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A Course in Miracles Perspective on Homosexuality

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A course in miracles did not provide us with a specific perspective on homosexuality. However, one of the two people who composed A Course in miracles was a homosexual and in private discussions with the alleged source of the Course in miracles, Jesus, he was told that homosexuality is an aberration. However, Jesus proceeded to say that homosexual acts, like heterosexual acts, and everything else done on earth are done in a dream state. What is done in dreams have not been done in reality. Homosexuals do what they do in dreams. In wake state, heaven they are like all of us and have not done the disgusting things they do with their sexuality. Because they have not, in fact, done what we see them do they remain as God created them, innocent and loveable? This piece is what I think A course in miracles would say about homosexuality.

A Course In Miracles Perspective On Homosexuality

Ozodi Osuji

I am a student of a course in miracles. In this paper I will attempt to use the categories of A course in miracles to explain homosexual behavior.  Before I get to that task, let me briefly say something about the theology of A course in miracles.

A course in miracles says that there is only one God. That one God created his son, us by extending his self to him. God gave all of his self to his son and in so giving remains God.  Now there is God the father and God the son.

God the father and God the son share one self and one mind; they are literally oneself; where one ends and the other begins is nowhere; they are in each other; yet they are two for they communicate with each other. This is said to be the state of heaven and eternity.

Heaven is a state where God and his son share one self and one mind, communing with one another. Apparently, at a point that has not occurred, the son of God resented that his father created him and wanted to create his father and create himself. He could not create his father and his self and despaired. He wished to separate from his father and go form a world where he would become the creator, not the created.

Separation from his father is impossible, for he is in his father and his father is in him. What he did was to go to sleep and dream that he is now separated from his father.

Our universe is said to be the sleep- dream of the son of God.  In it the son of God created space, time and matter and now seemingly is separated from his father and his brothers (God has infinite sons all of whom are the one son of God).

In the material universe the son of God housed his self and mind in body. Now he sees himself as in this particular body and sees other sons of God as in other bodies; he sees space and time separating them. He believes that he has different interests from other people. He believes that he and other people are not the same and are not equal; some are seen as superior to others thus gratifying the desire for specialness that led to the dream of separation. Our world is a place of separation and specialness.

A course in miracles says that our world is not real, that it is a dream inside the mind of the son of God. It says that what is done in dreams have not been done, in fact. That is to say that the evils we see men do on earth were done in dreams and have not been done.

Our evils have no effect and cannot change our reality as the sons of God. The sons of God, despite their evil dreams, remain as their father created them, one with him and each other and, as such, innocent, sinless and guiltless.

A course in miracles teaches forgiveness. Its definition of forgiveness is for us to overlook what we see people on earth do.

See what people do, good or bad in your estimation and overlook them. It says that when we forgive, that is, overlook what we see people do we experience the reality that they and us are the sons of God who are the Christ.

Forgiveness is the key to remembering our true nature as Christ.  To forgive is to resurrect from the ego state and regain the awareness of our true self, the son of God.

In this light we must overlook what homosexuals do, forgive them and see the Christ in them and when we do so we overlook what we do in our heterosexual acts and see the Christ in us. We cannot see the Christ in us until we first see it in other people.

Extrapolating from A course in miracles thesis that we came to the earth to dream that we are separated selves in bodies, that we want to enjoy our physical selves at the expense of our spiritual selves, I would say that homosexuals believe that they are egos in bodies and have forgotten that they are part of God. They and all of us are the sons of God who separated from him and projected themselves into egos and bodies and now believe that they are only egos and bodies.

All human beings are sons of God who separated from God and are now sleeping and dreaming that they are egos and bodies. Different persons are at different levels in the dream of separation; some are beginning to awaken and are now remembering that they are really not egos and bodies but spirits; others are in deep sleep and believe that all they are, are egos and bodies; homosexuals are in deep sleep and believe that they are egos and bodies; homosexuals have forgotten their spiritual self.

Believing that they are only egos and bodies they do what they do with their bodies to give them physical pleasure; men sticking their penises into other men’s anuses; women using their mouths to suck on other omen’s vaginas and deriving multiple orgasms from doing so; that is, they are pleasuring their bodies.  In effect, they derive pleasure from living in bodies, not spirit.

In their sexuality and derivation of pleasure from it they are affirming their ego and body state; they are denying their spirit state.

They are denying God and his son as their true identity and affirming the ego and body, the opposite of God as their true identity.  They are affirming separation and specialness in their bodily and ego behaviors.

They are doing what they are doing in sleep-dream state.  What is done in dreams have not been done in reality. Thus, they have not had any negative effect on their real selves as the son of God; they remain as God created them, one with God and all people and, as such, holy, innocent, guiltless and sinless


Homosexuals offer those straight people who hate what they do the opportunity to respond in one of two ways: to be offended and feel angry at them or to overlook what they do and love the Christ in them.

