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The beliefs in ones subconscious mind shape ones behaviors

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

I have finally accepted the truism that what one puts into one's subconscious mind affects one's life.  Here is how I learned that truth.

I and my girlfriend moved into an apartment; we both felt that someone was running around the place. She suggested that it is perhaps the ghost of whoever lived here before we moved in. We checked with the apartment manager; lo and behold she told us that the person who lived in the apartment before we moved in had died, about a month and half before we moved in.

Even though I had not given the idea of ghosts previous thoughts I had dreams in which I felt that an unseen force was trying to choke me and I would kick at it and wake up.  It is I that labelled the unseen force ghost; it is my mind that attributed the idea of ghost to the unseen force; it may not be an actual ghost for I still do not believe in ghosts.

I had lots of those types of dreams. I decided to ignore the weird sounds and no longer had dreams where unseen something was attacking me.

Another thought entered my mind.  I attributed the weirdness in the apartment to some kind of electrical vortex.  I felt like there is some kind of electrical energy in the apartment and it made my body itch.

When I had this idea lodged into my subconscious mind I began looking in the whole apartment to see if there is an electrical outlet through which some kind of static electricity was sipping out into the apartment.

I have a very sensitive body. Light, heat, sound, smell (such as freshly painted houses) bother me. When I am in a bus that is overheated my body itches so badly that I would have to get off the bus to feel relieved from the itching body. If you are cooking food with strong odor I must leave the house to be able to breathe or else I feel dizzy.   When I was a kid I used to literally faint if I am around women with heavy fragrances on their bodies!

I do not like overheated houses. In fact, I seldom put my heater on even though I live in cold Alaska (apparently heat from my neighbors apartments is enough to keep my apartment worm enough for me).

Well, I looked for where some kind of electrical energy could be sipping out of. I did not find one.

Thereafter, I went to sleep and had a dream in which some kind of electric cloud was around me. I was lying on the bed and I tried to get up from it to go find out where the electrical cloud is coming from and woke up. The dream had seemed so real that I did not know that the whole thing took place in a dream.

What these episodes did is convince me that the ideas one puts into ones subconscious mind affect ones dream at night.  One's subconscious mind uses ideas one places into it to construct ones dreams for one.  It does not matter whether the ideas are positive or negative; the subconscious mind just uses them to shape ones dreams at night.

It follows that if one places positive ideas into ones subconscious mind that they would produce positive dreams for one at night.

If this is true, and it is true, does it follow that the ideas we accept into our minds, positive or negative, also play roles in our day lives?  I pondered this question for a while.

When I was in graduate school it gradually dawned on my mind that most of my professors are cowards. They do not speak out against racial injustice; they write safe academic treatises and get them published but as far as writing what changes America's racism is concerned they did not. To be published in academic journals, hence get tenure one has to not write anything remotely controversial.

You cannot be a Martin Luther King or Malcom X and be in an American university faculty; those are controversial militants; they rock the boat of the state.  I concluded that most professors play it safe and thus are cowardly. I did not want to be like them.  If that is the case what was I going to do with the graduate education that I worked very hard for?

Upon completing my doctoral dissertation and was looking for a faculty position I would have dreams where obstacles were placed on my path as I try walking into university campuses.

I interpreted the dreams to mean that a part of me did not want me to be a professor at American universities. It was therefore not a surprise to me that much as I tried to I could not really make a career in teaching.

For some reason, my mind was not in teaching and I either leave teaching to go do other things or do not succeed at securing teaching positions.

I believe that what is going on here is that I had placed into my subconscious mind that it is not worth my time to spend my life as an academic and in my dreams my subconscious mind tried to push me out of campuses. In my day world my mind made it impossible for me to succeed in academia, for in my mind was the idea that professors are jokers, cowards who are not change agents, and I did not see them as role models and did not want to be like them.

I have accepted that what one places into ones subconscious mind affects ones nightly dreams and day world.

Our day world, I believe,  is a dream; however, unlike our nightly dreams that are solo dreams our day world is our collective dream; because it is a collective dream it lasts trillions of years whereas our nightly dreams are unshared solo dreams and lasts for as long as one is sleeping and dreaming them.

All of us are part of one spirit; we decided to go to sleep and dream that we are separated from each other and invented space, time and matter and use those to make separation seem real to us; we house ourselves in bodies and have those bodies walk in space and time and those make our separated existence seem real to us.

Outside dreams we are formless unified spirits; we are points of light in a wave of light that folks call God.

So, can one deliberately place positive ideas into ones subconscious mind and have those affect ones day and night dreams. The answer is unequivocal and unqualified yes.

For example, I can place into my mind the idea that we, all human beings, are at root one, and that our real self is love, and decide to love all people as I love me; I can resolve not to  reject any one just because what they do in ego and body seem ridiculous. I can decide to overlook people's outward behaviors in ego and body and love them all and leave it at that.  If I do so I would have dreams where nothing people do is seen by me as bad and I would just overlook their behaviors and love them.

This truth was conveyed home to me by a dream I had. I had believed that to have sex is to be animal like. This is true, of course. I did not leave it there, however. I developed contempt for people who say that they enjoy sex. To me sex is animalistic, filthy and ridiculous and I really did not want anything to do with it (beyond tolerate it for procreation).

