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Perception is projection

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While in Europe, I received an email from one of my Anchorage, Alaska A course in miracles group members, Jon Pratt. He told us that finally the entire A course in miracles has been published. If you are a student of a course in miracles, you already know that professor Helen Schucman (a professor at the department of psychology at Columbia University, New York City, USA) took down the inner voice she heard in her handwriting, and sometimes in shorthand. She then had the chairman of her psychology department, Professor William Thetford type her handwritten material. After he had typed it they decided to edit it and remove parts of it that they did not deem meant for the public, especially parts that talked in Psychological cum psychoanalytic lingo that they felt that the non-mental health professional would not understand. The book went through many subsequent editing. Finally, Dr. Kenneth Warpnick, a young psychologist, arranged it in the format that it was published in 1976.  I read the book in 1989. As a scholar, I immediately wanted to see the handwritten version of it. If you are trained in academia you are told to see the source of any material you are dealing with, so I wanted to see the original A course in miracles before it was edited. I called Dr. Warpnick and asked him to please make a copy of the handwritten version and send them to me. He told me that he would not do so for the removed materials were not germane to the message of the course and, moreover, were meant for Helen and Bill, not for the public. You know me; I do not like to be told no. So, I was furious at Ken and gave him a lecture on how he should not hide any part of the book; I told him that as a PhD holder he ought to know something about research, how researchers like me would like to see the original source of what we are talking about. The man stood his ground and did not send the handwritten stuff to me.  Well, some folks persisted in seeing the handwritten material. Apparently, an excellent scholar called Robert Perry finally got a copy of it; it was deposited at the US library of Congress. He meticulously transcribed it into another version of A course in miracles. His new version is called A course in miracles, Based on the original handwritten notes of Helen Schucman, Complete and Annotated Edition (published by his group, Circle of Atonement, West Sedona, Arizona, USA; it was published in January of 2017). The new book is 2000 pages long (the original published A course in miracles was 1200 pages long). Well, Jon Pratt told us about the new version. I wrote to him to get a copy for me so that when returned to the USA I would have it. This morning I went to Church and, lo and behold, Jon Pratt was at the service and he came to me and gave me a giant hug and told me that he bought the book for me and that as a matter of fact it is in his car and he ran out and got it and gave it to me.  I got home from church and immediately dived into the book, especially the new pages added to it. The entire message of the course has not changed but the new version made things clearer. I understand psychological and psychoanalytic language so I benefited from reading the course in that language. The below notes I made from reading the book this afternoon might be beneficial for course students who are struggling to understand what it is teaching. Its basic teaching is that the world we see is based on our projection. Read on.

According to A course in miracles, the world you see is projected out by your mind.  This is regardless of whether what you see is good or bad; your mind produced the world you see.  The world is the outward mirror of our thinking; our thinking produced the world we see; the world does not exist apart from the minds that produced it, our minds.


There are two ways of producing the world you see. One is to assume that separation has occurred and people now live apart from you and you from them; and that there is space and time between you and other persons.

The idea that we are separated from God makes us feel guilty and fear God's punishment for our sin (of separating from him). If we see a separated world we must feel guilty.

You believe that the people you see are guilty of doing the awful things we see people do in the world. This is the egos perception; seeing a guilty world.

If you see people doing awful things you believe that they are guilty; this also means that you believe that you are guilty in doing the awful things you see people doing, for you projected those people out and had them do what you see them do and deny that your mind produced them and made them do it and believe that they did them independent of you and must be guilty while you are independent of them and you are innocent. This is how your ego sees the world; the ego sees you as innocent and other persons as guilty and punished (actually, it believes that you are guilty and ought to be punished and punishes you through seeming other persons!).

Believing the world as guilty you want to punish it and not punish you. But since to see the world, people as guilty is to see you as guilty and to punish them is to punish you then you are punishing you.


The Holy Spirit knows that the world we see is the projection of our minds for perception is projection. What you see happening out there is projected out by your mind.

Whereas the ego wants to deny that you projected the world out and see what is happening in it as done by awful other folks, folks to be punished for their evil acts, the Holy Spirit recognizes that your mind produced the seeming evil you see people do to themselves and to you.

