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Your dreams teach you about you

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji


JULY 23, 2017

10: 57 PM

In this dream I was lying on my bed; I felt that an unknown force is preventing me from getting up from the bed, making me unable to even roll sideways on the bed; I did not see what the force is and began speculating on what it could be; I wondered whether it could be evil souls or even ghosts in my bedroom. Finally, I decided to force myself to roll off the bed and did and fell off the bed and woke up.

I have had similar dreams in the past; in them I felt that something is pinning me down to the bed and preventing me from getting up.

When I was a child I used to have dreams where a spider web is preventing me from getting up from the bed that I am sleeping on.  If there is an unexplained noise in the room that I am at I used to have dreams where I attribute the force holding me down to ghosts in the room. Mental attribution of the source of the unexplained noise is of course driven by fear.

My question is this: what is holding me down, preventing me from getting up from my bed?  By generalization, what is holding me down in life preventing me from making headway in life?  I suspect that it is my pained body and rejection of it and pursuit of idealized self, and fear. Fear of death is now the source of my problems; fear prevents me from living fully; I must now overcome that fear and live fearlessly.

My recalled earliest dream occurred when I was four years old. In that dream I was in the middle of the street in front of our house. A truck was coming towards me. I just stayed in the middle of the road crying for somebody to come help me but did not try to run away from the on-coming truck. Before the truck reached me to crush me to death I woke up from the dream, crying and mother asked me what happened and I told her about the dream.

This dream is a metaphor for my life; it tells me the story of my life. Life is a series of problems to be solved. Instead of solving my problems, I am paralyzed by fear; I complain about them waiting for other people to come solve them for me. But no hero on a white horse comes to solve my problems for me. The dream says to me that only me can solve my problems, that other people, not Jesus or Buddha or God can solve my problems for me. Crying and begging for help will not make a difference; each of us is supposed to solve his problems. Life is tough shit.

The dream teaches me a lesson; the lesson is that the on-coming truck did not run into me; that means that the problems of my life will not kill me but will be there until I figure out a way to solve them.

Here is a problem of life. Instead of doing something to correct the stupid politics of Nigeria and the USA I merely talk about them, apparently, waiting for other people to solve them for me.

In the dream no one came to rescue me; in the real world no one is going to solve my problems for me; it is for me to solve my problems and to help solve social problems and not just complain about them, paralyzed and immobilized by fear.

In that childhood dream fear and dependency(sickly children tend to develop dependent personality disorder where they expect other persons to take care of them) made me not take concrete steps to run away from the on-coming truck; fear prevented me from doing something to solve my problems; in the present fear prevents me from trying to solve society's problems.


It is my brain the takes events from my environment and uses them to formulate dreams whereby it appears as if things are holding me down, preventing me from getting up.

It is my brain that takes the spooky noise in my bedroom to mean ghosts and uses that information to create dreams where ghostly, that is, unseen forces, are pressing me down on the bed.

There are no external ghosts that enter my brain and create the dreams inside me; it is my mind that takes events in my life and uses them to formulate those dreams.

If there are ghosts they do not read minds and do not enter our minds and use them to dream; it is one's mind that takes the idea of ghost to dream whatever type of dream it wants.

It is my mind that feared ISIS and used the idea that they kill people to create a dream where ISIS jihadists attacked me.

That is to say that it is my mind that is persecuting me in my dreams, not actual things outside me.

The origin of these nightmarish dreams is in my childhood when physical illness gave me the impression that I am about to be suffocated to death and I feared death, and since then in my unconscious mind is the feeling that something is trying to choke me to death.

That fear based belief that something is about to choke me to death my mind uses to construct nightmarish dreams where it appears that something is about to kill me and I am paralyzed or struggling to survive.

In other words, it is my mind that is doing everything to me. It is my mind that obstructs my living fully, not what external others did to me or did not do to me.

It is now time the fear in my ego unconscious mind is unplumbed; that fear produces nightmarish dreams for me.

That fear is rooted in my medical problems that made my life miserable during my childhood and even now makes me feel vulnerable and weak and unable to protect myself and wishing for other people to come rescue me.

Other persons cannot rescue me; in this world each of us saves his self, no external others can save one. Only one can rescue one.

