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'Hypothetically, if the only choice you've got is to do the wrong thing, then it's not really the *wrong* thing, is it? It's more like fate.'

'Vlad, it's never that easy.'

'Of course, we agree to disagree.'

No matter, what choices you make what things you do and what rewards you want, everything is written, decided and destined to happen. This is what I understand of fate. Although I don't personally believe in it (or maybe I do sometimes), fate is really an important part of our lives. It affects how people think, see and perceive situations. I guess luck can be a factor, you are lucky sometimes but isn't fate a totally absurd term? They say god has a book and he/she has written everything in advance (I have nothing against gods) or some polite ones will say that the journeys are not written only the destinations are. How philosophical is that?

Interestingly, almost all religions support that. The bad thing is that even Shakespeare has supported it with the best lines written in English literature.

"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and their entrances."

If I am not wrong then it means that entries and exits are preordained and you have a specific role to play. A part chosen by GODS, DESTINY or whatever, so if I choose to do the wrong thing then it will not be actually the 'wrong thing'. It is my fate. Okay, so now that the theory is crystal clear, let's come to the practical part. Some certain bloody things, including love, longingness, jealousy, sympathy, anger, faith and others are always there to screw things up. No matter, how many times they tell us that it was all gods' plan, the pain won't just go. There'll always be that emotion to do things that you want, to love people, to choose between right and wrong. Things would have been much easier if we knew what gods want. May be it helps to accept the fact that gods are looking over us and leaving things to them, maybe it's the same feeling like having parents at home and maybe it gives strength to people but things can turn really nasty if this situation overturns and people start thinking that gods want us to lose.

There'll always be people who believe in fate and people who don't. However, if you do believe in fate and it seems like gods have written everything against you then there's a line from a Gladiator.

'I know that I cannot win over those fierce creatures but I am here to entertain and believe me, I will not go down without putting up a great show.'

*Opening dialogues from Max Payne 2 and "All the world's a stage" from William Shakespeare's As You Like It.

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