Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 16:13

The five yoga approaches to God



Ozodi Thomas Osuji


     Hinduism has five main yogas. Yoga is Sanskrit word for our efforts to reconnect to our creator. At present we are supposed to be separated from God and yoga tries to reconnect us to God. To yoke, which is what yoga means, is to rejoin ourselves back to God, to reconnect to God.

     Patanjali, a Hindu thinker of over two thousand years ago, posited Jnana Yoga, Bhakta Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga and Tantra Yoga.  Over time, two other yogas, Hartha Yoga and Ayurveda Yoga emerged.

     Hinduism teaches that each of us has a yoga path fitted to his temperament and that he has to follow it if he wants to reach his source, Brahman, aka God. 

      Briefly defined, Jnana Yoga is the path of the intellect and philosophy; Jnana yogis reach God by thinking about the nature of reality and its God. Only about one percent of the human population is capable of serious thinking, are philosophers, and are jnana yogis. 

      Bhakta yoga comprises over 90% of humanity; this is the path of praying and worshiping God; the Bhakti yogi sees God as a human being to be worshipped, sang to and praised. Christianity and Islam emphasize praying to God and see God as a father figure to be pleased hence are Bhakta yoga,

      Karma yogis may not talk about God but serve God by serving people; these are the doers of this world that produce the world’s wealth and improve the human living condition.

      Tantra yogis are lovers; they reach God by loving human beings; by seeing all people as divine; they may connect to God by seeing their sexual partners as part of God.

      Raja yoga is called the royal yoga because in it people meditate and in meditation lose awareness of their ego selves and merge their identity with Brahman.

      Transcending Maya is difficult; only very few persons break through Moksha and reach Samadhi, oneness with God.

      In every era, may be, one or two people break through Maya, the illusions of the reality of the ego, body, space, time and matter and realize that all is Brahman and mind and that the world is a dream where dream figures are projected out by mind and folks come to see those illusions as real.

      Most people, for example, take the world around them as real; they would not believe it if told that the galaxies, stars, planets, people in bodies etc. do not actually exist except as dream figures; but there are those in meditation who have seen the physical universe literally disappear and they know themselves as one with all things. These are called God or self-realized persons; Buddhists call such persons enlightened to the light they are; they are illuminated to light; that light during the Big Bang transformed itself to everything that is part of the physical universe.

       Hindus believe that one must have a healthy body to be able to engage in religious practices hence they posit Hartha yoga and Ayurveda yoga. Along with exercises one must also control ones breathing to be able to live well. Breath is called Prakriti; the Purinas are devoted to teaching people how to improve their bodies and breathing so as to become physically healthy and become ready to experience their true self, Atman who is one with Brahman.

     The self that we are currently aware of is the ego, in Sanskrit called Ahankara, a dream self, not our real self. The purpose of religious practices is to transcend the ego and gain awareness of Jivatman.

      Hartha yoga is essentially flexibility exercises to make one’s body healthy.

      Ayurveda is Hindu eating practices that are supposed to make for healthy bodies; it is mainly vegetarian diet and herbal medicine.

      Hinduism recommends eating little food and occasionally fasting; when you fast you forget that you are body; when you forget that you are body your mind would not be doing what makes the body survive and you pay attention to spiritual needs.

      If you ask me, I recommend that every few months you should fast. I have occasionally gone for a month without solid food, just drinking water and juices. Fast and your mind would stop seeing itself as body and begin really thinking spiritual thoughts. You would have such spiritual experiences that you can only laugh at childish atheists who say that there is no God. (In quiet, meditative state, I can look at you and literally read your thoughts as you are thinking them!)




     If you insist on keeping your ego self-concept, Hindus believe that you must use it to pray to God, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and or Spirit Guides to guide you; that way you continually humble your ego and prevent it from getting grandiose and out of control.

      You do not want to be like Igbo Nigerians; these folks keep their egos and imagine that they are the grandiose, superior egos that they want to become whereas if you look at them from afar you see them as deluded, megalomaniac, boastful, empty headed idiots.

     The path that retains the ego and humbles it through prayer is called Bhakta yoga approach to God; using the ego self to worship God, God that is seen as a person with a human personality.

      Clearly, most human beings are only fitted to become Bhakti yogis; only a handful people are actually capable of thinking (are Jnana yogis). India has produced a handful of Janani yogis, such as Shankara, Ramanuja, Vivekananda etc. (I am a Janani Yogi, a born Brahmin.)




      You can choose to give up your entire ego, and do not think or act from your ego separated self-concept and become enlightened and think and live from the Holy Spirit, your right mind, not your left mind, ego. This is called Raja yoga approach to God; here, one gives up seeing one’s self as an ego self and does not see God as a person but as a force that is in all of us.

       Buddhists practice Raja Yoga; Buddhists who have succeeded in transcending their separate ego selves, now have no-ego self, are said to have attained Buddha mind (Christ mind).

      In meditation such a person loses awareness of the ego self and attain Nirvana; Zen calls it Satori; here, the individual has no awareness of having a separated ego self-concept but know himself as part of one self, one universal energy that pervades the entire universe, and is the universe.




     It should be noted that whereas Hindus and Buddhists, that is, four billion Asians, try to get rid of their egos, Africans, especially Nigerians and Igbos struggle to retain their egos; Nigerians are the most arrogant people on earth; humility is not part of their psychological make up; they think, speak and act from the ego; in the process they come across as childish.

      It is not a wonder that Nigerians cannot govern themselves well; how can foolish egotists govern themselves well?

      To govern well you retain your ego but transform it to serve other people’s interests; that is, you become a karma yogi. If you completely keep your ego and not redirect it to serving social interest you are a narcissist and or sociopath and cannot govern people; you see public office as from which to steal. Most Nigerian leaders are sociopaths, thieves.

      Have you seen an Igbo boasting about his phantom wealth and power, if so what do you see? You see a child with the mind of a ten year old! The idiot actually does not know that to be grown up and be mature is to give up the underdeveloped ego and speak from no- ego self, aka Christ self, the Holy Spirit directed self, the Buddha self, in Igbo categories, the Chi self.  Igbos are an amusing people, indeed; what other people consider idiotic: pride, vanity and egoism, they are proud of!




      It is the mind of the son of God (what Hindus call Atman, who is one with Brahman, God) that invented space, time and matter and used the matter it invented to invent bodies for human beings. 

      In that sense what needs to be changed is mind not body, for body is the product of mind and mind can give it up; body does not exist except as an illusion so mind uses it to do what it wants to do.

    What matters is to give up ones ego self-concept, give up all the concepts and ideas one has about one’s self and have no self-concept.

     When you give up your separated ego self-concept you no longer use your self-concept to color the world you see to fit its parameters; you begin to see the world without preconceptions and see it as it is, not as your ego wants it to become; you begin to approximate objectivity in your perceptions of things.

      Without the ego self-concept you see things more clearly, not colored by who you want to be and want things to be, which is what the ego is.

     The ego is what kind of person you want to be, what you want other people to be and what you want things and the world to be; without the ego you let things be as they are not as you want to be. You stop trying to create the world and allow the world to be itself; you give up the silly quest to create reality and accept reality as it is.

      Thereafter, you live in peace for you are no longer trying to be the creator of reality but accept you as part of reality.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 25, 2017


Biological Traumas Are Causal Factors In Personality Disorders

Date: July 24, 2017

To: Bruce Bibee, LPC

From: Ozodi Osuji, PhD (907) 310-8176 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject: Your presentation yesterday.

Your presentation yesterday at the ATOM center of Anchorage, Alaska prompted me to write the following piece. I will think more of it and if it still makes sense to me develop it further and send it out to an appropriate journal for publication. Thank you for the excellent talk you gave us on developmental psychology and how traumatic experiences disrupt child development and possibly cause dissociative disorders and or post-traumatic- stress disorder (PTSD). Your explanation of the writings of Jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, Button White, Erik Erikson, Jerome Kegan and other developmental psychologists writings on the various stages of child development was a refresher course for me; I had taken courses where they were taught but have, more or less, forgotten them. I learned a lot from your presentation.  Thank you.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Those who treat people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD (DSM, 2013) talk about how the abused and or traumatized child reacted during the actual traumatic experience and subsequent post abuse issues of  guilt, depression and anxiety.

If, for example, a child is raped, during that rape she does not have the ability to run away from the rapist, especially if the rapist is related to her; she may use her mind to escape from her body by projecting herself out of her body and into an imaginary self; that is, she creates another self and identify with that different but imaginary self and from that stand point deny that what is happening to her body is, in fact, happening to her body.

That is to say that the abused child dissociates from her body and that enables her to cope with the pain of the trauma she is subjected to. Projecting herself out of her body and to a different self is thus a coping mechanism during abuse.

In effect, she is able to say to herself that the abuse is not happening to her body since she is now looking at her body from the perspective of another self, the self she projected herself to.

It is speculated that dissociative disorders, such as multiple personality disorder are the product of childhood sexual and other abusive traumas. See the writings of Alice Miller, James Masterson, Heinz Kahut and F. O. Kernberg.

As I reflect on this hypothesis, it seems to me that medical disorders, especially in childhood, disorders that the child cannot escape from is also traumatic for the child and could lead to eventual PTSD and in the immediate force the child to seek dissociative escape from her body.  Such a child could also develop multiple personality disorder.

More likely is that the child may use his mind to posit an idealized body that is not subjected to medical trauma from constant pain and try to become an ideal self that is pain free.  Karen Horney (1950) developed the concepts of real self, actual self and ideal self.

Subsequently, the child obsessive-compulsively pursues an ideal self and rejects his real physical self that is prone to pain.

Such a child is what Karen Horney (1950) called the neurotic child; she sees neurosis as caused by the child's rejection of his real self and pursuit of the imaginary ideal self. This is a magical attempt to transcend the realities of a pained body. The ideal self is a magical self.

Alfred Adler (1964) sees the etiology of neurosis in inherited inferior body and attempt to transcend that problematic body by using the mind to posit an idealized superior and powerful self and pursuing it in an all or nothing manner.

The compensatory superior self is not real; it is a false magical self. As a false self it must be defended (with the various ego defense mechanism, especially denial, displacement, rationalization and projection) to seem true in the person's eyes.

The idealistic person is always seeking other people's attention; he wants other people to approve his mentally constructed ideal self, for social approval makes that false self-seem real in his eyes.


In the process of seeking an idealized self while rejecting the real self-such a person may develop delusion disorder.

In delusion disorder (DSM, 2013) the person posits an imaginary perfect self, an idealized self and identify with him. Subsequently, he tells tall tales about how successful he, the ideal self, is and makes it seem like it is who he is whereas in real life he is not that ideal, deluded self.

There is a  young woman who did not graduate from high school but says that she  is very intelligent and is a college  graduate; she wants you, the listener, to believe that she is a college graduate whereas you know that she did not even graduate from high school.  Being an intelligent, college graduate is her ideal self; she has so over identified with the false ideal self that she believes that it is who she is and is thus deluded (aka paranoid).

It should be noted that she inherited a problematic body; her body caused her pain; her body traumatized her and she sought escape from that body through the construction a false ideal self-concept and subsequent attempt to become that false self.

George Kelly (1955) developed the idea of personality as a self-concept.


The neurotic and or deluded person seeking an idealized successful self is ridden with fear and anxiety; he fears that other people may not see him as the ideal, deluded self he wants to be seen as.  He has fear of being his real self for he knows that his real self is not good enough, is riddled with medical issues such as pain; after all it was because it is not good enough that he rejected it and tried to escape from it by constructing an imaginary ideal self and identifying with it.


The pursuit of idealism and subsequent delusional disorder is probably rooted in traumatized body that disposes the child to seek escape from that body, escape in positing an imaginary ideal self and believing that one is that false, imaginary ideal self.

The treatment for such a person is to get him to realize that he is not the idealized self and cannot be it and does not have to be it; it is for him to accept his real self, crummy and pained as it may be, and do the best he can with it.

By generalization, the idealist must stop seeking ideals in his self, people, social institutions and the world and live with the imperfect self and world we have.

The self, especially the human body and the world are not going to become perfect just because we wish them to be so.

The individual must learn to accept imperfection as reality and live with it. No matter what you do the human body and social institutions cannot become perfect and you might as well deal with that reality.

However, it is a lot easier to live with the imperfections of a relatively healthy human body than the imperfections of a pained and traumatized body. Thus we must acknowledge that traumatized bodies necessarily lead to pursuit of ideals and or attempts to escape from them in dissociative disorders.  We must then work to get such persons to accept their problematic bodies that traumatize them and do the best that they can do with them.


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Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD

July 24, 2017


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Monday, 24 July 2017 12:44

On White Americans

Marvin Robinson, I decided to expand my little vignette on your yesterday's post at Facebook. Below is the expanded version of my little piece. It kind of tells you my political philosophy; I am a social democrat in the mode of Bernie Sanders; however, I differ from Mr. Sanders in that I am not a pacifist; I am a hawk; I want us to go defeat Muslim Jihadists before they convert us to their seventh century primitive, theocratic society.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

If you observe white Americans closely you see a people who talk too much about liberty and freedom but in fact are not a free people; they are chained by all sorts of fears. For example, they are afraid of their constitution (they deify this man made document and fear it as primitive folks feared imaginary gods) and would not make simple changes to it, such as give all Americans publicly paid education at all levels, university included, and give all Americans publicly paid, single payer health insurance.

Americans are cowards; if they are courageous people they would have done these simple things that their European cousins have long ago done; they rationalize their cowardice with anachronistic, eighteenth century economic hypotheses, such as capitalism that says that the free enterprise is the best economy there is and that each person should pull his own weight and that nobody should help other people.

We are not talking about feeding people here; we are talking about giving all people opportunity to go to school through university and technical schools and access to health insurance; those are human rights, not something supposedly done by the nanny state for so-called dependent  people.

Simply stated, because of America's slave past contemporary Americans are not a free people; this is because both the slave and slave master lived in a fear dominated society and are thus fearful people.

White Americans are as fearful as black Americans, for they live in a society still affected by the fear dominated life style in their past slave society.

Both white and black Americans need liberation from their fear based society.  Americans need to be taught real freedom so that they become a free people; right now they talk about liberty but are slaves.

They perpetuate their slavery by always talking about ill understood economic theories, such as free enterprise. They use statistics (you can use statistics to prove whatever point of view you want to prove is true) to tell us that capitalism is the most productive economic theory.

Such cowardly Jewish ass kissers as Milton Freidman (he was at the University of Chicago) try to please their white masters, hence write tons of rubbish telling us how free enterprise is better than socialism.

The Jew in Europe and North America lacks courage and always says what he believes would please his white rulers, until those developed contempt for their cowardice and wanted to get rid of them, such as Adolf Hitler trying to kill all of them because he saw them as cowards, as vermin who are unworthy to be alive.

A man should always state the truth, as he sees it, and not try to kiss the ass of others just because he wants to please them so that they keep him alive; those whose asses you kiss have no respect for you; no one really has respect for ass kissing Jewish college professors; they are the definition of cowardice!

The coward is a contemptible and despicable human being; no one really admires him and wants to be like him. Do you want to be like Jewish college professors?

I am not advocating socialism. Socialism generally degenerates to dictatorship where the few tell the many what to do, as was the case in the former Soviet Union, China and Cuba. Clearly, socialism kills the incentive to work hard.

The desire for profit, as the Scottish economist, Adam Smith, delineated in his seminal book, The Wealth of Nations (1776) is still the best motivation for hard work.

Be that as it may, we also know that there are some goods and services that we must provide to all citizens regardless of the utility of capitalism.

We must provide all citizens with education at all level (some stupid conservative so-called economists want k-12th grade education to be privatized...and if that was the case their illiterate poor European ancestors would not have gone to school and they would not be in a position today to talk nonsense on how only a few should go to school and the many not...mass education in Europe provided us with scientists; if only a few are educated the chances are that we shall not have enough physicists, chemists, biologists, astrophysicists, geologists and other physical scientists that make the modern society work).

Education and health insurance is a human right. We are not talking about giving the people free money, as in welfare handouts; we are talking about providing all people with certain goods that they need to become productive citizens.

In as much as public goods are generally delivered by bureaucrats and we know that those tend to be lazy,  then, we should have public education for all but also allow private education; we should have publicly paid health insurance for all and also allow private insurance for those who so choose.

What I am talking about is what common sense suggests, the wisdom of mixed economy: taking some aspects of socialism and mixing it with capitalism to take advantage of what is good in both economic approaches.

Economics is not a physical science; it is a social construct and reflects the constructors political ideologies; there is no such thing as an objective science of economics; economics is a bunch of opinions on how to run the economy (we may have accepted the economic opinions of John Locke, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Thomas Malthus, John Stuart Mill etc. but their opinions are not natural facts!).

As such, we have to combine opinions on capitalism and socialism that seem useful for organizing our human polity.