It is now time to overcome fear in all its guises and live fully doing what I want to do, and not feeling guilt, for everything we do on earth is done in dreams and have not been done.


Fear promises to protect me, to enable me live in body and survive; I avoid doing things so as to survive; the result is that I end up poor; those around me are not well provided for;  so what is fear protecting me for; what am I living for?

To live to old age?  Live to old age for what purpose, just to be alive?  Ultimately, I will die so I live to old age and live like a dog and then die; what good has fear then done for me? Nothing.

Therefore, I say: fuck you fear; you give me nothing that I want. I thank you fear but you do not give me what is useful to me.


It is useful to understand the genesis of fear, its root in my problematic body; my sickly body makes me feel like my life is about to be snuffed out at any moment.

Understandable as the origin of fear is, the fact is that fear is now holding me back, and is not enabling me to survive by making a good living.

Given my incredible IQ of 148, the fact that I have so many college degrees and that I had my first PhD in my twenties, and have amazing work skills I ought to be a billionaire by now.  Unintelligent clowns like Donald Trump are rich whereas I languish on the side lines of life.


I study spirituality; please show me who spirituality made to live boldly and courageously? The folks involved with an A course in miracles certainly did not live boldly; they did nothing to contribute to the civil rights struggle of their 1960s/70s era.

It follows that studying spirituality is not going to help me over come fear and or do something useful for society.


I have always known that America is a sick country; however, I have not figured out a way to heal her, change her from sickness to health; I tried running from her when I went to Canada but the universe wanted me to return to the USA and stay here, and make a stance for social and economic justice. I find my voice writing about ways to change America, transform her to a social democracy like Scandinavia. It is a struggle for those invested in the present status quo and their academic minions will fight one tooth and nail, even try to destroy one.

Asserting the truth as one knows it to be, not for ego reasons but because it is what seems to one the truth is the only worthwhile existence.

I must figure out a way to get money to fund my center for mind science and turn it into a full blown university that teaches a combination of spiritual and scientific psychologies.


It is now time to give up childish grandiosity, and the idealism that came up with it and bid one to change other people or else one feels guilty; no, it is not for one to change other people; it is for one to change oneself and if one succeeds sell the technique for doing so to other people.

You give people tools with which to heal themselves; to heal is to reconnect to God; it is not for you to heal other persons, reconnect them to God for you cannot do that; only the individual can voluntarily give up his ego and reconnect to God; the only person that you can do that for is you; the only person that you can heal is you.

You share with the people the spiritual and psychological tools that helped you to live your life fully and hope that it helps them to live peaceful and happy lives; it is not for you to personally make them live healthy lives; it is not for you to solve other people's problems; you are not God; you are just a part of God and cannot solve the problems of all the other parts of God, the entire universe.

Jesus solved his identity problem, am I an ego or Christ, by deciding that he is Christ, the son of God; Buddha solved his identity problem by deciding that he is one with the universe, not a separated self; they did not solve my problems or other people's problems; all they did was giving us the tools to do for ourselves what they did to save themselves.

It is neurotic and or psychotic to have an obsessive-compulsive desire to save other people; the desire to save other people is of the ego and like all ego motivations are based on guilt and fear.

Whatever is motivated by guilt and fear always fails; my guilt and fear from seeing the people live badly motivates me to help them live well and I try to help them, well, I will not be able to help them; the only person that I can help is me; thereafter, I can show the people how I saved me and encourage them to do for themselves what I did for me.

This is what Gautama Buddha, the wise one, taught 2500 years ago; it is what I ought to be doing today.


Life is nameless energy; that energy transforms itself to light energy and from light energy to mechanical, heat, electrical, sound and other forms of energies.

Life energy can be affected by the state of the body; illness creates fear in the life energy in people. My life energy, due to illness is affected by fear and now lives in fear of harm and death, making me fear death and is overwhelmed and paralyzed by that fear; this is done both in my dreams and my day world.

Our minds send out waves of energy (call it light energy or whatever you want) and that energy envelops everything in its sight, including people, houses, animals, trees; it penetrates them and knows them for that energy  has  the capacity to know; we then take the information that energy garners from what its waves enveloped to think and dream.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 26, 2017

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