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What kind of persons would kill their people?

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In the picture below (at Facebook, January 16, 2017) an Igbo man who lives in the USA, who serves in the US army, Chuks Okebata, came home to Alaigbo to visit his people and, apparently, a person or persons killed him.  Speculation is rife as to who might have done such a dastardly thing. Some conjecture that he was murdered by those who are jealous of his wealth (apparently he built a big house).

The question is this: why do Igbos do such iniquitous things? The moment you ask that question Igbo irredentists would immediately remind you that people are killed all over the world and that killing is not only done in Igbo land. In such people's minds, placing the killing or kidnapping or stealing in the broader context of human anti-social behavior exculpates the evil in Igbo land.

The Igbos that have the need to rationalize Igbo anti-social behaviors are likely going to be the ones to engage in criminal behaviors and make excuses for their criminality; these are those who indulge in the criminal thinking of justifying anti-social  behavior with the fact that criminality occurs all over the world.

The fact that people all over the world kill people does not make killing people justified.  So, let us then continue asking the question: why is it that Igbos do these mind boggling things to their own people?

These days, many Igbos are afraid to visit Alaigbo because they are afraid of been kidnapped and or killed by their fellow Igbos; such Diaspora Igbos idea of visiting Nigeria is to visit Lagos (Yoruba land) and skip their tribal homeland!

In effect, the Igbo homeland is now a jungle!  As it were, Igbos have reverted to jungle living! Civilization, the little of it that the British gave to Igbos, has vanished and Igbos have returned to what they were before the advent of the white man; they have returned to being what Lord Lugard called them:  the savages of the lower Niger who kidnaped and sold their people into slavery and were proud of their behavior and did not want to change it necessitating Lord Lugard and his army coming to pacify them, civilize them!


Let me conjecture as to why Igbos do the dreadful things they do. Igbos do not have human society beyond the most rudimentary level.

Each Igbo considers his self a free agent; he is independent and works for his self. He makes money to support his self and where necessary to support a wife and children (whom he construes as extensions of his self, his property).

The Igbo has not evolved to social level where he sees other people as unified with him, as one with him.  He sees other people as other people but not as one with him. In his mind what is good for him is not good for other people.

In Igbo kindred's people do not see themselves as one; instead, they compete with each other, each person trying to seem, in his eyes, better than others.

The Igbo works and obtain money by any means necessary and builds what to him seems a big house, buys a big car, wears elaborate attire and in his eyes those make him a big man.

The Igbo fancies that other people see him as a very important man, a big man, a wealthy man. This is about all that life means to him.

In fact, he is willing to sell his siblings if not his parents, to obtain money, as his ancestors did n in the past, money with which he buys the accoutrements of bigmanism.

Beyond his primitive bigmanism, the Igbo is useless to other people. Ask him to pay tax and with that money the road in front of his house is paved and he would balk.  Thus, in front of his supposed mansion is a stream where a street or road is supposed to be.

The Igbo does not want to pay taxes with which society provides public services (roads, bridges, water, electricity, garbage removal, sewage removal etc.).

In his primitive mind the Igbo fancies himself republican, a man who does what he needs to do to survive but does not have to do anything for the collective good.

He does not know that there are public goods that all of us must pay for, such as education, roads, water, electricity, sewage, fire service, police and so on.

My thesis is that Igbos are at the most basic form of social organization; before the white man came to their world they had not evolved to statehood. They have not yet transcended predatory animal status and reached a level where they understand that they are one with all the people.

The highest form of human development is the realization that one is one with all people and thus the need to work for social good.

Igbos see themselves as primitive's individualists; they have not been socialized to serve collective good.

As long as they are lone wolves they may seem to do well at the individual level but cannot really do well collectively; they cannot govern themselves well.

This is why it would be criminal to have Igbos separate from Nigeria and have their own country; since they do not work for public good they would simply degenerate to war of each against others and revert to what Thomas Hobbes called state of nature (as we see in Somalia) and kill each other and live in chaos and anarchy.


In my judgment, Igbos are not yet ready for democratic government; they need a strong man to use draconian measures to instill into them the need for public service. If any of them steals, kidnaps and or kills people he is shot to death on the spot.

Primitive persons should be shot on the spot whenever they step out of line; that way they are controlled by the fear of been killed and learn to respect other people's lives.

Right now, Igbos do not respect human lives; if they believe that you have something that they do not have they do not feel remorse from killing you and taking what you have.

Igbos do not care for one another and for people in general; all they know how to do is come to the public square and talk as if they give a fig about what they call Biafrans.

Christianity is too recent in Alaigbo to have trained Igbos to respect human dignity; we have to use the fear of the hangman to get Igbos to respect human lives; as of now they have no respect for human lives. They are savages that need to be civilized and when they kill people are executed on the spot. It is fear of the executioner that would bring about law and order in Alaigbo.

Igbos need a couple more hundred years before they would have internalized the civilizing mission of Christianity so that they use conscience and fellow feeling to check their anti-social proclivities.

Ozodi Osuji

January 16, 2017

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