If we look with anger at what they do we remain in ego state; on the other hand, if we forgive what they do, overlook it and see the Christ in them that does not engage in the absurdity called gay sex we would simultaneously overlook our own specific absurd behaviors and affirm the Christ in us.

When we overlook their behaviors and validate the Christ in them hence in us they would have offered us the opportunity to become saved from our ego identification.  They are our saviors should we choose to affirm the Christ in them hence the Christ in us.


Homosexuals chose to be in ego-body; they chose to be in separation from God and their true self as the son of God; by affirming their body and ego via sex they are prolonging their imprisonment in ego state.


If homosexuals see straight folks overlook their egos and what they do with their bodies and affirm the Christ in them they would know that they, too, are Christ, not just ego and body; they would recognize that ego and body are the false replacement selves they took on to dream that they are separated selves; they would remember their Christ self because we remembered it for them; in the process we would have saved them from the ego as they saved us from the ego.

It is not for us to consciously aim at changing homosexuals, making them heterosexuals. It is not our function to do so. Our function is to forgive them.


If we tried to change homosexuals and have them become straight they tend to dig in their heels and persist in doing their thing. It seems that homosexuality is rooted in the psychiatric disorder found in some children called opposition defiant disorder. Such children consciously oppose whatever their parents and society believe in the right behavior and engage in opposite behavior. If parents tell them to obey authority figures they disobey them; if parents tell them to go to school they disobey teachers and or drop out of school.

It seems that homosexuals have oppositional streak in them; they seem motivated to defy whatever seems natural. It seems that nature made the penis to belong in the vagina but homosexuals believe that the penis belongs in the anus and lesbians believe that their mouth belongs in the vagina.

They would oppose whoever asks them not to be opposition-defiant; we must not even try to change them for opposition makes them stronger in doing their thing.

These days many homosexuals are branching out to bestiality; they are having sex with animals such as dogs and horses (you would not believe the high percent of white women who regularly have their dogs lick their vaginas, or even stick their dog penis into their vagina).  If you tell them not to do so (as I did in my capacity as a therapist) they ask you who gave you the right to tell them what to do with their bodies. If you say that it is unnatural for human beings to have sex with animals they ask you what is natural.

It seems that some human beings are wired to oppose whatever is and we might as well let them be their selves and not oppose them.

We are not supposed to persecute them because of their sexual choices. They chose their particular sexual choices to affirm their egos and bodies, just as we chose heterosexuality to affirm our egos and bodies.


Homosexual minds have already chosen when they would give up their current sexual choice and choose differently; they have already decided when to affirm the Christ in them not their false ego selves.  That is, when they would stop being egos and bodies and homosexuals. When they would change is already written into their script and it is not for us to change them.

Our wishing to change them would not change them for only they can change them. Our only function is to forgive them; that is, to overlook their behaviors, and by doing so love the Christ in them.


We should not mix ego categories and Christ categories; the two do not mix. The ego moralizes about behavior as good or bad; the Holy Spirit or Christ knows that all behaviors done in ego and body state are departure from the formless state we are in spirit and knows that we shall change when we choose hence does not moralize about our behaviors.

The Holy Spirit does not condemn homosexuals and do not see them as lost souls; he merely sees them as the children of God who have forgotten their true identity and waits for them to recover that identity.


Whereas I believe the above A course in miracles approach to homosexuals, I do not necessarily relate to homosexuals in such charitable manner. What I know to be the truth and what I do are two different things.

I first saw homosexual activity at a New York City train station. I was at Madison Square Garden, underground train station waiting to catch a train going to Boston, Massachusetts. I needed to use the bathroom and ran downstairs and opened a toilet that was not locked. In it were a man bent over and another man sticking his penis into his anus. I was shocked at what I saw and went to the sink and vomited. I left the bathroom and went back upstairs and soon caught my train. I was sick to my stomach throughout the journey to Boston.

A few years later, I was teaching at a community college in Seattle, Washington, in the Capital Hill district, the gay area of Seattle. When I taught night classes I often had to park my car a few blocks away from the campus on Broadway Street. I often parked my car adjacent to a park (dubbed Gay Park).  Around 9 PM when I am walking to my car sometimes a man would approach me and ask if I wanted a date. Initially, I did not know that men had dates with men!  I soon learned that the park is filled with male prostitutes who have men have sex with them either in the park or take them away in their cars to go have sex with them elsewhere.

