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Why some Igbos hate me: I punctured their ballon of lies

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that most Igbos have an obsessive-compulsive desire to tell the world that they are a special people, a very superior people, a very important and powerful people. Their presentation to people is this: folks, see us as special, and as better than you and all people. This is their social trajectory.

They tend to work very hard to seem the superior people they want to be; some of them do, indeed, appear to be achieving; they have neurotic achievement (they boast about their so-called achievements), not the calm, non-boastful achievement of mature people.

If they can browbeat you into believing in their neurotic and delusional desire to seem better than other people they see you as a friend but if you see through their neurotic maneuver to mask their existential sense of nothingness (which they must accept if they are to become mature and wise people) they feel angry at you.

In Nigeria, having identified with the lie that they are special they look down on other Nigerians, especially on Hausas and Yorubas (their rivals for political power in Nigeria).

Yorubas are civilized and do not kill any one, they just shine off Igbo arrogance and do not let it bother them.

Hausas are a different story. When they can no longer tolerate Igbo empty arrogance they sharpen their machetes and begin killing every Igbo in sight. Thus, since 1942 they occasionally massacre Igbos living in the North.

I understand the function served by human desire to seem superior to other people. Existence makes people feel inferior. We are born and will die and worms eat our bodies so we feel like we are nothing.

We would like to believe that we are important. We are not important.

Neurotics want to feel important but still know that they are not important.

Psychotics (deluded persons) actually believe that they are important and present themselves as important.

(Please note the difference between neurosis and psychosis; the neurotic does not like his reality and wants to change it but has not totally fled from it; the psychotic not only rejects his reality but fled from it and now identifies with a false powerful self, hence has lost ability to test reality and is insane.)

Everywhere on planet earth human beings wear masks of importance. See, Donald Trump, a literally empty headed baboon, masquerades around as a very intelligent man (he has narcissistic personality disorder, that is, he feels special and wants people to see him as special when, in fact, he is a chipmunk).

I understand these things but also know that to be mentally healthy one must remove the mask, remove the veil of specialness and accept that one is unimportant and leave it at that.

When you accept your existential lack of importance and stop pretending to be important you feel peaceful and happy and become a mature and wise person. But as long as you pretend to be important you come across as an asshole.

Igbos pretend to be important when they are not so; therefore, they come across as ass holes. Their current lying is to deny that they are Africans and claim to be Jews. Why this pretense?

Jews have an illustrious four thousand years history whereas Igbos written history is just about a hundred years (from when the British began ruling them and built schools in their world and gave them Christianity).

Deep down Igbos feel totally ashamed of their primitive status and want to wash away that status by claiming to be Jews. Even when DNA testing shows that they are not Jews but Negros who are related to their Yoruba, Edo, Ijaw and Idoma neighbors they deny that reality and keep hankering for the delusion that black folks can be white folks.

This is the nature of delusion disorder. The deluded person feels inadequate and rejects his self and uses his imagination to posit a better self and identify with that fantasy self and present it to other people to see him as it and when they are deceived and see Igbos as gods Igbos feel fine and if not they feel angry at you for looking down on them.

Deluded, paranoid persons are always accusing people of looking down on them, humiliating them, when, in fact, all they do is humiliate other people.

Deluded and sadistic Igbos seek pleasure from degrading other Nigerians.

I came along and appreciated their neurotic and sometimes psychotic dance for existential importance and told them that they are not important.

They do not want to accept their existential reality of nothingness and see me as the person who popped their balloon of lies. They would rather I did not tell them their truth:  human nothingness.

Thus, they think that they hate me (of course they do not hate me; deep down they love me for they know that I am their savior...saviors are not so recognized in their lifetimes).

They look for every opportunity to attack me. If they could kill me (destroy the truth) so as to keep on pretending to be what they are not, important animals, they would do so.

I understand what they are doing.

Those of us who are born to tell the truth are always hated. Jesus was killed because he told people the truth that they are the same and coequal and should love one another instead of having a social structure where some seem better than others.

Igbos will always attack me. It goes with the territory of being a prophet. Will they succeed in silencing me? Of course not.

They are making fools of themselves. If they are a serious people they would be grateful to me for telling them the truth; if they lived that truth it would bring them people's love not hate.

At present, wherever they are they tell lies about their specialness and people hate them for doing so. As we speak, in America if you apply for a job and the white employers know that you are Igbo they would not even interview you for they think that you are full of shit, besides, you are more likely to rob their joint.

Here is the deal. I will keep on stating the truth and leave it at that. Let those who have ears hear and those who insist on lies keep on living lies.

Existence does not bend to lies but always reward truth; the truth is human equality and the need for love for all creation and its creator, God.

Post Script:

I just got back from church and read what some Igbo Internet trolls have been writing about me.

And what gave rise to the present abuse of my person by these Igbo zealots? I wrote an essay on Donald Trump calling Africa shithole. In no part of the essay did I mention Igbos. But instead of addressing my theme these Igbos went on a fishing expedition saying that Trump borrowed his negative view of Africa from me, that I called Africa worse names. Okay, I am known for using strong language in my detestation of  those who keep Africa backward and Africa's backwardness but what has that got to do with Trump calling Africa a shit hole, why abuse me because of Trumps behavior? Apparently, these cowardly folks will reach as far back as they could into my past to fish out whatever they believe is a nasty thing that I said about their people.  You see, the world revolves around Igbos and you dare not say anything negative about them, even if what you said is true. I do not deny whatever I said in the past but why bring it to an unrelated subject, Trump's negative opinion of Africans?  Niggers are exploited by white folks but instead of fighting white folks they kill each other; it is called black on black killing; this is what cowardly black folks do to each other instead of focus on their oppressors. My inclination is to shine them off as one shines off fools but on second thought decided to understand their visceral hatred of my person, a hatred that blinds them to the simple truth that I harp on. Ezeana, Madu, Nebu, Dan, Collins, Ezekwe, Assigwara, and the other  members of the Igbo cabal at Nigerian Internet forums propagating the impossible notion of Igbo specialness please see if you can understand the above essay. It might save you from making assholes of yourselves, as you do when you call your savior your enemy. You should note that no other Nigerian joins you in making fools of yourself in assaulting me. Contrary to your idiotic renditions of my writing all you need to do is open Nigerian newspapers and Internet sites and read them there. Those who want to learn from masters do but fools close their eyes to the truth that stare them in the face. You cannot make the truth go away no matter how hard you try. In my neck of the woods, Anchorage, I do weekly Monday evening public lectures and folks come to listen to a sage. I will soon start doing a weekly radio and TV talks. You folks choose to live in your absurd ignorance. This is very sad, but as they say, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink; all that I can do is share knowledge and leave it to you to choose to learn or continue living in your primitive state of mind.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

January 21, 2018

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