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Rotation Turned 'Round

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I never meant to give the impression that the fault lies solely in the laps (or loins) of men.That was not my intention.I am the mother of sons and I have seen them cry real, soul breaking, almost unending tears over the words and deeds of women.Girls.Ladies.Females is more accurate because there is no specificity of species in the designation of "female."Females have ruined the tender male heart and it is no wonder that men have countered the rotation with schemes of their own.

My sons have been told that they're not Black enough. This generally means that the woman is looking for a thug. My sons are capable of acting like thugs and even committing the actions of thugs but at heart? Both of them are very romantic and kind individuals. But, as Black men, there is an expectation of a certain level of cruelty and it seems that cruelty has become synonymous with masculinity. The female rotation requires that all players or those who will be played, stick to their determined roles with alarming lock-step precision.

The female rotation consists of a "friend" who is willing to pay for small things such as dinners, club fees, and sometimes parking tickets. This one has no expectation of any kind of repayment. She uses this man because he's too unattractive, too slow, or doesn't have enough self-respect to demand better treatment. He's happy to breathe her air; to be allowed permission to stick around.

The guy who pays for the big ticket items is the one who grudgingly is allowed sexual contact. He's the guy who is more than likely horribly inept in bed but quite adept at making money. He doesn't mind spending it because he is also gaining something more than sexual satisfaction – he gets to be the one who claims her body (or so he is allowed to believe). If he took one second to sit down and calculate the costs? He would be better off with a wife who respects him. He's not getting and he will never receive fair value for his money. He receives a body, lain prone on her back, and permission to do whatever he wants or whatever she makes him think she wants. The female should get an Oscar and a Grammy for her performances with this member of the rotation.

Every female rotation involves a maintenance man. This is the guy who stops by just to give her some relief, if only for an hour, from her part-time prostitution. Their sex is protracted and can be quite akin to some sort of violence. In order to simply possess a rotation the woman has to put herself on auto-pilot. She cannot feel or else she wouldn't lead the first one on and she wouldn't take the second one's money. The maintenance man's entire reason for being is to remind her that she's still alive and not entirely crafted from concrete.

Then there is the dream man. The man who more than likely gets lied to the most. The female who creates her rotation, like any woman or girl, wants a secure partner and this most often is encapsulated in the word, "husband." This man? Oh, he gets the grandest show since the creation of the Titanic! When he comes over the house is always clean. She is always, every Sunday, to his knowledge, at church. When he wants more than a hug or a kiss? She refuses him because he has to learn to "respect" her. I'm laughing now just thinking of all the ways women deceive the man they hope to "catch." They call maid services, have friends cook cakes and pies, invent opportunities to meet, and they even do online surfing to find out little points about his interests. And she never, ever will admit to hating sports. That is, unless she's "caught" him. That's when it all falls down.

The end may not come quickly. The end may not ever come at all. Some female rotators change their ways and become the woman they have pretended to be. One thing is horribly obvious – men are taken advantage. Love is stolen. Finances are misused for the petty pleasures of this creature. All that the Korean hair sellers can build bigger homes and send their children to better schools. And all for nothing. The female rotation is not one typically used by women who have learned how to take care of themselves. This is a procedure instituted by women who have not come to the knowledge that all of their finagling was a waste of energy – they don't gain one simple thing other than another month in which to get the rent money, gas bill money, or car note.

In this fact both the female and the male rotation are one and the same inasmuch as they do not offer any advantage other than transitory bliss. That one second of power which really doesn't amount to anything other than deception. The greatest dupe is not the person who is being rotated – it is the rotator him or her self. Rotations – male and female – only prove one thing. The devil is a lie.

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