is bio-psycho-spiritual. I will try to summarize my take in a few pages.

I am agnostic. That means that I am not an atheist who says that there is no God (we know so little about the universe that to say that there is no God seem cavalier) or a theist who says that there is God. I do not know for sure if God exists or not.  However, I have had experiences that convince some folks that there is God and or life after death.

I used my mind to think about God. I said to me: let us discard what the various religions say about God and simply think about God and see what our mind concludes on it.

Over time I concluded that there is something that folks call God. I called that something light. I believe that there is light. Light must exist in the universe.  (I am using light as we know it in the temporal universe but the light that is God is not physical; in the meantime, let us pursue the analogy of light and see how far it takes us.)

Since there is light in the universe it cannot be a place of prior darkness, for darkness cannot produce light, but there can be light and if you cover that light up you see darkness.  Light must precede darkness but darkness cannot precede light.

If the universe was originally dark it cannot produce light; but if the universe was originally light it can produce darkness if something masks that light.

So, I said to me that there is always light in the universe. My thesis is that there is eternal light. That light is like what we learn in physics. Light is wave and at the same time particle. Remember the double slit experiment in your secondary school class on physics (section on light), by Thomas Young in 1803.

Young took light and directed it at a slit (hole).  The light went through that slit (and made a mark on the paper behind the slit.  He then made two slits. The same wave of light was directed at the two slits and it split into two and went through the two slits (and left two marks behind). If you have trillions of slits and point one wave of light at them the light would split into trillions and go through the slits (and leave trillions of marks on the paper behind the slits).

That is to say that one wave of light can act as one wave of light and can also act as infinite waves of light. Why is that so?  It is because light are both wave and particles.

Remember Neils Bohr complementarity principle in quantum physics? A wave of light can act as wave and as particle depending on which one you want it to act, as a wave and go through one slit or as particles and go through many slit. Thus, Werner Heisenberg (originator of uncertainty principle) would suggest that the experimenter and his instruments for measurement appears to influence the behavior of particles; in other words mind influences matter, at least, at the sub atomic level.

Emil Schrodinger and Werner Heisenberg were responsible for most of the mathematics underlying quantum physics. You could add Marie and Pierre Curie, Max Plank, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Paul Dirac, Pauli, Born, Broglie, James Chadwick, Otto Hahn and Strassman, Lise Meitner, James Wheeler and Feynman and Murray Gell Mann, John Bell and Alan Aspect (of non-locality principle, the behavior of entangled particles) and a few others to have a complete picture of the new physics.


I see God as the wave of light. That wave of light acts as one wave of light and also acts as infinite waves of light. One wave of light, aka God, inherently has infinite particles in it.

God is light; in that one light are infinite particles of it. Each of us is a particle of light. We are inherent in God; we are part of God, we are not separated from God.

God is God (wave function of light) and at the same time is each of us (particle function of light); God is God and is all of us (we are all extensions of God)

Let us anthropomorphize light and call it a self. One self, God, is simultaneously infinites selves, us.

I have just explained Hinduism. Hinduism says that there is one God, called Brahman and that Brahman is simultaneously infinite Atmans (parts of it or in Christian categories, sons of God); Brahman and Atmans are united and are not separated.  God is God and yet is each of us is the teaching of Vedanta Hinduism.

Buddhism says the same thing.  Upon his enlightenment (experience of nirvana, oneness with God), Gautama Buddha said that he and God and all of us in spirit share one self and one mind.

Later on, I found that A course in miracles, a Gnostic Christian text, said the same thing. Mystics all over the world teach that there is one God and that he is simultaneously himself and all of us (see Plotinus, Ennead; Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism; William James, Varieties of Religious Experience; M. Richard Burke, Cosmic Consciousness).

One God has infinite parts; one father has infinite sons; the father and his sons are unified as one literal self.   There is no space or gap between God and us. God is in us and we are in God.  We are in God and in each other. Where God ends and his sons begin is nowhere; God and his sons share one self and share one mind.

God extended his oneself to each of us and is now both he and all of us. One wave of light is itself and its infinite particles.

In what people call heaven, I call it unified spirit state, God and his sons are in a harmonious state. One God and his infinite sons, one wave of light and its infinite particles, are in a stable state. God knows his self to be all his sons and his sons know themselves to be one with their father.

