Chiedu Ezeanah

Chiedu Ezeanah

Chiedu Ezeanah, A Poet, Journalist, And Ex-First Bank Of Nigeria Officer, Is Chief Executive, Paradigm-City Publishing , Asokoro, Abuja.

Wednesday, 01 February 2012 05:57

The Chaos Of Transformation (Poem)

i. Abuja: Mortality-October 1, 2010

Splintered, the Unity City,dazed by debris, screams…

Debris sinks the flashing green, amber and red gleams.

Night-silent, the golden jubilee rites amass victims.

The city is one with the abyss, you cannot hear any voices…

If we are broken whispers, we do not heed ourselves.

If this is communion’s excess, can you, silence, save us?

So, speak to the void, be heard: “This disorder must alter…”


ii. Abuja: The Casualties-June , 2011

(For the poet, Abdul Mahmud Obemata, co-witness

to the bombing at the Police Headquarters, Abuja.)

Blackness blankets Carter Crescent, smokes out roofs, blots out sunlight.

Auto shrapnel and flesh bits landed. Chunks hit us in the homes we fled.

The early lens of a BlackBerry roved.

The Red Cross gave aid in red gloves.

Reporters’ midgets sniffed us in droves.

The suicide-bomber had scored a raid.

The ground to shield us lay pounded.

Goodnight, bombs. Good dawn shard.

Guns of poor boys hurt poor innocents.

Who salves hurts before torched wall?

Neighbor shells neighbor, baiting hell.

Do we breathe anew, slaying ourselves?


iii. Abuja: The Garden- August, 2011

For Victoria Adogae

On the trail of the harbingers of bombs soldiers hugging AK47s like new toys

remind all of the City’s order of terror among other signs and omens of chaos.

A city’s wind of panic slows its meter before the calm that surrounds Victoria.

The coveted warmth awakened banter, stirred up the quiet Wuse II garden bar.

We hallooed and for a second, the stare.

I think I had two drinks not at all in fear.

O, I looked like her brother, in America?

Is she Eve, Venus, or, ah, Helen of Troy?

Abuja city sows horror. She calms terror.

Am I glad, she’s not Eve or Helen of Troy?


iv. Debris-Crossing-Abuja: September, 2011

(In solidarity with the poets and survivors-Toyin-Adewale Gabriel and Kabura Zakarma

& wife; as well as, in memory of the affected staff of the bombed United Nations Building).

Homes, offices, temples fall to waste: the next bomb awaits the next infant…

Blackouts and captors rule the abyss.

Insurgents defy captors inflict chaos.

Tiny sects dig big debris in the abyss.

Gigantic captors dig gigantic abysses.

Path to the republic of the sun is slit.

The wails for peace swell the night.

We seek ease from bigot and brute.

Earth, blood-wet, stuns us with fruit.

Twin-rivers, out of debris, crossing.

Us, becoming one flood past hating.

Hold me, foe, gunpowder exploding, shall not split our oneness, hurting…



Chiedu Ezeanah, A Poet, Journalist, And Ex-First Bank Of Nigeria Officer, Is Chief Executive, Paradigm-City Publishing , Asokoro, Abuja.

‘The Chaos Of Transformation” Is Excerpted From A Poetry Collection, Solar Elegies, © 2011