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I am Lovesick

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By Muhammad Ajah (Written at the NYSC Orientation Camp, Kubwa in 2001)

I am lovesick

After a long search for real life

A beloved that says everything she detests

And only in me she must live

A long search for proper, a change of mind

From one to the other, love-sickened

Ugo is a beautiful mighty bird

Who, very quick to grip strongly firm

Flew into my heart with her soft wings

To pacify the fast beat of my vein and artery

I am lovesick

And forty hours after our meet

A love longing man must depart

A time when I had to penetrate

The heart of the skeptical fair dove

Fair doves that fear brevity of hope

When met for a life contract - an involvement

By few stars loved and wished by their like

The danger of leaving at uncertainty

Shakes me and thinking of hers so much

The drills here in Kubwa are too boring

I am lovesick

Now alone after a long company of Nature

Counting the sand as I drag my legs to feast

Feasting just to live lest I injure my new dove

And when on bed I wished I had two minds

To quench the fiery conflicts of holy loves

Holy loves between Ugo and Nature

The eyes would not close and when forced

The brain travels home leaving my flesh

Yearning for a love inspiration to arise

I am lovesick

Tempted by many designs of transient fair

Faces coated with pomatum and dye

Hips held tight for quick disposition

Fickle charms for brief life of campus boys

And thrilling tunes baiting careless hunters

I heard that voice reiterating as when I took the bike

“Be careful, I will wait you.” This soothed me

Her fair grew stark, her voice overpowered me

Until at morn when the mountain birds sing

I am lovesick

These anxious palms have not fairly touched

That soft creature of God

My lips are heavy, hands expecting to hold

This thin foam I lie on pricks my flesh

The pillow is too high for comfort

The mosquitoes abhor my sleepless nights

Her mirror had I one would definitely

Make me more jealous - this is my Faith

And eat up this hefty-fabric

Through over engagement of thought cell

I am lovesick

And to save my sick nation must I

Bear the few days that must end

Though with much difficulty

But let not this infringe my need

To remember Ugo - my life compliment

Or learn for inner health from Nature

Soon will I journey down home

To water and nurse what we’ve planted

Then all doubts will shrink and with smile

Her palms in mine, we’ll go to the minaret

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Muhammad Ajah

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