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What I learned about Igbos from Nigerian Internet forums

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As I end my participation at Nigerian Internet forums*, I am obligated to share what I learned about Igbos.

Igbos are a primitive people; there is nothing I can do to civilize them; I did try to help them and failed and have given up any further efforts to civilize them; it will probably take another hundred years before they understand what civilization means.

Nebu is the prototypal primitive Igbo.  He exists to put folks down. He is a savage who feels like he is worthless, denies what he sees in him and projects it to other people; he thinks that he derives worth and power by insulting people.

He and his fellow Igbos mind other people's business; they look into other people's private affairs and if they believe that they see bad things there they splash them publicly. Civilized people do not do that.

They will steal from you if you give them the opportunity and blame you for stealing from you; they have no sense of guilt and remorse.

Remember that these are folks whose ancestors until recently were capturing their people and selling them into slavery and not feeling bad about what they did.

The lesson I learned from watching these primitives is to stay away from them and to never have anything to do with them.  Why? It is because they are uncivilized; to be civilized is to respect people but these people live to insult people.

See, the 48 year old Nnamdi Kanu was calling Nigeria's President, Mr. Mohammadu Buhari a terrorist, pedophile and child abuser. Kanu is supposedly a university graduate, if not an attorney; as such, he ought to have learned to not call people such degrading names (especially since they are false).

What kind of attorney would call other people the type of degrading names Kanu called Buhari and expect not to be sued for libel? He did what he did because he is an Igbo and Igbos are mindless of the consequences of their socially degrading behaviors.

Like a fool, after calling Buhari insulting names and saying that he is going to destroy Nigeria, he went to Nigeria. Apparently, the man did not expect to be apprehended and tried for treasonable felony (talking about destroying a country is treason in any country's law books).

The man is in for rough patches.  Yesterday, I saw his picture on Facebook; he is dejected and aging fast. He probably would be destroyed by prolonged stay in detention.

And he would have been destroyed because his fellow Igbos were goading him on to behave like a primitive, calling Nigeria a zoo and Nigerians zoo animals and threatening to kill Hausas and Yorubas (that is a terrorist statement; his freedom of speech does not permit him to threaten to kill any one).

Of course, he is entitled to struggle for his people's independence but he could have gone about it in a civilized manner; that is, without calling folks degrading names and threatening to destroy all Nigerians.

Many Igbos deliberately embark on telling lies about people.  They would tell fabulous lies about you. Their objective is to get you to doubt yourself and see yourself as no good hence become unproductive, like they are.

They want you to see yourself as no good.  Of course they do not succeed in this their efforts at primitive propaganda.  They have called Hausas and Yorubas every negative name they could muster. But that did not deter Hausas and Yoruba's from seeing them as bush men and tune them out.

In fact, the more outrageous lies they tell about people the more people see them for what they are: primitive folk and tune them out.

If you are interested in propaganda what you say about other people must, at least, have some semblance of truth in it for it to be believed by folks. If your statements about people are so far out no one would believe you.

They had presented self-serving positive images of themselves to the world; they claim to be a special and superior people.

I showed that they are not what they claim to be. Because I popped their bobble they went after me; no lies telling about me was beyond their pale.

The barbarians said such outrageous things about time that I wondered whether they want me to believe in what they were saying or want me to just see them as blowing hot air.

Very few human beings have the type of insights into human behavior that I have. I have written stuff that only a handful of human beings, since the beginning of time, have written.

Yet, the barbarians wrote such absurd things about me that their readers would ask who they are writing about, certainly not about the guy they learn much about human nature from.

The salient point is that the primitives deliberately want to undermine folk's self-confidence; they hope to make folks to give up and descend to their primitive level of existence.  Those who do what they do, undermine human beings self-confidence, are evil folks; many Igbos are evil human beings.

Actually what they do tell us why they remained one of the most primitive Africans.  They did not develop writing; they did not develop the wheel; they did not have Igbo wide political organization but had only rudimentary village level political organization. By any ones standards of what constitutes civilization, they are uncivilized; anthropologists call them a stateless people.

They remained such primitive folks because of their penchant for undermining each other's self-esteem. They so made each other doubt themselves that they could not have the requisite self-confidence to mount civilization.

These people seldom attend good universities; yet they would come to the public square and talk as if they are the most learned people on earth.

Learned in what area? What contributions are they making to knowledge? All that they do is jabber on politics to the point where they make you sick.

If you hear them talk politics you would think that they even understand what politics is all about.  But give them the opportunity to govern themselves and all they do is figure out clever ways to steal from their people and use the stolen money to make themselves seem very important persons. They give themselves useless titles and masquerade around as very important savages.

They are so important that they die and worms eat their bodies, as they eat all human beings bodies. The people are bereaved of philosophical thinking; they have actually not made any contribution to philosophy.

If you come close to them, given their amorality, they are going to swindle you, take your money and after doing so laugh at you for allowing them to take you to the cleaners.

They are pragmatic, self-centered, opportunistic and unprincipled; they do not behave morally; they are what human beings ought to not be.

They are always looking for ways to steal from people but not to help them be their best. Take them out of my site for they make me vomit.

Their latest activities are to kidnap their people and hold them hostage for monetary ransom; they      have made their world a hellish place to live in.

Healthy people exist to make those around them feel good about their selves; healthy folks uplift the self-esteem of those around them; Igbos live to degrade people, to make people feel like shit and feeling like shit not accomplish anything important.

Healthy people recognize that the human condition makes people feel inadequate and they try to help them feel adequate.

People are born, suffer and die. Their bodies, bodies that while alive they had enslaved themselves to doing senseless jobs to earn money to maintain them, rot and smell like feces. These realities make people feel like they are not special and inadequate; therefore, men of goodwill try their best to help people to feel good about themselves, for those who feel good about themselves tend to be more productive than those who do not appreciate themselves.

To the contrary, many Igbos consciously want to destroy people's self-confidence. This tells me that they are evil people and, as such, receive negative consequences for their evil behaviors.

Karma is real; you get the effects of your behaviors, good or bad; Igbos get bad results from life because they are anti-social towards their neighbors.

Listen, you do not want to subject yourself to these people's Njakiri and Eko-okwu (those practices entail deliberately saying false things about people just to destroy their self-esteem).

If you want to retain your positive self-esteem you should stay away from Igbos. If you want to be productive you should avoid socializing with Igbos.

I take my own advice: as much as is possible, I will stay away from Igbos. This is my new year's resolution.

They say that those who sleep with chicken smell like chicken shit; I have decided not to sleep with chicken to avoid smelling like chicken shit.

I no longer belong to any Nigerian Internet forum; I simply can no longer expose myself to toxic places where Igbos come to verbally abuse people.


Ozodi Osuji

December 30, 2015

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