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How Nigerians Promote the Exploitation of women

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When Nigeria's President Buhari announced to the world that his wife belongs to his kitchen and bedchamber, most  Nigerians feigned both blindness and deafness. A large number of Nigerians were unimpressed, unconcerned, or just pretended it was "no big deal." Others felt   nonchalant, blasé, indifferent, detached. Others said, "Oh, he mustn't be talking about me and my family."

Buhari's damage-control handlers explained the President's misspeak as being light-hearted; that the old man was only joking. The women liberation warriors around the globe didn't take the insult on women lying down on perfumed and feathered beds with their bottoms partly ajar and partly hidden. They women were incensed and went to war.

What do you expect from a dog when a meaty bone is thrown his way? Dogs fight. Unlike dogs which fight over meaty bones, defenders of women rights around the world ended up crying foul and having their teary eyes mopped with handkerchief. Those who support women issues were confounded, meaning they were confused, perplexed, mystified, baffled, bewildered, annoyed, outraged, irritated, or driven out of their senses.

How could this Fulani insult our women? How dare he prescribe one size-fits-all brassiere? What role does the President's wife play in the political arena and is the role the standard operating procedure for Nigerian wives at Gindiri, Makurdi or Igumale? The purpose of this essay is not so much to sermonize on a soapbox as to examine how politics, poverty, and religion conspire to bring women down.

Women have been pawns in the hands of manipulative men whom women have served from time immemorial in roles that are amusingly beneficial to the scheming, calculating, controlling males. The roles forced on women include but are not necessarily limited to serving as mothers, sex slaves, domesticated beasts of burden, play toys, exotic dancers, or erotic objects of fancy. One wonders whether these roles are being forced upon the females, or whether the women take on the roles willingly or knowingly as a matter of choice.

There is the story of 87-yeqr-old Nigerian named Alhaji Pa Bello Abubakar Masaba, who is alleged to have married 97 wives and fathered over 190 children. Read in black and white on

Because Pa Bello rejected middle-of-the-road Muslim teaching that prohibits marrying more than four wives, he was dragged before sharia court and ordered to divorce about 82 of his wives leaving him with just four.  As stubborn as most polygamous men are when their libidinal energy is questioned, this captivating octogenarian refused to obey and instead married more wives. His noncompliance with sharia law resulted to his being  detained for several weeks until  the case dragged into Abuja High Court.

The Abuja  Court ordered  Alhaji Pa Bello Abubakar Masaba exonerated, set free, or found guiltless. He was released after 57 of his wives testified that they had married him willingly. When asked how he could satisfy that many women sexually, the octogenarian Alhaji Masaba said:  "In his wisdom, God has given me the power and strength to give them the sexual portion they need. If I didn't satisfy them, they would leave."

Here is our point: man has often used God and religion as effective weapons to keep women under foot. Nobody bothers any longer to bowdlerize modern womanhood. To bowdlerize is to remove or revise a trend considered immoral or indelicate, old fashioned, tactless, out of place, unseemly, impolite, or simply inappropriate

Like slaves of the American plantations, women have been pilloried and placed in uncomfortable stocks . Therefore, the extrication of women from the pillory and stocks of time is the last battle of the ages. To extricate is to free one from bondage.

How are the stocks and pillories,  that were  regularly and formerly used to punish minor offenses committed by slaves, now applied to women, particularly the Nigerian femme?  Although whipping was also a common punishment for women in some Nigeria communities, flogging is now ineffective  as women are advancing in education, finances,  and sexual revolution. Some owners (men)  are using pillories and stocks  for fear of damaging or killing valuable slaves (women).

The pillory was a wooden frame on a pole with holes through which a person's head and hands were placed to be hanging out. The frame was then locked and the person was subjected to humiliation and ridicule. Sometimes people also threw unpleasant objects at the person in the pillory. President Buhari built a pillory for his wife in the kitchen and bedroom at Aso Rock.

Flick back to the 87-year-old chap with 97 wives and 190 children. Alhaji Pa Bello Abubakar Masaba is no more or less than what he actually is. He is a criminal in plain view, old law breaker who has for decades exploited poor, illiterate, weak-minded, Muslim women who are intoxicated with a religion and for who "half bread is better than none at all." Politics is the father of  poverty, and poverty is an invention of politics. They are all policies. (Pol =Pov = Pol).

Oppressed and sexually abused women consider it an appropriate intervention of God in the affairs of mankind that women should suffer in this world under man's subjugation in order to enjoy some of God's many blessings. While we are on the topic of the oppression of Nigerian women, there is emerging relationship between oppression and poverty and politics

There is the breaking news reported on  Nigerian news outlets of how Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin has accused the Speaker of the House of Reps Dogara  and other lawmakers of lavishing public funds to feed, clothe, and house prostitutes. Remember to include  prostitutional or ashawoic  entertainment. Why are we surprised that sex trafficking thrives in Nigeria  nowadays or that Nigerian money disappear in the millions?

The allegation is persistently floating around of how Dogara and Lasun collected 500 million Naira from different sources to rent houses for harlots  all in the name of "we no get official house" and how in the time of lack when belts and tight across bellies, Nigerian lawmakers go on plundering the nation, feeding fat on the sweat of the masses.  Read more:

Where do oppression of women come from? While this writer was serving as a public school teacher In America, he witnessed a peculiarity among his young pupils. A peculiarity is a fad, fetish, idiosyncrasy, oddity, or habit. It was an abhorrent or loathsome abnormality when little girls would ask their " little boyfriends " to act  as their  pimps.

What is a pimp? Googles defines a pimp as "a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return." The Merriam-Webster's Dictionary says that a pimp is a man who makes money illegally by getting customers for prostitutes A pimp is a criminal who is associated with, usually exerts control over, and lives off the earnings of one or more prostitutes.  Picture Nigeria as a huge farm filled with hovels or shacks inhabited by greasy harlots. The Managing Directors are Nigerian politicians. The farm is (halleluiah) seedy, sordid, squalid, grubby, dodgy, slimy. Such is the life of my oppressed/[i]sexually exploited Nigerian sisters

Pimping is a fancy or dressed-up term for human trafficking of women by male sexual predators who work tirelessly to foist (impose, facilitate,  finagle, palm off, pass off)  male domination over women for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, today's Nigeria becomes notorious  for trafficking in women when the bokoharam abducted over 270 schoolgirls from their  Chibok dormitories. The world carried placards saying "Bring back our girls." What do you think happened after the girls were sold off as sex slaves, or given as wives to fighting criminals?

Chineke anyi (our God)!  We hear some of the girls were allegedly released in exchange for proceeds from Nigeria's increasingly cheap oil. Who cares for the Chibok girls' mothers and aunts who are now forced to exchange places with their daughters ? Imagine that Sambissa Forest suddenly transformes to any Nigerian city controlled by politicians. Thanks for noticing.

Written/posted Sunday, October 23, 2016

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