At a time that has not occurred, for all remain as one, the children of God, God's extensions, God's parts decided to leave him and become separate from him. They cannot leave God for they are in God; for each of them contains God and God contains him.

Unable to leave God they made themselves seem to go to sleep and in their sleep dream that they are now separated from God.

To make their dream of separation seem real they invented space, time and matter. They placed themselves in matter (body) and now seem to live in space and time. They seem to have separated from their father and from each other.

When did they do so?  They did so when our universe began, as astrophysics tells us, 13.7 billion years ago. What science calls the big bang is the moment we exploded and shattered our unity into seeming separated parts. The Big Bang is, if you like, our magical separation from God and from each other; magical because we have not separated; we are eternally joined in God and to each other but merely seem to be separated from him and from each other.

(If you want to understand the Big Bang hypothesis at a purely astrophysics level read up on George Lemaitre, Alexander Friedman, Edwin Hubble, Fred Hoyle, George Gamow, Eugene Weinberg, Allan Goth and a few other astrophysicists; polish your understanding by reading older astronomers, such as Galileo Galilei, Eugene Huygens, Johan Kepler, Tyco Brahe, Isaac Newton and so on.)

The moment we shattered into our constituent parts God recombined us into physical wholes.  As Eugene Weinberg noted in his book, The First three minutes, the particles of light that emanated from the big bang were immediately combined into quarks and quarks combined into protons and neutrons and some photons became electrons.

By the end of three minutes from the big bang, protons and neutrons were held together in nuclei by the strong nuclear force (there are four forces in nature, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force and gravity).

The early universe was plasma, that is, a sea of nuclei and unattached electrons. 400 000 years later, nuclei captured electrons to form atoms, especially hydrogen and helium atoms.

For millions of years thereafter the universe was a sea of hydrogen gas. Millions of years' later space occurred in the cloud of hydrogen and each clump of gas is acted on by gravity and inside it ignition took place and stars are born.

Stars are clouds of hydrogen in whose cores heat and pressure fuse hydrogen to helium and give off light and heat, the light that we see as the light of stars.

The original stars were massive in size and lived for only a few million years before they exhausted their hydrogen and began fusing helium to carbon. When the fusion process reaches iron the star exploded in supernova. During its explosion elements higher than iron were formed.  Thus, the 92 elements on the periodic table were formed (some inside stars and some during the death of stars).

From the cloud of exploded stars, nebulae, new stars and planets are formed. 4.5 billion years ago our sun and its nine planets were formed (they are aggregations of star dust and the elements).

Gradually, on planet earth, twenty six elements (including carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen etc.) coagulated in a pond of water to form single celled biological organisms. Those single cells evolved into multi cellular organisms.

Three billion years later evolution produced our bodies.   Man, as we know him to be today, is about 100, 000 years old.  This is human evolution as taught by biology.

There is another way of explaining the universe's evolution, metaphysical explanation. The metaphysical explanation says that the sons of God went to sleep and in their sleep gradually dreamed until they dreamed themselves into our present bodies.

In our present bodies they are conscious of themselves as separated human beings. In animals and trees they are not self-conscious.  Nevertheless, it is the sons of God that are in animals and trees, and in everything.

We shall continue evolution until our sun and planet dies in about five billion years. Before then we would have the technology to go live in other planets. We shall be migrating from one planet to another in our solar system and eventually go to other exoplanets in the Milky Way galaxy and then to other galaxies, such as Andromeda.

In time we shall have the science and technology to worm hole (tunnel) our way to other universes, for there are infinite universes (see Hugh Everett's many world's  interpretation of the Big Bang and quantum physics), infinite places for us to dream at.

Eventually, all the stars will explode and all the planets would die. Our present universe would become one cold, empty place. By then we would be doing our dreaming in other universes.

As the dream process continues, some children of God get tired of it and do what they have to do to awaken from the dream.  They tune out the dream and reject it. Thereafter, they awaken to another dream, a place of light forms; here, they see everything in our world in light forms. It is akin to what the Catholic Church calls purgatory; some call it gate of heaven or happy dream.

