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War averse leaders like Obama cause major wars

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In the 1930s the British had a Prime Minister called Neville Chamberlain. He was scholarly and peace loving. He was a product of the First World War and was averse to war.

In 1933 Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. Before coming to power he made his intentions clear. In his book, Mein Kampf (1925) he said what he is going to do when he came to power. He was going to tear to shreds the 1919 Versailles Treaty, rebuild Germany's military; send his military into the Ruhr valley and occupy it; retake German lands given to Poland and others by the Versailles treaty.

His foreign policy, Lebensraum, was to kill off the Slavic race and take over their lands. The man stated it in black and white that in his view Russians and other Slavs are worse than sub-human beings because, in his view, they have not contributed anything to science and technology; they deserve to die and their lands given to German farmers, as white America did to native Indians.

The man did not hide his intentions. Thus, the moment he came to power he engineered the destruction of democracy in Germany and became the maximum leader, Fuhrerprinz.

In short order, Hitler rebuilt the German Army (Versailles had restricted it to 100, 000 men). When he felt strong enough he began making his moves.  In 1936 he marched his army into the Ruhr. In 1938 he took over Austria. In 1938 he took over the area of Czechoslovakia, the Sudetenland where Germans lived.

Thereafter, Hitler had his eyes trained on Poland (Versailles had given parts of East Prussia to the Poles). Hitler signed a pragmatic, time buying treaty with the USSR's Stalin; both of them divided Poland up.

As all these were going on, the peace loving Neville Chamberlain of Britain kept trying to avoid war. In 1938, Chamberlain met with Hitler in Munich and after appeasing him by allowing him to stay in the Sudetenland claimed to have secured peace for our time.

In the meantime, the political realist called Winston Churchill knew the nature of human beings; Churchill knew that war is part of the male psyche.

Men feel most alive at war. Men like to shoot and kill other men and like it for other men to shoot to kill them. Men like the glory offered to them by war; to die at war is to die heroically.

Men are aggressive and predatory animals; they are not the peace loving creatures that idealistic liberals make them out to be.

Without war men kill themselves through alcohol and drugs and other self-destructive activities such as the absurdity of homosexuality.

Well, Churchill urged his countrymen to prepare for war but weak Chamberlain ignored him. Thereafter, Churchill came to his mother's land (his mother was born in the USA) and went to many American cities making speeches that urged Americans to prepare for war with Hitler and Stalin. Very few people listened to him. He was called a war monger and dismissed as insane (he had bipolar affective disorder; the man used alcohol and smoking to try balancing his mood swings, depression and mania).

In 1939 Hitler felt strong enough and made his move. He took over parts of Poland. He took over the lowlands. He took over Scandinavia. He took over France.

Hitler's moves made the reality of war hit Chamberlain in the face and he quit and Churchill took over and led Britain through the Second World War.

A war wary America elected a naïve school boy called Barack Obama. Come to think about it, Obama looks like the scholarly Neville Chamberlain. I can see Obama as a librarian but not as a leader of men.

Well, the joker called Obama sold Americans his school boy idealistic philosophy that war is a thing of the past.  The US military was withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq.

In quick order, the Taliban regrouped and was about to take over Afghanistan and Obama was forced to send back some US troops to Afghanistan.

In Iraq the naïve Obama withdrew the US military and called ISIS the JV team. ISIS took over much of Iraq and Syria.

ISIS established what they call Islamic caliphate with the stated goal of carrying out what is written in their Koran, converting the whole world into an Islamic caliphate headquartered at Mecca.

Obama, the cocaine smoking man in the White House, finally encouraged NATO to begin a phony war in the Caliphate. NATO threw a bomb here and there in the caliphate.

In the meantime, the caliphate seized control of social media, a Western invention, and used it to spread their message of hate worldwide. They got bored and disaffected youth to buy into their philosophy of hate and violence.

Thus, now ISIS affiliated and or nonaffiliated terrorists kill people in Paris, Brussels, Nice, Madrid, London, San Bernardino and Orlando. Just about every month Muslim murderers kill people and do so with impunity.

What did the peace loving Obama do? He goes to play golf. The death of Christians does not bother the monster. It is as if he has the goal of allowing Muslims to metastasize and take over the world.

Some of us students of real politics, in the mode of Edward Carr, Metternich, Parito, Joseph Schumpeter, Otto Von Bismarck, and Henry Kissinger, know that Muslims have the goal of world domination. Indeed, our fellow political realist, the Harvard scholar, Samuel Huntington, warned us of the evil intentions of Muslims, in his seminal book, The Clash of Civilizations.