You are responsible for the world you see, for it is your dream and is also other people's dreams projected out.

The Holy Spirit reinterprets the world by saying that it is a dream and has therefore not occurred in reality. What you see people do to themselves and to you that makes you angry was produced by your and their minds, which are collectively one mind.

One mind, the mind of the son of God (all of us in tandem are the one son of God) produced the world we see.  Because it is a dream what is done in it has not happened.  Therefore, the people you see do awful things to each other and to you have not really done them. They have not separated from God and done the things you see them do. They are still as God created them despite what they seem to have done; they are innocent, guiltless, sinless, holy and saintly.

You can change your mind, from looking at the world from the egos perspective to the Holy Spirit's perspective.

If you change your mind and now see things from the Holy Spirit's perspective you have changed your mind about the people and see them as innocent despite their seeming awful behaviors.

In seeing other people as innocent you simultaneously see yourself as innocent despite the awful things you did in the world.  For, as you perceive other people is how you perceive you.

In the savior's vision, seeing driven by the Holy Spirit, you see people do what seem awful things and interpret their actions from the perspective of the Holy Spirit; you say that they have not done what your naked physical eyes showed them doing; you now see them as innocent and in doing so see you as innocent.

When you forgive other people for doing the awful things they did to you, you forgive you for doing those awful things to you through them.

In forgiving them, hence forgiving you, you escape from this world's cruel reality and momentarily see a different world, a vision of a peaceful and loving world; in that world people are in light forms.

That new world you see, the forgiven world, the saved world, the redeemed world, still looks like our world but people in it only do loving things to each other, for they are having a dream of love, a dream of union rather than the dream of hate, attack and separation we have in our world.  That is, the Holy Spirit shows you a picture of a different world. But to see that new picture of the world you must forgive people and forgive you what you see them do on earth.

Let us go from the abstract to the personal. What I think that you are is what I think that I am projected to you for perception is projection.

If I think that you are an unloving person and see you do unloving things to me that is what I am doing to me.  Currently, I see a grown up woman fooling around with many men and not loving any of the men.  This is how my ego's eyes see her.

My perception of her as unloving is my self-assessment that I am an unloving person projected out to her.

I see me fooling around with many women and as an unloving person; I projected what I see in me to her and perceptually see her fooling around with many men. She does, in fact, do what I see her doing; I am not deluded; what I see her do is what she does. The only difference is that the Holy Spirit says that I am doing what she is doing!

What I think that I am doing I deny and project it to the woman and see her do it. Whatever I see other people as is what I see me as, for I projected them and their actions out; I had them do what I see them do.

I cannot see any one do something that I did not believe that I did, for otherwise I would not see them do it.

I think that I am a murderer; I project this self-view out and see other people murdering people and thus see them as murderers.

What I am doing is seeing me as a murderer and wanting to arrest and punish me for being a murderer.

If I adopt the Holy Spirit's perception, I will see people murder people, and generally do unloving things to each other and to me but would accept that I projected them out and had them do those things; Hitherto, I had I believed that the son of God, all of us, are guilty and do bad things and ought to be punished, and that I ought to be punished for doing awful things.

If now I accept that though I see people do evil things that they were done in the dream of separation and that the dream has not occurred, that is, if I forgive the dream, which is the same thing as overlooking the world, I would see the people do what seems to me as unloving acts and accept that they have only done so for me in my dream of separation and guilt. I change my mind about them and see them as innocent.

In doing so I see me as innocent despite the awful things I have done in the world; that is, if I forgive other people I forgive me but until I forgive people I cannot forgive me (for other people are me and when I forgive them I forgive me).

I have a dream; that dream is that I am guilty hence I see a guilty world; I projected out a guilty world where folks do bad things to each other and to me; the murderers I see all around me show me my self-perception that I am a murderer and guilty and ought to be punished.

Through the Holy Spirit, I now I still see people do awful things to each other and to me but know that those were done in response to my self-assessment that I am guilty (of separation) and I overlook what they do, that is, I overlook what I do and see them as not having been done, that I have not done the awful things of the world; I now see people as innocent and see me as innocent.

My perception now becomes that people are innocent; I project out an innocent world, not a guilty world.