I had this dream. In this dream were two dogs having sex in my room. I was lying on my bed and saw two dogs having sex near my bed and since what they were doing seemed disgusting I got up from my bed to chase them out. I did not know that the whole thing was in a dream so the act of forcing myself to get up from my bed woke me up from my dream. That abrupt waking up made my head pound as if my brain wanted to fall out of its skull cavity.

What this dream told me is that it is me who decided that dogs having sex is bad and I want to chase them out.  The dream is a metaphor telling me that it is me who decided that people having sex is bad and want to chase them out of my life because they have sex.

The message of the dream is for me to see that sex is a neutral act; it is my mind that decides that it is good or bad.

Sex is not good or bad, it is just what people do and I can approach it without judgment that it is good or bad and leave it at that.

I can also decide to accept human sexuality as good instead of seeing it as bad. Most people actually accept their sexuality as good and enjoy it and do not approach it as bad and repulsive, as I did.

What my nightly dreams teach me is that the ideas I put into my subconscious mind are used to shape my dreams at night and also shape my day life.

The lesson is for me to put only positive ideas into my subconscious mind and have them shape my night dreams and my day life.

Our lives are determined by the ideas we place into our subconscious minds, not by some kind of god or other people doing something good or bad to us.

If you change your mind and place positive ideas into your subconscious mind you will experience the same old-world differently.

If you want something and it is doable in our world then place it into your subconscious mind. For example, you may have believed that it is bad to be wealthy and placed that into your subconscious mind and attracted poverty into your life, now change that belief.

Perhaps, in the past, you had believed that you are not worthy of wealth. Now, change your mind and believe that the universe is filled with unlimited source of abundance and that you deserve to be wealthy; then go work for wealth and you will become wealthy.

If you want to have many friends then become friendly to all people; people like to be loved so love all people and you will have many friends.

Do not hate any one; do not feel superior to any one, for people do not like anyone who feels superior or inferior to them; just assume that you and all people are the same and coequal and go about loving every person in your world.

The world really reflects back to us what is in our subconscious minds; what we believe to be the nature of reality. There is no self-evident reality; reality is what we say it is and behave accordingly.

This is not some kind of new age, pop psychology, not mumbo jumbo but hard fact. Empirical observation shows that our beliefs shape our behavior and the world we see.

Belief determines what we see and experience; change your beliefs and you will see the world differently and experience it differently.

In this light, each of us is responsible for the world he sees and how he experiences that world. We collectively project out the world we see; but we see it differently at the individual level.

The same old world may seem ugly to some but beautiful to others. It all depends on what lenses you employ in seeing the world.

Change your lenses, your perceptual schema, change how you want to see the world and you see it differently.

There is a book out there that says that as a man thinks he acts; as a man believes he behaves; as he believes he experiences the world.

The idea that our thoughts determine our behavior is not new; I did not invent it but its truth merely dawned on me.

Now that I know that the idea is true, not some mumbo jumbo, henceforth I will put positive ideas into my subconscious mind and have them shape my nightly and day dreams.


I believe that we have a different self; I believe that our real self is the son of God who is one with all of us and God. I believe that in our real-self state we are formless and do not live in body, space and time.

I believe that our real self, aka the unified son of God, wished to separate from God and all his brothers and invented our world of space, time and matter.

I believe that the world of space, time and matter was consciously designed to offer us the opportunity to live as separated selves in body, walking around in space and time.

I believe that our phenomenal, empirical world is the collective (mutual) dream of all of us.  We can dream it with love for one another or with hate for one another.

I now choose to dream our world with love for all people. In so doing I will have a happy dream where I get along with all people, who are my brothers and sisters; this type of love based dreaming gives me peace and joy.

This lifestyle is my choice. No one asked me to so live; I asked me to do so. However, I have read about it in many books including A course in miracles, Hinduism, Buddhism and Gnosticism.

Religion and books are often used by folks as crutch to avoid taking responsibility for living as they believe is true.

I do not have to root my belief on any religion; I simply live as it seems self-evidently true to me; if what seems self-evidently true to me is found in religions so much the better.

What is self-evidently true, as far as this essay is concerned, is that the messages we place into our subconscious minds affect our behaviors; our strongly held beliefs shape our nightly dreams and day lives. If our beliefs  are fear based they produce fearful dreams, nightmares for us; on the other hand, if our beliefs are  rooted in love for all hence not generating fear we have love filled dreams at night and in our day lives.


The information in this essay can comprise a 300 pages book that folks pay, at least, twenty dollars to buy; indeed, the information is probably more than one can receive if one went to a one day workshop on how ones beliefs shape ones behaviors and life's outcomes. Folks do pay $450 dollars for such workshops. But I have given the same information to you for free. Do you value my giving you what folks pay money for? Do you think that I am a fool for doing what I do? Listen, having not related to Africans for a long while and then encountering them I was shocked at how  ignorant they are and decided to give them free information that I hope would help them change their behaviors and help them rule their countries better than the royal mess they have made Africa. I get up in the morning, usually at 4 AM and type for two hours and compose an article that I post on the Internet and thereafter go to work. It has occurred to me that instead of giving away these ideas for free that I could put them in books and sell them. However, I have a fierce urgency to help Africans improve their lives and countries; making money can wait. Cheers,

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

September 26, 2017


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Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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