From there they let go of all wish for separation and awaken in formless heaven, a place where they know themselves to be part of the light that is God. In that light, they feel eternal, permanent and changeless; they feel totally at peace and are happy.

Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ are some of the sons of God that have awakened from the dream of specialness and separation; they are now called world teachers of God; they teach the rest of us to awaken to our true self.

I have experienced the world of light forms but as yet not the world of formless light, aka heaven. Thus, I am not yet at the level of Buddha and Jesus Christ in my evolution but I am getting very close to them.  At present, I am a teacher of God but will attain world teacher of God status in this life time.


How does my metaphysics relate to mental disorder? Mental disorder lies in the feeling that we are special and separated from God and from each other.  The mentally ill, who is all of us, are those who feel special and separated from their father and from each other.

In God we are not special; in God we are all the same and coequal. We separated from God in chimeric pursuit of specialness, the desire to seem superior to one another and to God. But we remain as God created us: the same, equal and in him and him in us.

Separation and specialness is an illusion. Our world is an illusion where the united sons of God come to seem separated from each other; the equal sons of God come to seem unequal and different.

The physical world we see is a dream world and doesn't in fact exist. Seeing our world then is hallucination. Because we believe that the world we see is real we are deluded.

Hallucination and delusion are the hallmarks of psychosis. We are all psychotic.

So, what is the difference between normal people and abnormal people?   Normal people are having group's dreams (shared dreams) whereas psychotics are having individual (unshared) dreams.

The psychotic instead of dreaming with the parameters of the group dreams with his own individual parameters.

Dan, it will take several pages for me to explain how this dream thing works. I will therefore not go there.  Let me just say that each of us chose our bodies, our parents and where we are born; each of us chose with the help of all other people so we are in this thing together.  We chose the bodies and egos we need to do the type of dreaming we want to have.

Normal persons choose bodies that make them dream like everyone else in their group; they have normal madness.

Psychotics chose bodies that enable them to dream individual dreams hence they live in their own fantasy world.

I have explained all these in different papers. For now, all that we need to know is that so-called psychotics are having their individual dreams and their bodies enable them to do so. In that sense neuroscience is not entirely wrong in positing some biological basis for mental disorders. Where biological psychology got it wrong is in seeing us as victims of our world.

We are not victims; each of us, with the help of all of us, chose what he is experiencing in this world.  Because the world is a collective dream when each of us awakens he must do what he has to do to help others to awaken.

Dan, I am doing my bit here to help folks awaken. This is because no one returns to our father alone. We came in groups and return in groups.

I will not be able to awaken in God until I have helped, at least, one other Igbo man to awaken. Now you understand why I am always on the case of Igbos. I came to this world with other Igbos and will only leave the world with other Igbos. To be released from the dream, from this prison called our world I must help release some Igbos. Do you now get it?

In sum, you cannot cure psychotics by giving them medications.  The only person that you can cure is you. You cure you by understanding that you are sleeping and dreaming that you are separated from your real self, the union of God and you. Thereafter, you then try to extinguish your ego and meditate and awaken in another world. First, you awaken in the world of light forms (which I have seen) and, ultimately, in the world of formless unified self (which I am yet to experience because I am still held back by my fellow Igbos), what folks call heaven.


I will personalize this part of the discourse. I do so to make it less abstract, to be concrete. What I say about me applies to you. You have to do your own analysis of the specifics of your ego and find a way to give up your ego so as to reach the Christ you. Christ is the present you if you are loving and forgiving; when you are totally forgiving and loving you will see your present body in light form. The light form is the you purified by the Holy Spirit, the ego you now made a loving you.

I have an ego; because I live in ego I experience fear and anger and psychological pain. As long as I see me as a special and separated self I feel an urge to defend that self.

The self that needs to be defended is not real; the ego must be defended to seem real in my awareness. Because I have to defend the ego to feel that I am an ego the ego is not real. I am not an ego.

I identify with an ego that feels special, important and powerful? The ego is not the real me, the son of God. The real me and you is the son of God that sleeps and in his dream seem to manifest in our world as a special, separated self.

I have noticed that if I do not identify with the ego, if I do not behave as the ego wants me to behave I tend to be calm and peaceful; in egoless state I tend to be fearless and not prone to anger.

