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Will the Biafran Internet warriors go fight the nigerian army?

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Ozodiobi Osuji

Anyone with eyes to see can easily see that the typical Igbo desire to feel superior to other people. Generally, he sees his actual self in body as not good enough, rejects it and uses his imagination to construct an alternative ideal self that he wants to seem superior to other selves.

Once he posits his compensatory superior self he pursues it. In pursuit of that false, neurotic (deluded) self he appears to accomplish much in life (not really for what really matters are love and that is not part of his pursuits).

The Igbo is like a projectile and someone shot him off of a canon towards a target:  seek a superior self with allied material accomplishments.

In pursuit of his wished for ideal, superior self the Igbo compares his self to other people, and if he sees those as not driven by his obsessive-compulsive force hence accept themselves as they are without much ambition, he has no respect for them.

Igbos see their Nigerian neighbors as not ambitious and as not as accomplishing as they are and feel superior to them and have no respect for them.

Igbos do the same to their fellow Igbos; that is, look down on those Igbos they consider not highly achieving. An example is what they did to me. At some point I evaluated the rat race and decided to seek only what is congruent with my real self. Some idiot Igbos appreciating that I do not talk about my neurotic accomplishments...because those mean nothing to me...began seeing me as they see Nigerians,  inferior.

I am inferior to whom, Igbos? I had the doctorate degree and was a professor before age thirty and I am inferior to a bunch of country bunkums?

The salient point is that the Igbo feels superior to those he fancies that he is more accomplishing than. He does not know it but his behavior is neurotic and deluded.

The Igbo is like the white racist who looks at black people and sees that they do not have much going for them and feels superior to them.

Listen, any moment that you feel superior to another human being, white or black, man or woman, child or adult, Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo at that moment you are insane!  This is literal not figurative.

Your diagnosis is delusion disorder. Delusion disorder, aka paranoia is a partial psychosis. In full blown psychosis there is both delusion and hallucination in one or more of the five senses (as in schizophrenia and mania).

The superior feeling, arrogant Igbo is deluded but because he is not hearing voices (auditory hallucination) or seeing what is not there (visual hallucination) he does not know that he meets the criterion for psychosis!


A bunch of poor Igbos manage to find their way to the USA and other Western countries. Generally, they attended crummy universities and have bachelors or masters' degree. Thereafter, it enters into their heads that they are superior to other Nigerians.  They embark on a regime of insulting Nigerians. They put Nigerians down. They use the most god awful language in describing Nigerians, such as call Hausas Nnama (cattle) and call Yorubas Ngbati and Owanbe (lazy folks who exist to have good times and party). Everything that comes out of their mouths is insulting for Nigerians.

During most of my stay in the USA I had little or nothing to do with Igbos. The trajectory of my life was different from theirs. I was born at Lagos and had a multiethnic upbringing so I do not look at people as Igbos do.  I came to the USA from secondary school when I was still a boy. I went to school straight and obtained the doctorate degree and began teaching at one of the California state universities. Thereafter, I quit exploring who I am.

Like a typical Igbo I was driven by desire to succeed hence identified with a neurotic ideal self and experienced anxiety from trying to be who I am not;  to reduce that anxiety I had to live from my real self.

For whatever reasons, I lived mostly with white folks. My orientation to life thus is white middle class; therefore, I find it rather unpleasant to be around Igbos who are operating from their Igbo culture is scientific culture, not this or that particularistic culture.

I am not a cultural relativist who believes that all cultures are equally good; to me only cultures that embrace the scientific method are good; I do not accept the nonsense of multiculturalism; I accept one universal scientific culture.

In 2005 I joined some Nigerian Internet forums and encountered Igbos. Everything they write is abusive of Nigerians. They assumed their superiority to Nigerians. They have no respect for Nigerians.

Igbos and their superiority complex reminded me of white racists who have no respect for black folks because they assume that they are superior to black folks.

No human being is superior to other human beings. White folks are not superior to black folks; Igbos are not superior to other Nigerians; you may have more education and or material things but that does not make you superior to any human being.

If in doubt of this truth see Donald Trump, the President of the USA. He is a billionaire and occupies the most powerful office in the world. Would you say that he is superior to a nine year old boy in the third grade at elementary school? The man is a total idiot. This proves that money and power does not make you better than other people.

Igbos seeming attainment of Western education and possession of some chomp change (Yorubas are more educated than them and have more money than them) does not make them superior to any one else. Many Hausas refused to buy into the Western Weltanschauung; they do not seek Western things like mad men, as Igbos do. They look towards the Muslim world for symbols of worth.

I saw Igbos verbally abusing Nigerians, right, left and center. I was shocked. I tried to tell Igbos that we are all the same and coequal and, as such, should respect each other.  They did not listen to me.

