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Idealism gives the idealist fear

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In idealism one uses one mind to invent how one ought to be, how other people ought to be and how the world ought to be; in effect, one has recreated one's self, other selves and the world to be in one's desired image. One clings to that self-recreation and recreation of the world and defends it.

One primarily defends it with fear. Fear is a means of protecting ones creation, making sure that it survives. It is ones handiwork and one protects it with fear.

If it is not ones handiwork one would not defend it, for it would have no significance and meaning for one.

If one is idealistic one must be a fearful and anxious person, for one uses fear to protect ones ideal self and world and is afraid of that self and world dying (Karen Horney, 1950, said as much in her book, Neurosis and Human Growth, New York: Norton).

It can be extrapolated from this fact to say that since one is afraid of harm and death of the ego and body that one invented ones ego and body and uses fear to protect them.  In effect, one created ones personality, one's body and the world; one uses fear to protect them.

The world one sees is one's dream of how one wants things to become and one protects it with fear.

If one, as a scientist, studies fear, ego and body and the world that study makes them real for one.  Science makes the world real for scientists and they must believe that the external world is objective and outside them; they cannot accept that it is in their minds and that their minds invented and projected it out.

So while science elucidates the nature of physical reality do not expect scientists to let go of their belief that the world is really objective and external to their minds; even when their quantum physics show that the world is not real they will defy that evidence and keep on believing that it is real.

(I just reread Roger Penrose's 1989 book, The Emperor's New Mind, New York: Penguin Books. In it he reviewed what is called classical and new physics. In reviewing the weird behaviors of particles the necessary conclusion he ought to have drawn is that consciousness determines what matter does. But, no, he must be a logical positivist and conclude, like Albert Einstein, that we must keep doing research to find the missing link that makes matter behave as if it is determined by consciousness; there must be matter determining the behavior of particles.  In effect, mind cannot be the cause of the universe. He is John Bull clinging to empiricism. I admired him for doing so. As for me, I go where the evidence takes me; consciousness is real.)

People are parts of God so they are allowed to believe whatever they want to believe; they are allowed to keep studying matter, energy, space and time until they finally learn that they are non-existent.

Science will lead to the acceptance of the non-existence of the physical world and finally the non-existence of the body and ego. When that is accepted the world ends for the scientist.

Study of ego and body and fear cannot let them go. The only way to not be a fearful person is to let go of what one created, ones ego, body and ideals and accept a different self, the self that one did not create; one must accept the self that God created for itself (one is part of God so one's self is a self that God created for itself; the ego is the self that one, a part of God, created for one's self, a self-one uses to separate from God, an impossible venture, for  no one can separate from his creator, from his true unified self, God).

But, alas, one believes that if one did not defend the ego self and its body that one would die and stop existing.

How do you know that if you did not defend your ego and ego ideal and body that you could die out? There is only one way to find out: do not defend them! You must defy your egos logic that asks you to defend it or you die; do not defend it to see if you would die!


One can retain the ego and act in defiance of what makes it fearful; in defiance one is still in ego but acting tough; one is still in fear for defiant people are fearful people (Hitler, the ultimate defiant ego, killed people to prove that he is tough but he was still a fearful person!).


If one stops defending the ego and the ideal self-one would literally see one's self disappear; one would no longer see one's self in body.

If one still values form one sees one's self in light form but if not one knows one's self as an idea in the mind of God and one exists only as a disembodied idea; ultimately, one comes to know one's self as part of formless God and in that state of unified consciousness one is eternal.


Each human being has a right to retain his ego for as long as he wants to; each person is a part of God, is a son of God and, as such, has the right to pretend to have an ego, to be separated from his father, the whole self and that the separated self can exist.

People come to the world in groups; some come as white folks, others as black folks or Asian folks; indeed, within the so-called racial groups they come in smaller groups, such as members of a tribe, nation and members of a family. Each group makes choices for how they will live in egos and bodies.

White Americans, for example, have chosen to remain as separated egos; instead of trying to relinquish their ego, as Hindus do, they want to improve it and make it live as pleasurably as it can. Their science and technology is used to give their egos in bodies every creature of comfort as they could. They have a right to do so; they are free to make their ego based lives lovely.

Africans, by and large, chose to make their egos suffer hence do not do science and technology and do not love their fellow Africans; they do not do what gives their egos and bodies pleasure; they live to desecrate each other, put each other down so as to justify selling their people into slavery; they literally live to give their egos and bodies poverty and suffering; that is their rightful choice.

(A bunch of primitive Africans called Igbos essentially live to insult each other and insult every human being in sight; these creatures derive perverse pleasure from degrading people. They degrade people for a reason. If they have degraded people they then rationalize selling them into slavery as they have always done or rationalize not caring for the people; they are the most self-centered group of human beings on this earth.  If you want to have positive self-esteem you must run as far as is possible from Igbos for they would destroy your self-esteem in a day; they are absolutely evil persons! Healthy persons' uplift people's self-views but benighted Igbos live to destroy people's self-confidence hence make them unproductive. These children of Satan actually believe that it is fun to degrade human beings! The children of Christ can only love and help improve people's self-esteems. Igbos are the most stupid human beings I have encountered in my entire life! They are free to be stupid but one is not obliged to go along with them and be as stupid as they are! It is stupid to insult people; for one thing those you insult will hate you, and may put obstacles on your path and may choose to kill you and will kill you and you cannot stop them from doing so! Thus, enlightened, rational self-interest should dispose folks to respect other folks and not insult them.)


The double slit experiment shows that light is simultaneously particle and wave and behaves as the one you want it to behave for you; it shows that you are God, consciousness that uses light, spiritual light or physical light to do whatever you want to do, use it as separated particle of light or as unified wave of light.

The concurrent and instantaneous behavior of separated but hitherto entangled particles shows that there is no space and time in reality and that those are illusions that our egos made to make the external world seem real for us. If we believe in unity we will no longer see space, time and matter and know ourselves as oneself behaving in all things in the universe.

Other experiments in quantum mechanics show that one particle can be in two or more places at the same time. This shows that there is only one particle in the universe, the one son of God; he is concurrently in all things and places, for he projected all things out.


If one chooses to overlook ones ego and body that is one's choice but one should not think that one can or should impose that choice on other people. All that one can do is choose egolessness and escape from the ego. One can choose to write about it, as I do, and calmly teach it.

One must accept that only those who want to escape from their egos will choose to read what one wrote; one cannot make other persons choose whatever they choose.

When the student is ready the teacher comes to him; when folks want to transcend their egos they will gravitate to the writings of the teachers of God (I am a teacher of God, a teacher of unity and love).


The theme of this essay is fear; it says that to have fear one must have a separated self; fear is used to defend the separated self and its body; fear points out what could harm or destroy the separated self and bids the separated self to defend itself. In defending its ego self and body it remains separated.

Since the separated self is weak and vulnerable it often posits idealized version of itself and its world and strives to attain them. If one pursues the idealized self, as I did, one experiences more fear and anxiety for one is perpetually anticipating what could harm and destroy ones idealized self and defending against it.

The only way to extricate one's self from fear and anxiety is to jettison ones desire for the ego, ideal or not.  One must accept that one is not the ego separated self in body and not defend it.

If you are ego defenseless you escape from fear. You return to the awareness of you as part of one unified consciousness, what folks call God. In unified self and its unified mind you feel peaceful and eternal.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 28, 2017

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