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For They Have sown the Wind and Shall Reap the Whirlwind (Hosea 8.7)

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Except those that are seriously deranged, the world is in chaos and we know it. The chaos is showing no evidence of peaceful resolution instead it seems that the trend will continue into the near and far future. Here are just a few examples: 

  1. A smart high school Arab student in Irvin Texas made a clock and brought it his school for “show and tell.” He was arrested and handcuffed by the police following a call from his teacher who thought the clock was a bomb. A combination of the facts such as that the boy was an Arab; and that some Arabs have threatened US; and that the devise did not obviously look like a clock; and that a flash came from the device compelled a scared teacher to call the police. If this call had not been quickly dismissed, the school would have been in lockdown for a while. Some have accused the teacher of racism, but is she a racist or a scared teacher? Is it not the many incidents, happening all over a worried world that caused her fears? There is chaos in the world.

  2. Anyone watching or reading the news these days can see the tragedy happening in Europe. The human crises that have resulted in millions of people freeing from war fronts, and an unwilling Europe trying to force them back to the war fronts. Those of us who have seen a war up front and close can remember the fears which we see on the faces of refugees trying to get into Europe. We can see the inhumanity of those trying to force them back to bombs, to gun shots, to destroyed homes, and to anarchy. It is a case of man’s inhumanity to man. All the countries in the Middle East are in turmoil; Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, to name a few. The only island of stability is Israel which is one of the countries that have brought turmoil, hunger, deprivation, destruction of all that we live for and whirlwind into the area.

  3. Three Americans and a Briton are being heralded as heroes deservedly for confronting and subduing a gun man determined to kill hundreds of passengers whose only sin was to get to France for their ordinary business. Nowadays if you want to travel by train, bus, airplanes or whatsoever, anywhere in the world you are watched, questioned, photographed, almost strip searched. You are a potential terrorist. Such widely held notions of free borders, free movement, free assembly, etc. are now things of the past. Most luggage are opened, sometimes smelled by dogs as potential harbingers of death. When I entered USA about four decades ago. I queued in line and when it was my turn, I showed my passport and visa and off I went. Not these days. There is fear all over the place.

  4. The destruction of twin towers in New York; the underground station bombing in UK, the kidnapping in the Middle East, the ISIS and Taliban fighting, the fight against terrorism all over the world including Nigeria, Chechen in Russia, terrorist in India, in Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and many others signify a world in crises.

  5. You get my drift. 

It should not come as a surprise that the West is a major contributor to this wild, wild world. The collapse of the Soviet Empire left the world with a Super Power (USA) and with its NATO Allies the opportunity to shape the world according to their vision. And with leadership that aspires to world domination, and no force to challenge it, there is the opportunity to coerce those perceived as having conflicting visions. Thus initiated by former President George Bush (43), in the guise of searching for weapons of mass destruction, and under a policy of Regime Change, the West proceeded to destroy Iraq, destabilize Afghanistan, over throw Libyan Leader and other Middle Eastern Leadership, and created today’s anarchy. Below the West’s invasion of the Middle East is the urging and blackmailing of Europe by Israeli leadership in the bid to expand its territory created as a compensation for holocaust. 

The destruction of Middle Eastern states by the West to impose “democracy” and good governance on a people that have managed their countries for over 4,000 years is resulting in the second invasion of Europe by Islam. 

The first time Islam visited Europe was under the Othman leadership in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. That occupation was a result of westward expansion of the Othman empire. It was accomplished by the force of arms. They nearly destroyed Christianity in the process. It was not until 1922 that matter was finally and fully settled. But before then Crusades and other wars were fought. And millions of lives lost. This second invasion is driven by a different kind of war, the one promoted by the West. The invaders are refugees but it is beginning to look like war; what with refuges refusing to go back; with refugees cutting border wires; with refugees challenging police and the military and pushing down walls. Germany has offered to resettle about a million and other European nations are doing the same. By the time all refugees are settled millions of Arabs, and middle easterners would be in Europe. They will create a different type of problems for the West. Such as: 

  1. Those who might have been mistreated might consider going back and joining the “terrorists” having realized that the anger against the West was really justified.

  2. Creating exactly the type of tension that the Jews created by arriving in Europe after the destruction of Jerusalem by their European forbears. In a few decades Europe and American might be searching for another “Final Solution” to the Arab question.

  3. In the short run these same refugees could be the link between ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaida etc. and spread terror around the world. The number of suspects of Arab descent in the West is already alarming and with millions more entering. It can only get worse. 

What to do? 

I wish that there are easy answers. But two seem to be possible. 

  1. The West should stop all saber rattling. All talks about bringing down the Assad Regime in Syria would seize. Efforts to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons would be pulled back and Iran would be just like USA, UK, France, Russia, North Korea, Israel, China and other countries with nuclear weapons. Countries would be allowed to develop their own form of government, not necessarily democracy. Accomplishing this will be impossible in USA with the likes of war mongers Senator McCain, Speaker Boehner, etc. in the congress.

  2. Fight to finish. This might be the easier of the two. The West has the weapons and men and women who would could do the job. There is no power out there that can stop the complete conquest of the world. With the West now in charge, democracy would be imposed under USA supervision. 

There will be peace of the grave. 

Hosea 8:7 advises that those who sow the wind would reap the whirl wind. It may be useful to listen to the Jew. 


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba 

Boston, Massachusetts 

September 19, 2015

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Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.