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Mad men show us our own madness

Written by 


Ozodi Osuji

The next time you see a mad man please stop and pay attention to him. Why? It is because he is showing you your own madness.

The mad man has a function for you; he is there to show you your own madness and ask you to see your madness in him and then heal it in you.

He is not asking you to heal his madness but asking you to heal your own madness. For one thing, as long as you are mad you cannot heal him. An unhealed healer is a contradiction in terms.

Before you can become a healer and is able to heal other people you must first heal you. When you have healed you then you can heal other people.

The mad man in front of you is asking you to see him and learn about the nature of madness, heal it in you and then model for him what a healed person is like and he can then learn from the model of sanity and heal himself. He is not there asking you to heal him. His mission for you is for you to heal you.

Only the individual can heal himself; you can heal you; he can heal himself but you cannot heal him and he cannot heal you; either of you can model insanity or sanity for each other to learn from.


To be a human being, to live as a separated self-housed in body and exist in the world of space, time and matter is to be mad. We, on earth, in the world of space, time and matter are all mad.

The madness is existence in space, time and matter.  If you see you on earth, in body and in the world of space, time and matter you are mad. If you are reading this stuff you are in the world of space, time and matter hence mad.

To be on earth, in the world of space, time and matter is to be separated from God and all his children, us.

God is one self. We are all parts of that God self. God is one self-with infinite selves in him. Each of us is one of God's infinite sons.

In our true state we are part of formless unified spirit self.   God and his sons are not in form, are not in matter, space and time. God and his sons are outside space, time and matter.

Our real selves, the sons of God, are outside space, time and matter. We are all part of God's simultaneous one and infinite selves. We are formless and unified.

There is no separation between God and his sons. God and his sons share one self and share one mind. In their truth they are eternal, permanent and changeless; they live in perfect harmony, peace and joy; heaven is perfect bliss.

God and his children cannot separate from each other. If separation were possible God would die and his sons would die. Separation is impossible so God and his infinite sons live eternally.

There is no past, present and future in God and his unified sons; they live in the eternal now. God is not separate from his sons and his sons are not separate from him or from each other; they are in each other.

Where God ends and his sons begin is nowhere. God and his sons live forever and ever; there was never a time they did not exist.

In the state of eternal oneness the idea of separation entered. The sons of God wished that they are separate from their father and from each other. It is impossible for them to separate from each other and from God.


Why would they even have such wish? It is a wish for the impossible to seem possible. It is a delusion.

The delusion is that the children of God wished that they created their father. We wished that we created God and he did not create us. But we have been created and cannot create God or create ourselves.

Thus, the wish to create God and create ourselves is idle. Nevertheless, we wished to create God and create ourselves. It is impossible for us to accomplish this idle wish.

So, what did we do? As it were, we cast a magical spell (what Hinduism calls Maya) on us and seem to have gone to sleep and in our sleep dream that we have murdered our father and have now created him and created ourselves and created each other and created the universe of separation we now seem to live in.

To avoid being overly abstract, let me personalize this discourse.  I seem to have killed God, killed my brothers and killed God's son (my and your real self). I now dream and see me in a different world, a world of space, time and matter.


In that world (our earth) I invent a different self for me, a separated self-housed in body, the ego. I now seem to live apart from God and from the other sons of God.

What I did you, too, did. All of us on earth, in the world of space, time and matter seem to have killed God and now live in a physical universe we invented.


We feel like we attacked and killed God but know that we have not really killed him for we know that he is eternal.

Knowing how powerful God is, in our dream state, we feel that he is angry at us and wants to punish us for what we did. We fear his punishment.  We feel guilty for what we did, separate from God and fear his punishing us.

We do not want to be punished by God so we run as far away from him as is possible. In our world, the dream of separation, all we are doing is running away from God and from each other. The universe is expanding means that we are running away from God and from each other.

When you reverse separation and return home the universe is no longer expanding for you; the prodigal son has finally returned to his father and home, to the state of oneness with his father and all his brothers.

God is not punitive; besides, he knows that his sons cannot separate from him so he does not want to punish us. All he wants is for us to end separation and awaken to our oneness with him and with one another.

God is all of us; therefore, to punish us is to punish his self; only an insane God would punish his sons hence his self. God is sane.