If I have no ego what self is going feel fearful and angry or paranoid or depressed or manic or schizophrenic?

If one has no ego one cannot be mentally ill, nor have mental upsets like fear and anger and paranoia and depression.

To have no ego is to be liberated from pain and fear and anger; it is to return to one's real self, the self that God created one as, unified with him and in that self-one is happy and peaceful.

Without the ego one is enlightened to one's real self; one lives in the light; one is illuminated to our true self.

Without the ego one is no longer always defensive, defending a false ego self that must be defended for it to seem real; that which needs constant defense to seem real is not real; the ego is not real, it is a dream self, not our true self. I must let go of my attachment to the ego.

Since hitherto I had seen me as the ego, if I let it go I must then ask: who am I? I must ask the Holy Spirit to tell me who I am.

He has told me that I am the holy son of God and so are you. Our true self is unified light; God is light and we are points in the wave of light that is called God.

We are in three states: in God's light, in light forms and in our present dense forms.  Our true self is not body, not ego but son of God who is light.  As part of the light of God we are eternal, permanent and changeless; we remain forever as God created us, one with him, not separated from him.

I am doing myself a great favor by letting go of my hitherto identification with the ego and now identifying with the Christ self (the Christ self is my present self in light form, the same goes for you) and ultimately accepting my true self, the formless light in the light that is God.

I give me peace and joy by jettisoning the ego. I make myself able to relate to all people without ego-body consciousness; I play with folks in the dream knowing that our true self is formless light.

If money is what I desire I get it by  selling to people information on how to live a peaceful and happy life by letting go of their attachments to the ego; I sell to people what I first sold to me, how to live egolessness hence peacefully and happily.


Did anything that I said above make sense to you, Dan? Probably not. This is because our world is a senseless place and everything in the world is senseless, pointless and meaningless.   Speech is designed to help us adapt to the senseless world; therefore, whatever is said in words is senseless.

There is another world that is sensible and meaningful. That is the world of God; it transcends our language and speech. To experience it one has to shut out our world.

Dan, try to attain heaven by tuning out our world. To move towards heaven do this: wake up tomorrow and love all people. Realize that all people are your extensions, are one with you; therefore, love them all to love you.

If anyone offends you forgive him. What he did is done in our mutual, collective dream of separation, so overlook the dream and love his real self, the son of God in him.

Love and forgive all people and then go into meditation and tune out our world. If you silence your ego chattering you will escape from our world to the world of light forms. Thereafter you would enter the formless world of God.

Whether you succeed or not depends on the level of love in your heart. God is love; no one comes to God who does not love him and all his creations.

If you have hate for even one human being you cannot be welcomed to his father. The gate of heaven is shut tight to all haters. God and his heaven is love and only loving persons come to God's presence.

It is in giving up ones ego, ending separation and returning to the unified world, heaven, that one's mental disorder is cured. In that light, only the individual can heal his mental disorder.

You cannot heal other people but you can heal you and then model a healed life for other people to emulate. Heal yourself and become an example of a healed life for the mentally ill around you to learn from you and then heal their selves.

Physicians first heal your selves! Sick psychologists and psychiatrists cannot heal their equally sick patients; they must first heal themselves. They heal themselves by extinguishing their egos, ending separation and returning to unified state, to love.



  • Nothing I said in this essay discourages mental health professionals from doing what they do with their patients. Until they become enlightened to the light that they are they will dance their ego and body dance. Some will dance as sick egos and bodies and some will dance as magicians treating sick egos and bodies with magical pills called medications and or psychotherapy. Let the show continue; it is what folks came to the dream, our world, to do.  A few of us realize that it is a game played by God's children and redefine ourselves as light, spirit, not bodies. Thereafter, we do not need medications. We need metaphysics to know who we are. Such people will gravitate to folks who give to them what they seek. When the student is ready the teacher comes to him and when the teacher is ready the student comes to him.  You are not reading this piece by accident; you and me, before we came to the dream, agreed to meet and teach and learn from each other. You have taught me a lot and, hopefully, I have taught you something. Cheers, my true Igbo man. Jesus told Nathaniel that he is a true Israelite; you are a true Igbo!

Ozodi Osuji

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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