John Maynard Keynes has provided us with some useful insights on mixed economy (see his writing on fiscal policies, monetary policies and public works as a means of dealing with recession and depression).

Europeans came to the Americas and found enormous free land to utilize; moreover, they had African slaves to be used as free slave labor. Because of the ready availability of land and free slave labor White Americans prospered beyond their wildest imaginations. They came to believe that it is due to capitalism that they prospered. Yes, capitalism played a role in their prosperity but the availability of free land and free slave labor also played a role in their accumulation of capital, with which the country was developed (see Karl Marx, Das Kapital, on the accumulation of primitive capital necessary for bourgeois economic development).

Capitalism would not have worked as well as it did if the available land in America is meagre and there was no slave labor to use in developing that land.

Capitalism worked well because of free land and slaves. Capitalism worked because it was based on exploitation of African slaves and expropriation of land from Native Americans.

If you remove the exploitation of African slaves I doubt that capitalism would have worked as well as it did.

European development in the past five hundred years, 1500-2000, is correlated with the period they had African slaves. Walter Rodney, in his seminal book, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, made these points.

African Slaves built Europe and America. If there were no African slaves to do the capital accumulation needed to develop Europe and North America white folks would be backward.

I am saying that capitalism is not the god that braindead conservatives make it out to be; other factors made it work well. If you remove those factors it is not going to work well.

At present, if white Americans do not have minority persons (blacks and Latinos) to exploit capitalism will not be productive.

White Americans are not as competitive as they fancy themselves to be. Asians out-compete them in just about every economic sphere.  And, soon, Africans, yes, Africans, will outcompete them.

China is already the number one world Economy; she will soon be joined by India and Japan. That is, Asians are about to overtake the West in the world of economics.

In two hundred years when Africans would have laid down the infrastructure for governing a modern polity and gotten rid of corruption, I have no doubt that they, too, would surpass Europe and North America.

It is not because of white Americans innate competitiveness and capitalism that they became the masters of the universe; other factors played a role in their rise and as those factors are taken away they would sink to the backwater they were before Christopher Columbus came to the Americas in 1492.

The European, despite his self-serving talk of his supposed superiority in intelligence (as measured by IQ tests he set up, yes, the man wrote his understanding of intelligence tests and then have other people take them; this is evidence of the man's arrogance, his delusion disorder, really; it shows the master-servant relationship he has with non-white folks; no white man has the right to test Africans intelligence; Africans have different notions of what constitutes intelligence; try love as a measure of intelligence), cannot really compete with the Africans. If in doubt hang around in the next few hundred years as Africans over take Europe and North America.

Consider another flaw in the American polity. The rich do not provide poor people with good education, good food and health insurance.  Thus, poor kids grow up struggling for food and with no medical coverage. They turn eighteen and the rich rulers start wars in other lands and conscript these poor kids into the military and use them to fight their wars.

In the past, poor white folks were as dumb as door knobs and did not know that they were exploited and, as such, should not have gone to fight wars to protect their rich (in the case of Europe, kings). Now, they are beginning to know that they are exploited; light is beginning to penetrating their benighted minds.

Thus, the next time there is a world war where the children of the poor are massively conscripted into the military many of them would start asking questions. They would ask: so, when we were young you ignored us educationally and did not give us health care and now you want us to go fight and die to protect your wealth under the guise of trumped out patriotism, eh?

They would do what disgruntled Russian soldiers did during the First World War (1917): refuse to fight and turn their guns at the Tsar and the nobility.

The next major war where millions of Americans are conscripted into the USA military would probably end up in a bloody revolution in America. The ruling oligarchy's necks would be cut off; blood would flow in the land to cleanse it of the excessive exploitation of the poor by the mean spirited rich ruling the land.

The ruling class in America does not seem to grasp the simple truth that a civilized society must make sure that no one is exploited and that all are treated nicely.

America calls itself a Christian nation but behaves as Satan's empire. Jesus Christ preached serving your neighbors needs but America preaches exploiting your neighbors' ignorance (see the story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible to see how Jesus wanted Christians to live).

America is a primitive country; folks like me are here to civilize these primitive people that befuddled the world with the rubbish that they are civilized, civilized my foot!


A mixed economy where capitalism is accepted and aspects of socialism are also accept is the best economic plan for the contemporary human polity; if you do not do so you create the excessively rich and the excessively poor. This has happened in America.

Because the short sighted folks who govern America have allowed only one percent of the people to own most of the wealth of the land they have set their country up for a bloody revolution to change the social order.

Before the end of this century, I expect a French and or Russian type revolution in the USA where the poor cut off the throats of the rich to teach them the truth that everything in the world belongs to all of us and that no one has a right to take too much of it while the rest of the people starve.

America can only avoid a bloody revolution if it makes its economy a robust mixed economy, as in the Scandinavian countries.

Confused conservatives trotting out conservative talking points about how each person should depend on his own efforts and not on the public to support him would not save them when the masses come to cut their throats(as the French nobility's throats were cut) to show them that selfishness is not human nature.

Human nature is cooperativeness; if in doubt go ask parents who devote enormous time to caring for their children knowing that they would grow up and leave them to go live their own lives.

The idea taught by capitalist biologists like Richard Dawkins and Edward Wilson that we are driven by selfish genes is simply a lie.

Human beings are at their best when they serve public interest.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 24, 2017


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To Be In Heaven While Still On Earth Is To Have No Self Concept

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

What does it mean to say that a person is in hell?  It is very simple; it means that one has a separated self-concept, an idea that one thinks that one is; that idea says that one is different from other people, the whole, God and one defends that self-concept.

One makes up a self-concept (using one's body and social experience) and believes that it is who one is and defends it.

If other people like it one gets along with them and if they don't one feels angry at them. As long as one has a self-concept at all, grandiose or humble, and defends it one must be in hell.

One must be prone to mental upsets like fear, anxiety, anger, depression, delusion (to have a self-concept is delusion disorder itself), mania and schizophrenia. If you have a self-concept you are insane, for you believe that you are a self that you are not.

Mental health lies in having no self-concept of any kind, big or small, humble or grandiose. If you have no self-concept, no behavior pattern and just behave as the immediate environment, stimuli calls forth you are in the only type of heaven there is while you are still in form, on earth.

Heaven is formless and people in it do not have any self-concepts; in heaven you are not defending any separated self-concept for you know that you are part of one shared self, aka God.


The self-concept (false self) obviously is shaped by ones inherited body and social experience (body and society like self-concept are illusions; they do not exist) and that is why it differs in each of us for each of us has a different biological make-up and social experience.

That been said, mind can transcend body and social experience and use pure mentation to transcend one's self concept; one can use pure cognition to understand the self-concept, body and society and know them to be illusions that seem real but do not exist and let them.

The self-concept, body and society are all dream things and do not exist; the only thing that exists is unified mind and the self that owns that mind, unified spirit self.

At that point one no longer behaves as if one is one's body or member of society; one then has transcended body and society and returned to pure mind.

Matter (our bodies), space, time and society are illusions; they seem real and seem to affect us but do so only in dreams but not in reality.


Anger results when you take your self-concept too seriously, when you think that your self-concept matters and that the environment, physical and social ought to take it seriously and treat it as if it matters.

Your self-concept does not exist; it is a dream figure; it is not your real self. Your real self is the son of God who is one with all people and God and in its reality is undifferentiated, is the same and coequal with all undifferentiated selves and is not defended for it is part of all and no one can treat it good or bad and it is eternal and therefore needs no defense to exist.


On earth, whether you know it or not, things happen when they have to happen; there are no accidents in your individual life and in social life. You are where you are supposed to be and meeting people you are supposed to be meeting and doing what you are supposed to be doing, good or bad.

White people, for example, are supposed to have done what they did to black folks; black folks were supposed to be backward so that white folks enslave and discriminate against them and they fight them.

Black people will, in turn, rule white folks for that too are designed as part of the picture. The world is a movie that has already been shot and things already happened and all you can do is look at them with peace or anger; the movie is playing along.

At this moment in the movie white folks are supposed to lord it over black folks and thereafter the scene changes to where black people lord it over on white folks.

Ultimately, we will get to the scene in the movie where no one is lording it over any one else and then the movie ends.  This will take thousands of years to happen.

People are not going to be on earth for millions of years but thousands of years; in a few thousand years we would have scientifically understood everything that needs to be understood on earth. Thereafter, we would move on to other exoplanets in the Milky Way Galaxy and thereafter to other galaxies and before the universe dies we shall tunnel our way to other universes.


As long as the individual is on planet earth and lives in body he must have a separated self-concept; to have a separated ego self-concept is to be in psychological pain, to be in hell.

Salvation is from the ego; to be saved from the ego is to change from selfish ego to loving ego, to Christ ego.


Most people want to save other people but refuse to save themselves. This is part of the ego's trick, to point fingers at other people's egos and ask you to talk about their problems and save them while not saving yourself.

Salvation is first for you; it is for you to first change your ego to Christ ego and ultimately to let go of all ego separated self-concepts and become God realized.

Salvation is for you; until you are healed of the ego do not talk about other people's egos for all people have egos; to have ego is what it means to be in this world and to be in pain, in hell; get rid of your ego and pain, get out of hell, and then help other people do so but until then don't talk about their egos.


To be emancipated from the ego, to be liberated from the ego and its pain, to get out of hell, is to give up the ego entirely, to have no ego self-concept or Christ self-concept is to be free.

To have no ego self-concept is to be happy and peaceful, to be in heaven, to be in bliss.


A teacher of God teaches people to let go of their separated self-concepts and live from no self-concept.   Living from no self-concept is living in peace and joy, bliss, heaven.


A school dedicated to teaching spiritual psychology teaches people to give up their separated self-concepts and live from no-particular self.

Ego psychology, that is, scientific psychology taught at our universities teach people to have strong egos; that is, to live in pain and hell. (Now do you see why we must supplement scientific psychology with spiritual psychology to heal people?)

No particular self is every self, which is God. God is nothing (no particular thing) which means that God is everything.  (See Jean Paul Sartre, Being and Nothing.)


Everything on earth, including your inherited body, your family and society and how you experienced them, exist to enable you construct a separated self-concept and reinforce it by other people who also have constructed self-concepts relating to it. The world exists to enable you have a self-concept and defend it as who you are.  In having and defending a separated self-concept you live in psychological pain, in hell.

The teachers of God, teachers of love come in and tell you that you must let go of that self-concept you carefully constructed for you and defend as condition for your living in peace and joy, your salvation.

Of course they are resisted but truth in the end prevails. You must give up your self-concept and have no separated self if you want to have peace and joy, if you want to return to the awareness of your real self: unified spirit self (the union of God and his creation as one self).

By the way, this is what Buddhism teaches; it teaches that if you have no ego self that you identity with and defend you live in peace and joy; if you have an ego self-concept and defend it and you live in a hell of your making.

Gnosticism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen and even Christianity teach this truth, albeit in a roundabout way. The ego separated self-concepts we formed are swords with which we attack our real self and God; they separate us from our real selves.

We must give them up to become aware of our real selves, sons of God who are one with God. If we do not give them up in this life time we come back to other life times and keep trying until we completely give them up and at that time experience God and are God realized and become world teachers of God. When we give up the separated self-concept the wheel of rebirth ends, we no longer return to this world.

Or, if we do come back we come as what Buddhists call Bodhisattva and Hindus call avatars, God realized persons who come here to help those still living in the illusion that they are separated selves housed in bodes.

(See A course in miracles, chapter 31 for a poetic rendition of what I said here in simple prose.)

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 22, 2017


Saturday, 22 July 2017 09:44

What is a healed mind?


Ozodi Thomas Osuji


You hear folks talk a lot about healing and been healed. After reading the below vignette please evaluate your understanding of what healing means Vis a Vis the message of the vignette. The idea is expatiated in my forthcoming 1200 pages book, living from love.

To understand a healed mind you have to first understand what an unhealed mind is. What is an unhealed mind? What is a sick mind?

A sick mind is a mind that is separated from God. Sickness is separation from God.

If separation of mind from its source is the sickness it follows that reconnecting a mind to its source is healing. Healing is rejoining God.

A healed mind is a mind that has stopped separating from God and is now rejoined with God and all his creation; he has returned to eternal unity of all creation and its creator.

In our world we are separated from God. Actually, we are not separated from God; we are always connected to God and each other but now we dream that we are separated from God and from each other.

If we were not separated from God we would not see ourselves in this world of space, time and matter and would not be in bodies.

To be on earth is to be sick; so we are already sick.  We are here because we separated our minds from God's mind.

To be healed we have to return our minds to God. How is that to be done?  When we separated from God we developed a separated mind, the ego mind and now think and behave from the ego mind.  To be in the ego mind, the mind that adapted to this world is to be sick, to be unhealed. To live on earth we live from the ego mind, also called the left mind, the mind we invented and use to replace the unified mind that God and his sons use in communing with each other in heaven.


When we separated from God and he could no longer commune with us he created another self, the Holy Spirit, the God in the temporal universe, the immanent God and as him lodged himself in our right minds.


There are now three parts to our minds: the unified mind, the mind we had with God in heaven, before separation, nobody on earth understands that mind, if you live through that mind you would not see you in body and on earth.

Right now you see yourself in a body and in the world of space and time; this means that you are operating from the ego mind, a sick mind, a deluded mind, a psychotic mind that sees a self-housed in body that is not there and sees other people in bodies that are not there, and sees animals, trees, the planets, stars, galaxies, and the physical universe that are not there; the ego mind is literally hallucinating and is deluded and sees a world that is not there.

God planted his immanent self, the Holy Spirit in our right mind; that is, God now as the Holy Spirit is in our right minds. From there he tries to reinterpret what our left minds do so as to use them to redirect us to return to heaven.

For example, when somebody attacks you, does bad things to you your left ego mind bears grievances and seeks vengeance; you go after the person who wronged you and seek revenge. This is the mind of the ego, the mind of the world.

The Holy Spirit, the right mind sees what that person did to you and knows that he did it from his left mind, from his sick mind, from his insane mind, from his psychotic mind and knows that he would not have done that to you if he was sane. He, therefore, asks you to overlook what that person did to you, to forgive him and love him. In forgiving him and loving him you see the sane part of him, the Christ in him.

Let us see; I have said that our minds have three parts; the transcendent part, the God in us; the unified mind we had in heaven but that we are now not aware of (we can experience that mind in what Christians call mystical union of the father and the son, Hindus call Samadhi, Buddhists call Nirvana and Zen call Satori).

God as God, God the father is not in this world; he does not even know that this world exists. God knows that his son sleeps and dreams that he is separated from him. Unable to commune with his sleeping son, God created the Holy Spirit and as him enters the mind of his sleeping son and lodges his self in his right mind.

Thus, there is now God the father and God the Holy Spirit. God the son is us; God the son, us, is now sleeping and has forgotten his God ship; nevertheless, he is part of God hence he is God the son.

God, in effect, has three sides to him: God the father, aka the transcendent God; God the son, us, now sleeping and seeing itself as egos; God the Holy Spirit, the God that is aware that he is part of God and yet sees our world and reinterprets it to make it aligned with heaven and, ultimately, reinvents the world to make it resemble heaven but is not heaven for the world it remade from our world is still in forms, albeit light forms.

The Holy Spirit brings us to the gate of heaven but it is up to us to finally open the gate of heaven and enter heaven; this metaphor means that it is up to us to give up the sense of having a separated self, ego or Christ and regain the awareness that we are one with God.

A healed mind, therefore, is a mind who relates to other people from its right part. A healed mind relates to the world from the Holy Spirit, from the Christ (Christ meaning love for all people).

To be healed is to stop thinking and behaving from your left mind, from your ego mind and, instead, think and behave from your right mind, from your Christ mind, from the Holy Spirit directed part of your mind.

When you think and behave from your right mind, you are now right minded; you are now guided by Christ (your real self in light form) and the Holy Spirit.

Whereas, you still see yourself in a disjointed world, in space, time and matter, your thinking and behavior now approximate your thinking and behavior in the unified state of heaven but is not it; you are metaphorically at the gate of heaven, at the bridge connecting heaven and earth; you are having a happy dream where you see all of us as related to you and love us; you have relative peace and joy but not the perfect peace and joy of heaven.

Healing is joining your mind to God and all God's sons but since that cannot really take place while  you are on earth where you are separated from others, healing means allowing your ego mind to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

If you are a Christian you can give the Holy Spirit human form and call him Jesus Christ, for Jesus so completely obeyed God that he is the star student of the Holy Spirit and can be called the Holy Spirit; if you like, he is God manifested in human form (Orientals would call the Holy Spirit Rama, Krishna, Buddha etc.; that is, avatars, God incarnated in human form).

A healed mind does not think and act from the ego; before he does anything he stops and asks the Christ (his higher self in light form), the Holy Spirit, his right mind to guide him. He lives from the right mind, from the Christ, from the Holy Spirit, he is right minded.

