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Spillover Effects Of Today’s Supreme Court Ruling Legalizing Homosexuality

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Today, June 26, 2013 the United States Supreme Court in a 5: 4 split decision said that DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) is illegal; it also ruled on California’s Proposition 8 (which had banned homosexuality in California)and said that it is unconstitutional. In effect, the Supreme Court of these United States of America has legalized homosexuality!

Homosexuals are now in sex-heaven for this means that they have obtained what they have always wanted: social approval and legitimization of their contemptible life style.

Now watch them go to work. They and their liberal friends (they dominate the civil service) will write rules and regulations that force all schools to indoctrinate school children that homosexuality is legal and natural behavior and all society to teach that homosexuality is not only a legal life style but a natural one. Indeed, they may even require children to adopt this dreadful life style.

If they could get all people to do what they do then they would not have the lingering suspicion that what they are doing is not right.

We have entered a brave new world where folks walk on their heads and call what they are doing the natural order of things.

From imposing their criminal will on society homosexuals would proceed to asking for society to approve pedophilia and incest. Why not?

Nothing is unnatural; if a man could stick his penis into another man’s anus and call it natural sexual behavior why not stick it into a child’s anus? These people will argue for pedophilia and incest to be legalized. They will argue that society should not prevent those men who want to have sex with children, even few months old children from doing so.

If this sound preposterous please be informed that these despicable folks already have associations lobbying for sex between men and boys; it is called the North American Man-Boy Association for sex, in San Francisco, California.

Thereafter, they would argue for the legalization of polygamy, especially gay and lesbian polygamy (in Los Angeles, California a bunch of lesbian women already live together, have group orgies and believe that they are living a natural life style).

These weird folk would argue for the legalization of antisocial (criminal) behavior. Why not? The logic they presented in making their case for legalization of homosexuality, that they are born that way, holds for sociopathic behaviors.

There are no doubts whatsoever that criminals’ inherited genes that dispose them to psychopathic behaviors and, as such, what they do is not their fault, so society should approve it.

We have entered a brave new world order where all restraints on human behavior are removed and people do whatever they want to do.

The brave new science of biologism blesses every behavior if it can be shown that it is rooted in one’s body; the logic is that one’s genes, body programmed one to doing it.

Man is no longer spirit having physical experience. As spirit in body he can transcend his body’s dictates.

As the product of body (epiphenomenalism) man is now a slave of his body; whatever his body asks him to do he must do. If your body (genes, DNA) ask you to be homosexual or to steal you do so; you are no longer a mind that can go beyond matter; you are only matter, body.

We have entered the age of materialism, the age of godlessness, the age of darkness; we have returned to being pure animals, thanks to pseudo-science.

Genetics is still in its infancy and should not be used to justify human behavior; take away spirit and people are animals and as animals all their behaviors, as Fyodor Dostoyevsky pointed out in Brothers Karamazov, is allowed.

As Thomas Hobbes’ in his seminal book, Leviathan, tells us, the predictable result is mayhem; each person would be at war with other people and life becomes nasty, brutish and short.

The Supreme Court has opened a Pandora’s Box. Throughout human history there were always men who like to stick their penises into other men’s anuses (perhaps, as Alfred Adler suggested in his Individual psychology, to humiliate and dominate them, to exercise ego, evil power over people) and women who like to have other women suck on their filthy virginals (perhaps to transform them into their sex slaves).

The depravity that the human mind is capable of is infinite.  Society had always made sure that this specific depravity was driven into the closet.

Now homosexuality has not only been brought to the open but now blessed by the highest court in the land.

We are now embarked on slippery slope road to perdition. If things continue as they are, give or take, a century and America would join Greece and Rome as once great empires. The West struck her death nail by legalizing the very behavior that brought Greece and Rome down.

This ruling by the Supreme Court is an affront to Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sinful life style.  Perhaps, Christians would not take this dastardly ruling laying low. Perhaps, the time has come for civil disobedience and eventually for revolution. Perhaps men of goodwill will rise and oppose the trajectory where liberals and their homosexual friends are taking society to.

We shall see if Christians will lay supine on their backs as depraved folks called homosexuals force us to accept their evil life style.

One of the spillover effects of today’s ruling is that Barack Obama who does not find time to do anything to help Americans will be energized to convert all Americans to homosexuality.

Watch as Obama and his homosexual accomplices peg all US Foreign Aid to African countries on African governments approving homosexuality.

Obama has not improved on the level of his predecessor, George Bush’s economic aid to Africa; he has supervised an America where over twenty percent of black Americans are unemployed; this man has done nothing for the black world, yet gullible black folk see him as a savior; take him out of my face for he makes me vomit.

I believe that today’s Supreme Court ruling legalizing homosexuality is the beginning of the end of a once great country called America; we must prevent our country from the anticipated negative future by working to overturn this dreadful ruling. This bestial ruling superimposes on us behavior we do not approve. We must stop being browbeaten by the term homophobia just because we find unnatural behavior unnatural.

All Christians must stand up and take back America and retain it as a Christian country; we must prevent the apparent Muslim Barack Obama (he defends Islam with alacrity, such as supporting them building their mosque at the very ground where they killed 3000 Americans, The World Trade Center, New York City, but does nothing when Christians are harassed, such as Saudi Arabia not permitting  Christian activity in that country...the man even bowed to the Saudi Arab king!) and his pagan friends from imposing on us their unchristian lifestyles.

Finally, I am not naïve enough to believe that we can completely do away with homosexuality; we cannot. Human beings are by nature prone to evil behavior and some will manifest their evilness in homosexuality.

This world probably came into being when some of the children of God defied their father’s will that they should be unified with him and with each other and chose to be separated from him. In other words, the temporal universe probably came into being as an act of rebellion and defiance against God and his unified state.

People on earth are therefore prone to defiant behaviors. In that light homosexual persons will always defy natural sexuality for being defiant is part of the human condition.

There will always be acts of defiance but society does well by minimizing them and keeping them in closets, as we kept homosexuals all along. It is a terrible mistake to permit these opposition-defiant, narcissistic characters (they love their bodies but do not love the spirits in people) to do their thing in the open.

Homosexuals are the children of darkness and ought to be pushed back into the dark world where they belong.

The world of light is for those who transcend their bodies and seek ways to reunify with God; to return to doing their father’s will (which is that we love him and love one another); instead of affirming our human ego will of separation from God we must affirm our unified will in God.


Ozodi Osuji

June 26, 2013

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