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We should not forgive evil behaviors but must correct them

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

The Teaching of Jesus Christ in the New Testament part of the Bible clearly asks people to forgive one another their wrongs.  This sounds good but is it good or is it mere sentimental claptrap, even a dangerous teaching?

We know from human experience that forgiving people's wrongs does not make them engage in good behaviors. Therefore, we have to go beyond forgiving people and insist that they correct their behaviors.

Jesus forgave those who crucified him two thousand years ago; we still have murderers in the world. Forgiving murderers, thieves, rapists and other criminals does not make them change their behaviors but instead give them permission to keep on inflicting harm on people and society.

It is sentimental to ask folks to merely forgive evil; what is realistic is to insist that people change their anti-social behaviors and if they refuse to do so punish them, even kill them (there is no such thing as death; they merely return to earth to learn loving behaviors).


Many new age religions, especially Helen Schucman's A course in miracles teach that we only experience what we want to experience. This implies that those who harmed us did it at our beckoning hence are not bad people.

From an ego psychological perspective, this is an attempt to rationalize evil behavior and find evil persons still good persons. Nevertheless, it has metaphysical truth in it, read on.

Let us assume that people experience what they want to experience otherwise it would not happen to them.  We also know that sick persons may want to experience pain. Masochists want to experience pain and ask equally sick sadists to inflict pain to them.

I can see how a masochist may want to experience slavery and discrimination to feel pain. That is his choice but it is choice made out of mental illness; no healthy and rational person chooses for other persons to inflict pain on him, to enslave him, for healthy persons want to experience pleasure and joy, not pain.

Okay, let us proceed on the assumption that I am a masochist hence insane and want to experience slavery and ask you to enslave me.

My asking you does not force you to enslave me. You have freedom and can refuse to enslave me even if I asked you to enslave me.

I must, therefore, shop around looking for folks to enslave me until I find a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain on people and he agrees to inflict pain on me.

So, now I am a slave and live in a society where you discriminate against me, such as the USA. The USA is Satan's own country (which clever by half white egotists converted to its opposite by calling the country God's own country).

At some point I regain mental health and no longer wish to have other persons inflict pain on me. I ask you to stop enslaving me and discriminating against me. You tell me that I am born to be your slave, to work for your good.

Should I then accept your warped thinking?  Should I accept that I should continue serving what is in your interests and not mine?

The moment that you refuse to do as I asked you to do, stop enslaving me, discriminating against me you are no longer doing what I asked you to do that I want to experience.

It now behooves me to push you away and if you insist on being a sadist I have a right to kill you.

When I kill you I would have done what you want to experience, death from those you inflict pain to; that is, you died because you want to die.

If you did not want to die, if you are sane it would not occur to you to inflict pain on people who do not want to experience pain.


Human experience shows that my forgiving you would not make you stop inflicting pain to me, enslaving me, discriminating against me; my forgiving you is thus an insane behavior.

Forgiveness does not stop anti-social and evil behavior; it merely gives criminals permission to keep on inflicting pain on people.

If black folks forgive white enslavers and discriminators those would continue enslaving and discriminating against them. Black folks enslavement might last several thousand years until black folks decide to push off or kill their enslavers.

If black people forgive their enslavers and do not fight for their freedom they may remain slaves for the next ten thousand years.  That is to say that the Jesus teaching of forgiveness is not good for black folks or for any human being.

What gives people freedom, peace and joy is not for them to forgive evil persons but for them to insist that evil persons behave in a prosocial and loving manner and if they refuse to do so punish them or kill them.


Perhaps, ones past personality wished to be discriminated against and one invited white racists to discriminate against one; what one now needs to do is correct ones dependent personality disorder, learn assertiveness and self-confidence and use those to insist on respectful behavior from white racists and if they refuse to do so kill them.

Racists do not need to be forgiven their anti-social behaviors. To forgive them is to perpetuate their evil and that evil stunts their minds and also stunts the minds of those they discriminate against.

What improves the human mind is love. People must therefore be taught to only love one another but not harm or discriminate against any one.