Many Igbo Internet warriors began seeing me as they see Nigerians, as nothing. They subjected me to vicious derogatory name-calling. They have called me all the names they call Nigerians.

For our present purposes, they talked about separating from Nigeria; they called themselves Biafrans. I tried to tell them a little bit about the nature of sovereignty and the nation-state.

A sovereign country has control over a certain territory; it is recognized by international law to have police and military powers and use those to defend its territorial integrity.

A country can define attack on its territory as coming from external enemies and fight them or from internal agitators and also fight them.

I noted that since the Nigerian army is stationed all over Nigeria, including Alaigbo they can define agitation for Biafra as an attack on the sovereignty of Nigeria  and respond with defense (killing Igbos).

If the Hausa-Fulani controlled government of Nigeria wishes it, it can shut down social media and prevent foreign journalists from going to Alaigbo and engage in ethnic cleansing. They can do it and get away with it.  The Hutus did it to the Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994.

As for the international community intervening on behalf of Igbos, well, you must be a fool if you have not learned that white folks see Africans as unintelligent and really do not take them seriously. If Africans killed Africans in Africa who cares?

Let us say that some liberal bleeding hearts brings the killing to the attention of the United Nations.  It goes to the General Assembly.  The GA may schedule the issue for a hearing; the schedule may be on a date several months in the future!

In the meantime, Hausas would have massacred many Igbos.  The GA does not have police powers and if it deems something as needing police action refers it to the UN Security Council. They may schedule it for debate. Any of the five permanent members: Britain, France, USA, Russia and China, can veto any resolution of the Security Council.

Britain invented Nigeria and Nigeria is its handiwork; Nigeria is Britain's African crown Jewel; it is not about to let Nigeria splinter into tribal fiefdoms.

All things being constant, Britain will veto most resolutions supporting Biafra.  Perhaps, it agrees to send peace keepers to Nigeria but that would still be under the umbrella of Nigeria's unity.

White folks do not like to send their children to go die for black folks, so the peace keepers will be mostly Pakistanis, Indians and Africans; the majority of those would be Muslims.

You know where the allegiance of these Muslims will be? It will be with Muslim Northern Nigeria! So, peace keeping in Eastern Nigeria would amount to what the peace keepers did to the Democratic Republic of the Congo; there, they raped both boys and girls.

Yes, UN soldiers raped ten year old African children in the Congo. That is what Igbos would get in lieu of help from the International community!


A Nigerian school dropout called Nnamdi Kanu lived at London; he mostly mooched off his several girlfriends; eventually he got a gig at a radio station; he transformed his talk to talking about Nigeria. He called Nigeria the zoo and other pejorative names.  In time, he felt powerful and was canvassing for military weapons to go "destroy Nigeria" (his words).

Two years ago he visited Nigeria and the authorities picked him up and incarcerated him.  On April 25. 2017 they gave him conditional release from jail to go seek medical treatment.

Outside jail he became a superstar for unemployed Igbos looking for a messiah, a savior to give them jobs. Those people kind of see him as god and literally worship him. They prostrate on the ground for him (he could do what some African pastors do, walk on their backs!); the man, in his fantasy, has become god (perhaps, he has quietly slid into psychosis; psychotics often see themselves as god or a very powerful person, such as Napoleon or Hitler!).

Kanu was all over Alaigbo talking to large crowds of Igbos who adore him (one of his jail release conditions is for him not to address a group comprising of over ten people).

The man apparently formed what he called Biafra Security Services (and gave them uniform) and Biafra National Guard. That is, he not only violated his jail release conditions but now has formed an army to fight the Nigerian state.

Once he did that all gloves were off. The Nigerian state sent its military to Igbo land and has effectively reoccupied it as they did during the Nigerian civil war.

If Kanu's militants act out Nigeria would probably declare martial law in Alaigbo. They would implement a stringent curfew.

Under the cloak of darkness one can see a new round of pogrom. Hausas have no love lost for Igbos and if given the opportunity would probably engage in genocide to wipe out pesky Igbos (Igbos refused to become Muslims and insult them, left and right).   I am afraid that some kind of ethnic cleansing is afoot in Alaigbo!

As the Nigerian state begins the process of trying to reassert control over what was rapidly degenerating to chaos and anarchy (there, criminals run wild stealing, and kidnaping people and holding them hostage until ransom money is paid them) they will probably kill many Igbos.

Moreover, they will disrupt economic activities in Alaigbo. Igbo traders would lose billions of dollars.


My question is this: where are those diaspora Biafrans who were encouraging unemployed Igbo youth to insult Nigerians, right, left and center?