Continuing, in America, I see a racist world. This means that I think that I am a racist. I projected that view of me out and see white racists and judge them as guilty and want them arrested and punished. That is, I see me as guilty and ought to be arrested and punished.

Now, I see that the racists out there reflect my self-assessment that I am a guilty person; I projected them out and made them do what they are doing, discriminate against me and some other sons of God, black folks.

I did what I see racists do; but they and I did those things in a dream of our guilt (from separation).  But neither they nor I have done what I see them do on earth so we remain innocent.

I overlook their racism; that is, I forgive racists to know that they are innocent and have not separated from God and remain as God created them, unified with God and me and all people.

I now see a forgiven world (that is, I momentarily escape from our world and see the Holy Spirit's reinterpreted version of it, the world of light forms).


To not forgive what I see people do on earth is to see them as egos and bodies and that separation is real; to see them not as spirits who are still in God but as separated selves hence as guilty selves; that is to see me as guilty, as ego in body and as separated from God, my real self, the son of God.

To not forgive people and see them as innocent is to condemn them and this world to being a guilty world; and since the world is me, this means to condemn me to living in a guilty world, for as I do to other people I have done to me, for I am the world I see.

I condemn people to living in body and fear hence to being in hell.

Recently, I saw a particular woman do something that I felt was unkind and unloving and felt angry at her. I blamed her and saw her as guilty and worthy of punishment. I separated from her, for I do not want to associate with unkind and unloving persons. This is my ego's perception of her.

But the deeper perception is that I feel that I am not a loving person; I feel that I am an unkind person; I projected my negative self-perception to her and to other people and have them do unkind and unloving things to me.

Unkind persons' actions reflect my desire not to be loved by them, hence by me; they reflect my desire not to have people do kind things to me.

I did to me what I see this woman do to me. I projected her out and have her do what I see her do to me.

There is no way she could do bad or good things to me if I had not wanted to experience those things and projected her out to do them to me.

(While doing to me what my ego considers as unkind, naturally, her ego sees her as kind! The ego always see itself as good; even Adolf Hitler saw himself as good even though he murdered over fifty million persons. My ego and your ego always believe that it is innocent; the innocence of the ego requires other egos to be guilty.)

In the meantime, I blamed her for doing unkind things to me and wanted nothing to do with her and separated from her. I verbally attack her by telling her that she is a phony who talks about love but does not behave lovingly.

What I have done is separate from her, that is, from me (both of us is the one son of God); I have attacked me (under the guise of attacking another person).

The Holy Spirit's reinterpretation of my dream is to see her and her actions as my projection; I projected her out and had her do unkind and unloving things to me; since I projected her out and had her do to me what she did to me I did those things to me.

I did those unkind things to me because I wanted to experience what she did to me and did it to me through her. I wanted to experience those unkind things because I believed that I am evil and deserve to experience bad things.

If I had believed that I am a loving person and deserve only love I would have projected her out to love me.

What she and the world did to me reflect my self-concept that I am a guilty person who ought to be punished, who the world ought to do bad things to and hence I project people out who do bad things to me. The bad things people do to me make me angry at them (hence angry at me).

Now, I forgive other people for the bad things they did to me; I see them as innocent for what they did to me was done in a dream and have not been done; moreover, what they did to me reflect what I want done to me, what I did to me through them (them made to seem like they are not me, are other persons).

I change my self-concept, from believing that I separated from God and people hence guilty to believing that I am unified with God and all people.

I now see me as the innocent son of God and since as I see me is how I see all people, I see people as the innocent children of God.

I reinterpret other people's actions; their seeming evil behaviors offered me the opportunity to overlook them and in forgiving them love them.

If I keep going along this path of salvation, eventually, I would project out a forgiven world, the world of light forms where folks love and are kind to each other. I would no longer project out a world where people do bad things to me and to each other.

I now overlook the good and bad behaviors of the people in the world, that is, I overlook my good and bad behaviors and in doing so escape from the egos world and see the forgiven world, the purified world of light forms (what Christianity calls New Jerusalem, New Israel where Christ, that is, love rules...see Revelation chapter of the Bible).