To improve humanity you must not forgive its evil behaviors but must teach it loving behaviors and punish those who insist on evil behaviors.

Therefore, the Jesus teaching of forgiveness is not useful at all; in fact, it is part of the problem of mankind; it made people stunted and warped in their thinking and behaviors; it made people to become masochists who tolerate pain.

We must therefore jettison the Christian Bible and stop asking folks to forgive their enemies and give them a new theology that asks them to love all and correct their enemies' hurtful behaviors.

Helen Schuman was wrong in teaching forgiveness; her mind wrote a stupid theology; it was not Jesus who wrote her book, she wrote it and projected it to Jesus to give it religious authority.

And even if Jesus wrote A course in miracles Jesus was wrong. Helen Schucman wrote it and was wrong.

What are wrong needs to be corrected! I correct the teachings of A course in miracles by asking folks to correct their evil behaviors and not just forgive them.

Helen Schucman refused to think through her teaching and corrected the clouded and irrational part of it.  She left her book at mere poetic rendition of life rather than rational rendition of life as we know it.

You do not need to overlook evil and tell yourself that it is done in a dream and that what is done in a dream has not been done.

True, the world is a dream but we must make it a happy dream; we do so by loving each other and correcting our evil behaviors.

We do not need to wait for the Holy Spirit to come and correct our evils, as Helen Schucman urged her students to do; the Holy Spirit has already corrected our evils, reinvented our world in the world of light forms, but for those still on earth, in ego state, we must use our minds to correct evils and not wait for the Holy Spirit to do so for us.


In our true state in eternity we are part of one another and part of God. In that true state our minds are unified with each other and with God. We share one unified self and one unified mind; in heaven we have unified consciousness. In that true state we know only love, peace and joy, bliss.

At some point we decided to experience the opposite of our unified state and created the separated mind, aka the ego. The ego mind is the mind the sons of God employ to dream that they are separated from each other; it is the mind we are aware of on earth.

The moment we invented the ego mind, separation, we and God invented the Holy Spirit's mind.  The ego mind became, as it were, the left mind, the wrong mind whereas the Holy Spirit's mind, as it were, became the right mind.

On earth we have two parts to our minds: ego part and Holy Spirit part. We made both parts of our minds and it is us who decide what part we choose to behave from.

If we are on earth, in the dream of separation we have already chosen to think and behave from the ego separated mind hence do evil to one another.

Now, we must choose to think and behave from the Holy Spirit part of our minds. This part of our minds knows that in eternity we are unified and asks us to do only those things that in time unify mankind.

The Holy Spirit is not apart from us, it is a way of looking at us and the world just as the ego is a way of looking at the world. We are neither the ego nor the Holy Spirit; both ego and Holy Spirit are means of living in this world.

Our real selves are parts of God; we are the sons of God; we are the particles of the wave of light that folks call God; we are parts of one formless unified consciousness.

Our real self are particles in the wave of light; our real self is eternal, permanent and changeless.

Our real selves, the sons of God decided to dream that they are the opposite of their real selves, unified selves, to dream that they are separated from each other and from the whole self, aka God. The result is our evil world (evil and sin is whatever makes for separation; love is what makes for union).

We must now decide to love one another and correct our evil behaviors.  To correct our evil behaviors is to return to unified living, to love one another. Love is union.

It is us who choose ego or Holy Spirit. Our choices have consequences for us in the dream of separation, on earth but not in heaven where we remain unified with God and each other.

In heaven we remain formless spirit; in heaven we do not live in separated egos and bodies; in unified spirit we are eternally unified hence only know love.

If we choose to overlook the world, the dream we shall awaken to our unified state but as long as we wish to be in the dream, be on earth we must correct our evil behaviors and not forgive them.


If while we are on earth we consistently love all people when we die we stay in the world of light forms, which is our current world purified, made loving by the Holy Spirit, by our right minds.

But if while on earth we have not learned to love all people, if we are racist and discriminate against people or engage in anti-social, evil behaviors when we die we visit the world of light forms and karma requires us to return on earth and keep returning to earth until we love all people and then after death stay in the world of light forms.