To be sane is to love, so God loves all of his self, all his sons.

But we want separation hence retain fear and guilt, for those enable us to run from God and keep separation in our consciousness.

God knows that we have not attacked and killed him. He knows that we cannot do what we think that we did. He knows that no power in the universe can separate from him.

There is only one will in the Universe, God's will; no will can oppose the will of God.

We cannot oppose the will of God. All we can do is wish to oppose him and seem in opposition to him.  We wish opposition to God. We wish separation from God; that is, we oppose union. But union always exists, so we oppose it in dreams, not in reality.

God is union and we wish separation from it. We seem to have succeeded by seeming to live in the world of space and time and matter.

We used matter to construct our bodies; bodies give us a sense of boundary from God and from each other.

We are now seemingly in the separated world. God knows that all we are doing is sleeping and dreaming that we are separated from him. He does not rudely awaken his sleeping, dreaming sons from their sleep and dreams. Instead, he created another God, God the Holy Spirit.

As the Holy Spirit, God entered the dreams of his sons. God in his true essence is transcendent but he takes on another self, the manifest aspect.

The manifest God in the temporal universe is now called the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit God entered his sons sleep and dreams and lodges his self in their right minds. He does not ask them to wake up but is there for them to consult him if they should want to do so.


In our minds are now three sides. Our real mind, the unified mind; the mind we share with God. Those on earth are not aware of their unified mind; it is the mind we have in heaven.

On earth we are aware of our left, ego mind, the part of mind that enables us to adapt to the exigencies of this world.

In our right mind is the Holy Spirit, the part of our minds that remember our unified mind in God. The Holy Spirit, aka the right mind is not subject to the patterns of thinking of the ego, left mind. It sees what the ego mind does but knows that it is mere dreams and overlooks it.  It asks us, ego minds, to overlook what ego minds do. When we overlook what ego minds do we remember our real mind, the Christ mind.


The Christ mind is the same as the right mind and the Holy Spirit directed part of our minds. When we separated from God and invented replacement selves, our substitute ego selves, God created another self for each of us. Each of us now has a self in light form. The self in light form is the Christ self.

The Christ self is our ego-self purified; it is our ego selves that looks at the world with the Holy Spirit's eyes, with forgiveness.

On earth, forgiveness is the meaning of love. When we forgive the world, forgive what other people seem to have done to offend our ego minds we experience the Christ self.

From the Christ self we awaken to our real self, the son of God.

There is a world of light forms, the world that folks who have had near death experience see; that world is at the gate of heaven but is not heaven. In it is everything in our world but in purified, light forms. Heaven itself is formless; those in haven do not live in forms but are ideas in the mind that is God's mind.


There are now three selves: God the father, God the son (our real selves) and God the Holy Spirit. This is called the Holy Trinity.  The three selves, God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit are all part of each of us.

God is our unified self; the son of God is our real self; the Holy Spirit is the representative of God and his son while God's son dreams self-forgetfulness, is on earth; the Holy Spirit remembers that we are the sons of God who are one with God and each other, although in the temporal universe we see ourselves as separated selves in bodies.


To be on earth one must have willfully chosen to forget ones true identity as the son of  God and taken a false identity as the ego housed in body, and live in the world of separation.

A person who denied his real self and lives as a false self is a deluded self. We on earth are deluded because we denied our real selves as the sons of God and take on false selves as separated ego selves; we hallucinate because we see this world, a world that does not exist. The world literally does not exist; it is a dream; we see it hence is hallucinating.

To be psychotic is to hallucinate and be deluded. We hallucinate when we see this world and we are deluded when we believe that the world we see is true. To be on earth is to be mad.

I see me in a body as a separated self. I see me in opposition to God. In that sense I am mad. All of us do what I do hence are all mad.


Occasionally, a person who by the criteria of this world is seen as mad come into ones purview and one sees him as mad. Actually, he is trying to show one that one, too, is like him, mad. He took on undisguised psychosis to show us our own disguised psychosis.

The person who wrote the below letter to me is obviously psychotic (as the world sees it he probably has some form of Bipolar Affective Disorder, or its lesser forms, such as Cyclothymia or hypomania, with delusional features).