A healed mind has now corrected his perception with the aid of the Holy Spirit; he is now seeing people as the Holy Spirit reinvented them, in light forms, not as their egos made them, in bodies. (we collectively invented egos in bodies for us; the Holy Spirit immediately remade our egos in bodies into Christ in light forms; thus, right now you have an ego in body and also a Christ in light body... you do not see yourself in Christ, light body; to see yourself and all people in that form you have to forgive yourself and all people the idea of separation and what is done in separation...try this simple experiment; tomorrow, wake up and resolve to love all people and forgive every human being that wronged you; if you can do that for twenty four hours you will momentarily see you and those around you in light forms; Hinduism calls what I call light forms astral bodies; astral is light; astral world is what I call the world of light forms and A course in miracles calls the gate of heaven).

Because a healed mind has corrected his seeing and now has spiritual seeing, aka Christ vision, occasionally he sees himself and people in their light forms, not dense bodily forms.

A healed mind, a purified mind, a forgiving mind, a loving mind can heal whatever medical disorders he has and the medical disorders those around him have.

A healed mind has miracle mindedness; that is, he has experienced the miracle of letting go of his ego mind and embraced his right mind, the Christ mind, the Holy Spirit directed mind. He has corrected his perception, from ego seeing to unified, Christ seeing.

In that miracle minded state he can heal the entire world.

Indeed, he can ask the dead to resurrect and they resurrect, for he has resurrected his own mind from death.


To live from the ego is to be dead to Christ; to be dead to one's real self;  to resurrect is to live from Christ; to allow Christ to be born in one the second time.

Christ was first created when God created his son; Christ was crucified on the cross and died when the son of God separated from him and live as the ego in body. Christ resurrects from death, from ego when he discards the ego and return to living from union with his father; Christ comes to the world a second time when the son of God decides not to live as ego but live as Christ, a loving person. The last judgment is when each of us judges the ego and its world to be false and give it up  and return to living as  the Christ, the son of God who has not separated from his father; who lives as his father created him.


Have you, the reader, understood what I said? If not read what I said over and over, again, until you have understood it.

To be healed is to join your mind to God's mind, to close the space and gap that you invented to separate you from God and from other people; to be healed means that you have closed that little space and gap between you and God and now know yourself to be one with God and all people.

When that gap is closed, you are now at one with God and all people (atonement means "at-one- ment" with God and his creation).

In the state of atonement you are healed and can heal others; you are now a healed healer, for you have healed your mind (returned it to God) and can heal other people whose minds are not healed (whose minds are still separated from God); you help them decide to return their minds to God by forgiving and loving all people.

Other people's minds are not healed because they still have separated ego minds; they are healed when you help close their separation and return their minds to the unity of God and his sons.

Have you seen anybody who has joined his mind to God and you? You probably have not. Instead of looking for such a person you should become him; close the gap between you and God and return your mind to union with God and you are healed and can help other people to close the Gap between them and God hence heal them.

One healed person, you, becomes the healer of all God's infinite sons who are one son of God.  Since you contain all sons of God, it takes your healing for all other sons of God to be healed. The world cannot be healed until you are healed, until you rejoin your mind to God and all of us.


A healed mind has rejoined his mind to God's mind; he has corrected his perception and now sees God and all of us as parts of him; he has forgiven the world; he is now a loving person. He lives peacefully and happily. In his presence you feel peaceful and happy.

Do you feel peaceful and happy in the presence of your pastor or Muslim mullah? If not he is an unhealed healer and cannot heal you.

You will know that your mind is healed by the presence of many spiritual qualities. For example, you would no longer be able to feel fear; I mean this literally; fear is a biological affect alerting you to danger to your body and ego and urging you to either run away or stay and fight the source of the danger so as to survive. If your mind is aligned with the Holy Spirit you feel secure in God and cannot feel any threat by worldly things.  No one can harm a person protected by God.

If you are aligned with God you do not feel anger. Anger means that you perceive threat to your body and ego and you react to protect those. If you are in God you do not feel threat.

If your mind is healed you do not feel guilt. You do not feel guilty because you know that you have not separated from God and, as such, have not committed any sin.  Of course you are still in the dream of separation but you know that it is a dream and do not take it seriously. Moreover, in the dream your attitude to all people is one of love. You are now incapable of thinking harmful thoughts towards any child of God for to do so is to think harmful thoughts towards yourself (for as you do to others is how you do to you; giving is receiving;  God has only one son and what you do to him you have done to all of us).

A healed mind sees his self as innocent and sees all people as innocent for none of us have separated from God and have not done what we see each other do on earth.  The sons of God remain innocent, holy, sinless and guiltless; they remain as God created them, one with him for they are ideas in God's mind and ideas cannot leave their source.

A healed person is mentally healthy; he has overcome such mental upsets as fear, anxiety, depression, delusion, mania, schizophrenia etc. for all those are means of protecting the ego separated self; if you have given up your ego what business do you have with mental disorders?

Finally, a healed mind is at peace and is happy; he is full of smiles, laughter and humor and has good will towards all people (that is, towards his one shared self).

PS: The ideas in this essay are exactly the same ideas written by Plotinus, in his book, Ennead, he was a Roman Gnostic in the third century of our common era, and by the Hindu mystic, Shankara in the eight century of our common era and by Helen Schucman, in her book, A course in miracles in 1976. Whereas many sources influence my thinking, I tend to understand spiritual matters intuitively; I have been so since I was born hence upon birth, Igbos decided that I am their high priest, "Onye ishi Amadioha". I am a born teacher of love who is a teacher of God. When the world is in an existential crisis, as it is today, one of us, a student of the Holy Spirit, comes to the world to re-articulate the eternal verity that all human beings, black and white, men and women, are the same and coequal and are one and that we must love all of us and forgive our mistakes and through the Holy Spirit correct those mistakes that are harmful to people.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 22, 2017


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Friday, 21 July 2017 20:38

On people seeking worth



Ozodi Thomas Osuji


What a person observes people do that bothers him is actually his problem rather than other folks problems. Psychoanalysts call this projection (ego defense mechanism).

I am the one with a problem when it comes to the foolery that Nigerians make of themselves logging their titles around. It bothered me no end seeing Nigerians giving themselves empty titles.  I know that they are doing it, giving themselves titles, to make them seem important.

What do you want them to do, accept existential unimportance? Existence makes people seem unimportant and they struggle to seem important, so what they are doing, trying to seem important by attaching titles to them is a normal response to their existential unimportance; it enables them to struggle for achievement, for achievements gives them the impression that they are important; without those achievements and titles they would be paralyzed by their existential unimportance and may be commit suicide. Therefore, leave them alone; let them dance their dance of social importance for it keeps them going and alive


Everywhere you look human beings are trying to obtain a sense of importance through their bodies. This is especially so with women.

Women decorate their bodies with nice clothes and jewelries and present themselves to the public and kind of think that that makes them seem socially important.

Men pile titles to them, and wear clothes, caps and jewelry that supposedly make them important in their world, such as Igbos wearing red caps, wearing beads around their necks and arms, and through them feel kind of important.

Here is the deal. All these social dances cannot make people important. We cannot feel important from our bodies for we know that our bodies are nothing important. Our bodies will die and decay to elements, atoms, particles and to nothingness. Nothingness, that is our bodies, cannot be important and we know it.


Some persons, me included, try to find worth and significance through ambition. In my youth I was totally ambitious; I wanted to succeed in education and then go get a job and succeed at it and become a socially important person. I was so ambitious that I had no time to relax and have fun. I was intense, motivated and focused like a trajectory moving towards a goal, the goal being success and the success is designed to make me feel important. In time I learned that success does not give me importance for I live in body that will die. Body and social success cannot give me existentially importance.

This is depressing but when one accepts ones existential unimportance one tends to relax and smell the roses and live happy existence.


Throughout human history people recognizing that their bodies have no worth posit what they call God, spirit and say that if they identify with God, spirit that they derive real importance. Spirit is said to be permanent, eternal and changeless so to identify with him is to overcome the death of the body, to transcend the changeable and temporary and become permanent hence important.

The problem is that we do not know that spirit exists; God and spirit is a hypothesis and therefore cannot give us importance.


Science says that there is no God, spirit and life after we die; science says that our minds and thinking is epiphenomenal; that is, are the products of our brains; that our thinking is materialistic, produced by matter; science sees us as pure animals. Okay.

If we are pure animals who like dogs die and rot and disappear from existence then we are nothing important.

Science takes away from people their imagined importance, their ego and spiritual importance and tells them that they have no importance.


Life on earth is seeking body based worth; it is impossible to obtain worth by seeking it through body; body is nothing and folks want to derive worth through identification with body.

Since we cannot derive worth from body, ego and spirit then what are we supposed to do?


One must accept that one is an animal that lives and dies and accept that one cannot obtain body based worth or from imaginary spirits; one must accept ones existential worthlessness and live with that reality.

If a man accepts worthlessness and does not seek it and does not pretend to have it he lives humbly, peacefully and joyfully, expecting nothing and getting nothing.

Such a man is not easily manipulated by society that gives people phony titles to gratify their desire for worth and in the process manipulate and control them or religious organizations that give people the hill of beans that they have worth in god and in the process manipulate them and have them obey the religions' leaders.

Live with worthlessness; it can be done and must be done for your own peace of mind.


If I accept that I am worthless, unimportant and insignificant and do not desire their opposites what else can you do to me, tell me that I am unimportant, but I have already accepted that reality? You have no effect on me and cannot control me as your silly ego is trying to do by telling me that I have no worth.

Igbos manipulate each other by playing on their desire for worth; recognizing that Igbos seek social worth they tell you that you are worthless and that is supposed to make you feel bad.

Igbos fear failure for to be a failure is supposed to give you shame; they call you shameless for in their primitive minds and primitive world being a failure is supposed to shame you! They do not even know what constitutes success!

Being wise is the greatest success in life. Throughout human history it is wise people, philosophers that are known thousands of years after they are dead. We know about Plato, Aristotle and a few other Greeks but not about rich Greek folks.

Who remembers rich folks a hundred after they are dead? Nobody! People remember those who give them words of wisdom such as Lao Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Shankara, Ramanuja, Jesus Christ, Bahaullah, Ramakrishna and Osuji.

No one can control a person who has accepted his worthlessness; governments and leaders are able to control people because people seek phony worth, seek empty titles to mask, veil, cover their existential worthlessness.


You can learn a lot about a culture by relating to a few of its members. I learned a lot about Igbo culture by relating to a few Igbos at Nigerian Internet forums. By relating to them on the Net they showed me a lot about their Igbo culture.

I had taken what I called sabbatical from academia and the administrative world, a world that I had been a part of for thirty years; I felt a need to go think things through without trying to conform to any external others. Some of the Igbo chaps asked me if I am unemployed and I said yes. They extrapolated from that that I must be poor (common sense would have told the fools that a man who had his PhD in his twenties and had worked for thirty years ought to have some savings but we are talking about fools). These folks began a process of calling me poor and so on. I kept asking myself why it is their business if a person is poor or not. Finally, I got it.

In their culture people must be known to be employed and making a certain amount of money to be considered acceptable. In the Igbo world you have to appear to be socially making it for the people to respect you. Thus, most Igbos struggle to have money so as to seem successful; they know that if they are seen as successful they are accepted by their people and if not they are rejected by them. In the process Igbos do not take time out to do serious thinking; they mostly proffer received group information.

Igbos are  so busy trying to get  each other's acceptance that they do not do personal thinking and decide what is right or wrong and make a personal stance on the truth. They are really a primitive people conforming to what they think that their group members would approve and are afraid to be rejected by their group members.

As a result, none of them really have made a seminal contribution to the world of thought. No Igbo that I know of have contributed to philosophy or psychology or even physics and chemistry; these people are simply not relevant in the world of ideas.

I learned a lot about them from relating to them from afar on the internet. I thank those I had to close my nose to read the rubbish they write for they gave me tremendous insights into the Igbo character and Igbo culture.

Igbo culture accepts people conditionally, only when they seem successful and reject them when they seem like failures. The average Igbo is afraid of rejection by his people and as a result lacks what Carl Jung call individuation; they are like children afraid to displease their parents and people and do whatever they do to conform to their group's norms.

Any psychologist would tell you that people need unconditional social acceptance to become psychologically healthy.

Conditional acceptance of people makes them neurotic. Most Igbos are neurotic; I have not seen one psychologically healthy Igbo in my entire life.

Igbos have a lot of social pathologies. This is not the right place to begin the process of changing their pathological culture and healing them.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 21, 2017


Friday, 21 July 2017 09:01

We choose to live in bodies


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Let us consider our lives in bodies, our present existence. We all know that each of us has the ability to end his life in body. If you choose to, right now, you can commit suicide and end your life in body. It is as simple as that. You go to the store, buy a gun and bullets and go pump those bullets into your head and you are dead. You may choose a less gruesome method of dying by taking, say, cyanide and get it over with in seconds.

If you can take your own life (and, sadly, other people's lives, too), so, what prevents you from doing so?  The answer is very simple; you want to live in body. You want to live doing what body enables you to do, live as a separated self.

Body, matter, space and time are means of making living as a separated self-possible. You are alive in body, space and time because you wished and still do to live in separated state.

To be alive on earth you must have a separated self in body. To be alive on earth you must sentence yourself to slavery working to earn money to buy what your body needs to sustain it for the possible 120 years maximum that the human body can live before it dies.

You must work and make money to buy food, clothes, medications and shelter to support and protect your body.

If you have no ego separated self in body why would you be in this world, why stay alive on earth if you do not have a separated self?  What are you doing here?

Are you here to support other people, those living in ego separated states? Give me a break, will you; nobody lives to make it possible for others to live, you live because you want to live and if possible you help other people who also want to live to live but primarily you live because you want to live.

If you have no desire for the survival of your physical body today you would be gone from this world today for you have the means to take you out of it.

So admit it, then, for once in your life be honest with you; you are here because you want to be here; do not say that God created you and wants you to be here and that God does not like any one to kill his self.

Most folks actually do not know that God does not know that our world of egos exist; God is unified spirit and as such does not know that our separated material world exists; God knows that we, his children, constructed imaginary dream worlds and dream themselves in them, while they are still alive in him.

Our world is less than one percent of heaven; we are right now in heaven, close our eyes and see our world, a dream, but otherwise 99% of us are still alive in heaven.

The point that I have made, so far, is that we are in this world because we desire to be in it; we desire the world of separated selves so admit the obvious and stop deluding yourself into thinking that you are here against your wish, for if you wish to leave this world, at any moment, you can do so.

You are already here. Your ego wished for you to be here. Now, change your wish and wish to have a happy dream; wish to dream with your brothers a lovely dream; you do so by loving every person in the world.

Love does not make the world not a dream; the world will still be a dream, a nothing; love just makes it a lovely nothing, a happy dream, a happy insanity.

You have already dreamed for fourteen billion years, from the Big Bang to the present.  Go ahead and dream for more billions of years in dense body and thereafter for trillions of years in light body; you have the freedom to dream; God cannot stop you from dreaming but he wants you to have a happy dream by loving your fellow dreamers, all people.

Dreams are allowed by you (God).  Ultimately, the physical universe would end (in a few trillion years all matter would decay and return to radiation, cold light) and the world ends and you wake up from your earthly dreams.


You are here because you want to be here; no one can be on earth who does not want to be here. As long as you desire to be here then make it a lovely world by loving those who are also here with you.

This is all that the teachers of God ask you to do; they ask you to have a happy dream, a happy insanity of seeing yourself in a separated world when your real world is unified, by loving all those who are like you insane to think that they can live in a separated state.

Love you and love all people and your life on earth becomes a happy dream, a happy insanity (sanity lies in the unified world of God, aka heaven).

This is what all the teachers of God like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Bahaullah, Osuji teach. Learn their teaching that tells you that it is insane for you to believe that you are separate from your real self, unified spirit self and that whereas you have the right to be insane that you can make your insanity pleasant by loving all those who are along with you are insane and believe that they are separated from their real self, God.

Love you and all people and you make your stay in the world, the universal dream of separation, a happy one.

Finally, you always have a self; on earth you have an ego separated self; in the world of light forms you have a Christ separated self, a self that although still in form and in the world of space and time knows that it is one with all selves and loves them all, and a unified self in heaven (heaven is our real home).

We always have a self. We cannot not have a self; the question is what kind of self-do you have in your consciousness: separated ego self, separated Christ self or the unified son of God? The choice is yours.

The futility of suicide is that it is grandiose and wants to end a self you did not create; you cannot end yourself. If you destroy your body, as in suicide, all that will happen is that you are born, again, in body to continue the dream until you have had a happy dream and finally choose to return to heaven, to let go of the ego and Christ and like the prodigal son return back to your father, unified state.

