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A Measure of Marriage

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Not “What do I gain?”

 But “What do I give?”

Not “Is this for me?”

But “Is this for us?’

Not “How did they live?”

 But “For whom did they live?”

These are the units of Marriage

 The true measure of its worth

Of the man or woman

In the game of love

Regardless of tribe or birth

Or the socio-economic index


Not “Shall I leave him?”

 But “Shall I live with him?”

Not “Is 1 + 1= 2?”

 But “Is 1 + 1 = 1?”

Not “Are there irreconcilables?”

But “Are there compatibles?”

And was she always ready

With words kind and sweet

And did he bring back a smile

Running from ear to ear

To draw them together in a hug

As tight as my coat in winter?


Not “ What was his church?”

Not “Where did she pay her tithes?”

Not “What did my Dad say?”

Not “May I call Mom?”

Not  “How do I protect myself

In case he dumps me?”

Not  “Shall I call my lawyer

In case she takes the kids?”

Not  “What’s the size of my alimony

 Including child support allowance?”

But “How much harmony

And moral support did I bring?”

To make the marriage work?”


Presented by Dr. James C. Agazie, jamesagazie@ gmail.com

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James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment.