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An encounter with a racist white police man

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This morning (around 10 AM, February 9, 2016) I was driving; I had taught my early morning course and was leaving the campus. I got close to a traffic light; it was beginning to turn yellow when I was in the intersection so I drove on (I turned left). It was not red when I turned so technically I did nothing wrong.

Three blocks later I saw a police car flashing its light behind me. I thought that it was in an emergency mode and had the right of way; therefore, I pulled off the road for him to go by; I had no idea that he was after me for I had not thought that I did anything wrong.

The police car stopped behind my car and a white police man came out of the car and came towards me. He stood by my side of the car.

He asked: are you the owner of this car, and I said yes (why did he ask that question, I wondered in my mind).

He asked for the registration of the car and evidence of my auto insurance. The papers are in the gloves compartment. I told him so and asked him whether I can reach into the gloves compartment and get them out. I did so for it is not unusual for a black man trying to reach into a gloves compartment to be shot by white police and the police would tell those investigating the murder that he felt that the black man was reaching for a gun and to protect his self he shot him, and his all-white jury would exonerate him for killing yet another black man in cold blood. In America black lives do not matter.

He said yes to my request to reach into the gloves compartment and I did. I opened the gloves compartment and brought out the envelope containing the particulars he asked for. As I tried to open the envelope and give him what he asked for he asked for my driver's license.

I stopped accomplishing the first request he made and reached for my wallet from my pants pocket. He asked me to get out the license from my wallet. His voice was very commanding, like he was talking to a boy; it is obvious that he has no respect for black folks.

(If I were white police folks I would not like it that black folks assume that they are sociopaths and psychopaths, murderers in police uniform. I certainly would not like to be seen as murderers, as black folks see white police men. If it is true that most of these white police men are terrorists who joined the police force to intimidate black folks, arouse fear in them and out of fear get them to obey a racist system, don't they realize that anything done out of fear does not last long? If America is sustained by fear its days in the sun is numbered, for only love sustains what lasts. And if they believe that intimidating black folks make them seem superior in black folks eyes actually the opposite is the case; they seem like sub human beings; for example, I see the unjust police man as a sub-human being. Respect generates respect; disrespect elicits contempt in the disrespected for the disrespecting person.)

Anyway, I gave the requested materials to the man. He took them and walked towards his car; before he left he said: stay in the car, don't go anywhere.

I wondered why he said that; did he feel like I would drive away without my driver's license and car registration and insurance; if so he probably is one of those racist white folks who do not even give black folks the credit of knowing what is good for them. (The typical white police man had high school education; generally, he was a poor student; bright students go on to college; why do these near mentally retarded white police men make the assumption that black folks are unintelligent?)

He was away for about fifteen minutes and came back and told me what I did wrong. He said that I ran the red light (I told him that it was yellow and given that the road was icy I could not stop fast enough without the car spinning around). He proceeded to tell me that my insurance is expired. I said it is current. He said that it is expired and I asked him to give to me the envelope for me to look inside it; he handed it to me along with my driver's license and two tickets. I asked him what the two tickets are for.  He said for running a red light and for having an expired insurance.

He said that I have a right to go to court and tell his judge that I did not run a red light and that if the insurance is current that I should take it to the police station and show it to them.

Thereafter, he stood by my car. I put the envelope back into the gloves compartment and put my license back into my wallet. He was still standing by my car with his hand by his gun.

I asked him why he is still standing there since it appears that he has done what he wanted to do, give me tickets. He said that he is waiting for me to drive away.

I asked him whether it is his business if I drove off or stayed right there for as long as I wanted. He kept standing there. At that point I calmly told him that he has no business waiting for me to drive off, for the last time I checked this is a free country and I have a right to stay in my car if it is parked by the side of the road. He still stood there.

I told him to please walk away for I did not like an armed man standing by my car. It is known for his kind to kill black folks therefore he must leave or I would call the attorney general's office and report him for police harassment. He walked away.

I drove to the police station and showed them my evidence of insurance; apparently, he did not look closely to see the current renewal of the insurance; at the top of it is the original policy stating the end date but behind it is the attached current renewal (through August 2016).

The man was too busy trying to ticket me to pay attention to facts.  The police clerk cancelled the part of the ticket stating that my insurance is expired.

The clerk asked me how I plead to the part about running a red light. I said that I was not guilty and she had me sign it; she told me that in two weeks I will be contacted for a court hearing.

I left and drove away.  As I drove I asked why the policeman stopped me. I did not run the red light, it was yellow when I found myself in the intersection; I could not stop in the middle of the intersection without causing traffic accidents. Therefore, the ticket is unfair.