You do not leave the earth by killing yourself but by remembering love, union with all people. If while you are on earth and you remember that you are one with all creation and its creator and love them all you will see our world disappear and you find yourself in heaven. This is the experience of oneness; after it some of us choose to return to this world of separation to help teach you that our true home is unified, is eternal, is perfect peace and joy, and that you return to it through love not self-destruction, for you cannot destroy you, for you did not create you and cannot destroy what you did not create, God created you.

All that you are asked to do is for you to love you and love all people.  This is certainly not asking too much, is it? Why do you hate love (union) and prefer hate (separation)? Pride?

In humility, return to living as your creator, God created you to be, a loving person.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 21, 2017


PS: A week ago I came back from Europe and had a desire to restate the truth as I know it to be. I have done so (in the past six essays). I now return to more mundane things, such as taking care of my personal business. Good luck and cheers,

Thursday, 20 July 2017 23:50

Forgiveness and the world of light forms


Ozodi Thomas Osuji


Work book lessons 1-50

What is A course in miracles teaching? It is teaching that the world we see is not actually there and that we projected it out and give it all the meaning it has for us; beyond the meaning we give to it, it has no other meaning; it does not exist and we see what does not exist hence are frustrated and upset because we see something that is not there.

What we can now do is project out another world, do so from our right mind, the Holy Spirit; the new world we projected out with our right mind is still like the world our left mind projected out but this time it is a world of light forms and looks beautiful; it is still a dream, still fictional and not real but it is better than the world in dark form. It is our world reinterpreted with forgiveness.

We look at the world in light forms, aka happy dream, real world, gate of heaven, bridge between earth and heaven (Catholics call it purgatory and Muslims call t paradise) for a while and then decide to stop looking at the self and world in forms and let go of all selves and worlds in forms and return to the formless world of God where we all share oneself and one mind.

A course in miracles, work book for students, lesson 75

A course in miracles was written in poetic form; as such, it does not clarify what it is saying; this tendency to be wooly really annoyed me no end.

Consider the course's central teaching, forgiveness.  What does the course mean by forgiveness? It says that it means overlooking the world.

The world is a dream and what is done in dreams have not been done so overlook the dream to see the dreamers, the sons of God, first in light forms and ultimately in formlessness.

Does this mean that if I see a man raping a child, if I see a person killing another person, if I see a person stealing from other people am supposed to overlook what I am seeing, yes or no?

Give me a yes or no answer; I do not want an elaborate poetry that I need to keep myself busy trying to decipher what it means.

So, what should I do if I see a person doing what seems to me to be anti-social behavior, overlook it, and forgive it?

If I see a person abusing a child and overlook it, forgive it have I not become part of the child's abuse? Of course I have.

If I see you doing harmful things to other people it is my duty and responsibility to make sure that you do not do so; I must stop you and if I cannot I must call the police and make sure that they deal with you according to extant society's laws.

What then is forgiveness? Forgiveness does not mean condoning anti-social behaviors; it does not mean tolerating evil behaviors. It does not mean tolerating Muslim Jihadists running around killing people or misguided Americans running around the world trying to impose their stupid foreign policies on other people or tolerating American government's anti-human policy of not giving all people a single payer health insurance and paying for all young people's education through university.

In the here and now world,  people identify as their bodies and if you attack those bodies they do feel pain and fear and you shouldn't attack them and if you attack  them you must be removed, arrested, tried and sent to prison.

However, it is also true that nothing can happen to us without us wanting to experience it, as the course observed, so those you attack want to experience pain to make their egos seem real to them.

But we want to experience it not out of rational state of mind but from irrational frame of mind. It is because of our ego insanity, the insanity that separation can be made real.

For example, black people want to experience racism hence project out white racists who want to discriminate against them; the two groups experience sadism and masochist; both parties are sick for if they are sane they would not want to experience abuse and abuse others.

So, if you see the dance of the abused and abuser you do something about it. You stop the abuse; you stop racism; you work to change the racist society even though the people in it, out of their sickness, set it up; out of your sanity you work to change that sick society they set up for it warps human growth.

What forgiveness means is that if you see the attacker and the attacked you know that behind their egoistic behavior are other selves, the Christ self, the light selves.

The abuser and the abused literally have other selves, selves in light forms.  If you stop their mutual sick abusive dance and love them you see both of them in light forms.  You will see the Christ in the racist as well as in his victim.

In Nigeria, for example, most people are corrupt and are thieves; yet, there are light selves in them, Christ selves in all of them. If you forgive them, overlook what they are doing you will see that forgiven self, the Christ self in them.

However, you do not have to overlook their criminality; you do not do them any good by tolerating their thievery; you work to stop the mass corruption that has taken hold of the country and prevents it from developing.


The Holy Spirit has already reinvented all of us, whites, blacks, Nigerians, racists in light selves, in Christ selves; yet he wants you to correct the behaviors of people and not just run away from doing so under the impression that you are supposed to overlook the egos world to see the light world.

The light world is already there but you still need to correct the extant world before you go to it.


The course is correct in saying that if you bear grievances and seek vengeance for what other people did to you that you would see them in egos and bodies, hence perpetuate their stay in the world of the ego, the world of darkness and sentence them to living in hell.

Forgiveness takes people out of the world of darkness and takes them to the world of light forms.

If you forgive people, overlook what they did to you, you escape from seeing them as egos and bodies and seeing you as ego and body; forgiveness shows you people in light forms.

Yet, you are not going to exit from this world by merely overlooking its evils. You must be in this world of dense matter and work to get the people to care and love each other.

It is true that lack of forgiveness keeps you and people prisoners of this world; still, we must be prisoners of this world until we have transformed the world and made it a loving world.


Each of us, upon birth in this world, develops a self in body and ego and also develops another self in light form.

In that sense we brought light (a light self) to the egos dark world (see a course in miracles poetry in lesson75).

We are the light of the world and brought that light to the darkness of the egos world. This means that the Holy Spirit has already remade our body and ego form in light form and that if we choose to love people and work to improve the world and not condone evil we shall occasionally see ourselves and all people in light forms.

This does not require us to run away from the evils of this world; we must stay here and make it a happy dream (happy dream is the world of light forms; real world, holy relationships all exist in the world of light forms).

The problem with writing a book in poetic form is that what it says is not clarified; A course in miracles lacks clarity and that is why I undertake to clarify what it is saying is simple prose.

The book will go out of circulation in a few more decades, not because it does not contain the truth but because it is written in poetic form that lacks clarity; people are looking for clarity.

This is the inherent problem with speaking and writing from the unconscious mind, which is what Helen Schucman did, without allowing her conscious mind to filter what is coming from her unconscious mind.

A part of her unconscious mind called itself Jesus and through that identity wrote her book. If she had used her conscious mind to understand what she is saying she would have known that the ego, holy spirit, Christ, left mind, right mind, God are all parts of the individual's mind.

There is no Christ and Holy Spirit out there remaking our world; the Holy Spirit is our higher self that we use to improve the world that our lower self, the ego made.

We as the sons of God are the ones who made the ego and its world, as well as the world of light forms, the real world, the happy dream.

Indeed, we (the parts of the whole) and God (the whole) are the ones that created heaven, for God is not another person; he is our collective self.


Talking about darkness and light are gnostic ways of representing the world of good and bad. To Gnosticism, the world of the ego is the world of darkness; the world of God is the world of light; to bring light to darkness is to live in the world in a godly manner.

I wished that Helen Schucman had taken her function seriously and translated her poetry into prose that has clarity. I guess that she had to do her part leaving me to do my part of clarifying what she said, so as to make her message enduring.

Very few people have understood what she said before I came along to help them understand it; folks merely rewrite her book without really understanding it.


Quantum physics suggests that there are many universes.  A course in miracles talked about three of them: our present world of dense matter, the purified form of our world called the world of light forms, and the world of God that is formless.

These three worlds are in us and we are in them. We project out the world we see. It is also us who project out heaven, our real home (we are aliens in our world of dark forms and light forms).

Heaven is real but the world of dense matter and the world of light matter are false, are dreams, and are fictional and insane, are delusional for they do not exist and seem to exist because we want them to exist.

In a few hundred years science will prove the existence of these three worlds to be true so we are not talking mythology here.

A course in miracles merely talked about the three worlds in a poetic metaphors; science will prove them using its verifiable parameters.

Consider the idea of entangled particles communicating across great distances instantaneously without recognition of space and time; this is what religionists talk about when they say that they can talk to anyone telepathically.


The worlds we see with our physical eyes do not exist; it is a mirage; it seems there but is not there. It is there because we want it to seem to be there.

The world comes into being because of our wish for it; it is like a dream where what the dreamer wishes calls forth a dream world and he sees that would in his dream and thinks that the world is there but when he wakes up he knows that it is not real.

Our wish for separation from God called forth the existence of the world we now see, the world of space, time and matter. We want the world and see it. Because we desire it we value it. But since it does not exist we are really valuing nothing.

The world is our handiwork, we made it and are proud of it; it is our baby, we gave birth to it and are proud of it, but we are proud of nothing.

God knows that we are proud of nothing. He knows that we do not want to let it go. So, he says, let me improve the nothingness my children made and are proud of. He, through his Holy Spirit, remade the world of dense matter into the world of light energy.

We have bodies of matter that will die and decay so our bodies are nothing. The Holy Spirit remade our bodies with pure light and the bodies of light will last trillions of years before they are gently translated to formless heaven.

The point here is that we in the world value the world; we feel disappointed when the things of the ego are gone. We are attached to our world.

Teachers of God, such as Gautama Buddha, say, okay, so you like this nonsense you call your world, eh, go ahead and value it but do so with detachment; know that it is tinsel; it is here today and gone tomorrow, it is transitory and ephemeral; do not become too attached to it so that when it is gone you do not feel excessive psychological pain.

Your parents are dead and eaten by worms. Stop right there and think about it. How valuable were their bodies if they are earned by worms? Their bodies have no value. The only thing that matters is the love between you and your parents, so love them and they should love you.

(A primitive Igbo mechanic called Chukwuma told me that he makes a lot of money and told me how much money he is making, slightly over one hundred thousand dollars a year, and he is almost seventy years old; I was making more than that in my thirties but the ape is bragging about his wealth; another Igbo monkey called Nebu Adiele told me that he is richer than I am, and it turns out that he is a security guard! Igbos are always boasting about their wealth; like immature children they are not aware that the things of this world are transitory and that wise folks do not value them; I am here to teach them to stop valuing nothingness and value what matters, the things of God, to value the eternal, permanent and changeless things of spirit).

On earth we value nothing; God gave us something better to value, the world of light forms. That world is still a fantasy, still unreal, still insane in that it is in forms, for reality is formless  but it is a better insanity (is a happy dream) than the changeable world we call our physical world.

In the long run we must stop valuing sand, the things of this world, and value the eternal: spirit, love and union.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 21, 2017



You probably have heard it said that some people are teachers of love, aka God.  A teacher of love teaches the perennial philosophy that all human beings are the same and coequal and that they are created by God and remain as God created them, innocent, guiltless, sinless and holy despite the evil they seem to do on earth.

Teachers of God have studied their earthly characters and understood them to be egoistic and decided to completely let go of identification with the ego self-concept and embrace a different self-concept, still a conceptual self (hence still  a false self for all concepts are false, truth is not conceptual).

Each of us is an ego and must understand that ego and then make a conscious and voluntary decision to let go of that ego self-concept and henceforth think and behave from what Christians call the Christ self and Buddhists call Buddhist self. They do this consciously; no one forces them to do so for they could as well choose to think and act from their ego self-concept.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece saying that what it means to be a human being is to feel insignificant and seek significance; it essentially delineated my ego character, what needs to be changed; we feel insignificant outside God (love) and significant in God (love).

Teachers of love know that to think and act from the ego, separated self-concept gives them fear, guilt, anxiety, anger, depression, delusion, mania and schizophrenia. In fact, the ego separated self-concept is mental disorder itself for it is a false self.

If you think and act from a false self-concept, a self that is not your real self you are insane. The sane person thinks and acts from his real self.

Alas, while you live in body and is on planet earth you cannot think and act from your true self, for your true self, the self that God created you as, is not in body.

Your true self is spirit, and is part of unified spirit, which is the union of God and all his sons.  No one on earth can think and act from unified spirit.

As long as you are in body and in the world of space, time and matter the most that you can do is approximate your true self but not be it.

To approximate your real self you have to re-conceptualize you and now posit what is called the Christ self, a self that loves you and all people.

The Christ self is still in human form but it now allows itself to be guided by what Christians call the Holy Spirit; it thinks and acts from the perspective of the Holy Spirit; it does not think and behave from the ego, separated self.

Because it thinks and acts from the Christ self, a self that loves all people it approximates its real self, the son of God but is not him.

Because it loves all people occasionally it sees all people and itself in light forms.  Our world can be seen in light form; that form of it is the form that the Holy Spirit has remade it; it is still like our world but it is no longer in dense matter but in light energy.

One day I was taking a walk in the woods and was tired and sat down and suddenly the entire woods took on a light form; it was so beautiful that your physical eyes cannot believe that such beauty is possible in our world; let me just tell you that your body, all human bodies, animals, trees, mountains, moons, planets, stars, galaxies and the entire physical universe has a form of it in light form; that new form of it is already existing; you can see it, it is the world that the Holy Spirit has already remade from our present world; to see it you must totally love you and all human beings; you must forgive you and all people the evil you see us do.

To come to the gate of heaven, which is what the world of light forms is, you must be a loving and forgiving person; no one comes to the gate of love (heaven is formless, is perfect love) who is not a loving person.

In the meantime, one must accept that one already has a self-concept that is of the ego. The ego is not an accident. Everything that has happened in your life or my life happened to make you/me construct an ego self-concept and see it as who you are.

The ego in you, your self-concept has taken fourteen billion years for you and the universe to construct it. The human ego, you and I, is gradually built up from the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, to the present.

That which took fourteen billion years to construct is not an accident; it is, as it were, meant to be. Look at your body and ego and what you see is a body and ego that took you fourteen billion years to construct.  You are not an accident.

The body and ego you have you are meant to have for everything in your past and present life formed it.  You cannot not be who you currently are.

I could not have been other people given my body and social experience; my fourteen billion years evolution in space, time and matter produced who I am.  I could not have a different body and ego; and you cannot have a different body and ego.

It is, therefore, a will of the wisp to wish that you are like other people; you are not like other people; you are not me and I am not you; you do not have my body and I do not have your body; we had different physical and social experiences; you had to have a different self-concept, a different ego from mine.

If I have a different ego I would behave differently; but that is unrealistic wishes for I do not have a different body and ego.

The body and ego I have is the product of fourteen billion years of evolution and so is yours; none of us could be different selves. You can wish all you want but you cannot be me and I can wish all I want and I cannot be you.

You were meant to be who you currently are and I am meant to be who currently I am. Every person you see on earth is meant to be who he or she is; given his body and society he had to have his ego type, his self-concept, his personality; he could not have been somebody else.  If he is rich he is meant to be rich; if he is poor he is meant to be poor; if he is smart he is meant to be smart.

You cannot have Albert Einstein's IQ of 160 because you do not have his body and ego. You cannot be me with amazing understanding of philosophy, psychology and spiritual matters. You are you and nobody else in the entire physical universe is like you. Each of us is special and unique.

Given the totality of my physical and social existence I had to reject my body and desire to have an ideal body; that is to say that I had to pursue becoming an ideal, superior ego.  I could not not have done so. To wish that I could be an average person with a ho-hum ego is wishful thinking.   The only choice in the matter that I now have is to study and understand my body and ego. I have to understand the shortcomings of my ego. Having understood them I resolve to change my ego self-concept.

All I have to do is decide not to think and behave as I did before; all I have to do is decide to think and behave from my higher self, the Christ self; that is, all I need to do is decide to think and behave from my right mind and allow me to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Before I do anything I pause and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me. I no longer spontaneously do what my ego self-interest urges me to do; instead, I stay silent and ask my higher self to guide me.

This means looking at every situation I am in from the perspective of love and social interest. How would my behavior affect other people, would it hurt them or not? Would my behavior serve our mutual social interest; is my proposed behavior loving and respectful of me and other people? If the answer is yes I am behaving from my higher self, from my right mind, from Christ, from the Holy Spirit.

(Ego, Christ, Holy Spirit and God are all parts of my mind, your mind; they are not separate persons but modes of thinking and behaving; I give them names to make the point that each results in certain behavior outcomes different from others; if you behave from ego you feel anxious; if you behave from Christ you feel peaceful.)

If I behave from ego psychology, my self-interested behavior that does not concern itself with other people's good I live in fear, anxiety, anger and mental disorder; on the other hand, if I behave from love for all people I experience peace and joy; peace and joy are the gifts of God.

When a person consistently lives from love and forgiveness, from Christ, his life, as it were, is blessed; he is in peace and joy, in bliss.

So, what is transformation of character? Transformation of character occurs when each of us studies his personality, his self-concept, his ego and his behavior pattern  and decides that it serves him poorly and decides that the higher self, the Christ self, the Buddha self, the Krishna self, the Chi self serves him better for it gives him peace and joy. The person decides to let go of behaving from the ego (hate) and chooses to behave from Christ (love).