His write up has no relevance to what I wrote on the pursuit of significance. But, perhaps, because I posted it on the Internet, near a mail in which he was responding to a guy called Jerome, he felt personally attacked by me, even though he was not mentioned in the mail.

At the deep, unconscious level, I asked him to respond as he did, for there are no accidents in the universe. My higher-self wanted him to respond as he did to show me his madness so that I learn from it.

He obviously did not read my letter and simply told me what he has always told me. He has always wanted to tell me that he is rich and that I am poor, that he is powerful and I am weak, that he is educated whereas I am an illiterate.

He told me that I am nothing and that my parents are nothing and that my ancestral town is nothing. In effect, he wanted to humiliate me and in his mind believed that he humiliated me.

He believes that he has degraded me and apparently believes that I ought to accept his humiliation of me and sneak away.

That is correct; he wants me to go away so that he is seen as a healthy person (no human being would read his disjointed letter without concluding, as the world sees these things, that he is insane).  The mad man wants to be seen as the sanest person in the world.

When I saw his mail in my mailbox I had an urge to do what I normally do to his mail, delete it. I do not bother reading whatever he writes. He has essentially said the same thing about me, over and over, again. His very first mail about me, eleven years ago, has not changed. He says the same thing over and over, again.

Is he talking about me? Of course not. He is projecting whatever he wants to project to me.  Anyway, I felt like deleting his letter but on second thought opened it. And read it.

I had never felt more compassion for another human being than I did upon reading what the man wrote. I asked: what type of insanity would lead a man to write what he wrote, what is not responsive to the mail he is supposedly responding to. Then I got it.

He is really not responding to me; he is responding to internal stimuli, as psychotics do. He does not see me as I am; he is only seeing what is inside him.

I believe that the man, as the world sees these things, is psychotic and needs to be on anti-psychotic medications, especially anti manic medications, such as Lithium and Depakote. He ought to see his neighborhood psychiatrist and request anti-psychotic medications.

He is responding to the picture of me that he has in his warped mind. That picture of me is that he is greater than me and that I am nothing (I am actually nothing; I do not know how he got the impression that I want to be important; the very mail that he was supposedly responding to said that I have absolutely no worth and that worth is make belief).


My pity for him was mixed with mild irritation. If someone says something that irritates you, makes you angry, it means that you are in ego state. Since I felt mildly irritated it meant that I am in ego state.


The ego is the false self, the self we made and with it replace our real self (the son of God). The false self wants to seem like it is one's real self.

The ego being false is offended by other people; it forever feels attacked by other people's insults. The ego feels attacked by other egos and defends its self. Defense makes the ego seem real.

The guy and his words salad and confabulation, obviously, attacked my ego; my ego felt a need to be defensive.  If I react defensively I would have affirmed that I am an ego.

On the other hand, I choose to respond differently, respond with understanding and forgiveness. Forgiveness means overlooking other people's attacks on one.

I chose to analyze what the man said. I am aware that every analysis is done with the ego hence is colored by the ego of the analyzer. My analysis is done by my ego hence is colored by my ego. That been said, I try very hard to rise above the ego and look at the man with the eyes of Christ.

From the eyes of Christ, the eyes of the Holy Spirit, from forgiving eyes, I see a mad man. I see an overtly mad man who presented his mad self to me to enable me see my own hidden, covert madness (normal folks have their insanity well-hidden in their unconscious minds but are mad, nevertheless!).

In looking at his madness, I see my own madness. In effect, the man is showing me my madness and asking me to see what madness is like and heal it in me and model a healed self for him. The man is my teacher; he teaches me that the ego is mad.

Some years ago, I encountered Igbos anti-social behaviors; I did not like what I saw and used the ego defense mechanism of dissociation to dissociate from them. As it were, I denied that I am an Igbo; from my detached state I observed Igbos shenanigans.

I am Igbo and cannot deny my Igboness. Thus, Igbo madness shows me my own hidden madness. What the Igbo man who wrote the letter below is doing is showing me Igbo madness hence showing me my own madness, madness that I had denied by seeing myself as not Igbo (many professional African-Americans dissociate from the crazy behavior seen in ghetto blacks and see themselves as not really black folks, but they are; they are merely in denial of their reality).

