Tuesday, 06 September 2011 04:36

Agnostic Living In Practice

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CREATION OF MATTER FROM NOTHING If you raise temperature, heat to 10(33) all matter, including photons, neutrons, protons, elections, neutrinos will breakdown and lose their individuality; the laws of physics breakdown and what exists after that we do not know. By the same token, if you lower temperature to absolute zero (-273 F) photons, particles etc. breakdown and what exists is nothing. Atheist, Gnostic, Theist, AgnosticIf you raise the temperature and rapidly lower it to say 10(28) what would happen is that photons would form and if you lower the temperature a bit more the photons would transform themselves to…
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 04:00

Unloving People Are Evil And Mentally Ill

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This essay says that many persons are simultaneously evil and mentally ill. It says that mental health lies in being loving. Complete mental health, however, is not possible while people live in bodies; it is only possible in bodiless spirit; in body and ego people can approximate mental health by loving themselves and each other but would never be completely mentally healthy. The piece uses the behavior of an Igbo scam, con artist to illustrate its thesis. On July 26, 2011, I opened my email and there was this letter from an Igbo Nigerian man who claims to be an…