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Why do Igbos have a need to claim whatever is good in civilization as of Igbo origin?

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Igbos Claim To Be Responsible For All Human Civilization Is Problematic

Ozodi Thomas Osuji


I just read excerpts of a speech by Dr. "Prince" Philip Njemanze (see below paste) in which he claims that Igbos are responsible for practically all human civilization. He said that in his book (which I have not read) he showed that Igbos are responsible for Greek civilization, Roman civilization, ancient Jewish civilization, English civilization and for whatever civilization there was in Africa?


He said that the Igbos that started ancient Jewish civilizations are not related to the current Jews of Israel whose DNA has nothing to do with Igbos DNA. This is, of course, a clever by half effort to obfuscate the necessary question: do Igbo and Jewish DNAs match? They do not match because they are not a related people.


According to him contemporary Israeli Jews are not related to ancient Jews; he sees those who today call themselves Jews and live at Palestine as Europeans who occupy Palestine; as he sees it, the real ancient Jews are Igbos.


The man's claims are so patently absurd (Igbo language is not related to any of the people he claims originated from Igbos; Igbo language is not related to English, Greek, Roman and Jewish languages) that one is tempted to dismiss him as a crank. He is an Igbo man and knows that his grandfather's supposed chief status was given to him by Lord Frederick Lugard, a white man, and yet h calls himself a prince; this means that he has need to seem very important and he generalizes his need for personal importance to seeing Igbos as important, the extent of been responsible for all human history.


Why does he have a need to root other people and their civilizations to Igbos? What do Igbos themselves have to show for themselves; Igbos have no high civilization; Igbos did not discover wheels, they did not develop written language; they did not have Igbo wide government; in short, Igbos are a bunch of wild folks running around the jungles of Equatorial rain forest in West Africa, capturing their people and selling them to whoever wanted to buy them as slaves.


How was it possible for these recently naked folk to be responsible for ancient civilizations?  They claim responsibility for ancient civilizations and they themselves could not become civilized?


Apparently, their claim of responsibility for other people's civilizations give them false sense of greatness; greatness that magically wipes out their zero contribution to actual civilization.


In the present they are not contributing to human scientific civilization. Other than making empty claims of been Jews and been responsible for all that is great in humanity, extant Igbos are running around kidnapping their people, holding their victims hostage for monetary ransom and killing those who do not pay up, meaning that they are not far removed from savages.


These folks only contribution to human civilization is selling their people into slavery yet have an inner desire to seem responsible for all human civilization.


This contradictory behavior must be due to a brand of delusional disorder, grandiose type only unique to Igbos.


I believe that Igbos have a unique madness whereby they feel utterly inferior but claim to be superior by fancying themselves responsible for all that is good in Nigeria, Africa and the entire world.


This existential madness cannot be easily healed. So, we are just going to have to allow Igbos to live with their delusion disorder; we cannot heal them; they are too far removed from reality that one would only be mad if one thinks that one can heal them of that malady. Let the brothers make their wild claims and smile at their childish claims.


Finally, let me observe that some Igbos, such as Njemanze have a need to put Igbos up and make them seem god like; I, on the other hand, have a need to deflate Igbos least  they become inflated in their claims of importance.


Who is correct, those who exalt Igbos or those who de-exalt them? The answer probably lies in the middle.


I must be very careful and make sure that I do not do anything to destroy the self-confidence of Igbo; my goal is merely to correct their outrageous claims to be who they are not, superior persons.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji


February 20, 2017



"Ndi-Igbo Are Genetically Ancient Biblical Jews" – Academician Njemanze


He is a scientist of international acclaim and a human rights activist. Academician (Prof.) Dr Prince Philip Njemanze MD (Hons) is the Chairman of Chidicon Medical Center, International Institutes of Advanced Research and Training. He is an academician of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) which is the highest UNESCO body for space science research comprising all agencies for space exploration like NASA of the USA, Russian Space Agency, Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) and others. He is a prince of the Njemanze Royal Dynasty of Owerri. He is a practicing medical doctor and also an author/researcher in ancient history and linguistics. He recently published a book series titled 'Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life', where he states that based on genetic analysis Igbo people are the Ancient Jews but have no genetic relationship with the present Jews of the State of Israel who are Jewish converts with European genes. He claims that, the Biblical history is the history of Igbo People of Nigeria. He chatted with some reporters on the topic, was there.