Shit has hit the fan and folks are about to learn that the idea of nation-state includes the right to be the legitimate possessor of powers of coercion in a human polity; and that power includes the ability to round people up and incarcerate them.

In the USA, despite its noise making about fairness and rule of law, judges exist to clamp black kids into jails and prisons; police exist to apprehend black kids for minor crimes and have their racist courts put them in prisons where their homosexual white prison guards rape them. There is no justice in the USA or anywhere else in the world.

So, what are the Biafran Internet warriors going to do as their kinfolks are "settled" in Nigeria, keep quiet, as they are currently doing?

Talk is cheap, you know. It is when bullets fly that we know who are men or boys. If the Internet warriors are real soldiers they would go to Alaigbo and go fight the Nigerian army and get their loud talking mouths slapped shut. They have made enough noise about their phantom powers; it is now time for them to demonstrate their powers.


Igbos have to learn about the nature of politics. In politics 101 you learn to respect all people for anyone who so desires it can pump bullets into your arrogant head and kill you.

A protective God does not exist so no god would protect you. Did god protect the estimated six million Jews killed by deluded Hitler and his Nazis, or the fifty million people the little, inferior feeling corporal from Austria, in pursuit of compensatory sense of superiority, killed?

Igbos must learn to respect all Nigerians and stop fancying themselves as supermen; they have no real power, not even a little bit of it (Stalin said: show me your tank battalions then we can talk about your power). Igbos power is imaginary and delusional.

Real power inheres in love and respect for all human beings. Respect all people if you want them to respect you.


Biafrans are clamoring for referendum. Their goal is obvious. They believe that if given the opportunity to vote that they would vote to secede from Nigeria. If that is the case why would Nigeria allow them to do so?

Please give me one good political and economic reason why Nigeria would allow the East, where most of its oil revenue comes from, to leave Nigeria.

Nigerian leaders got to be idiots to allow referendum and the departure of Eastern Nigeria from Nigeria.

Countries do not allow areas where they derive most of their resources to leave them. Russia allowed the breakup of the USSR but retained in the Russian federation areas where oil is produced. Today, Russia is using that oil to blackmail its former vassal states such as the Ukraine. Russia uses oil to get some of the former Republics in the USSR to kowtow to the lordship of Russia.

The point is that democracy is not a sentimental idea; it is rooted in real politics; in terms of political realism, Nigerians are not going to buy into the quaint, romantic notion of democracy that says all people have a right to opt out of their countries.

Nigeria is not going to allow the goose that lays its golden eggs, Niger Delta, to leave the federation. That is simply not going to happen; Igbos must stop such infantile wishes. They are actually being hysterical in their behaviors!

Igbos must stop appealing to people's feelings while shrouding their intension to destroy Nigeria with the shibboleth of democracy allowing them to have referendum.

Despite talk of peaceful referendum in Scotland, has Scotland actually separated from Britain and has Catalonia actually separated from Spain, and how do you know that if citizens there voted yes that they would allow them to leave. Only an idiot British leader would allow Scotland to leave, a country that took his ancestors almost a thousand years to conquer and unify with in 1707; nor would Spain allow Catalonia to leave given the struggle by the reconquestors to take Spain back from the Muslim Arabs.

Where in the world is ideal democracy at work, anyway? Is there democracy in the USA? Thirty five US states are controlled by Republicans; those states are passing laws to disenfranchise African Americans by requiring them to show Government issued IDs to be able to vote. Many African Americans are illiterate and or felons and cannot have government issued IDs.

Trump's desire to build a wall at the US-Mexico border is to prevent Mexicans from coming to the USA and breeding like rats and eventually taking over this Anglo-Saxon country.

Democracy is beautiful idea that cannot exist in pure form in our ugly world. Did I say beautiful idea? Conservatives believe that the ill-informed masses should not be allowed to vote for they do not know what is good for them!

Igbos must not pretend that they do not know what political reality is; they must stop their disingenuous call for referendum to let them go.

I suspect that contrary to Kanu's optimistic belief in the referendum that many more Igbos would vote to remain in Nigeria than leave it! Emeka Ojukwu thought that he was popular in Alaigbo and ran for office and only a few Igbos voted for him!

In sum, where are the diaspora Igbos, the Biafra Internet warriors fighting the Biafra war on the information super high way. Are they going to run to Nigeria and go fight the war they have been calling for or are they going to be missing in action?

Ozodiobi Osuji

September 13, 2017

PS: The Biafran Internet warriors know who they are. They should go die with those kids that in their narcissistic arrogance they mislead to fight for Biafra. Are these folks cowardly motor mouths that upon the first rifle shot run into underground burrows to go hide and live to see another day to make their noise in?

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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