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We are doomed

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We are doomed

A few seconds of earthly bliss,

Fleeting moments of ecstasy

Now we gnash our teeth, wail and groan;

Our sorrow has overwhelmed us,

Like the weight of a mighty ocean

Sadness crushes us perpetually.

There is rottenness in our bones;

And our bodies are decaying

There is death in our blood

We are doomed

Our defenses have been crushed;

Completely shattered and obliterated

There is no sign of relief and no end in sight

We are doomed

This disease not like any other is beyond comprehension;

Why should the young and strong die?

Why should the wealthy and powerful die?

Why should the beautiful and handsome die?

Why should the future be snatched from us?

The cream, the brightest, the best,

Have all succumbed to this monster.

It is a Melham, the war rages on,

We are losing and the tide is against us

Nothing we do seems to work

We are doomed

Helplessness, hopelessness is our only comfort,

The quest for a cure is taking too long;

Raising and dashing hopes as the days go by

Promises, promises, but little to show for,

A cure remains elusive and the chase continues

All our efforts only delay the inevitable;

The grime ripper is always neigh

Ripping the cream, the best and the brightest.

We are doomed

If we continue to satisfy the lust of our eyes;

If we break our marriage vows

If we let our emotions be the pilot.

But we can beat this monster and put an end to this Melham;

Be faithful to your partners,

Delay gratification, abstain from sex

Put on the condom when in doubt,

And AIDS will be vanquished.

We are not doomed if we change our ways.

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Eric Tangumonkem Ph.D

Dr. Eric Tangumonkem has Bachelors in Geology and Sociology from the University of Buea in Cameroon, a Masters in Earth Sciences from the University of Yaounde in Cameroon and a Doctorate in Geosciences from the University of Texas at Dallas. In addition to being a consultant geologist, he is a poet, an inspirational speaker and President/co-founder of Equipping of the Saints International Ministries based in Dallas, Texas. He is married Elizabeth and God has blessed them with four children


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