What is the origin of the word God?


Igbo language is the mother natural language of all languages. What this means is that, most languages derive their origin from Igbo language consonants in expressions. I have demonstrated in detail in my books that most major World languages including Latin (Igbo language: olu otu ana meaning 'the language of a united country'), Greek (Igbo language: ogo rị ike meaning district of a strong people) and English (Igbo language: nga ala asụ ọha, meaning 'language of the people of the Island') were derived from Igbo language. Most of the words in English language have Igbo language origin from the transliterated consonants which were vowelized by the English they way they deemed fit.  For example the word 'God' in different languages are consonants transliterated from Igbo language but vowelized differently: German: Gott (Igbo language:   Ọgọ e to e to, meaning   'Divine Mercy that is praised'); Greek: Theos (Igbo language: e too Iho Ose, meaning 'to praise the Divine Light of Almighty God'); Hebrew: YHWH (Igbo language: Ya Iho wụ Ihe, meaning 'God the Divine Light that enlightens'); French: Seigneur (Igbo language: Ose a gọ na-arịọ, meaning 'the Almighty God you pray to pleading'); Latin: Deus (Igbo language: Ọ Dị ụsọ, ,meaning 'Eternally trustworthy'); English: God (Igbo language: Ọgọ Dị, meaning 'Eternal Divine Mercy'), Russian: Bog (Igbo language: Ọ bụ gọ, meaning 'He is Divine Mercy').


Now what is the origin of the word Jew?


Originally, in Greek the word Jew was Ioudaios (Igbo language: I du ọsa meaning 'to lead humanity (people)'. This meant that the Jews were the Chosen Igbo people who were in control of the world so the word Jew (Igbo language: ji ụwa meaning 'leads the world') has Igbo origin (etymology). The Jews referred to a people geographically from Judah (Igbo language: Ya ode ọha meaning 'God that resounds among the people'; also said as Ya ode n'igbomeaning 'God that resounds among Igbo people'), which in ancient times referred to the place where ancient Jerusalem (Igbo language: iyi e rusalam, meaning 'evil should not touch me', referring to abortion and adultery punished by 'stoning to death' [Deut 22:22]) was located in   the Old Owerri Province. The ancient Jewish people were said to come from Israel (Igbo language: ḷ zara Eli, meaning 'you answered the Most High'). The people called Jews would be consecrated as priests to all the nations and called Igbo (Igbo language: I gbo meaning 'mediators' between God and humanity for the remission of sins).  The word Jew was associated with Jehudhai (Igbo language: YaIho e du ọha, meaning 'God Almighty is the Divine Light that leads the people'). Jews were also referred to as Hebrew (Igbo language: ọha e bu ụrụ ụwa, meaning 'the people who bear the wickedness of the World'), in connection with the many genocides the Igbo people suffered from the ancient times to this day. Their God they called Osebụrụwa (Igbo language: Ose  e bu ụrụ ụwa, meaning 'the God who bears the wickedness of the World').


Was there a translocation of Igbo Jews to Europe and the Middle East?


The ancient people of Europe were Africans. We know this from genetics that has demonstrated 'gene flow' in what is called 'Out of Africa Theory', simply saying that the early original people of Europe and Asia came from Africa. There was also a gene flow that shows that the people latter came back to Africa.  We know that these early people were Africans, and were Igbo people by ethnicity also from genetic analysis. The Igbo settlements in Africa date back 150,000 years, but in Europe about 45,000 years. These ancient people are called Grimaldi (Igbo language: oge eri ama ala dị, meaning 'in time immemorial when the indigenous people were there'). Western scholars also call the Grimaldi, the Garammantes (Igbo language: oge eri a ma ama ana otu ọsa, meaning 'in time immemorial when the indigenous people were known as one people') and were the Homo sapiens (Modern humans), of ancient times who founded several great civilizations on the African, European, Asian, and American continents.  The white (Caucasians) people only date back 6000 – 12000 years anywhere in the World. Practically, it is an established fact that, the ancestors of modern Europeans played no significant roles in the Old Testament and much of the New Testament Bible stories. The church paintings that are used depicting white Europeans were changes that started about 500 AD.