In the meantime, while still in this world I now see me as loveable and kind and project out loving and kind people, people who love me and are kind to me for what I see people do to me is what I want them to do to me based on my self-assessment ( as a guilty or  an innocent person).

White folks discrimination reflects my belief that I am not a loving person (that is, black folk's belief that they do not love persons) and ought to not be loved, and that I ought to be discriminated against.

I projected white folks out and had them discriminate against me; feeling discriminated against I feel angry at them, that is, I feel angry at me; I attack them, that is, I attack me;  and end up living in a conflicted state of mind and society. We live in a world at war with itself.

Since what white folks did to me reflects what I did to me then instead of blaming them I change my perception of me; I now see me as innocent, that is, as not separated from God, and as deserving love (as in union with God and all his creation).

I would thereafter project out white folks who love me, and do not discriminate against me. There is no way that what a son of God (me, you) does not want to experience can happen to him, for the world is  his dream and everything that happens to him is the projection of his mind.


I do not expect those who are not students of A course in miracles to understand what I wrote above; indeed, many students of A course in miracles would probably find it difficult to understand what I wrote.

What I did here is use gleanings from the new version of the course I got today to try to clarify what the course is teaching.

In sum, the course teaches that we are all in God. It says that right now all of us, the sons of God, are in God. While still in God we wished to separate from God, to live the opposite of God; God is unified state and we wanted to experience separated state; God is love and we wanted to experience hate.

We could not separate from God. Unable to do so, while still in God, as it were, we went to sleep and in our sleep dream this world.

The dream of separation began from the Big bang to the present and has lasted fourteen billion years.

In the dream we see separated selves housed in bodies, space and time; we project out people who do bad things to us; we did so for we want them to punish us; we want them to punish us because we think that we are guilty from separating from our father and from each other.

Belief in guilt and punishment makes the separation real. But the separation is not real. It is a mere dream.

People have not attacked us, or did so in our mutual dream of separation; even then what we see them do to us is what we did to us via them, for we projected them out and they projected us out.

The people you see do awful things to you and to each other are still innocent for they have not separated from God and what they did to you they did in their dream of separation and what is done in dreams have not been done; the sons of God, all of us, despite what you see them do on earth remain innocent.


Recently, a woman that I thought was my friend behaved in a very unloving manner. I went into my ego mode and told her to get lost.  I do not tolerate unkind behaviors from any human being; in my world you are either a loving person or you are kicked out.

This morning, a new version of A course in miracles was given to me; the new book naturally beckoned me to crack it open and read portions of it. I did and got reacquainted with what A course in miracles is teaching.

The snippets that I read made me realize that I did to me what the woman in question did to me; in my dream of separation I believed that I am guilty and not worthy of love hence projected a woman out and through her not love me.

I did to me what she did to me. However, since what she did to me, that is, what I did to me through her, was done in a dream it hasn't been done.

Therefore, she remains innocent; and I remain innocent. The sons of God, us, have been forgiven. Their real self, the self as God created it, not the ego selves they made as replacement and substitute selves they made for them is always innocent and loving.

Even their earthly unloving acts are a call for us to overlook them and in doing so see their real selves, the loving self beneath the unkind ego.

Beneath the lady's unkind ego is a loving son of God; she offered me her unkind ego as a chance for me to overlook it and in doing so see her loving self; and since as I do to her is how I do to me, thus, in forgiving her unkindness I forgive my unkindness to see the loving self in me.

In effect, she has become my savior, for anyone who offered you the opportunity to overlook their unkind egos behaviors so as to see their loving spirit has offered you the opportunity to overlook your own unkind ego to know you as a loving person, and in knowing your loving self you are saved from the unloving ego. You then obtain the gifts of God: peace and joy.

This is the course in sum. Make of it what you like. It may make sense to you or it may seem to you as loads of rubbish.

While at it, please do remember that Helen Schucman, the scribe of A course in miracles, was a genius; she had IQ of 160, and was a mathematician and psychologist and a professor at Columbia University. Your humble interlocutor is in the vicinity of the superior minds of this world. So, do not cavalierly dismiss the thesis of a book that appeals to gifted minds. Just think about what it says, will you?

Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD

July 16, 2017

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