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Do They Think They're God's Gifts To Nigerians?

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss the various assumptions Nigerian have that are at the root of the hard times that are threatening to break our people's resolve, dampen the human spirit, and destroy our love for country and countrymen. These assumptions tend to create hard times in Nigeria and produce hopelessness and helplessness in our people. You might want to know that holders of these assumptions are so inexorably interested in one thing, that is, the I-Me-Myself self centeredness coupled with grandiosity that is likely to wreck havoc on our economy and ensure that Nigeria continues to wobble at the brink of anarchy, or the state of being ungovernable. A thing or act is inexorable if it is relentless, inevitable, unavoidable, unstoppable as Nigerian leaders' corrupt behavior is.   Boko haram is not the only trouble troubling us; it is merely a symptom of a more serious trouble.

The spirit of entitlement in Nigerians is sickening. Selfishness is engulfing my country. It is the same old shit, the unchanged staid quandary, and identical sticky situation.  Many Nigerians are hovering over the national money bag like famished udele (vultures) with an entitlement certificate. They are waiting for our nation to die a slow death. What is killing our country is selfishness which is a poorly conceptualized bundle of rights, power, prerogatives, privileges, or claims.

A Nigerian seeking  the governorship of a far north state begins his campaign by announcing he is direct descendant of a little known great man from ancient XYZ kingdom. He ends his campaign with "I'm born to rule and rulership ought to descend to me as a matter of right." Another politician may seek the backing of established kingmakers in his quest to beguile, mesmerize, and woo. The rest viewing for political offices prostitutes with sources of power and money.

In 2015, a Nigerian newspaper reported that a woman from Delta State committed suicide one Monday after her fiancé dumped her and  left  for another woman, whom he had married in Lagos. The woman named Jane was said to have introduced her fiancé, John, to her parents three years earlier and was anticipating marriage which never occurred. Friends talked, gossiped, oohed, and ahhed

Jane, who was a graduate of Economics from University of Benin, and had been waiting for John  three years to propose and place wedding ring on her finger. Jane waited  in vain. After complaining to family members about her raw deal, unfortunate ordeal and discovering that the fiancé had married someone else, Jane was found dead in her bedroom.  Traces of illegal drugs marked her bedroom gravesite.

According to reports, John, a Lagos based businessman was given a break from employment to attend Jane's introduction of John to her parents. He returned to Lagos and had been staying there while allegedly switching his affection from Jane to another girl whom he eventually made his wife. We cannot negate the tragedy of a young woman's death because a death anywhere diminishes the worth of us all.. Some people may  point an accusatory finger at all men and say: "men are no good."  Other s may pontificate: "men take advantage of women who stupidly love them to death." When all is said and done, we have a funeral to attend to. Jane had to die because she felt entitled to a fallacy that all marriages are made in heaven, including the best man and flower girls. Extreme cases of fallacious assumptions of entitlement are easy to find in Nigeria.

FALLACY ONE: "You must marry me or I commit suicide." TRUTH: Nobody promises you a marriage; Marriages are not made in heaven; and a marriage is what you can negotiate on earth.

FALLACY TWO: "You must declare me the winner of these elections or the country is destroyed, or turned into a river of blood, and rendered ungovernable" TRUTH; It is the height of irresponsibility and self-centeredness to assume that a position belongs to you by virtue of your religion, tribe, or who you think you are. It is treasonable felony to unleash violence in your country just because you sincerely believe that a position you are entitled to belongs to you and no one else. You are a simple fool. You are selfish, self-centered, egotistical, egoistical egocentric, or anything but altruistic. Selfishness leads to classic anarchy and stubborn opposition to the democratic process. Treason and anarchy are aspects of the faulty thinking common among corrupt people.

FALLACY THREE : "Nobody can rule better that I can. Being President twice under the military and civilian governments is not sufficient for me; you must elongate my civilian Presidency to include the third term." TRUTH: You cannot contravene the Constitution to advance a purely selfish agenda that serves no useful purpose other than greed and arrogance.

FALLACY FOUR: The Nigerian politicians in the House and Senate can be heard to say : "The treasury belongs to us or no salary must be paid to workers." TRUTH This is the thinking common among corrupt people who arrogate to themselves the right to own public property.

FALLACY FIVE: The Nigerians running for various office often say: "If I lose this campaign, it must be the result of electoral corruption, and I must go to court to challenge whichever way the results go." TRUTH; You are only one of our many public servants, no more and no less. Any qualified person can run for elections besides you. Voters are entitled to choose the best candidate for the job. Remember that you don't own Nigeria

FALLACY SIX:  Many Nigerian leaders and  ex-leaders seem to be saying: "There is the divine right monarchy around here and you must not say anything insulting or degrading to me or I go to the court  to defend my good name." TRUTH: President Obama of the united States has been slandered  in more ways than you can imagine, including being called a liar, homosexual, cheater, Muslim, . Do you see Obama complaining?. Such insults come with the job. If you cannot stand the heat, better get out of the kitchen. As a public servant, you are expected to be open to be scrutinized, examined, criticized, made fun of, turned upside down, and weighed in and out. That comes with the job. Therefore, stop complaining.

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