Are there traces of Igbo names still in Europe?


The traces of Igbo names are in all European countries. For example,  England (Igbo language: nga ala n'ide meaning 'isolated land by the riverside'), Wales (Igbo language: ọwa ala ose, meaning 'the channel lands by the riverside'), Scotland (Igbo language: esekọta ala n'ide, meaning 'small islands joined together'), Ireland (Igbo language: ire ala n'ide, meaning 'the tongue-like land by the riverside'), France (Igbo language: o fere ana ose, meaning gets across to the Mediterranean Sea'), Germany (Igbo language:  ogo ọra amana Ya  meaning 'district of the indigenous people of God'), Italy (Igbo language: itili isi meaning 'dark hair') and so on. It is well known that not until recently 1600 AD, Igbo kings still ruled in many European kingdoms including England.


What about religion?


The religious language called Aramaic or Aramaya (Igbo language: ire ama Ya, meaning 'the language of the Church of Almighty God') which is, the Igbo Owere dialect used for chanting passages of the Psalms (Igbo language: pi si elu ọma Ose, meaning 'carvings from the heavenly temple of Almighty God') in the Igbo Church (Igbo language: chee iru Chi meaning 'presenting before God').


What is the genetic evidence that Igbos are Jews?


The genes of all the different people that live and have lived on Earth is known. The matrilineal genes identify the original people that were created from Adam and Eve. The genes for the direct children of the first woman are called the Eve genes. They came from three main female lines, which corroborate the biblical account of only three females that bred supposedly as wives of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. These Haplogroups are descendants from a single female Super group, namely Haplogroup L. In the genetic tree of mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid (mtDNA), we find some interesting group derivatives, which include the so-called Super groups, which are really only three basic groups. This one female line Hg L, which is a Super L, then split into L1, L2 and then L3 (See Figure 1). The line L3 diverged and from L3 came the other mtDNA mutations. Thus, all females came from one Eve whose mtDNA line was L. The Igbo people of Nigeria belong to haplogroup L1, believed to have first appeared approximately 150,000 to 170,000 years ago in East Africa. The L groups L1, L2, and L3 are all found in Africa and are the major groups almost exclusively in sub-Saharan West Africa, and L1c is in Igbo land, South-eastern Nigeria.  These are also called genes of the Nilotic people (the Igbo and Southern Sudanic people), that is, the people who founded the civilization in Ancient Egypt and Nubia.  Most Jews of the State of Israel are Jewish converts and have European genes of N, M series. The State of Israel was formed in 1948 and given a place in Palestine. The white genes only date back recently 6,000 to 12,000 years. This means that the history of the people of ancient Israel told in the Bible are not related to the modern people of the State of Israel but of the Igbo people in South-eastern Nigeria. This evidence is conclusive and is not open to any reasonable scientific debate because the evidence is clear.


Why would such an explosive knowledge not known among Igbo People?


Unfortunately, we have a society today that is not designed to be knowledge-driven. Falsehood and inaccurate information has been feed to the people and has been sustained over the years. While accurate scientific information is not provided. Someone somewhere is not interested in our people knowing the truth that would set them free.

How do I get your book to read further on the issues of Igbo Jews?


The books ‘Igbo Mediators of Yahweh Culture of Life’ volumes 1-3 are published by Xlibris ( ) and could be ordered at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or also purchase online on I also have a video documentary on the books, where I discuss these issues on Youtube volume 1 (, volume 2 ( ), and volume 3 ( ).

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