When all human beings have learned to love all people, and are now living in the world of light forms, we would jointly decide to stop living in forms, dense or light, and simply return to the awareness that we are formless spirits; we are particles of one wave of light called God.

Heaven is one wave of light that has no beginning and no end; in heaven, which we always are in, while dreaming separation, we are eternal. But in the dream of separation we do obviously change; on earth we seem to live in bodies that die.

And where is heaven? Heaven is not a place; heaven is a state of mind. Right now, where you are, you can remember heaven, for you are always in heaven, and find yourself in heaven (in formless unified self).

While you are right now in heaven you have chosen separation and find yourself in our world of separated beings.

There is a middle ground between heaven and earth. If while you are on earth you love all people and correct your evil behaviors (evil behaviors or sinful behaviors are behaviors that separate you from other people; loving hence good behaviors unify you with people), when you seem to die in the dream of separation you find yourself in the world of light forms.

In the world of light forms you see you as you looked like on earth but your body are now made of pure light and do not die.

You remain in that world of light forms, working to help those still in the world of dense forms, our matter based world, to learn love and those who do join you in the world of light forms (the world of light forms is also called gate of heaven, happy dream, bridge between heaven and earth) etc.).


There are three levels of being.


Level one is our home in heaven; heaven is unified consciousness; heaven is formless; heaven is one wave of spiritual light that begins and ends nowhere; it has infinite particles of light in it but particle and wave are the same.

At this level of being all are unified hence always in love. There is no separation, space, time and matter; there is no one doing wrong doing in heaven; to do wrong is to separate from others but since here people are unified there is no wrong done in it;  therefore, there is no need for forgiveness (forgiveness is returning to love, and that means closing the gap of separation).


Level two state of being is the world of light forms; here, we still have forms like the forms we have on earth but the forms are in pure light. Everything on earth, people, animals, plants, stars, planets etc. are in level two but are in light forms.  This is our present world forgiven; it is our world purified with love; it approximates heaven except that we are still in forms whereas in heaven we are not in forms.

There is still space and time  and purified matter, in light, here; by merely wishing it we are instantaneously wherever we want to  be in the light universe (that is, in our present world in its light version).


Level three stage of being is our present physical universe. For our present purpose our earth. Here, we are in dense matter. Here we live in bodies composed of the various elements which are composed or electrons, neutrons and protons and ultimately light.

On earth we have freedom of choice; people do choose to harm other people and can inflict pain on other people's bodies; people for perverted reasons also do choose to be harmed, to experience pain.

Though we are dream figures but in the dream we do feel pain. Therefore, no one should go about inflicting pain on people and if you do you must be corrected (punished, jailed or killed as in capital punishment).

In our world there is guilt and punishment. If you choose to harm other people you are guilty and must be punished.

Be that as it may, in heaven we are always innocent because in heaven we are always joined hence are sinless, guiltless and holy. Helen Schucman confused our eternal innocence in heaven with our tendency to guilt albeit dream guilt on earth.

Helen Schuman confused behaviors appropriate for level two with level three behaviors. On earth we must have egos in bodies and be defensive and punish offenders; in the world of light forms we are not in dense bodies and are in purified egos and nothing can harm us so we are not defensive; to be in level two state we have already forgiven each other what they did to us on earth and do not bear grievances and seek revenge (as we must do on earth to be on earth).


What one wishes for other persons is what one wishes for one's self; if one wishes for other people to be punished if they harm other persons one wishes that one be punished if one harms other people. I wish to be punished if I harm other persons. Thus, I have consistency in my philosophy; I do not excuse me from the consequences of my philosophy. Forgiveness is not good for me and people; what is good for us is for us to correct our evil behaviors (which is separating behaviors) by learning loving (which is unifying) behaviors.


In this short essay what I wanted to do is establish that on earth we must not forgive evil behaviors but must correct them; we must teach all people to engage in loving behaviors.

I hope that I have made that point. The rest of the essay contains points that I elaborated on elsewhere.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 8, 2017


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Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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