No one can force you to make this change; this is a voluntary choice that each of us must make when he reaches the stage in his life when that choice is necessary.

Not all people have attained the stage where they must make that choice; most people are closer to animal status, they are deeply asleep and dreaming that they are separated ego selves and take their dream figures, egos as real and will be unmitigated egos in this life time.

You cannot force the average person to behave from his Christ self; nor is that your function; your function, when you get to the fork on the road where the road divides into two, one to the left and the other to the right, one to ego and the other to Christ, is to choose which road you travel. It does not matter what road you travelled in the past, what matters is the one you now want to travel.

Only you can decide to walk as the Christ; if others choose to continue walking as the ego let them be.

Your one function is to save you, redeem you and deliver you from the pain inducing clutch of the ego and live as Christ and model Christ life for those who want to emulate it.

It is not your function to change other people or worry about their behaviors. A Donald Trump will behave like the mentally warped narcissist who admires his image in every pool of water he sees and not care for other people; he is not for you to change him; your issue is to behave like the Christ, the loving person that you are meant to be.

For me, the transformation of my character means not thinking and behaving from my false, big ego self and now thinking and behaving from the humble, loving and forgiving self.

Let me clarify what I mean by humility. By humility I do not mean letting you ride rough shod over me. I am a very smart man. Therefore, if you try to dominate me you will not prevail.

Humility does not mean humiliation; humility means choosing to behave from love and forgiveness but not abasement of one's self. In humility one allows God to guide one and since God has everything one lives in God's grace, abundance and grandeur, not ego false grandiosity.

In God we are all the same and coequal but on earth we are special; that is, each of us has special skills; there are things that you can do that I cannot do; each of us must use his special skills to serve the public; each of us has a special function to perform for the salvation of all of us (mine is to be a teacher of love).

Sociopaths (such as Trump and an incredibly sick Igbo boy called Nebucadinazer) take advantage of others and often see godly people as naïve; if you try to take advantage of loving people they have a right to put you in prison.

Finally, transformation of character and being a teacher of love does not mean that one has to be serious in demeanor. No, it means that one understands that our world is a dream and that what is done in dreams have not been done and that dreams are not to be taken seriously but to be made happy.

Teachers of God have a happy dream; they see the world as humorous and laugh at people taking themselves too seriously; they are full of smiles, laugher and humor; they see the world as a joke, a play to be enjoyed. They have fun while they are in the world; they do what human being beings do but not feeling guilty for they know that they are innocent and have not separated from their creator.

Post Script

I am establishing a school to teach a combination spiritual and scientific psychology; if you have a doctorate degree in a behavioral science or, at least, a master's degree and have many years of experience as a therapist and would like to join this endeavor please contact me; your goal must be pure desire to help establish a new thought system; you must be motivated by love not by ego desire for gain.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD (UCLA)

July 20, 2017


This name is soon to be changed to College of Mind Science, CMS.

(907) 310-8176


Human beings have pondered and written tons of literature on human nature; many of these cogitations are good reading and if one has not read some of them one ought to do so. Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Berkeley, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, James, Bergson, Sartre, Jasper, Heidegger, Freud, Adler, Jung, Buddha, Shankara, Ramanujan and others are a good way to appreciate serious thinkers' perspectives on human nature.

In this piece, I will, building on my personal experience and observation of people, add my perception of what it means to be a human being.

I have observed myself in every possible way a human being can observe himself and since the only person one knows best is me, I will root most of this writing on self-observation.

I have also observed other human beings, black, white, oriental, men and women and children, and I have done so in many corners of the world.

No one really can get into the heads of other people to know what they are thinking so one cannot really say for sure what people's motivations are; even when one asks them to tall one why they do what they do one finds out that many people do not pay attention to trying to understand who they are and why they do what they do; many people merely proffer spurious answers and or answers calculated to present them in a positive light; thus, what they tell one is why they do what they do may not be true.

As noted, the human being I can speak for is me; therefore, I will largely draw from my self-perception in this paper; how I see me is how I see other human beings; if you believe that my generalization is wrong the onus lies with you to provide us with a corrective perception of human beings.

And while we are at it, let it be observed that all perception is wrong; we do not know what the ultimate truth is. Despite the grandstanding of arrogant psychologists and scientists the fact is that we really do not know what the truth is; certainly, we do not know who human beings are although we must conjecture.

The ultimate truth of who we are remains unknown to us, certainly to me; all I can do and all that you can do is speculate on our nature; the day we pretend to know who we are, while still on earth, is the day we become psychotic.

I am tempted to clog this paper with references to scholarly articles but have decided to not do so; the thesis of the paper represents my thinking, thinking obviously contributed to by a lot of people. Make the thesis of the paper what you like. Following the conclusion, I will add a list further reading.


In my perception, what is driving human beings are mostly three fold: first, is a deep rooted awareness that as animal creatures they are born and will die, decay and seem to disappear into nothingness; this gives people a sense of worthlessness. Second, is the desire to seem to have worth? Third, is the desire to understand and adapt to their world.

I personally feel worthless and think that you, too, do; however, the feeling of worthlessness may be unconscious in some persons.

The feeling of existential worthlessness is intolerable to me and to the human psyche; therefore, it is rejected, denied and the pursuit of worth is posited and pursued.

Everywhere in the world, people, be they black or white or oriental, pursue worth, significance, and importance; those pursuits translate to pursuit of power for power is used to give one's self a sense of worth.

The pursuit of worth is so deep rooted in people that they often use it to completely drive out of their consciousness the feeling of worthlessness that is in them.

Consider the pharaohs of ancient Egypt building pyramids. Why did they do it? I do not know why they did it and you do not know why they did it and they themselves may not even know why they did it.

A reasonable conjecture as to why they built those magnificent structures, not to live in them but to preserve their dead bodies, is to make them last forever and ever; they did not want their bodies decayed; they used all kinds of chemicals to mummify their bodies so that they would not decay before placing them in the pyramids. Their intention is to defy death and live forever in body.

This behavior eradicates, magically, at least, their consciousness that as bodies that would die and decay that they are nothing; they used the magical belief that now that their bodies are preserved in temples that supposedly would last infinitely that they are deathless; they would no longer decay.

Alas, the pyramids were built with rocks, that is, sand and at best lasts several thousand years before returning to sand.

The earth is composed of sand (for now forget about elaborate chemistry and physics) and every structure on it eventually returns to sand.

Mummified bodies may last a few thousand years but, ultimately, will return to sand and to the implication of that reality, human nothingness.

Human beings are animals that are acutely aware that they have no intrinsic worth and are nothing and they compulsively seek worth.


If you are a shrewd observer of people you already know that deep down they feel worthless but desire worth.

If you want to manipulate people then tell them what they want to hear; tell them that they have worth and are important (you could use other synonyms like beautiful, handsome, rich, powerful, and athletic and superior to their neighbors). If you tell people that they have worth and are very important persons, VIPs they are more likely to listen to you and do what you asked them to do than if you told them that they have no worth and are nothing.  Try it, praise those around you and see if they would not like you and do as you asked them to do.

What do you think that Adolf Hitler did?  The man was a shrewd observer of people. In his book, Mein Kampf (1925), he noted that Germans, as a result of losing the first world war and present dire economic and other issues, felt inadequate vis a vis the victors, the French and English. He said that if he told them, Germans, that the war was lost not because of their fault but because Jews caused it and, more importantly, that if he told them that they are a superior people, certainly superior to their Slavic eastern neighbors (for it was kind of difficult to tell them that they are superior to the English and French since those, too, are Germans), that they would feel good about themselves and as a result accept and follow him as their leader.

Thus, the man deliberately told his people several lies: that Jews cost them the First World War and that they are superior to other people, especially superior to Slavic and African peoples. As expected, his people accepted his lies and accepted him as their leader.

However, like all governing based on lies the Third Reich had to collapse thus twelve years later the Third Reich collapsed.

By the same token, the American political system which was built on the lie of white superiority to black folks is, before our eyes, collapsing; the monstrosity called the USA will be replaced by a rational human polity that accepted the truth of human sameness and equality.

The USA is going to be the last world empire based on lies; I am here to state the truth, as much as is possible, so that future empires are based on the truth of human equality.

In basing empires on the truth of human equality future empires would last longer than the few hundred years empires based on lies last (Rome lasted 500 years and so were many other lie based empires).

Can the USA last five hundred years before declining, falling and disappearing into the midst of history? It cannot if its present insistence on being amoral and unjust persists.


Human beings pursuit of what we call civilization is predicated on their pursuit of worth.  The basis of human civilization is the desire for individual, social and existential worth.

If people stopped seeking worth they would no longer have the type of civilization we currently know them to have.


Human beings pursuit of religions and religions' gods are predicated on their pursuit of worth. Even when people die they want to have worth in their supposed hereafter life.

Religion and philosophy is largely motivated by desire to find after death life that defies the apparent empirical observation that life in body seems to end in our physical death.  When human beings die they continue seeking worth (through those still alive on earth).

If in doubt go to a cemetery and see the money lavished on building tombs over the buried bodies under them. The bodies have long ego decayed and or eaten by worms but their  living relatives somehow imagine that they are still living in the structures they built to house them.

I have already talked about pyramids as monuments to human vanity.  What people do, build mausoleums over their dead, seem stupid but we must remember that it is the drive for worth that kept them alive and without it they would not be alive doing what they do to make their social accomplishments possible.

Without the desire for worth people would be depressed by the conditions of living: future death, and perhaps give up and commit suicide and get it over with. It is the possible attainment of worth that keep people struggling along to attain it, even though it seems a chimera, a fantasy!


People want to make sure that their selves have worth in this life and in the world that supposedly exists after their physical bodies are dead.

Everywhere you find people they presume to have selves. But what exactly is the self that people think that they have?

To the best of my knowledge we do not have a sense self-prior to our birth on earth; at least, I do not recall having a sense of self before I was born on earth.

Most children learn their sense of self. To avoid making unverifiable statements I will rely on my own experience.

I had no sense of self before I was born; whatever sense of self I have must have been learned on earth. Indeed, I do not recall having a sense of self until about age five (kindergarten year).

At age six, the year I began elementary schooling, I became aware of whom I think that I am. That sense of self is clearly the product of my bodily and social experience. The sense of self that I have is a byproduct of my living on earth; it did not come to earth with me.


What I know for certain is that at age six I became aware of having a self.   I developed a sense of self, a sense of me, a self-concept and a human personality.

Empirical observation shows me that my self-concept, personality, ego or whatever we want to call it is rooted in my inherited body and how that body interacted with its physical and social environment.  The result of that interaction is what I call myself, my personality and behavior pattern.

Right now, I am not in a speculative mood. I am in the mood for pure empiricism, pure observation of phenomena as I see it knowing that observation alone does not necessarily yield the truth to me. I still do not know what the truth is; neither do you or any other person know what the truth is.

I am, therefore, going to assert that the self that I know about is the product of my inherited body and how that body experienced itself in this world of matter, space and time and society.  Ultimately, what the human self is I really do not know.

Some say that our real self is spirit but that raises the question of what spirit is. Spirit is supposed to be that which is outside the human body and lives forever and ever. I can conceptualize spirit but do I have evidence for its existence?  I do not; so let us move on with what we can currently verify.


Here is the etiology of my personality, as I understand it.  I was born with a very problematic body. I inherited a serious mitochondria disorder, cytochrome c oxidase deficiency; I also inherited spondylolysis of the fifth lumber vertebra and mitral valve prolapse in the heart.

These medical disorders made my body feel unable to adapt to the exigencies of the physical world we live in.

My body felt traumatized and overstressed by the activities of daily living; if I described for you my bodily experiences you would not understand what I am talking about; indeed, it may seem fictional to you.

For example, suppose I tell you that I could be sitting down and out of the blues my entire body would start feeling burning sensation, as if it is literally being roasted on fire, can you grasp that? Let us not go there for the average human being, not even medical doctors know a thing about human beings with unique bodies. The good of it is that some such persons have IQ levels that are out of this world.

My medical issues robbed me of all sense of worth and importance. By age six I felt totally worthless and insignificant.

In Alfred Adler's psychological terms (1965), I felt totally inferior because I was unable to do what other kids do to adapt to their world. I was no good at sports; merely running around our school's soccer field exhausted me and made me paint like my heart is about to fall out of its chest cavity. I was unable to do any kind of physical activity. Indeed, upon eating food I was in such stomach discomfort and agony that I had to go lie down for a couple of hours to recuperate some physical energy.

Naturally, given who human beings are, I did not sit around feeling pity for me. I reacted with Adler's conception of neurotic superiority.

In Adlerian psychological categories I became a neurotic child. Diagnostically, at age six any clinical psychologist would say that I had a combination of dependent, avoidant, obsessive-compulsive and passive aggressive personality disorders; those are the definition of neurosis. In lay man's terms I was a shy kid with fear, anxiety and anger issues.

In this paper, however, I am not talking Adlerian psychology or psychiatry; those are child level approaches to human nature; I am trying to say something that spurious Western psychologists ignore while annoying folks like me with their almost silly rendition of human nature.

Psychology is nothing but philosophy studying human nature.

My medical issues robbed me of all sense of worth. I reacted with pursuit of worth. All through my life I have been seeking worth and significance.

In childhood I posited what Karen Horney (1950) would call ideal self and pursued it. The ideal self is a wished for self, not one's real self; in my case, my real physical self is crummy so I pursued becoming an imaginary mentally constructed physically healthy self; in Adlerian terms, a self that is powerful and famous.

Having posited the desire for worth and significance I became acutely aware of how other people treated me.

At elementary school I was aware of how other children treated me. Naturally, if they liked and respected me I got along with them but if they seemed to not like me or treated me without respect I felt annoyed at them. Generally, I did what shy children do.

The anxious, shy child is aware of his deficiencies; he feels that as he is he is not good enough and believes that if other children/people come close to him that they would see that he is not good enough and reject him.

As Carl Rogers (1947) pointed out, normal society tends to accept children conditionally; people accept you if you are deemed well enough by their standards otherwise they ignore or reject you.

The shy kid does not want to be rejected. Around people he feels anxious from the fear of potential social rejection. To avoid social rejection the shy kid withdraws from other children/ people and keeps to his self while wishing for other kids to take the initiative and come relate to him, play with him. Generally, other kids do not come to him so he ends up with one or a few friends, those who would not reject him.

I was a shy, anxious kid. People often took my seeming passivity as docility until they did something that made me mad.  As a child the worst mistake you would make is to treat me as if I had no worth. Even though I am generally shy and avoided people to avoid them rejecting me but if in actual fact you treated me with disregard the aggressive part of me came out. I would, right there, ask you who the hell you believed yourself to be to treat me without respect; I would ask you who gave you the right to treat me as a worthless being.  If you did not desist from doing whatever you were doing that I believed was demeaning I would physically attack you and do so to kill you.

Your death would not bother me, not even a little bit. I want you to literally die and disappear from existence rather than for you to treat me as having no worth.

Your treating me as if I have no worth takes me back to my existential sense of worthlessness; that feeling is always in my unconscious mind (I do not like the term unconscious and certainly do not use the term as Sigmund Freud, that great myth maker used it to mean the repository of irrational ID sexual wishes, see the completed words of Sigmund Freud).

You have not seen an angry boy until you saw me at age nine reacting to a person I believed treated me without respect.

At age nine, a teacher at my school tried to flog me and I told him to not even think about it; my parents did not use capital punishment to train us; I do not recall even once seeing my father and mother touch any of their children abusively; I grew up knowing that no one has a right to abuse a child; anyway, I told the teacher that no human being is allowed to touch my body without my permission. He persisted and I hit him with the intention of killing him; he actually reeled and fell down and got angry at me.  He got several boys to try holding me as he tried to flog me.  I went after the entire school building destroying everything in sight. The entire school building must be destroyed was my goal rather than permit a human being to abuse me.

The school authorities had to go get my grandmother, the only woman on planet earth who understood the correlation of my pained body and my behavior and loved me in an unconditionally positive manner; I thank the gods that I was blessed with such a wise woman around me.

All that my grandmother had to do is say, Tom, don't do that and I immediately obeyed her; children listen to whoever first loves them but if you do not first love them and try to tell them what to do the oppositional defiance in them comes to the fore. Well, grandmother took me home and eventually worked to get the teacher reassigned from my class.

The point here is that the exigencies of my body made me feel totally worthless.  I believe that this is what all human beings are like. Existence makes us feel worthless and we seek imaginary worth. Human existence and civilization is pursuit of imaginary worth. Imaginary or not that is what it means to be human beings.

In my teenage years I was furious at what folks call God. Here is why. My physical issues made me feel like there is no god out there taking good care of me. I did not feel that there is a loving god-father looking after my interests.

I felt that I and other people are abandoned in the universe; we are here taking care of ourselves and no external force was interested in helping us.