One day a white female student told me the story of her life. She was about nineteen years old. She said that she is putting herself through college by prostituting herself one or two days a week. She said that she specialized in prostituting herself to lesbians. She pointed out the lesbian’s bar which is not more than four blocks from the college. She said that women came to the bar to pick up other women for sex. Some do it just as boys pick up girls and go home and have sex, not for money. But some come to buy sex.

Outside the lesbian bar female prostitutes hang around and women in fancy cars drove by and picked them up. She said that the women were mostly professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, engineers and business women; she said that they were usually women in their late thirties, forties or fifties. They would drive by and stop and she would get into their cars and they drove off. In the cars they told her what type of sex they wanted.

Generally, they wanted simple sex: have her “eat their pussies” and paid her.  Often, they wanted something more elaborate or even the whole works. When they wanted the whole works she took the particular woman to her one bedroom apartment and they went through the whole nine yards.

This entailed taking shower together, kissing each other. After showering they would continue kissing. The woman would then lie on her bed or couch and she would suck on her vagina often for up to one hour and give her multiple orgasms.  After that she would strap on her dildo (artificial penis) and use it to stick into the woman’s vagina and or her anus and do to her what men do to women in sex.

Sometimes, some of the women want her to fist them. This entailed sticking her hand into their vaginas and or anuses, often to the elbow and they would have multiple orgasms.

For all these work they paid her at least five hundred dollars. The whole deal might take two hours. When she had such deal during the night she said that just two customers were enough for the night and she called it a day and went to sleep.

I sat there in my office marveling at how our society has become Sodom and Gomorra and we don’t even know it.

I must confess that I did not like it that older women in their fifties were having sex with teenage girls.

Over time the whole homosexual thing became jaded and I minded my business; these days, I see homosexuals (the mental health field is filled with homosexuals; perhaps one out of three women in the field are lesbians or bisexuals) do their thing and do not bat an eye. It is, however, within this context that I decided to think about homosexuality from the perspective of A course in miracles spirituality.

Placing homosexual behavior in the context of spirituality does not mean that I have accepted it; to the contrary, I still feel disgusted by what these folks do.

(The vagina is filled with bacteria, fungi and virus; most lesbians have herpes of the mouth or other sexually transmitted diseases; the men generally are walking disease factories, disease vectors for every time they put their penises into other men’s anuses they contract bacteria in feces.)

Why do I find it difficult to overlook homosexual acts, to forgive them?  A course in miracles would say that it is because I still value the ego and its world and want to preserve it; that I do not want people to destroy my ego and body and want to protect them; that I do not yet want to exit from the world and affirm my Christ self, which can only be done when I affirm the Christ self in other people regardless of how odious their behavior seem to me.


In this paper I am only saying what A course in miracles would say on the subject of homosexuality. It does not follow that what A course in miracles says is true. Moreover, it does not follow that we must accept every behavior just because it is done in dreams.

People do kill people, rape people, engage in pedophilia and steal. We could say that they did all those in a dream setting. However, to those in the dream that criminals hurt their pain is real to them.

If a man rapes a child regardless of the fact that he did it in the dream of separation the child is feeling the pain of being raped, and will probably suffer post-traumatic stress disorder for the rest of her life.

It is therefore not good enough to say that the rape was done in a dream and leave it at that.  The fact is that in the here and now world some behaviors are hurtful of other people and those hurt do feel pain.

If you go about inflicting pain on people and rationalizing your dastardly behavior by saying that you did not do anything and that everything you did was done in a dream, well, someone ought to capture you and string you upside down and leave you to die there; may be it would take you a week for you to die so that you experience the pain you inflicted on people.

The salient point is that just because what is done in our world is done in dreams do not have effect on the people they are done to; it may well be true that in the long run nothing was done but in the here and now something was done. Therefore, we must arrest, try and send criminals to jail for the safety of society.

What I am really driving at is that just because everything done on earth is done in dreams that it does not matter.

Homosexuals do their thing in our dream of separation yet some people believe that their acts are despicable. Such persons refuse to rationalize homosexual acts with metaphysical mumbo jumbo or any other explanatory means for making excuses for human deviant behaviors. To such persons homosexuals are sick folks.

The problem is that if they are sick what constitutes healing for them? In over twenty-five years working as a psychotherapist I did not succeed in persuading one homosexual to see his behavior as bad.

These days the mental health profession asks therapists not even to try to tell homosexuals that their acts are not normal or try to change them.


I think that A course in miracles would say that homosexual acts are done in dreams and, as such, have not been done in reality and therefore homosexual folks remain as God created them: innocent, sinless, guiltless and holy.

In the here and now world, whether homosexuality is a good thing is left to people to decide. No one should foist his opinion on the matter on other people.

I personally think that we must continue the search for healing homosexuals. I simply cannot accept that it is rational these folks to do what they do; something tells me that this is not right.


Ozodi Osuji

January 18, 2014

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