I have not had a driving ticket in nearly two decades. I have been driving for over forty years and perhaps have had four tickets in all that time.

No one could see me as a reckless driver. This police man gave me the ticket for reasons other than traffic violation.

He had my driver's license and I am sure that he ran it by his computer and if he had found any criminal warrants against me he would have gladly arrested me and put another black man into jail.

These racist folks live to put black folks into jails and prisons; today, America has the highest percentage of her population in jails and prisons.

2.2 million Americans are incarcerated, most of them black folks; the black folks are in jail and prisons for stuff like having marijuana on them; white folks are generally not arrested and imprisoned for possessing drugs.

America has the highest percentage of her people in jails and prisons than any other country in the world; indeed, one out of four black men is either in prisons or is supervised by parole and probation officers.

Obviously, white folks are using their criminal justice system to war with black folks.

Instead of treating drug addicts, white folks jail them and spend over $80 billion dollars annually locking them up; the country is going to bankrupt itself locking up black folks. They already owe $19 trillion dollars, mostly to Asian countries; in a couple of decades America would owe over $25 trillion dollars; the economy cannot sustain such level of debt and a collapse is in the horizon for the racist polity.

The police man must have seen my clean driving record; if I was a white person he probably would have explained what I did and told me to not run yellow lights.

I believe that this man is a racist. I am not saying this just because it is said that black folks yell race whenever they are in trouble. If you look into his history in the police force he probably have had it for black folks. There are many sick white folks in the police force (racism is a mental sickness).

I am very much a law and order person and do not make excuses for criminal behavior.  I know when I am treated unfairly.  I feel unfairly treated by this police man.

White racists ought to know that if a man feels unfairly treated and you punish him you have made him your enemy for life.

No human being likes to be treated unjustly.  If one committed a crime I have no qualms punishing him. On the other hand, if a fellow is innocent and you punish him you make him angry, and he wants to get back at you.

We are entering a dangerous world where one person with the right skills could destroy a city, if not a whole country (if he has skills in making nuclear weapons).

Therefore, white racists must stop their tendency to stick it to black folks with impunity. They fill their jails and prisons with black folks and kind of think that they get away with that injustice.

No, they are training those who would join the enemy in tearing America down. Arab Muslim terrorists want to tear America down.

Racist white folks are helping recruit domestic helpers for Muslims by treating black folks in a discriminatory manner. They have to stop this racism nonsense and treat very person fairly.

I know that the police, courts, jails and prisons tend to attract a type of person, usually authoritarian personalities (see Adorno et al, the Authoritarian Personality); those tend to be stupid nationalists, aka fascists and racists.

I expect the typical American white judge to be racist and take the side of his police officers. Thus, I have no illusions that going to court would vindicate me; still, I must go to court for I cannot allow a racist police man to think that he has the right to ticket me for a traffic violation that I did not commit.

Given what I know about the local court system and its penchant for throwing minorities into jails, I expect to lose; losing is not the issue; talking about injustice is the issue at stake here.

Igbos have a saying that goes thus: a hawk swooped down and picket up a chick and flew away. The chick kept crying out and since it is dinner for the hawk someone asked it why it is still crying out. It said that it is doing so not because it expects to be freed but for the world to hear its voice, for people to note the injustice done to it. What is the point if there is no justice in the world and it is dinner for the hawk?

Is there no justice in the world, as the powerful believe? Go read history and ask yourself where the powerful empires of the past are. Where are Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome, France, Britain, and Russia? America is the current world hegemon; we know that what goes up comes down; empires come and empires go; the life span of the average empire is about 500 years...America is reaching that benchmark; the verdict of history is that unjust empires eventually collapse and join the dustbin of history.

The average black American is poor; he is poor by design; the system wants him to be poor so as to better control him.

White police officers are more likely to give poor black men traffic tickets (as the racist police officer just gave me a ticket for $200). They know that poor black men may not have the money to pay their pricy tickets. The next time those who failed to pay the tickets are stopped they are arrested for not doing so and sent to jail. Innocent black men are given criminal records while Wall Street criminals who stole billions of dollars from the people are never given criminal records. This is the nature of America's justice; the justice of baboons not human beings.

America can last longer if it gets off its present idiot racism, but if it continues walking on its current racist path, well, this century is probably its last day in the sun.

Ozodi Osuji, PhD

February 9, 2016

Dr. Osuji teaches at a local university; he can be reached at (907) 310-8176 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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