I used to feel so angry at any one who dared to even mention the word God around me. Before you would be done saying God I would say: fuck you and your goddamned God. Where is that freaking god of yours when I am in pain? If there is god he ought to reduce my pain; in the first place, he should not have created me with free floating pain.


I felt totally like an orphan abandoned by an uncaring universe.  My sense of being an orphan was compounded by my father's decision to send me to go live with his own parents (so as to learn their Igbo language).  I felt that even my parents have abandoned me and until they died I did not reconcile with them.  I used to say to my father: you abandoned me and therefore is not my real father. Get the hell out of my face. I had little or no respect for the man!

In retrospect, however, I learned that it was not my father that abandoned me; it was nature itself that abandoned me, although father contributed to my sense of abandonment by sending me to go live with his parents for three years.

As I reflect on it, since father inherited my tortured body, he, too, felt abandoned by existence, by the uncaring universe we live in.

Empirical observation shows that what was done to us we tend to do to our children. The universe abandoned my father and he emotionally abandoned me. I did the same to my own children when upon divorce I was so angry at their mother that I disappeared from their lives.

The woman tried to use the American racist judicial system to control me. I simply cannot accept a racist judge telling me what to do, so I decided to disregard what the pompous white judge said and walked out of the court room and out of the lives of my three children.  In effect, I left them to emotionally fend for themselves.

What I did is tantamount to abandoning them and making them feel like orphans in this universe. This is unfair to them. I shouldn't have done that to them but the fact is that I did and I am sorry. The only rationalization I had was my disgust at their mother taking me to a white judge to preside over their fate.

How dare she take me to a white judge, a criminal that exists to send black people to jails and prisons, who gave the ape pretending to be a judge the right to make pronouncements about my children; since when has white folks showed concern over black folks?

I simply refused to allow a criminal in a so-called judicial position, a white man, to tell me what to do. No white man, judge or not, given racism has the right to say a word, good or bad, over the fate of black children; his racism has automatically disqualified him from interfering in black families.

If black children are at issue only those who care for black folks, black judges, should preside over such matters; as far as I am concerned, a white judge, given what white judges in America represent, those who make sure that the racist system operate, those who use their sociopathic laws to enslave black folks and control them to the present, well, in my book, no white man, judge or not, has the right to say anything about my children.

Thus, seeing the bloated and self-admiring narcissistic coxcomb called a white judge in the court supposedly to decide my children's fate, I walked away. I have never really forgiven my ex-wife for exposing me to the devil that white judges represent for black folks.

I made a mistake; I should have found a way to be involved with my children and overlooked the insult that white judges represent for black men.

The white political system exists to destroy black families; they make the children grow up fatherless hence undisciplined and engage in petty crimes and get arrested and jailed.

In fact, if I had known what I now know I do not think that I would bring a child into this amoral world. This world does not deserve even one child to come to it to suffer the sense of abandonment that is reposed in people's psyches.

The universe ought to not have people in it, the pessimistic German idealistic philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, said, and I agree with him.

At age fourteen I rejected God, for to me if there is God he ought to have mercy on us, his supposed creation; but he does not have mercy on us and leaves us to suffer; he ignores us and therefore must not exist.

As I saw it, god was a make belief thing; God was made up by our ancestors; they imagined that he existed to take care of them in an uncaring universe.

You and your god must not be in my space, was my attitude during my adolescent years. Just get the hell out of here and don't ever let me hear you talk about God.

And don't ask me to read the bible, either, for, as a precocious kid, I read the bible several times, from cover to cover, all sixty six books of it and they did not make sense to me.

If God existed he would have made us special but the fact is that we are not special at all. We are like other biological organisms. Nature destroys us at will.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, draughts, diseases caused by bacteria, virus and fungi destroy us as they destroy animals and plants.

We are not special; we are nothing; we do not have worth and are futilely seeking it, imagining that we have it when we do not have it.


All I have done with my life is seek worth and importance. I want the people around me to treat me as if I have worth and importance.

For example, when I was a kid and was told to go stay on the line to be served by whoever is serving us and I was kept waiting on the line for an extended period of time before been served I became angry.  In my head I would be saying things like this: who the hell is that fellow keeping me waiting on the line for this long; he or she ought to hurry up and do for me what am there to have done for me.

I do not care who it is that kept me waiting. You could be the president of the USA or the world and it would not make any difference to me; what mattered is that you have kept me waiting for too long.

At the rational level, of course, I understand the need to be treated in an orderly manner hence the que, but that is not the issue in me; the issue for me is that to be kept waiting and not served immediately makes me feel unimportant and worthless and I reacted to that sense of unimportance with anger, with wish to assert power that I do not have.

Anything that made me feel belittled, degraded, humiliated and degraded made me angry. You simply do not want to degrade me for if you do your death would be the lesser punishment I would like to inflict on you.

I am using my situation to make the point that human beings feel worthless and compensate with desire for worth and tend to like it when you treat them as if they have worth and if you treat them as if they do not have worth they feel angry at you.


I believe that the greatest sin of racism is treating black folks as if they have no worth. This sin may not be fully appreciated but if history is any guide black people will destroy Western civilization because of that sin.

Black folks feel humiliation by the white man. At present white folks are impressed with what they think are their scientific and technological power and imagine that they can get away with continued abuse of black folks. But we do study history and know that empires rise and fall; empires are like soldiers, they come and go.

The rule of the white man can hardly last another two hundred years before other groups take over the lead of world civilization.

Already, Asians, especially the Chinese seem poised to take over the lead of the world.  The real issue here, however, is that black folk's desire for worth was attacked and denied by white folks.

White folks, in their own pursuit of imaginary worth, found it necessary to stress the worthlessness of black folks! This is an existential sin. It is a sin that cannot be easily forgiven.

In the language of the Catholic Church, it is a mortal sin; a sin against the Holy Spirt, for it cuts so deep that folks do not ever forgive it.

People already feel worthless and seek chimeric worth and you compound it by telling them that they are worthless just so you shore up your own imaginary worth.

What is white flesh but human flesh that is going to die and smell worse than feces; what makes that putrid flesh better than black flesh? Imaginary self-conferred worth; that is what!

All human beings feel worthless and seek imaginary worth; if you deny them worth something in them wants you dead.

I am building on my own experience. I know that I feel like I have no worth and would like to have worth.  I know that the desired worth is imaginary and not real but that is my life.

If in relating to you, you treat me as if I have worth I generally get along with you but if you treat me as if I have no worth I want you dead, literally, not figuratively.

When I first encountered racism and realized that white folks see Africans as inferior I immediately resolved that all white folks must die! The death of all white folks was required to assuage my diminished sense of worth from racism.

Naturally, I am aware that in the contemporary world, white folks possess most of the power in the world so I had to reconcile myself to waiting for their future death. But die they must. Their disappearance from existence is required to make my pride and vanity feel assuaged.

Many White racists assume that just because they are in power that black folks see them as the gods they would like to be seen as. That belief could not be further from the truth.

The moment you treat a human being as if he has no worth you have ceased having worth in his eyes! At best, he can fear you.

Clearly, white sociopaths have power and control the extant world and many black folks fear their power but fear is not love and respect.

No black person respects white racists. In fact, to black people racists are less than human beings. I know that to me a white racist, be he the current racist clown in the White House called Donald Trump or the racist stiff on the job that fancies his race superior to black folks, has worth in my eyes.

However, the rational part of me no longer wishes racists dead but wants to re-socialize them and transform them from Neanderthals to real human beings hence my writings; my writing is aimed at correcting the wrong philosophy given to the world by the white man; my goal is to change the world's philosophies, for the ones given to it by Europeans are simply wrong and generate social conflict.

I am using my personal experience to articulate larger human issues. I am saying that given human desire for worth that it serves you best to treat all people as if they have worth even if you know that that worth is a chimera than to treat them as if they have no worth.


White racists are generally anti-social personality disordered folks, sociopaths and psychopaths. They are sadistic persons who derive pleasure from inflicting pain on people; they enjoy degrading people.

The psychopath is aware that deep down he feels worthless and that he wants to have worth; he also knows that other people are like him but instead of trying to treat peoples as if they have worth he sets out to degrade them. He wrongly believes that in degrading people he makes himself feel upgraded.

He verbally tells people that they are worthless and treats them as such.  The people he subjects to this degrading treatment feel angry at him. Generally, people band together and arrest, try and jail or kill the sociopath.

All over the world society builds prisons for criminals, that is, for antisocial personalities who do not respect other human beings desire for imaginary worth.

The fate of the psychopath in society is death.  Treat people as if they have no worth and they will kill you. Treat people as if they have worth, even though they don't, you reinforce their aspiration to have worth and they would like and get along with you.

As noted, when I was in elementary school if you treated me as if I had no worth I would literally try to kill you and not feel guilt from doing so! How dare you treat me as if I have no worth when I am already feeling worthless and would like to have worth?

I understand that every trait found in human beings is exaggerated in some. The desire for worth is not even conscious in many people.

Many of those we call normal folks are seldom consciously aware that they are seeking worth.  I am conscious of the fact that I am seeking worth.

I am aware that all people are doing what I am doing, feel worthless and seek worth. Thus, I treat people with total respect; I treat every man, woman and child, black or white I come across as if he or she has total worth; I give every person respect because I want him to give me respect.

I know that what I am doing is make- belief, for I also know that people have no worth. How so? If you want to, at any moment, you can kill me; all you need to do is go buy a gun and pump a few bullets into my head and I would be dead. I can also do the same to you.

If I or you had worth we would not be able to destroy each other's life. Because we can destroy each other's life, therefore, it is self-evident that we have no existential worth. Worth is a social construct, not an existential reality.

Be that as it may, we wish worth so in my rational frame of mind I treat you as if you have worth. If, perchance, I made the mistake of not treating you as if you have worth generally I apologize for it.

For example, when I was a young man and finally tried sex and recognized that it is much ado about nothing, that it is a ridiculous animal activity that I would rather not engage in, I would rather go read philosophy than have sex, well, upon trying sex with women I concluded that sex is a filthy act and associated that filthy act with women. I lost respect for women (please before you delude yourself remember that what I am talking about here is generally what happens to men upon having sex with women; men do not have respect for women for they see the filthiness of sex as arising from women's filthy vaginas).

Upon seeing, a woman I would say: she is a filthy cunt; get the hell out of my site; women were a distraction that I could not afford; what interested me was the world of ideas; just give me Plato, Aristotle, Zeno, Horace, Ovid, Seneca, Epictetus, Descartes, Spinoza, Pascal, Leibnitz Locke, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Berkeley, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Feuerbach, James, Bergson etc. and I am happy.

I had no respect for women (I used to ask: can a woman be a philosopher?). However, in time I corrected that behavior for if women have no worth men have no worth; the only way a human being can have respect is if all of us have it.

Even if there is no existential worth that I can see with my eyes, I choose to see all people as having worth.

I am aware that some persons, such as dictators, choose to see people as worthless and from that stand point kill them.

Adolf Hitler chose to see people as worthless and thus killing people made no difference to him; he did not lose sleep from gassing millions of Jews and Slavic persons to death. That was what made him a sociopath and psychopath.

I choose to see all people as having worth even though I understand that worth and dignity are social constructs rather than an existential fact.

What is hidden in the many is conscious in folks like me; the many do not know that they are always seeking worth but their lives are consumed by it.


All mental disorders emanate from positing an idea of who you and people ought to become and trying to make you and people become that idea, trying to fit your and other peoples realities to your presupposition of who you and people ought to be.

You and people are not who you ought to be but who you are and who you are you do not know so let who you are unfold in your life without telling it how it ought to be.

The mistake of the Christian Church and other religious ideologies is positing manmade pictures of how people ought to behave and trying to browbeat people into becoming those imaginary pictures of humanity.

We do not know who people are so let them just unfold who they are without a preconception of who they are and ought to be.

Building on Quantum physics, we know that the observer affects what he observes; you as the observer make a choice as to what you want reality, including you and people, to be and try to get reality to become that wished for view of it and your wishes do color the reality you see, which is not the actual reality.  There is a deeper reality that is beyond what the observer wants it to be and what that reality is we do not know.

Keep your mind open without presuppositions as to who you are, who other people are and how you and people ought to be and behave and how the world ought to be and simply accept things as they unfold.


When I was in school the prospect of not making a perfect grade made me so anxious that I often skipped school on examination days. I simply did not like not doing well at school. I wanted to be the top boy at my class. However, I was never the top student at any of my classes at school.

At my elementary school there were usually about thirty pupils in a class. At the end of every quarter all the pupils would be examined, graded and plotted from first to the 30thand the positions would be posted on the door of the classroom so that we all knew the position each kid had in the examination.

The best position I made was second out of thirty.  Being second to someone else was unacceptable to me. I felt diminished in size by not being the top kid.

Learning is affected by desire for worth. A kid could be very smart, even have superior intelligence (any IQ over 132) and still not do well at school. One of the reasons could be because he fears making mistakes; the prospect of failing arouses so much anxiety in him that he prefers to reduce that anxiety by avoiding learning. He may drop out of school to avoid failing, and or for not been the top student.

It is useful to have good Intelligence but what really matters most is the student's sense of worth. If you give the student a sense of worth he relaxes and learns at his optimal level but if you treat him as worthless he becomes oppositional and may drop out of school.

American schools treat black students as if they have no worth and the kids react by either dropping out of school or not caring for schooling. Thus, there came to be the absurd belief that black students are less intelligent than white students. This is nonsense and, as such, is not even worth a response to.

All students are the same and coequal. Of course, some students are smarter than others but the fact is that the average student is the average student regardless of his race.

Learning is affected by the pursuit of worth so if we want students to learn we must make them feel worthwhile.

We can help those students who feel inordinate sense of worthlessness and seek unrealistic worth to accept the reality of being a human being, lack of intrinsic worth; each of us must accept a certain level of worthlessness, for in the final analysis human beings have no existential worth; worth is a social construct not a self-evident reality.


In the adult world not having money makes people feel worthless; that certainly is my case; if I do not have money I feel small.  I do not like to be poor and certainly do not like to beg other people for money.

The idea of asking folks for financial help makes me feel like I am garbage; I avoid that feeling by even starving rather than asking for help. I would rather maintain the fiction that I have worth than beg for other folks to help me.

When in graduate school I contemplated academic career I shuddered at doing what professors do: write for grants, that is, beg those who have money to give them money with which they do their research. A professor would boast about how much money he obtained to do his research; if he got millions he felt on top of the world.

The act of asking another person or organization to give me money to do research with was unacceptable to me. I would rather give myself that money (but how?)!


Human beings everywhere seek worth. If in doubt go to Nigeria and see the desire for worth at its craziest level.

A Nigerian with any kind of education wants you to know it. If he is an engineer or architect or whatever he wants you to call him by his professional status: Engineer Okonkwo,  Architect Okorocha, Mathematician  Chike Obi,  Lawyer Njoku and so on. You dare not call his name without affixing his professional title.

If he is a professor you must refer to him as professor or else he feels diminished by you. If he has no academic titles he goes to his village and gives the rustic villagers' money and they give him the title of chief. Thereafter, he masquerades around as chief Big Stuff.

Some Nigerians go to the ridiculous length of having you call them "Chief, Professor Dr. Vice Chancellor" (of a Mickey Mouse University).

In the West, folks do the same thing but in a more subtle manner? Come to the universities and see the professors struggling to come up with novel discoveries in science so as to win the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, biology etc. It is all pursuit of worth done differently.  People are always seeking worth.

Much of human behavior is rooted in the pursuit of worth; this pursuit of worth is rooted in human beings  perception that their lives in body is worthless and their compensatory desire to overcome that sense of worthlessness by doing what seems to give them worth.


In addition to their obsessive-compulsive seeking of worth (with which to mask their worthlessness), human beings are motivated to understand their world.

Clearly, there is intelligence in people; at their best people use the intelligence in them to study their physical, social and psychological worlds.

People are motivated to understand themselves and their universe and do so in an objective manner.

The pursuit of science is inherent in human nature. The pursuit of technology, doing what enables people to adapt to their world, is also inherent in human nature.

Man is at his best when he is pursuing knowledge. When I am trying to understand an aspect of nature, man including, I can do so for hours and in doing so lose my sense of self.

When I lose my sense of self while doing something I am in the only heaven that I know of. To me, heaven is when I do not have a sense of ego separated self; heaven is when an undifferentiated life force that manifests through me is trying to understand the world it lives in.

Bliss, that is, peace and happiness, I believe, lies in trying to understand something as objectively as is humanly possible without taking credit for what one understands.

I struggle to know the truth and then give my finding a way to folks (I am sure that many a bright graduate student has used ideas he borrowed from me to write his masters and or doctoral dissertations without even acknowledging where he got them. And that is fine with me; he and I are part of one life force so each of us is giving to the other and taking from the other).

