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On the Holy Spirit guiding us

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

You probably have heard that you should not live from the ego and instead live from the Holy Spirit and that before you make any decision you should consult the Holy Spirit  and have him tell you what to do,

Suppose that you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and you do not hear his voice in your head telling you what to do so what should you do? Should you not do anything and stay there paralyzed and do nothing?


First, let us understand what the Holy Spirit is. The sons of God, us, wished to separate from their father and from each other and could not do so in heaven. As it were, they went to sleep and in their sleep dream that they are separated from their father and from one another.

Our physical universe is the dream where the sons of God seem separated from him. God could no longer communicate with his sons directly.

God created the Holy Spirit and placed him in his sleeping sons' minds. The Holy Spirit is placed in our right minds.

The self we invented to replace the self that God created us as, the ego, is in our left minds. Thus, there are now three Gods: God the father (who is transcendental and outside this world), God the son (us, who are now sleeping and are in this world) and God the Holy Spirit (the immanent God in the temporal universe).

God the Holy Spirit does not destroy the world the sons of God made but helps them purify it, make it loving. He does not actively intervene in the physical universe but helps the sons of God remake it into a loving place.

The sons of God, through the Holy Spirit, will eventually reinvent their world and make it a loving world; they will change it to a world of light forms, enjoy it for a while and then let it go and return to the formless light world of God, heaven.

The Holy Spirit, like the ego, is not a person but a manner of thinking and behaving; the ego is us thinking with separated wishes; the Holy Spirit is us thinking with unifying wishes.


How do you know when the ego is directing your behavior and when the Holy Spirit is directing your behavior?

When the ego is directing your behavior you are invested in separation and individualism; if you do not get what you desire you tend to feel fearful, or sad or angry.

If the ego is directing your behavior your pride is involved so you easily feel your vanity hurt, angry, and shamed.

In ego state you tell people what to do and feel angry when they do not do as you told them to do; this means that you are on power trip and believe that other people ought to do as you asked them to do to make you feel powerful.


In the Holy Spirit you do not tell other people what to do but do what you believe is right and leave other people to do what they believe is right for them and society.

In Holy Spirit you have humility but in ego you are grandiose. When your higher self is directing your behavior you tend to be calm, peaceful and not feel sad, angry and temper tantrum if you do not get what you desired.


You probably also have heard that you should let the Holy Spirit correct your behavior and other people's behaviors for he knows the right behavior and knows what is good for you and people and that you, as the ego, do not know what is good for you and people; you have limited information and do not know the past, present and future so you cannot know what is the right behavior and therefore should allow the Holy Spirit who knows the past, present and future and has all the information in the world to correct your and peoples behaviors.

So, you ask the Holy Spirit to correct your thinking and behavior and correct other people's behaviors and do not see him do so; so, should you immobilize your self-waiting for him to direct and correct your behavior?

The Holy Spirit is not a person outside you; it is your higher self, your whole self, the part of you that knows all about you and other people; it is the part responsible for your nightly dreams (in dreams a force in us uses incredible amount of information to produce and shape the dream).

The ego has only partial information on you and the environment (actually, the ego knows a lot but chooses to forget most of what it knows to live in uncertainty; if it remembered all that it knows it would be God; we must remember that it is through the ego that the sleeping son of God invented the physical universe).

The way to correct your behavior is to stay quiet, meditate and if you believe in praying, pray, and not do what immediately comes to your mind, for that is likely to be spurious; instead, think about all possible alternative lines of action and choose the one that in your honest understanding serves social interest and public good.

If other people do what physically and or psychologically harms you and harms other people the Holy Spirit does not ask you to tolerate what they did or condone their hurtful behavior.

If you see abuse and infliction of pain to you or to other people the Holy Spirit does not ask you to tolerate it.

Instead, you must intervene and stop the abuse and hurt. If there is racism you must work to stop it regardless of whether the racist hurts you or even kills you; you do what you believe is right for you and all the people involved.

