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We seek significance in ego and body but can only get it in spirit

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Ozodi Osuji


Human beings in unified spirit have total value but in body (separated state) they feel like they are nothing.  This is existential for human beings can only have worth in spirit, not in separated spirit but in unified spirit, aka God. It is only in formless unified spirit state that people have worth.


Since in God they have worth they cannot live without worth in ego and body so they seek worth in separated bodily selves.  Everything they do on earth is seeking worth and value; they are asking you to value them.


Human civilization is an attempt to value people in bodies and egos; people are not ever going to have value in bodies and egos for those are nothing and do not even exist but merely seem to exist.


One of the problems with atheism is that atheists are perpetually childish; they do not seem to realize that if you reduce people to only their bodies and egos they are mere animals; if they are mere animals killing them is not more important than killing flies.


Psychopaths like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were atheists (or whatever they called themselves) and saw people as animals; in so far that they had regard for people it is if they are usual for them to achieve their psychotic goals. In the case of Hitler, that lunatic goal was to prove the phantom German superiority and in the case of Stalin to actualize his socialist utopia.


Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tze Tung did not hesitate in killing people; the three killed over 100 million people and did not feel like they did wrong. How can they feel wrong if people are no more than the cattle people slaughter and eat?


Listen, if you take away the mystery of God, as foolish atheists do, people are nothing and they can be slaughtered by anyone who has the will to do so.


The idea that atheists can develop high moral values and out of sympathy for human suffering work for their good and not harm them is bullshit. If people are mere animals why work to take care of them, why even bother with them, let them die as animals die, who cares?


In real life atheists tend to be amoral and sociopathic. As Fyodor Dostoyevsky observed in his seminal novel, Brother Karamazov, if there is no God all behaviors are justified, including homosexuality; murdering homosexuals by those who see them as disgusting animals is also justified.


Nigerian atheists such as the Igbo criminal Nebukadinazer Adiele, having convinced themselves that there is no God, feel justified in stealing from everybody around them and mask their criminal activities and come to the public square to deceive people by taking a high moral ground in public discourse. These people need to be removed from human society for they are the detritus of humanity.




Even though you know that in egos and bodies people are nothing nevertheless in relating to them you must understand that they want you to value their bodies and egos and give them the impression that you value their egos and bodies. You must therefore give to people what they crave, love, respect and sense of significance.


If you do not value people's egos and bodies they would hate you and move away from you and may even kill you. Everything people do is an attempt to get you to see them as important. That is the nature of human social existence.


Women want you to value their egos and bodies for they think that is what they are; they place beautiful clothes and jewelry on their bodies and those make them seem valuable. Of course they cannot ever be significant in ego and body; nevertheless, you must give them the impression that they are significant in their bodies and egos. (They are eternally important in spirit and can only be important in spirit.)




As an acute observer of human beings I have always known that in ego and body I am nothing. But I wanted to deny that fact and pretend to have value in ego and body. When I was a teenager I wanted other boys to see me as important, and talked about the schools I attended as a means of obtaining importance (I had wanted to attend the best secondary school in the world, Eton, or locally Kings, as a means of obtaining significance and masking my felt sense of insignificance).


When it came time to go to university, I actually could have gone to the best universities in the world, Oxford or Harvard by merit, for my secondary school leaving results were excellent but somehow I preferred state universities hence attended such schools in the USA.


This drive in me, and all people, to seem important is existential and can only be healed when one accepts that as body and ego one has no value and that in so far that one has value it lies in spirit. Therefore, one must stop seeking worth in body and ego and seek it in God.


This is why religion and spirituality is inevitable if human beings are ever to transcend the sense that they are worthless animals. If you believe in God and know that in him you have worth you tend to ameliorate, even eliminate your ego's efforts to seem important in human society. Only belief God (whether he exists or not) can shrink or eliminate the human ego, not secular psychotherapy. And I know a thing or two about psychotherapy since I was in that profession for twenty years.


Ironically, therapy may actually strengthen the individual's ego and make him narcissistic and psychopathic, such as the creature that Americans just elected as their president. That boy is what I call the narcissistic and sociopathic king. That boy craves attention and admiration in everything he does; like the anti-social personality he uses people for his goals and thereafter discards them like scrap iron. He recognized that racist America did not like the election of a black man as the president, Obama, and joined the effort to deny his presidency by delegitimizing him when his American citizenship is doubted.  Trump knew that Obama is an American but he rode the birther wagon to his own presidency. The man actually does not care for anything outside his outsized ego and merely pretends to do so; he is not going to achieve worthwhile goals for the white working class folks he pretends to care for.


Now, do not get me wrong; Hillary is not better than Trump; she, too, is narcissistic; she is the histrionic queen.


Contemporary America that has taken God out of social discourse produces mostly narcissistic politicians!




If you understand that people feel insignificant and seek significance and that it is existential and is the nature of being on earth, that they feel like they are nothing, shit, really, and that they want to seem like they have importance, what should you do? You give people genuine impression that you love, respect and value their egos and bodies. If you do so they will get along with you, in fact, they will flock to you.


On the other hand, if you give people the impression that they are nothing they will come after you with their rusted swords stabbing at wherever they think that you are!




Many Igbos, for example, feel like they have no worth but seek worth in a neurotic manner by putting their neighbors down, boasting about their nonexistent accomplishments and worth (no body in ego and body has worth for a bullet into your proud head and you are dead and smell worse than shit); well, the brothers want to be seen as important and literally beg you to see them as important by their narcissistic, boastful behaviors. If you collude with them and see them as they want to be seen, important, they get along with you but if you do not validate their desired importance they will attack you in every which way they see fit.


I understand what they are doing. In the past, I set about telling them to accept their inner spirits and stop seeking neurotic, that is, false social worth. Because I did so they believe that I devalued them and came after me with their rusted swords.


It is better to tell them what I told them in a more subtle manner rather than take them head on for the way I did it to them appeared like an attack on their neurotic behavior and that makes them defensive.


I have told them what they needed to know to become healed; they have to affirm the spirit of God in them and stop seeking ego-body worth. Their deep self, the Holy Spirit in them have accepted my healing message for them although their ego appear angry at me. I am their group's healer.


I am the eternal healer, the Dibia; I have performed my function for these people. I now perform a similar function for mankind.


PS: I will share this entry into my daily journal with the public; I call it my thanksgiving good wishes for people. Instead of going to stuff my body with turkey and stuff, I am going on a three hours walk.


Ozodi Osuji


November 24, 2016



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