My perception shows me that people pursue worth and use their minds to understand their world. You cannot prevent them from doing these two things.

You cannot stop people from seeking worth and power for if they did not do so they would have no motivation to strive for what human beings call success and would soon die.


I have observed myself very closely; what I see is that I have one problem. My one problem is my belief that I have a self and my desire for that self to have worth. At about age six I became aware that I have a self and I wanted that self to be powerful.

I did not sit  down and consciously come up with that self; all I know is that gradually, presumably from the moment I was born, a self-concept  developed inside me and by age six it became concretized as who I think that I am.

My rational analysis of the origin of that self tells me that it is rooted in my body and social experience.

In George Kelly's (1958) categories, something in me took the interaction of my body and society to construct a self-concept for me.

My self-concept is the product of my body and society; it is a result of my behaviors and learning beginning from when I was born and did not develop over night or in one day.

My problematic body interacted with its physical and social environments and was at pain most of the time; it observed how other people related to it and came to the conclusion of who it thinks that I am.

My self-concept, my personality and my ego (the term ego is the same as self-concept and personality) is a byproduct of my experiences on earth; I did not come to this world with it.

The self-concept is epiphenomenal; that is, it is a response to the individual's experience in his body and society.

Because the self-concept is a throw up from the individual's experiences in the here and now world, it is not real; it is a smoke produced by the fire of the individual's body and society. As a byproduct of body and society the ego is a secondary phenomenon.

That leaves to be answered the question: what is the individual's primary self, his real-self? I do not know who my real self is; do you know who your real self is?

The term personality is derived from Latin, persona, masks. It is said that ancient Greek actors' wore masks to hide their faces as they, on a stage, enacted recreations of people's characters, some of whom may be in the audience, and may feel embarrassed seeing themselves portrayed by the actors. Thus, actors hid their faces as they portrayed other people's characters.

The term persona or personality means that each of us has a different self which he hides or does not know about but puts on a different self, a social self, a mask that he presents to other people to relate to and accept as who he is.

Personality is not the real self. But who is the real self beneath the mask of personality? I do not know who my real self is; however, I do suspect that we have real selves apart from our personalities.

What I do know is that by age six I had a persona, a personality in place. I presented that persona, that social self, that false self, that mask over my real self to other people to relate to and they, too, presented their own personas to me to relate to.

What is going on is that all of us wear masks of who we want to be seen as in society and present them to each other to relate to.

We relate to these masks, and collude with each other trying to believe that the masks are who we are. This is the dance we enact in society, or as Eric Berne (1964) called it, the Games People Play. Thomas Harris (1967) in "I'M Ok YOU'RE Ok" called what we are doing transactional analysis where we play the roles of parents, children and adults to each other depending on which role we feel is appropriate at any point in time.

From when I became conscious that I have a self I have played the role of a certain type of self, a big self. My wished for social self is a powerful self.

Please note what I said here: I am playing a role of the person I want to be or think that I am but not my real self. What my real self is I do not know.

Do you know who your real self is or have you played the role of a certain persona for too long that you no longer know who your real self is?

I know that I have a problematic body. My problematic body made me feel totally inadequate and powerless. It made me experience life as too painful. Because of the problems it caused me I did not like my body. I rejected my body and my body based actual self.

I resolved to become a different self, a better self, an ideal, powerful and superior self. I do not remember sitting down and making that decision but it happened that way.

All I know is that by age six I found myself denying my actual self and wanting to become an imaginary, ideal powerful self; the imaginary ideal self is everything that my actual self is not; it is tall and handsome; it is athletic and healthy; it is intelligent and wins at whatever it tries in this world. Ultimately, that imaginary ideal-self lives forever and ever.

I present my wished for ideal, powerful self to other people to relate to and they, too, apparently, present their imaginary, ideal selves to me to relate to.  In this manner, people and I play roles for each other, presenting false selves to the each other to relate to; we relate from false self to false self!

In this dance, if other people approve what my false ideal-self did I feel happy around you. If you do not collude with me and tell me in words and or deeds that I am the imaginary ideal self I want to be I feel unhappy around you. I may also feel angry at you.   Generally, I avoid those who do not approve my wished for ideal self.

I use what psychoanalysts call ego defense mechanisms to defend my wished for ideal self. The ego defense mechanisms are repression, suppression, denial, projection, dissociation, displacement, rationalization, sublimation, reaction-formation, fantasy, avoidance, minimizing, fear, anger, guilt, pride, shame etc.

Ego defense mechanisms are employed by each of us to protect his wished for self, his imaginary false self.

Ego defense mechanisms are not used to protect the real self; for one thing, we do not even know who our real self is. Moreover, the real self does not need to be protected or defended for the real needs no defense to be real.

It is the false self that knows that it is false that must be defended to make it seem real. Defense makes the defensed false self-seem real in one's eyes.

As noted, if other people collude with me and tell me that I am my wished for ideal, powerful self I like  them and get along with them but if they did not validate my wished for ideal self I do not like them.

I feel anxious around those who would not confirm my wished for self. I am afraid of people not affirming my wished for ideal self.

Please note that whereas all these ego dynamics are conscious in me that they, in you, are, perhaps, unconscious? The difference between you and I is that I know what I am doing whereas you may be doing the same thing in an unconscious manner. Therefore, in describing me I am really describing you! I am really trying to teach you about you! As Harry Stack Sullivan Observed people are more alike than unalike.

I have a wish for a big, powerful, ideal self. My actual self feels weak and insecure so the big, powerful self is compensatory and not who I am, in fact.

My one problem, as I see it, is my wish to have a big, powerful self.  This problem makes it difficult for me to relate well to other people, for it is always on the lookout to see how other people treat it. If they validate it, it feels fine with them but if they do not it feels bad and perhaps reacts with anger towards them or avoids them.

Part 11


In anger I am saying to the person that I am angry at: how dare you not treat me as the all-powerful person that I want to be?

Anger  is a maneuver used by the angry person to try browbeating other people into accepting its ideal, powerful self; anger is a mechanism used to get the entire world to treat one as one thinks that one ought to be treated, a powerful, special self, who one is not in reality.

Whereas some anger is inevitable because anger is response to frustration and there will always be obstacles on our paths that frustrate our goal attainment, but excessive anger is found in those who pursue false big selves. If you understand this reality then you shrink your ego to humble proportions and other people treating you as worthless may no longer bother you.

If you accept yourself as worthless, as I do, other people seeing you as worthless would not bother you. If you treat me as worthless, well, I already see you as worthless so what difference does it make if one worthless person treated another worthless person as if he is worthless?

You're seeing me as worthless does not bother me one bit. However, if you act on it and try to harm me I will not hesitate in killing you and not feel any qualms for doing so; killing you is killing a worthless person. For example, killing a white racist amounts to removing a piece of garbage from society and I do not lose sleep from that act.


As long as I defend my wished for but imaginary, big self I am prone to fear, anxiety and anger. Indeed, what folks call mental disorders, such as depression, mania, delusion, schizophrenia etc. are different manifestations of the wished for powerful self.

In depression the individual failed in attaining his wished for powerful self and lost social face and feels small; he loses interests in the activities of daily living, such as going to school, work, playing with other people in sports, self-grooming and relating to people in general;  he wants to be left alone to vegetate or even to die.

In mania the individual pretends to be the imaginary powerful self he wants to become; in the manic phase the individual forcefully wants to seem powerful and uses his mind to stimulate his biological processes to work fast so as to cloud his brain to enable him see himself as the god he wants to be, as famous etc. He uses his mind to force his body to become excited and act as if he is the wished for ideal, powerful self; he tells you that he is the richest man on earth and wants you to believe in that lie; he is euphoric in mood, laughing as if he has no care in the world.

In delusion disorder the individual pretends to be whom he is not, usually a very powerful self and wants you to see him or her as such.  Delusion disorder, aka paranoia is actually ancient Greeks definition of mental disorder. To ancient Greeks the mad man denies his real self and pretends to be a different self, a powerful self and wants you to treat him as his wished for powerful self or else he feels angry at you or withdraws from society and go live by himself pretending that he is the big self he wants to become (in schizophrenia, disorganized or paranoid types, you see the schizophrenic pretending to be a big self).

In psychoses, the individual acts "as if" he is the all-powerful god his ego wishes to be.  He manages to get his idealized self to talk to another part of his self, the conscious ego self, hence he  now appears to have a split self, one self-talking to another self (this is not dissociative disorder, aka multiple personality disorder; that one is too complicated to be talked about here).

Mental disorders are rooted in folks wish for a big, powerful self to cover their underlying small, powerless selves.

Clearly, biology plays a role in all mental disorders (in other writings I talked about the role of dopamine in schizophrenia, neuropiniphrine in mania, serotonin in depression, GABA in anxiety disorder etc.); nevertheless, it is the mind of the individual that in response to the exigencies of his body and society wishes to be powerful and important.

Mental disorders are exactly that, mental; even though they are rooted in bodily and societal disorders we can heal them at the mind level.

Change your mind about who you think that you are and act in accordance with your new self-concept and you heal your mental disorder.


Each of us has a self-concept; the self-concept is a bunch of ideas and concepts of who the individual thinks that he is; the self-concept is mostly false ideas about one's self. Therefore if you change your self- concept and replace it with more correct ideas of whom you are and you heal your mind.

I have one problem; my problem is that I have a separated big, self-concept. If my problem, and your problem, is that I have a big, powerful self and you also have it what is its solution?

The solution is simple! I have to give up wishing to have a big, powerful self. I have to stop defending my wished for ideal self.

Ultimately, I have to give up the very idea of having a separated self. All selves, humble (normal persons) or grandiose (personality disordered persons and or psychotic persons) are false.

Any self that I can think of as who I am is not my true self. I do not know who my real self is.  It is when I accept that all my self-concepts, whatever idea of self that I have, is false and stop having any kind of idea of a self in me that my one and only problem is solved.

The solution to the problem of self is to have no conceptual self. If I do not have a self that I conceptualized then who am I? I do not know.

I think that there is an undifferentiated life that manifests in all of us. What that self is, I do not have the faintest idea of.

Let me repeat: my one and only problem is that I have a self, big or small; my one and only solution to it is to let go of having a self and henceforth have no self of my conception.

All self-concepts are perceptual; they are based on what one sees in the separated world; perception is always not the total truth; truth must be beyond perception.

By the way, I have just restated Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism and Zen here. Oriental religions work to get people to give up their conceptual selves and have no self. In having no ego- self people are said to be natural and healthy; in having a self, normal or neurotic or psychotic self, people are said to be unhealthy!


If I have no wish for a self and have no self to defend I would relax and smell the roses and coffee.  I would just be in existence without wishes for this or that imaginary self to be true. I would be part of one life manifesting in all human beings, animals and trees (and in inorganic matter).

If I have no self-concept that I am defending I would feel liberated from the prison of the imaginary ideal self. I would be peaceful and happy, for it is the belief that one has a self that causes one loads of emotional problems.

With no self-concept I would live a simple life, smiling most of the time and not taking anything seriously.

If I have no self to defend I would be part of one life. I would only do what I like doing and leave it at that.

What I like doing, for now, is to understand the self that I am pretending to be but that I am not.  Since the imaginary self I am trying to become is not real I am really not trying to become any self although I give myself tons of anxiety, anger, depression and paranoia trying to become that which does not exist, a separated self.

If I let go of the desire for the imaginary self I would live like the windblown dust that in fact I am, landing wherever it lands and not worrying about it.

As long as each human being has a self-concept that he thinks that he is and defends it he must have conflicts within his self and with other people.

As long as people have selves they will have wars.  Wars are fought by false selves; false selves fight and kill each other.

Since they are not real selves, actually, at wars no real self is killing other real selves; egos killing each other are nothing, for egos are make belief selves and do not, in fact, exists.

Wars are arenas where the false are destroyed!

Returning to me, here is the sum of my life: my biological and social existence treated me as an orphan; I was not given a pain free body. Thus, I felt angry at the universe for not treating me nicely.

My father did not treat me nicely, either. He was always critical of me, always comparing me to his neurotic ideal self and its ideal standards of behaviors.

My father and mom lavished attention on their first son and treated their second son, me, as a second class person. The first son was given whatever he asked for whereas the second son had to beg for whatever is left over.

The fact that I had to beg to be given something infuriated me. I was angry at my parents for treating me so shabbily.

I resented been treated as if I am not special and do not matter. In my relationship with other people I project the issues that I had with my parents to them. I want people to treat me as if I am special and important. In a passive manner I tend to please people so as to get them to like me. However, if they then treat me badly the aggressive part of me comes to the fore as I verbally attack them for treating me poorly.

Simply put,  I project my issues with my parents and existence to other people; if they treat me shabbily, as nature treated me, I feel angry at them, as I felt angry at the universe/ god and my parents for treating me shabbily.


When, finally, you realize that the ego is not your real self and you want to let it go it begins the struggle to have you keep it; it tells you that it is the self you formed to enable you adapt to the exigencies of this world. That is true except that it no longer enables you to adapt to the realities of this world.

For example, if one has a big self-concept, a big self that in childhood one conceptualized with the false notion that it can enable one to cope with the big problems of life, that big ego now negatively affects ones relationships with other people.

If you insist on been seen as mister big-self, other people will not like to relate to you as such; the big self-disturbs your social relationship.

At school the big ego slows down your learning, for you are too busy defending the big self and fearing making mistakes.

On the job, you are too invested in been seen as a very important person and play that role and therefore do not have all the time to do your job optimally.

The big ego is a false self and has nothing to recommend it. Yet, it asks you to retain it. If you decide to let it go it begs you to please retain a small part of it. If you listen to it all you will get is give yourself pain, actually, a lot of pain for the ego gives one pain.

The ego gives one fear, anxiety, depression, paranoia, mania and schizophrenia. I do not see anything good in the ego and therefore do not see why any aspect of it ought to be retained.

But having said this, in childhood the exigencies of the child's world forced him to develop the ego personality he has.

For example, given my medical issues and conditional social acceptance I had to develop the ego I had. My ego was not an accident; it responded to the realities of my childhood life.

Each individual's ego, personality and behavior pattern is not an accident; it is who he had to be given the totality of his existence.

However, given the psychological pains that the ego gives us each of us we must at some point reevaluate it and decide that it is more trouble than it is worth, and give it up.

You cannot retain a bit of your ego for if you retain some of it you have retained all of it, for the ego is an all or nothing proposition; you cannot choose to keep some of it and let go of others; it is either you let go of all of it or you keep all of it.

Transformation of character is not done partially; it is an all or nothing phenomenon; you either give up all your old self-concept  you keep all of it; you must decide to give up the self you know you had, your old ego self, your personality, your self-concept and formulate a new one. You cannot mix old wine and new wine and expect them to taste good. You must put new wine in a new wine bottle for you to obtain the best taste from it.


I approach everything in the world with fear, anxiety and anger. I anticipate what could go wrong and try to plan on how I am going to deal with it. I am always in an anxious, fearful mode.

This constant state of fear tenses and stresses my body; it actually ages my body. Therefore, it is not good for me to keep doing so.

One must decide to trust the present and future and not see it as going to cause one harm and simply let what is going to happen to one to do so. One crosses each bridge of life as one gets to it rather than spending most of one's time worrying about how one is going to cross the many bridges of life.


I live in the USA. Like most black persons living in America, white folks assumed that I am inferior and treated me as such. I was discriminated against on the job.

The white man treated me shabbily. Because he did so he is not my mentor and certainly not my friend. A friend helps his friends, not place obstacle on their paths as the white man places on black folk's paths.

Because he did not look after my interest I have no business seeking permission from him before I do anything.

It is a sin for a black man to seek approval from a white man; to seek approval from a white person is tantamount to seeking approval from ones enemy before one does what one wants to do.

The white man is mostly sociopathic and narcissistic in nature; he only uses people and discard them when they are no longer useful to him.

Therefore, I have no business seeking approval from the white man for anything I want to do with my life. I do not need to get his permission to articulate a world view that makes sense to me. I could care less for his opinion on my views.

Actually, one of my existential goals is to attack and decapitate the white man's world views, to send them to the burial ground and replace them with more loving ideas on how to live life.

I have absolutely no regard for any idea that comes from the white man's mouth and so it has it be.  The white man owes me nothing and I owe him nothing; we could be cordial to each other but I must not accept that he is out for my good; to do so is to live in delusion, for the white man may choose to use you at any time and do so.


In capitalist economies the assumption is that people are selfish and in pursuit of their self-interests sell and buy things; people buy things from those who have what they want to buy.

For example, human beings do become sick and therefore need medical treatment. They look for those who sell medical services. Medical doctors sell to those who are sick what they want to buy. Thus, medical doctors make a lot of money in capitalist economies, for the people will always get sick and need medical treatment.

The relation between medical doctors and their patients is entirely rational relationship and has nothing to do with caring or love for any one.  People want to live and medical doctors sell to them what they need to live, medical services. Beyond that the people involved in this relationship do not care for one another.