The world is a dream; your job is to make it a happy dream, not nightmarish dream; if you tolerate abuse you do so out of fear and that is egoistic; the ego wants to survive at all costs and does not want stronger egos to hurt or kill it hence is often very cowardly.

In every situation you find yourself in, you simply do what is right; right is defined as what serves the interests of all the people in the situation.


At a higher level you know what is right for you and for those around you; the part of you that knows what is right without ego investment is your higher self, the Holy Spirit, it is the part of you that should be guiding you.

You know what you are good at, what you have aptitude and interest in doing; go study it and develop skill sets in it and use it to make a living.

If your higher self tells you that something is right for you and for other people go do it and do not sit around waiting for the Holy Spirit to verbally tell you to do it.

The Holy Spirit is metaphor for what serves the whole community's good, what is good for you and all of us; it is not a force outside your mind.

If you feel like something is what you ought to be doing go do it; utilize ego instruments in doing it; use ego leadership methods, hire the right people, use ego marketing and production methods and all the things they teach you at business schools to guide your behavior.

If you are sick go to medical doctors to heal you but if you are an advanced student of spirituality you can heal your mind by joining your mind with all minds and from that higher place use your mind to heal your body and or heal other people's bodies.

You should go about doing what is right. Don't just sit around waiting for the Holy Spirit to verbally talk to you and tell you what to do (if you are a certain type of personality your higher self, as in dreams, can actually talk to you).

If you are a rational person you should just figure out what is rational and go do it; mobilize capital and human resources and use them to go about attaining your goal.

You can wait forever for the Holy Spirit to tell you what to do and you will not hear his voice telling you what to do; you should just do the right thing; the right thing is defined as what loves you and all people.


Some religions ask the individual to surrender his mind, his thinking and behavior to God; one is told to ask God what to do before one does anything; one is not to do anything from ones separated ego will.

The word Islam means surrender to Allah. Muslims are expected to totally surrender their minds to Allah (and his only prophet, Mohammed).

The problem with this approach is that since Allah seldom talks to us those who surrender to him can be manipulated by clever religious charlatans and told to go do something on behalf of God. Muslims are told to go on jihad and go kill and they do so because they believe that Allah through their leaders told them to go kill on his behalf.

If Allah enjoys killing people why does he not go kill people by his self? It is egos that ask people to go on jihads for Allah, not Allah!

The solution to this problem is that the individual must realize that he is responsible for his thinking and behavior and must evaluate them with reason.

It is not rational and right to engage in anti-social behaviors and if one does so one is a criminal and must be treated as such by the laws that protect people in their present ego body states.

Yes, one must strive to surrender to God; when one surrenders to God one tends to feel peaceful and joyous. Be that as it may, surrendering to God does not take away responsibility for ones action from one.


One should let the Holy Spirit to guide one; what this means is that one should do what is good for one and for the community.

It is one, through ones higher self, aka the Holy Spirit, who determines what is good for one and for the community.

It is one who is either the ego or the Holy Spirit and, indeed, who is Godly.


I have studied the various religions of mankind: Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Gnosticism etc. I found that they are written in metaphors and resolved to rewrite their conclusions in simple prose. Alas, even my prose is metaphorical and not clear.

This essay on the Holy Spirit and what it means by him guiding us is also metaphorical!  I leave it to the reader to decipher what the metaphors of this essay mean to him and behave as such and take the consequences of his behavior.

On spiritual matters, apparently, we cannot avoid talking in metaphors. Indeed, even when we talk in the language of science we are also talking in metaphors?

Has astrophysics and cosmology (my other love) explained the origin and nature of the physical universe or has it only given us metaphors that seem to explain it for people in this age?

We do not know what the truth is. Nevertheless, the individual must live what he construes as the truth.

I construe love for me and for all people as my truth and live as such. Cheers,

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 24, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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