I am Igbo; I am a human being; as such, I have all the madness found in Igbos and in human beings in general. Mad humanity shows themselves to me to enable me see my denied madness and heal it in me.


What is healing? To heal is to change. What is change?  At present one identifies as a separated self, an ego. To identify with the ego, that is, to see one's self as separated from God, is to be insane.

What is healing? Healing is to change ones self-concept; healing means no longer identifying with the ego (separated self) and now identify with the Christ (unified self).

In the temporal universe, to heal is to allow the Holy Spirit to guide one; to heal is to stop thinking and behaving from the ego, left mind and, instead, think and behave from the Holy Spirit, the right mind.

To heal is to forgive those who attacked ones ego with the understanding that they attacked one's false self and did so in dreams and what was done in dreams have not been done; in truth they have not attacked one's real self, the son of God, the Christ self; the son of God is always safe in his father and cannot be hurt by the attacks on his false ego self.

Nothing can happen to one without one wanting to experience it. I asked this mad man to pen the gibberish he penned so that I learn about his mental disorder hence my own mental disorder.

To be healed is to overlook what other egos did to one and instead see the Christ in them. Healing means that I overlook the mad ego that wrote the letter below and know that he has a higher self that is not mad; he has a sane self, the Christ self.

His real self is the son of God who is one with God and all of us. In the meantime, his ego self is mad. He shows me his ego madness to show me my own ego madness.

The goal is for me to see his mad ego and not want to be like him; the goal is for me to desire to be like Christ. Christ is love; that is for me to love and not hate any one.

If I overlook his ego and its madness and hate and love the Christ in him I overlook my own ego and its hatred and see the Christ in me.

Until I have overlooked other people's egos and hates I cannot overlook my own ego and hates. To see the Christ in me I must first see it in other people.

To have Christ vision one must forgive those who wronged one and see the Christ in them.

A healed mind forgives all people their mistakes; that is, corrects people's errors and loves all people.

The goal is for me to overlook this man's mad ego and love the Christ in him. If I love the Christ in him I love the Christ in me.

This means overlooking the Igbos egos that this mad man represents; it entails loving the Christ in Igbos; it means overlooking all humanity's egoistic behaviors and loving the Christ in all of them.

The mad brother, in effect, is trying to help me heal my mind so as to love the Christ in all of us.  I get it.  I forgive his ego madness and love the Christ in him.

The man did not offend me with his mad letter; he merely made me have compassion for him. To have compassion for other people is to have compassion for one's self, for other people are parts of one's self.


Every brother's madness shows me my own madness. The mad man who wrote the letter he wrote needs my compassion, not hatred; to have compassion for him is to have compassion for me.

I have compassion for this man and the Igbos he symbolizes; for they, and any human being, must be mad to hate other people.

Only love is acceptable behavior from one son of God to others. I overlook this man's outrageous behaviors and love the Christ in him (to love the Christ in me).

Post Script

I read the mad brother's letter and the above thoughts went through my mind and I wrote them down. I pondered whether to mail my thoughts to him or not. A part of me asked me why I would do such a silly thing as to mail the letter to him.  The man has said the same thing for over ten years so what makes me think that he is going change? What is insanity but doing the same thing, over and over, again and expecting different results? Well, he is probably not going to change; the change is for me to make.  The brother is in a bad place, he is in psychological pain; he is calling for me to help him, to love him so as to love me. A little while ago, I went to my email and saw that one of his fellow mad men have joined him. I chose not to read what the other mad fellow wrote, for, in addition to his obvious delusion disorder, he is a sociopath and psychopath. He is anti-social; he hides his identity from the public; from the shadows he steals from other people. I choose not to bother with a thief, so I will not respond to him (criminality, evidence is accumulating, is inherited behavior so one will not bother with an anonymous thief; if you do not have the courage to tell the world your true identity, folks should not waste their time responding to your unmitigated egoistic views).

To further explore the ideas shared in this piece, please see my numerous books and articles; if you are amenable to poetry you can also explore

Helen Schucman's Gnostic Classic.

Plotinus Enneads. (Written around 250 AD in Rome).

Schucman, Helen (1976). A course in miracles. Tiburon California: Foundation for Inner peace.

Ozodi Osuji

October 17, 2016


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