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Ode to the Dancing Traffic Cop

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who rise each day to do a honest day’s job

who regardless of your station in life, bring excellence to your work

who pirouettes with such grace you keep Nigeria moving…and smiling

who shine so brilliantly, you defy the darkness of mediocrity around you

who blaze a trail of superiority that only the courageous dare follow


For not using your uniform to prey on those you were sworn to protect

For not moonlighting somewhere else while collecting salary as a traffic officer

For not allowing our roadways to degenerate into tar jungles on which the big slap around the small

For not lending your uniform to robbers and killers

For not giving up on the dream of a progressive, forward-moving Nigeria


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Abi Adegboye Ph.D

Abi Adegboye began writing as a young girl growing in western Nigeria.  In a culture that reveres boys, she was born the second of three girls.  Certain she had to be her family's 'boy,' she climbed trees to harvest fruit, dressed chickens for dinner, caught mice, and whatever else required male-handling.  She also loved to read, write, and draw.  Her initial efforts yielded publications in local newspapers and newsletters.  However, she was advised to get a day job which turned out to be as a professor of political science.  This opened to her, a different avenue for publication in her areas of research including African women and development, women migrants, and the impact of public policy on women’s political economy.

On her 40th birthday, she rekindled her creative writing with the publication of Butterfly, a picture book and Reflections on Nigerian Christianity, a social commentary.  Since then, she’s co-authored Owanbe! Yoruba Celebrations of Life (2010), a cultural anthology and published Wanna B Prez? 10 Life Strategies from President Barack Obama’s Journey to the White House (2012), a YA motivational YA book, and Renike comes to America (2016), a novella.  

Abi writes multicultural fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults.  She shares her writing through speaking engagements, performances, storytelling, and classroom visits. 

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