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The individual's body determined his ego self

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The Individual's Body Determined His Personality, Fate And Purpose In Life

Ozodi Osuji

Each person is born into a body; that body determines his pattern of behavior, his personality and fate. The individual's body makes him behave as he does. He must, therefore, understand how his body makes him behave without seeing it as pathological and improve what needs to be improved in his behavior pattern.

The individual is his body and personality and pattern of thinking and that is his fate and purpose in life. One cannot behave like another person, for that would mean behaving as if one has a different body and personality which one cannot have.

A person must embrace his body and personality for it is his fate and purpose for coming to this world. Yes, the individual chose to live as his body made him lives; it is not an accident that he inherited his body and society hence his unique personality.

The individual's personality, self-concept and behavior pattern has problems; the task is for him to understand his body and personality and remove their rough edges and live through their strengths (every body type and personality type while having weaknesses also have strengths).

The individual cannot not be his body and attendant personality although he may resist it and then waste his time and not accomplish much in life.

You accomplish things in life if you accept your body and personality and live it to the fullest.


I reached these conclusions by observing me. My personality and pattern of thinking and behaving is rooted in my body. I inherited a problematic body that generated internal tension for me. My body felt on fire most of the time. I was perpetually traumatized by my body. That body on fire makes me behave as I do, such as wish for alternative ideal body, pursue idealism (I must be an idealist but must make my idealism realistic).

I cannot behave like someone else for my body is not someone else's body. My purpose in life is to understand my body and personality and use that understanding to help other people understand their bodies and behaviors without putting any one down.

My escapist tendency (idealism is an attempt to escape from the difficulties posed by one's body and life circumstances in general) is rooted in my problematic body; my mind is wishing to find a way to escape from the trauma that my body experiences.

You cannot understand me without understanding the dynamics of my body and mind. Body and ego mind are the same thing; they are not separable; the state of one's body determines ones thinking and behavior and self-concept.

However, there is another self, a unified spirit self that projected itself into body to experience the behavior our bodies make us experience. The spirit self is unified, it is part of infinite spirits that share one self. Its projection into ones body is the projection of all spirits into one's body; therefore, whereas it is correct to say that one chose one's body it is also correct to say that all people chose one's body for one.

Since all people chose for one and one chose for all people one can only understand and solve ones problems by working in tandem with all people. All people's contribution helps one to heal one's self.

For example, it is Alfred Adler's individual psychology that helped me to understand my personal psychology. Adler was a brilliant psychiatrist; he was always first in his class but had physical issues (stomach pains...he studied internal medicine to understand why his stomach caused him dis-ease, and later studied psychiatry) that made him feel inferior and he compensated by developing an all or nothing drive to seem superior to other people; he had to be first in his class or he felt like shit, hence his amazing academic accomplishments at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Adler's postulation that one's body can feel inadequate and make one feel psychologically inferior and dispose ones ego mind to seek ego superiority and identify with a false superior self hence become neurotic helped me to understand my individual psychology.

From neurosis one can become deluded; the deluded, paranoid person is an exaggeration of the neurotic and the neurotic is the exaggeration of the so-called normal person. No human being is psychologically healthy, just as no one has healthy body.

The difference between the neurotic and psychotic is that the neurotic is unhappy with his self and wishes that he were a different and better person but he knows that he is not his imaginary ideal self; the psychotic, deluded person, on the other hand, has lost touch with reality and now believes that he is the imaginary ideal superior person he wishes to be. That is, the neurotic knows what reality is but does not like it whereas the insane person has lost touch of reality and believes in his wishes, fantasy as reality.

The achievers of this world are neurotic; normal people are average persons, the workers of this world.

Like Adler, my psychology was to be first in my classes or I felt like shit; I had the neurotic all or nothing psychology. God, when I was at college if I had a B grade I felt like shit. I had to have only A grades in all my classes. On the job I was motivated to be the top dog, to be the boss (and I generally am). I did not like any one to boss me. All these are part of what Adler called all or nothing life, first or last style of the neurotic. The neurotic wants to succeed at all costs.

The rulers of this world are neurotics for they were driven to the top by their psychodynamics, ego dynamics.

For example, Donald Trump is a boy (emotionally he is less than twelve years old; he is emotionally underdeveloped; he is developmentally arrested at what Erick Erickson, in Childhood and Society, calls narcissistic stage of child development) who feels inferior and compensated with belief that he is admirable and good hence developed narcissistic personality disorder, that personality disorder drives him to become the president of the USA.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are also narcissistic personalities. I doubt that a human being can make it to become the president of the USA without having a personality disorder, in psychoanalytic language, being a neurotic.

Sigmund Freud himself was an obsessive compulsive neurotic; in today's psychiatric language he had obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD).

The neurotic self (in today's psychological terms, the personality disordered self) is made possible by the individual's body and social experience.

But another self, the unified spirit self can study the lower ego self and its body and understand  them and use that understanding to live more effectively in body and help other people to live well in body without engaging in neurotic magical thinking that  one can use one's mind to change one's body, for one cannot do so.

One's body is ones fate. One's body determined ones character and one's character is ones fate. Understand your body and character and change what you can change in them and live with what you cannot change and you live a changed, hopefully, more productive life.

At the moment we live in the phenomenal world and our bodies are made of matter. When we die we still see ourselves in bodies but this time bodies made of pure light, what Christians call the purified self.

The light, or as Hindus call it astral, self is still not our true self but it lasts as long as photons lasts. Photons have lasted from the beginning of this universe 13.7 billion years ago and will last another couple trillion years when the world dies, so our photon based astral bodies last trillions of years before they are translated back to spirit from where they come.

In effect, we have three types of self: a self-based on matter, our present ego self, a self-based on light and a self that is formless, the spiritual self.

The spiritual self is our real self; it is a unified self, a self that is part of all selves, it is part of the self that folks call God. We are all parts of one God.

God is in us and we are in him; we are inseparable from God and he is inseparable from us. That level of self is at present beyond our grasp so let us not dwell on it and, instead, talk about the present self, the separated ego self-housed in body, the human personality.

Ozodi Osuji

July 30, 2016

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