Mohammed (570-632 AD) heard the voice of what he called the angel Gabriel in 610 AD telling him to start a new religion called Islam. Members of his religion are to totally submit to him and his Allah and have no mind of their own.

Mohammad began the first Jihad by using force to convert his country, Arabia to Islam. Upon his death his followers used force to conquer Palestine (638 AD) and swept into Egypt (643) and took over Christian Egypt; they swiftly moved to Libya, to Algeria and Morocco and moved into Spain in 711 AD.

Arab Muslims moved into France where, finally, they were stopped by the Franks (Germans) under their king, the hammer of God, Charles Martel in 733 AD, near Paris, at Tours.

It took 700 years to get Muslims out of Spain, in 1492, the year that Christopher Columbus discovered America.

In the meantime, Arab Muslim struck east and took over Syria, Mesopotamia and Persia, India and went all the way to China where the Chinese stopped them.

They struck south from India and took over Indonesia. In Africa they crossed the Sahara Desert and took over the Sahel region (grassland where horses could ride) including Northern Nigeria.  Muslims could not enter the tropical rain forest so they stopped at its edges.

Turks, a people from near China, who Arab Muslims had converted to Islam, eventually took over the leadership of Islam. It was they who prevented Christians from coming to their pilgrimages to their Holy land, Jerusalem hence Pope Urban called for the crusades to drive them out of the Holy Land. That is, the crusades were caused by Muslims.

In 1453 AD Muslim Turks took over Asia Minor (Byzantium), the cradle of Christianity (Saint Paul wrote most of his epistles there) and imposed Islam on it. They renamed Constantinople, the city the first Christian emperor of Rome, Constantine, built, Istanbul.

On numerous times, Muslim Turks tried to conquer Austria and Europe from the East and were repelled; they conquered the Balkans (parts of Eastern Europe and ruled them until 1918).

Muslim Turks prevented Christian Europeans from trading with India, China and Japan through the overland route (Silk Road).

In seeking a new route to India, China and Japan, Spain (1492) and Portugal (1500) discovered the new world, America.

Thus, the very existence of today's European America was due to Muslims blocking Europeans from trading with Asia.

Since its inception in the seventh century, Muslims are at war with Europe. Idiots like Obama who only God knows how he managed to attend Harvard University without taking courses on Western civilization, tell us that Islam, the religion of violence, is the religion of peace.

Obama and his fellow liberals at the various European capitals ignore history and propagate the nonsensical view of Islam as a peaceful religion.

In Obama's simplistic and unsophisticated mind the US Constitution protects Islam. The first Amendment to the US constitution protects religious practice in the land but what the founders had in mind is Christian religion not Islam.

Islam is not a religion; Islam is a political ideology. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology.  Islam is like Communism, a totalitarian ideology, and is bent on destroying democracy and imposing one man's rule, the rule by the Muslim Caliph.

Islam is incompatible with Western democracy.

The extant know nothing rulers of the West kept quiet as Islam, like cancer, metastasized in the West. Muslim terrorists are now brazen and randomly kill people all over Europe and North America.

The war averse Obama would not go to Raqqa and destroy the caliphate's capital. He dillydallies as the West burns.

Obama allowed Turkey's President, Erdogan to tear the 1921 secular constitution written by Ataturk to westernize Turkey; Erdogan is turning Turkey to a fundamentalist Islamic state.

Erdogan's Turkey allowed terrorists to go through its territory to reach the Islamic caliphate and the West keeps blind eyes to this atrocity.

Today, the Turkish military, considering itself the guardians of secular Turkey, and not wanting their country to degenerate to Islamic state, have attempted taking over the government of Turkey.

Since the leaders of France and other European nations are simpletons who are not aware of history and allow Muslim terrorists to kill their people, I would not be surprised if nationalists in their armies start taking over their countries.

Alternatively, European nationalists would be elected to political leadership positions in Europe. The British just left EU primarily to prevent entry of Muslims and other undesirables into Albion.

Americans are about to elect Donald Trump to their presidency so as to keep the camel humpers out of their Christian country.

When we have war averse leaders like Obama in office before you know it a serious war breaks out. If Obama and his weak Western allies are not swept out of office and replaced with adult men who understand human nature and real politics the World is about to slide into a serious war, may be  the third world war.

Weak leaders make war inevitable. To prevent a serious war in our hands, we must, therefore, not vote for Obama lite, Hillary Clinton; we must vote in Trump and other political realists to prevent war through strength.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 15, 2016

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