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Poem from Nigerian Husbands to Wives At Valentine

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I just want to tell you, my darling wife, " I LOVE YOU DEARLY"

I say this in CAPITALS because I want to emphasize the gravity of what I am about to say

Please read my declaration of love carefully to see what we must do to avert

The enemy that is creeping in to destroy what you and have built with blood & sweat

Though many of the couples we know or started our marriage with are fallen behind

Yet my love for you is more expansive than the East is from the West

And, Baby, the love I have for you is farther than the North is from the South

I love you because my heart beats best every moment your heart is next to mine

Loving you puts me in a merry-go-round amidst a never-ending masquerade dance

You came into my life as an angel Heavens sent to love, care for, and succor me

Thanks for the sacred knot we tied to share each moment and ensure our name is not lost

Thank you for choosing me from the group of young men your friends recommended

I need not remind you of the extravaganza and joyousness of our wedding day

I say this not to minimize YOU at the expense of stupendous clothes, dinner and Heinekens

When all is said and done, who is left after the banquet ended and guests went away?

You were and still are the reason for the joyous occasion, the noblesse oblige

Finding you was exasperating, chasing you breathtaking, and marrying you "oh serendipity"

You fill each minute with 60 seconds of rapture, each hour with 60 minutes of utopia

You transform my seconds to days, days to months, months to years, and years to eternity

Sometimes, I forget to say How now, buy flowers, chocolate or things to express my abiding love

Sometimes, I long to clasp your hand in mine, grab you by the waist, splash you with kisses

I ignore or don't do these not because I do not care but I want to give you time to miss me

I love you in a special way unlike the manner Nokia unites communities and Nikes "Just do it"

I swear to God I'll never break your heart, betray your trust, or trivialize your hopes

I treasure the moments, after hot garri & bitter-leaf-okporoko" and a cold beer

We lay together undressed, caressing, panting and sweating drops of hot blood

And I begin to explore you beginning with tiny toes to secret parts and to the heaving breasts

And work around your beating heart to the depth of your troubled soul

Reassuring you this Valentine Day, Baby, to hold tightly on; it's going to be alright

I just wanna tell you, my darling wife, I treasure you deeply

Please listen to the end of my declaration, my avowal and affirmation of love

We've been together for years and now a re-confirmation of our sacred vows is due

Don't think marriages are easy or get taken for granted as weeks turn to years

Marriages are breaking up, and friends we know have taken their case to the Judge

Too many misunderstandings, fights over money, allegations of infidelity and raising of kids

The Devil is a loose seeking, running helter skelter, seeking which homes to destroy

Please know this: We're in the most important social institution God Himself designed

For the preservation of the human race, to ensure we as a people won't be extinct

Inspite of Biafra fiasco, boko menace and lingering corruption gone awry

Baby, hold on, grab me by the waist, let's put our parachutes on, get into our life boats

We pray evil passes over us as Angel of Death did over the Hebrews of ancient Egypt

It is alright, it shall be well, it is already well in Jesus Name

One thing I ask, and seriously ask for or strongly demand of you in this:

That our channels of communication be as openly high as the sky, deep as the ocean

Trust me, get me to trust you, let's undress our secrets to us and us alone

And not to Okonkwos or Angelas or those thinking they monopolize sex and dollar

Come on, Baby, let's embrace, and kiss and plan for our 50th or 6oth wedding date

Let's do this in remembrance of sacrifices our parents and ancestors have made

I love you and only you as the Sun loves the moon and gives her the glowing light

Just want to ask you "How are you?", and tell you "I love you dearly"

COPYRIGHTED 2011, updated 2/14/16  Dr. James Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment.