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Overlook the illusions of space, time and matter to know unified consciousness

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Though illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people.[1] Illusions may occur with any of the human senses, but visual illusions (optical illusions) are the best-known and understood. The emphasis on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates the other senses. For example, individuals watching a ventriloquist will perceive the voice is coming from the dummy since they are able to see the dummy mouth the words.[2] Some illusions are based on general assumptions the brain makes during perception. These assumptions are made using organizational principles (e.g., Gestalt theory), an individual's capacity for depth perception and motion perception, and perceptual constancy. Other illusions occur because of biological sensory structures within the human body or conditions outside the body within one’s physical environment.

The term illusion refers to a specific form of sensory distortion. Unlike a hallucination, which is a distortion in the absence of a stimulus, an illusion describes a misinterpretation of a true sensation. For example, hearing voices regardless of the environment would be a hallucination, whereas hearing voices in the sound of running water (or other auditory source) would be an illusion.

Mimes are known for a repertoire of illusions that are created by physical means. The mime artist creates an illusion of acting upon or being acted upon by an unseen object. These illusions exploit the audience's assumptions about the physical world. Well-known examples include "walls", "climbing stairs", "leaning", "descending ladders", and "pulling and pushing". Wikipedia

What is reality? Reality is the union of God and his infinite sons, creations. They cannot be separated from each other; they are eternally unified; there is no space, time and matter between them.  We decided to seem separated from God and from each other. We cannot do so in fact but seem to have done so in dreams.

To seem to have done so we invented, space, time and matter (all illusions, all impossible); we house ourselves in bodies made of matter (impossible).

Separated egos in bodies living in space and time appear real to us; we seem to live in bodies and walk around in space and time so they seem real to us but they are not real; they are illusions.

Our real selves are in God and seem sleeping and dreaming this world of illusions.

Only union and love is real; it is impossible for there to be the opposite of union and love, separation and hate; the opposite of union is space and time; the opposite of love is hate.

We see people in bodies walking around in space and time; they seem real and obey scientific laws. In seeing people in separated states we are insane; we are hallucinating for we see those who are not there and a world that is not there; only one unified formless state exists.

In science we study the laws of illusion (laws of chaos); science explains space, time and matter, illusions that are not there.


The illusions seem real. Now, overlook the illusions; overlook separation, do not see you as separated from other selves; overlook bodies; overlook space, time and matter; overlook whatever people do on earth, good or bad, for they are done in the illusion that separation is possible; that separated individuals are real.

Separated persons are not real and cannot do good or bad, except in our illusory dream of separation. Overlook the good or bad aspects of people's behaviors, the dream and you experience union.

Overlook the white racist saying that he is separated from you and is better than you; he is dreaming; he is in the world of illusion; he is hallucinating separation and in his dream sees black and white people; the real children of God are formless spiritual light (if you buy his illusion you are in the illusion with him); overlook his separation and you know that you and the racist are one shared self, are in love and do not fear or hate each other.

This is what A course in miracles teaches; it says that the world is an illusion; it says that the world does not exist but seems to exist hence is an illusion.

The world seems to exist because we desire it to exist; the people and things in the world seem real but are not there hence are not real; we must overlook the world and people's activities, good or bad, for they are our mutual hallucinations. When the world, illusions are overlooked we wake up to unified spirit state, to the non-illusory world.


We are tempted to keep some aspects of the world, especially the aspects we like but if we see some aspects of it as real we have seem all of it as real hence are back into the illusions.

We  must see all of it, your body, ego, space and time and matter and what you and other people do as illusions, as what has not been done that seem done to rise above it.

Enjoy an aspect of the dream and you are in the dream; reject the good or bad of the dream and you wake up.

Pain and pleasure are means of retaining the dream; you must reject both pain and pleasure to rise from the dream.

Literally, there are no people where you see people; there are no people in bodies; there are no people doing good or bad things; there are no people at war; there are no Christians and Muslims killing themselves; there are no American politicians screwing the people; there are no Nigerian politicians stealing from their people; there are no people engaged in sports, there are no people having sex; there are no people eating food; there are no poor people, there are no beggars.

All the people you see on earth are all illusions that seem real but are not real. If you take any of them as real and feel angry or fearful or any other kind of emotional and mental upset from their behaviors you are part of the dream.


Only mind, aka consciousness exists and is real; that mind projected out the world of seeming separated states and dreams everything you see in the world, the dream; that mind is your mind; it deludes you into thinking that the illusions you see are real but wants you to figure out that they are not real.

The purpose of the earth is for you to first forget your truth as part of unified self and take the world of separation, illusions as real and study it on its terms, science, and thereafter realize that it is not real and wake up from the dream.

When you wake up you stay in the dream for a while teaching those still in the dream that the dream is not real.

You can perform the last act of illusion and seem to die or you simply see yourself in the world of light forms and ultimately know yourself in formless consciousness, God, our real home.


No human being is, in fact, born in body, suffers sickness and old age and dies.  It is all illusions. If you are born in the illusion, suffer and die you have not woken up from the illusion; you still believe that separation is possible; that is your game for you can as well remove that belief.

If while on earth you remove the illusion of the reality of the earth and decide that death is not possible for the son of eternity you will simply see you waken in unified spirit without dying (without undergoing the illusion of dying).

There is no earth, no space and time; there are no people in bodies, no people are travelling in cars, trains and planes; folks seem to do so in the illusion that space time exist.

If you wake up from the illusion you can still stay in the illusion and use your mind to decide where you want to go to on earth, in the dream and simply go there instantaneously, for all places are in your mind; there are no space and time between places and people. The instantaneous behavior of entangled particles proves this to be true.


