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We are Getting Closer and Closer to World War III

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It is not alarmist to warn about the approaching World War III. In fact pretending that nothing is happening is a failure of humanity in the face of overwhelming anger and hatred seen all over the world. The anger spans culture, religion, ethnicity, civilization. The anger is across borders and within borders; across religions and within religions, across nations and within nations and so on. If the world leaders do nothing we will sooner than later enter into the third and final war to exterminate humans from this world. To some people such an extermination might not be so bad.

Two of the latest incidents in the world make me worry. The killings in France and the French reaction is one of them and the shooting down of the Russian war plane and killing of the pilots is another. The earlier shooting down of a Russian passenger plane and the deaths of over 200 passengers on board bears close resemblance to the other two points mentioned. Each of these incidents provides reasons for rejoicing to one side and reasons for retaliation for the other side.

As the military say: order, counter order, disorder

This disorder is where we are trying to get to. And when we get there nobody will like it. The ordered Killing of 130 French people has led to the ordered destruction in Syria and killing of Syrian residents in the name of retaliation and in the name of defeating ISIS. The shooting down of Russian jet and killing of the pilots is done in the name of defeating ISIS and safeguarding of national integrity or as President Obama sees it a right to defend a country’s border. We are waiting for the counter order that would come from Russia, perhaps the shooting down of Turkey’s jet of any jet that approaches a Russian claimed air space. American ships had sometime this year sailed into the islands built and claimed by China. We now have set a standard that if one nation trespasses on another nation’s claimed areas, that shooting to kill is in order. In other words we have carried Florida’s Stand Your Ground law as part of international world order.

We shall see.

The First World War was fought with war ships and guns and with a few crude airplanes that could be compared with cork and shoot rifles of those days. Nevertheless millions of world population were killed and many families were annihilated. The Second World War ended with the introduction of nuclear weapons. At that time only United State had nuclear weapons and only a few stock piles. US dropped one in Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki. The next day Japan surrendered after seeing over half a million of its citizens killed. If we get to this Third World War which we are rushing into, that war would begin with nuclear bombs and would be fired from the air and from all the five oceans of the world. The bombs would be delivered with pin point accuracy. Japan and her Axis powers did not have an answer to US and Allied Powers weapon of Mass Destruction, but now many countries have their answers and a large stockpile of WMD. Both Russian and USA have the ability to survive a first strike and to strike back. They have nuclear submarines floating in all the seas and nuclear war planes based on all nooks and corners of the world. And they have smaller friends around the world with nuclear weapons.

The source of these conflicts is the Middle East and Middle East nations have enough crazy leaders including Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Assad who are manipulating both Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin. Given the way they are going, they may yet succeed.

They could get us all killed off.

Are there any adults in the house?


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Boston Massachusetts,

November 25, 2015

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Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.