If you do not have the money to pay for his medical services the American medical doctor would not treat you and could care less whether you lived or died. By the same token patients would not care for the existence of medical doctors if it were not the case that they live in bodies that get sick.

If illness is eradicated from the human body people would desist from overvaluing medical doctors.

Farmers produce food that those who want to live and must eat food to live buy and thus farmers obtain money and with that money they buy what they need to have to live on.

If you do not have the goods and or services people desire to live on they would not buy from you and you are left out.

Thus, in a capitalist economy the individual asks his self: what service and or good do people need that I can produce and sell it to them?  In what areas am I able to serve peoples interests?

You figure out what you have aptitude in and train for it and have the skills to produce what people need to survive on and give it to them and do so as exactly as they want it, not as you think that they should have it.

This is called realistic relationship with people; there is no sentimentalism involved; people do not care for you and you do not care for them; both of you are selfish creatures meeting each other's needs and that is all there is to you and peoples relationships.


While they are relating to each other from this rational, enlightened self-interested perspective, people nevertheless talk about what they call love. Apparently, people's minds like to see them as loving persons.

You would be a fool if you believed that people are loving persons; love is for mere talk not practice. For one thing, what is love? Most people do not know what love is. So, how can they love if they do not know what love is?

You would be idealistic to believe that people would like you and would give you anything just because you want to live. No, people do not care whether you lived or died.

Idealism that says that people should care for each other the capitalist says is not realistic and is sentimental for it does not acknowledge peoples real nature, which is selfish.

Capitalist biologists such as Richard Dawkins and Edward Wilson say that people are driven by selfish genes.

In my opinion those so-called biologists do not understand that what they call selfish human nature is merely a reflection of the capitalist ideology they are living in.

What human nature is these folks do not know! It is my task to teach them that there is no such thing as human nature but that we can choose whatever nature we want to be; we can choose to be loving and altruistic (see Erich Fromm's 1956 book, the Art of love).


People have a need to understand their minds and bodies; psychologists tell them about how their minds supposedly work and medical doctors tell them about their bodies' disorders; in effect, psychologists sell ideas on the mind and medical doctors sell ideas on the body; both are doing what people want to know and are willing to pay for.

If you cannot sell the type of ideas people want to buy on the mind or body they would not come to you but would go to those who have such ideas.

In the USA, given that most white Americans are their narcissistic or sociopathic in nature they listen to mental health professionals who gratify their narcissistic needs.

Narcissist and sociopaths do not give a damn about other people's welfare but instead seek attention and admiration from other people; they want to be admired by other people; they use you to get their needs met and when you are no longer useful to them they discard you like you are a piece of rag doll and could care less for your existence; they have no emotional attachment to people but just want people to tell them how beautiful they are and how accomplished they are.

Currently, Americans have a sick narcissistic boy-man in the White House; he is called Donald Trump; I call him the American chief narcissist.

In one of my Facebook circles is a white woman who talks about love to the point that it is nauseating. But the moment you have a need you find out that she could care less for you; she would not meet your need. All that she wants to do is talk about how she is such a loving person and folks who have not related to white Americans and know that almost all of them are narcissists gravitate to her and listen to her razzmatazz until they are in need and she flees from them. Thereafter they learn what most black folks know about white folks: they are narcissistic or psychopathic in nature.

The black psychologist, Bobby Wright, wrote about the white personality as the psychopathic racial personality.

If you are a smart mental health professional and want to market your ideas you tell people what they want to hear, that they are great. If you tell them what they do not want to hear, such as tell them that narcissism is a sick mental state, they would ignore you; they want somebody to tell them that they have beautiful bodies and minds.

As we speak, white folks want people who tell them that they should be sticking their penises into other men's anuses and call it sexual activity, I am talking about homosexuality. If you dared say that such behavior is not appropriate for human beings, not even for animals, their political correctness would shout you down, or even destroy you.

From my standpoint, I know that people seek to be important and want existential worth. You then tell them that they are important and have existential worth if you want them to buy what you are selling. But if you insist on the truth you must add that people do not have intrinsic existential worth and that worth is a social construct.

Why is worth a social construct and not a natural phenomenon? Consider that if people had worth nature would respect them and not easily destroy them. In reality, anyone who desires it can destroy people's lives.

Any American president can decide and go to war and use millions of American adolescents to fight that war.

Donald Trump, the narcissist in chief, desiring to make a name for his self, can decide to go to war with North Korea and use millions of American kids to fight that war (and North Koreans will defeat Americans unless Americans resort to nuclear weapons).

In the meantime, the sociopathic Donald fights to prevent offering American kids publicly paid health insurance yet when the kids grow up he wants them to go fight and die for his ego gratification; what idiots human beings are!

In my opinion, no American kid should go fight and die for their callous and mean spirited leaders who did not give them and their parents publicly paid health insurance and publicly paid education at all levels, including university and technical schools.

Anyway, if people had intrinsic worth nature and society wouldn't treat them as they currently do, as nothing of importance.

Moreover, in pursuit of worth and significance people give themselves fear (of death of their egos and bodies), anxiety, anger, depression, delusion, paranoia and schizophrenia. Therefore, if they do not want mental disorders they must give up their desire for body and ego based worth, and accepts their intrinsic worthlessness and lives with that reality.


If you are realistic you must accept that your body lacks worth and tell people that their bodies have no worth. This information would enable them to relax and stop enslaving themselves to working twelve hour days to earn a living for their worthless bodies.

Obviously, given that there are no free lunches in life, some work is necessary to make a living but to be a slave to work, for what, for body that would die?

Our bodies are composed of sixty four elements (especially carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen); each of those elements is composed of electrons, protons and neutrons; those particles are composed of quarks and quarks were made from photons of light.

Analysis shows that the human body is ultimately made from light. Light came out of nowhere and everywhere during the big bang, 13.8 billion years ago; from that light particles, atoms, stars, planets, animals, people and trees were formed.

We know that the universe is expanding; as it expands it loses heat. Trillions of years from now the universe would so lose heat that all the stars and planets would die.

Indeed, our star, the sun will in about five billion years die. In two billion years when it begins to die, has less hydrogen to fuse into helium, the sun will begin fusing other elements and become hotter than it currently is. It would be so hot that it would dry the water on planet earth.

Without water the earth cannot support biological life. Thus, in about two billion years animals, human beings included, and plants would die out on planet earth.  The earth would look like today's Mercury, Venus and Mars.

May be people would develop the technology with which to migrate to exoplanets and that way keep migrating from one star system to others;  as each star dies they go to other stars and their planets, from one galaxy to others until the entire  stars and universe  dies.

If there are multiple universe, as some speculate that there are, and some of those universes are habitable, human beings might be able to tunnel their ways to them; some say that there are wormholes through which people can tunnel to other universes.

Whatever is the truth about the existence of many universes, what is currently known is that our physical universe would die a chilly death (not fiery big crunch). We can then proceed on the grounds that we will die a cold death.

All elements would decay; protons would be the last to decay and the universe would be made of cold radiation and cannot support life as we know it.

Because, sooner or later, we shall die, life in body is transitory and ephemeral; it is not permanent and eternal. That which is not permanent is nothing.

Thus, we can say that our lives in bodies are really nothing; they seem to have temporary existence.  Where we currently see people in bodies there will be no people in bodies in the future.

The world is like a movie; you see the people in bodies in the movies and they seem real but like movies they are actually not there; there are no people where you see the movies playing on the screen of the world.

The question is who shot the movie. Who invented this world and made it so real that we take it as real?

It seems that some non-material intelligence invented our world and projected seeming life into people; this is kind of like the movie Matrix, where projected in actors think that they are real when in fact they are computer animations!

So, are there intelligent forces outside our physical universe that invented our physical universe? Nineteenth century infant science denied that possibility and embraced materialism, the philosophy that the permutation of matter produced mind; that our thinking is epiphenomenal, the byproduct of our bodies and brains. Materialism does not accept that there is life outside our bodies; when we die we die out. Materialism is atheistic.

Science is too young, it is only five hundred years old, and from Nicolas Copernicus (1543) to the present is not even five hundred years, to make finalistic claims about the origin of our universe and us.

Whereas religion posits unprovable gods as responsible for the origin of this world, I would not be surprised if this universe was invented by some intelligent agent.

This does not mean that we have to fear the intelligence agent and worship it. If a non-material intelligence exists, it is in us!

Sooner or later, science probably would be able to completely understand the universe and we begin inventing our own universes and people!

In this paper I am not going to speculate on the nature of the intelligence that putatively invented this universe; I have done so elsewhere.

For now, a realistic person accepts that his body and ego mind are transitory and ephemeral and doesn't over value them.

When I die my body would be cremated and since most of my body and your body are composed of 70% water, the water would evaporate and the other elements are reduced to about three pounds of ashes. Those three pounds of ashes have no monetary value. My body is not worth a penny!

Because it has no value, I do not take my body and ego seriously. To me my body and ego is nothing and I treat it as nothing.

But while I am on earth, I use my body and ego to relate to other bodies and egos as smoothly as is possible without deluding myself into thinking that I have worth.

The objective fact is that I have no existential worth and you have no existential worth; be that as it may, we can pretend to have worth, for that pretense seems necessary to make living on earth tolerable to our egos.


If I put on my thinking cap the only inevitable conclusion is that my parents and people in general did not do much to harm me and therefore I have no business being angry at them.

It was nature that gave me my crummy body, a body that causes me no end of pain that wronged me. It was nature that made me feel like an orphan in this world. Therefore, if I need to feel angry at any one at all it is at nature.

A mature adult does not blame other people for his situation but merely does whatever he can to deal with his issues; blaming nature or other people is a waste of time and is not going to correct the situation.

My father inherited my body; thus, nature caused him the same type of problems it caused me and therefore he too was a victim of nature. He too did posit an idealized superior self that he was pursuing and used its imaginary perfect standards to judge his self and other people and criticized us.

He should not have judged me with ideal, perfect standards and found me not good enough just because I did not live like an imaginary perfect self.

I am a human being in flesh and blood and therefore cannot become as perfect as the imaginary mental construct called ideal self. He made a mistake in comparing me to an ideal self; he should not have done that for that caused me unnecessary psychological pain.  His mistake is neurotic and understandable and is to be corrected without unduly blaming him.

In Alfred Adler's terms, it can be said that I am like the pampered, spoilt child who expects his parents and other people and the world to take care of his needs and when they do not do so he feels angry at them and easily gives up and accept defeat rather than figure out a way to make a living by his self.

I project my anger at nature to those around me and blame them for not meeting my needs. If they did not immediately do what serves my needs I felt angry at them. It is as if I am a prince or king whose needs must be met or else he feels abandoned by people and cries to make them feel guilty and from guilt take care of his needs.

Well, in the adult world no other person is supposed to take care of my needs; I am supposed to take care of my needs and not feel angry at other people for not doing for me what I ought to be doing for me. I get it; all I need to do is correct my projecting my anger at nature and god to people by ceasing doing so and simply do whatever I can for me and leave it at that.

No one else owes me anything and I do not owe other people anything.  We are all alone and if we meet we smile at each other but beyond that we do not live to take care of each other people.

As Fred Pearl's used to say in his Gestalt therapy, it does not matter whether other people approve us or not; all we need to do is approve ourselves.

Albert Ellis, in his Rational Emotional Therapy used to encourage people not to give a damn about what other people think or say about them. It is not what other people say or do that makes you happy or sad or angry but how you interpret what they say or do. If you think that you need others approval if they do not approve you, you would feel bad but if you do not need other people's approval, they not approving you would be water off your skin.

For example, I do not seek approval from any white person and their not approving me makes no difference to me. I do not need approval from evil persons.

Aaron Beck continues Ellis Epictetus based cognitive behavior therapy.

I must then apologize to all those in my life that I had been angry at when they did not immediately do what I asked them to do for me. They do not have to meet my needs and I do not have to meet their needs.

The fact that I do not like to be kept waiting, not having my needs immediately met, is an issue for me to correct.


Love by other people does not mean that they should jump and do whatever I asked them to do for me. Indeed, many of my significant others tried to meet my needs but fell short in doing so not because they are unloving but because they simply could not.

For example, when I was a college student my father's brothers did not reach out and helped me with money and I felt angry at them for not helping me. Well, they had their own children to train and did not have the resources to extend to me. But I was so angry at them that I cut off from them and had nothing else to do with them until they died. I can bear grudges and grievances and seek vengeance; this is immaturity and has to go.

And that brings us to love. What exactly is love? I think that love is the state of union; in love we are unified with each other and the universe. In the state of union with all existence we feel peaceful and happy. The topic of love is too extensive to be dealt with here; I have done so elsewhere.


I have had what religious folks call visions; however, I believe that my mind produced them. But having said so, the question is: what part of my mind produced them? Certainly, it is not the part of my mind that I am conscious of, for in my day consciousness I could not even imagine how to come up with those visions.

I believe that there is a part of the human mind that is not within our conscious control but has in it all our past learning and human history and uses those to produce our nightly dreams as well as our so-called religious visions.

Helen Schucman, for example, probably wrote her book, A course in miracles, from the deeper part of her mind that contains her psychoanalytic learning and the history of mankind, what Carl Jung called our collective unconscious.

How what Carl Jung called our collective mind works I do not understand but it seems to me to be the repository of all human experience, scientific and spiritual; in it are past religious figures such as Jesus Christ; it is our collective mind, what we may call our higher mind, or in Christian categories, the Holy Spirit, or Christ mind.

I call it our shared unified mind, what religious folks call God's mind.


To live in bodies that will die people must feel worthless and powerless and seek worth, power and knowledge. This is the human condition.

However, like every good thing there is a negative aspect to it; in some people the desire and pursuit of worth, power and knowledge can take over the individual's entire life that he feels totally worthless and is obsessive-compulsively seeking power. I am talking about folks that psychoanalysis used to call neurotics and todays psychiatry call persons with personality disorders.

The trick is to seek worth while recognizing that it is a chimera; for as long as people live in body they have no existential worth.

Look at your body, the body that you are laboring twelve hour days trying to make a living for. Within 120 years your body dies, decays and smells like feces. Your body is going to be eaten by worms and bacteria.

If you like science, then see it this way:  your body is composed of sixty four elements, mostly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen with traces of small amounts of potassium, phosphor, sulfur, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, chlorine, sodium and so on; composed elements are held together by chemical bonds.

Upon death the bonds that hold your body together break up and the various elements that composed your body leave your body.

The elements in time decay to their constituent parts of electrons, proton sand neutrons; those particles would in time decay to quarks and those to photons and those to the nothingness from whence light came during the Big bang 13. 8 billion years ago.

If you cremated your 170 pounds body (which is over 70% water, just as water makes up 70% of the earth's surface) it would become about three pounds of ashes; those ashes have no monetary value, they are not even worth a penny!

Your body is not worth a penny, my dear friend! Yet, you enslave yourself to working for its up keep. What does that make you, a wise man or a fool?

And for telling you this much truth what does it make me, a pessimist or optimist? Would you rather you are not told the truth so that you keep on deluding yourself with the illusion that your body and ego has worth?

The philosopher's function is to tell you the truth, to disabuse people of their illusions and delusions of their worth. I am merely performing my philosophical function by telling you the truth.

The truth, even if it seems depressing, will give you proper perspective and help you live more peacefully and happily with the transitory and ephemeral things of this world.

Things, you included, are here today and are gone tomorrow. The immortal bard, William Shakespeare, remember him, in his immortal play, Macbeth, said that we are like poor actors on a stage; we are like the story told by a fool full of sound and fury but signifying nothing; in the present we clown around as misters big stuff but in time we are heard from no more; we disappear into the mist of oblivion from when we came!

If you like Hamlet, what are we, gods or animals? You decide and take the consequences of your decision.

Simply put, our bodies and the sense of self are nothing seeking to become something important but cannot attain it.  Such is the human tragedy.

Some say that worth inheres in spirit, in God and that we obtain it when we return to God. Okay. But the question is; where is God and spirit? Where can we find him?

He is nowhere to be found. You ask folks to merely belief in the unseen God?  In this piece I am not interested in belief and faith but in what I can verify through the scientific method.

I do not know that God or spirit exists, for, as Karl Popper noted, God and his heaven cannot be falsified, or even verified, so they are not proper subjects for scientific inquiry. However, they are proper subject for metaphysical, non -scientific cogitations. I have done that elsewhere.


In this paper I pointed out that the reality of living in bodies that would die and disappear from existence makes us feel like we have no worth.  I said that we appear to need a sense of worth to be able to live productive lives in this world. Thus, even though we do not have worth we seek to have worth.

Some people come to believe that they have the worth most of us pursue but know that we do not have it.

When we take the imaginary as real we have mental health issues. Mental illness inheres in believing that one has worth when one does not have it.

Mental health lies in seeking worth but accepting that worth is a social construct and not deluding one's self into believing that one actually has worth.


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