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The Woman Of Great Faith

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Woman with the Issue of Blood (based on Luke 8: 43-48)


Hers is a bloody issue that proves to be deadly consumptive in not unimaginative ways

As the essence of life, blood consumes the body, mind, and everything in between

A blood issue renders sufferers weak, feeble, lackluster, insipid, pale, colorless, and anodyne

It is the consumption of her frail body resulting in aches and soreness, plus bodily discomfort

A woman having an issue of blood for twelve years has experienced 4,400 painful days

It is a depletion of her ego creating embarrassment, self-abasement, and shame

Woman with a blood issue dares not publicly complain, but in a hushed voice to a physician tell

Woman with a blood issue contaminates all who touch, is touched, or passed by her

This drives her, like the barren women  and leprous men, away from the protective community

Better to be caught in adultery and be surrounded by accusers before compassionate Jesus

It's an issue of her meager means depleting her purse, and multiplying her bills and worries

For she has spent all her living upon physicians and none could diagnose or offer a remedy

Physicians or her day peddled bitter herbs and pungent concoctions that few could afford

The healthy few don't need them, but to the ill, they are necessary evil to hang around

This poor soul has suffered pain and shame secretly, and spent all her widow's farthing

She now steps out in faith, in a public place, and is pressing against a galloping crowd

She is tired of being tired and tired of hiding like a wolf in a dead end wintry hole

Her decision is irrevocably firm:  If I may but touch His garment, I shall be made whole

Hers is not an empty boast; it is faith empowered by accomplishment, a daring exploit

Just a touch that's all, she tells her pain-riddled mind and failing sinew, only a tiny touch

Just as Queen Esther determined at her most feverish moment of truth: If I perish, I perish

She presses into the crowd behind strong legs, unafraid of being stampeded to dusty earth

Then she came behind Him and touched the hem of His garment and the blood issue dissolved

Free at last, Lord, Free at last! Free at last, O my Lord! Free! Free! Freeeeeeee! Freeeeeeeee!

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James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment.