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The primary function of government is to protect the people

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If you ever had doubt as to the main function of government then take a look at what happened at San Bernardino, California and Paris, France when Muslim terrorists attacked innocent civilians and killed many persons. The people not killed by the terrorists reacted as the terrorists want them to react, with fear. Thus, the Californians and French not killed by Muslim terrorists feel fear.

However, the fearful Californians and French are not intimidated, as the stupid terrorists believe that they would. Instead, they resolved to kill the terrorists, to remove the source of threat to their existence. In both cases the cowardly terrorists were hunted down and shot to death, as they should.

The Muslim terrorist is inherently stupid, for he is not going to achieve his objective of getting the entire world to become Muslim and embrace his idiot Muslim Caliphate ruled by a bunch of primitive Arabs from Mecca; all that he is going to get for his efforts is death.

Threaten people and they take off their veneer of civilization and revert to their animal state and kill the person who wants to kill him; in nature animals kill or get killed.

Well, I looked at the faces of the Californians and the French spared by the Muslim terrorists and what I saw is fear, animal fear of death. The people feel like the terrorists could kill them and are in fear.

In fear people either run (flight) or fight back. In France and California the people responded to their fear by fighting back.

They did so through those they pay to protect them, police. The police were called out and dressed in combat uniform as if they are at a battle field; they hunted the terrorists down and killed them. Good.

Terrorists should be killed for they are the detritus of humanity; anyone who intends to rule people by fear instead of reducing fear in them, fear that hold people down and prevent them from living their fullest, is an enemy of mankind and ought to be killed.

Terrorists should be shot on the spot; there is no use arresting and trying them at courts and sending them to jails; kill the garbage on the spot.

Since they believe that their weird god likes folks to kill on his behalf they must also believe that that crazy god of theirs wants them to be killed, so oblige them and kill them on the spot so that they go join their lunatic god in his hell.

A healthy God urges people to love one another; it is only an insane god that asks his insane followers to kill for him; if he enjoys killing people why doesn't he do so by his self, why have other folks do it for him?

I do not know whether God exists or not; if God exists, I believe that the Muslim god is a false god. It is now time that folks accepted that Allah is no god and do away with it (I tend to believe that Allah is the figment of Arab Imagination and not a real god).

The point I am making in this essay is that people feel their lives threatened by other people and by natural forces such as earthquakes, volcanos, floods, draughts, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, diseases and need protection.

People set up governments and authorize them to pass laws that protected them and set up law enforcement agents armed with the weapons for protecting them from those persons who could harm or kill them.

The police are charged with protecting the people domestically; the military is used to protect the people from foreign aggressors. Courts, jails, prisons and prison guards are all means of protecting the people for they exist as a means of taking those who harm other people out of society.

The primary function of government is to protect the people; we saw that at work in California where the police, ATF, FBI, CIA, Secret Services and other weapons bearing arms of government went into over drive to protect a people that cowardly Muslim terrorists made to fear for their lives.

People live in bodies; bodies can be destroyed by anyone who wants to do so. Aim a gun at a person's head, pull the trigger and the bullet flies out and hits his head and he is dead.  People live in fragile and precarious bodies that can be destroyed at any moment.

People, therefore, feel vulnerable and do whatever they can to protect their bodies so that they live as long as is possible (120 years is said to be the ultimate life span).

People work to obtain money with which to buy what keeps them alive, such as food, medications, clothes, shelter and means of transportation. Just about everything people do is a means of protecting their bodies and the sense of selves in those bodies (even science, the attempt to understand nature at the abstract level does so to enable people to understand how to manipulate nature so as to procure existence in body).

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the primary function of government is to protect people; as long as people live in vulnerable bodies that can be destroyed by other people and by nature, and they want to live in those bodies they must have governments charged with the function of protecting them.

In fact, it can be said that the only legitimate function of government is to protect the people. Engaging in social programs by governments is a mere secondary function of government.

If this thesis is true then we must spend money on law enforcement agencies, such as police, courts, judges, prisons etc. Above all, we must spend money to have the best military in the world, for if our military is weak Muslim terrorists (and other external aggressors) could overwhelm us and impose their madness they call religion on us.

So the question that comes up in my mind is this: are there alternatives to a protective government? Can a government exist whose primary function is not to protect a scared people?

If people did not live in bodies and did not desire to live in bodies and their lives were not threatened by their fellow people and nature then it is possible to visualize alternatives to governments' present protective function.

If people did not have bodies that can be destroyed by other people why would they even have governments? If people did not feel fear of harm and death (from living in body) they would not feel fear and would not need governments that protected them.

If there is no fear there is no need for government. The fact is that people are eternally prone to fear hence need government.

In a scenario where people do not live in bodies, say, they live in light forms, as pictures that cannot be destroyed or threatened they can dispense with governments that protect them.

If there is heaven where people live not in bodies but as eternal spirits that cannot be destroyed then they do not need governments charged with the primary function of protecting them.

I am saying all these things because people who say that they are into spirituality often talk as if they can do away with governments and have people just live by love.

If you love all people there are those, such as terrorists, who do not love and who want to kill you and will do so if not stopped.

A course in miracles talked about forgiving people. If a terrorist wants to kill you he would. Forgiving him would not prevent him from killing you and other people. The Muslim terrorist would kill anyone who does not convert to his religion of violence which he deceptively calls religion of peace.

Forgiving terrorists and murderers do not stop them from killing people. Of course, if you want to die, as Jesus Christ, apparently, wanted to die, you can forgive those who want to kill you and allow them to kill you and you get it over with and stop living in a vulnerable body.

Actually, if you want to die you do not have to wait for another person to come and kill you and you have the illusion of forgiving him, you can kill yourself. If you prefer death then take poison and die now and do not wait for another person to kill you so that you forgive him or her and feel smug from forgiving him.

Jesus did not have to wait until he was crucified by other persons to forgive people; he could have simply killed his self and get off this planet.

As long as a person wants to live in body, have a separated self-there seem no alternative to protecting his body and defending aspects of his ego (too much ego defenses leads to neurosis and psychosis).

In conclusion, I see no alternative to having governments designed to protect the people. Therefore, I accept the political philosophies of Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan) and John Locke (Second Treaty on Government).

Ozodi Osuji

December 6, 2015

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