If you believe that the illusion is real you will see your body as real. You will train for a profession and seek and obtain a job and do it until you retire and die. Those who succeed in the world believe that the world is real; they do not see the world as an illusion.

White folks tend to believe in the illusion and take it seriously, study it and adapt to it and succeed in it.

If you suspect that the world is an illusion but do not have the will to let it go you are paralyzed and fail in the world; you will die for you have not accepted that death is an illusion hence is not for you.


Each of us has a self-concept; the self-concept is the idea the individual has as to who he is on earth. The self-concept is generally reached in childhood and is predicated on ones inherited body and social experience. The self-concept is the same as personality.

Personality is defined by behavioral psychologists as a learned pattern of behavior which then gives rise to ideas as to who one thinks that one is, the self-concept. In effect, personality and self-concept is the same thing.

The self-concept is generally employed by psychoanalytic psychologists whereas the idea of personality is employed by behavioral psychologists; behaviorists want to deny the existence of an inner self. To behaviorists everything about one is learned and there is no inherent self in the individual.

Both the self-concept and personality are the same as the ego self. The ego self is the sense that one's self is separated from other selves.  The term ego is generally employed by spiritual psychologists, those who acknowledge that people have another self, a spirit self, a self-transmuted to our earthly ego selves.


The self-concept, aka personality and ego is an illusion. It does not exist but seems to exist. Because it is not real it must be defended to seem real in one's awareness.

If it is not defended (with one of the ego defense mechanisms: repression, suppression, denial, projection, dissociation, displacement, rationalization, fantasy, sublimation, reaction-formation, minimizing, anger, fear, shame, guilt, pride) it disappears, literally, from ones awareness.

Suppose, for example, your self-concepts want to be important. Everything you do will present you as important. You will probably con people to seeing you as important. White folks, for example, coned black folks to seeing them as important, when, in fact, they are no more important than other animals.

Your wish for importance is reinforced by the people who see you as important. Thus, you go about life feeling important and feeling belittled if some folks treat you as if you are not important.

Now do this. Accept that the self-concept is an illusion and does not exist but seems to exist (the body and society you employed in making it does not exist). Stop wishing for other people to accept your self-concept, big or small.   Do not see you as your self-concept, personality and ego. Just let go of whatever ideas you had as to who you believed that you are. That is, do not defend your self-concept; do not defend your ego and do not defend your personality.

If you did not defend your personality, if you overlooked your self-concept how other people relate to you is no longer of relevance to you. Since you assume that your self-concept is not who you are, how other people relate to it no longer matters to you.

If you had wished to be a very important person and now people see you as unimportant that would not bother you one bit for you are not the self-concept. You are not the self-concept and, as such, you are neither important nor unimportant.

What you are you currently do not know. What you are is the formless son of God who is one with God and all people.

You cannot know that formless eternal self if you see you as the self-concept in body and defend it. If you stop defending your concept, if you overlook it you see it disappear.

Upon the disappearance of your self-concept, ego, personality you would feel like you have no self and for a while seem disoriented.


Gradually, however, you accept that you have no self-concept, ego and personality. When you really believe that your self-concept and ego is not who you are you would at first see you in a form made of light.

Whereas, while still on earth you can see the self in light form it is actually the self-folks see when they believe that they are dead. When people die they see themselves in a world that still looks like our earthly world except that everything in it is made of light. Hindus call that world the astral world; astral means light; that is to say that it is the light world.

The world of light forms is not heaven; it is still a dream world; it is still an illusion, albeit a pleasant illusion. It is our world reinterpreted with love, our world made a loving place. If you like you can employ the metaphor of gate of heaven for this world.  It is the gate of heaven but not heaven. It is not heaven because we are still in forms (that is, we still desire forms and where there are forms there is separation for forms, dense or light are used to make separation, illusion, seem real in our minds).

In heaven we are not in human forms. Heaven is a wave of spiritual light that begins and ends nowhere.


Ultimately, you would experience yourself as God extended his self to you, as God created you, a formless point of light in a sea of infinite points of light, a wave of spiritual light that folks call God.

In God you know yourself as unified with all selves, as unified with all points of light for particle and wave are one; you know yourself as eternal, permanent and changeless; in heaven you  experience perfect peace and joy, bliss.

Thereafter, you feel bored and embark on another journey to nowhere (for wherever you go is in heaven, albeit disguised as space, time and matter), a journey without distance from heaven.

You invent infinite universes and go through them, always returning to your home and always leaving for other universes. This is what we do, eternally.

At present we are in a physical universe and on a place called planet earth. Our job is to use science to understand that physical universe and design technologies to migrate from earth to other planets, from one solar system to others, from one galaxy to others and in trillions of years in the future when the stars are all dead we tunnel our way to other universes.

May the game continue; have fun while at it by doing what you truly enjoy doing (I enjoy physics and metaphysics).


What I said here is all you are going to learn from all teachings on consciousness and its role in our lives. You may learn it in scientific terms and say that our bodies and the things of this world are made of atoms which are made of electrons, protons and neutrons and which are made of quarks and photons, light and therefore not the material things we see; where we see matter there is no matter but light. Physical light is masked spiritual light, consciousness hence the world you see is an illusion.


Love all things and people, for they are light; all things are God disguised by your mind to make you make the illusions of separation real for you.

Love for all things enables you to have a happy dream, make the illusions pleasant and thereafter you discard the illusions and wake up from them and return to living in the dreamless and formless no- separated world of God; in God you are in perfect peace and joy.

Post Script

You can teach the message that the world is an  illusion without referring to any religion, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, A course in miracles etc.; those religions are teaching what I said here. I articulated the eternal truth in language that some people can understand. I did not state a new religion or theology but merely restarted the perennial philosophy of mankind.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 3, 2017

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