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Trump's Grand Plan For Nigerians

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The purpose of this essay is to talk about shithole and to say that Trump is on the ball in his characterization of Nigerians as hut dwellers and our country as a shithole. Let's get over being angry. Let's begin to learn about Trump's plans. Trump wants us to vamoose , make a run for our huts and shitholes. He does not want us brought here as immigrants to the United States to snatch jobs from the Americans.  You cannot fault a man mgbe nwoke na ekwu ezi okwu (when a man says the truth).

We Nigerians are all shitholers.  Nigeria is a shithole under the leadership of a clueless shitholer named Buhari who doesn't know his right from his left hand .Have you ever seen a sightless man leading the sightless? They both fall into a hole, ditch. Trust us! That's what we see happening in the shithole called Nigeria. Read to the end of this essay to discover what we Nigerians can do to combat Trump's characterization of Nigeria as a shithole . Japan and China were once laughed at as shitholes. Now,look at Japan and China.

Remember reading in akwukwo nso (holy Bible) about a prophet named Elisha who captured  a blinded enemy army which he led into the hands of the people the army was sent to conquer (2 Kings 6:8-22). David is being led to Goliath. Trump knows that too well that we Nigerians  are sightless shitholers sitting on a giant shithole, presided  over by a blind ancient shitholer. Though Trump appears to be ignorant and vulgar, he has plenty of intelligence gained from vast experiences as a savvy businessman.

Having done his homework well, Trump is poised to pass course Basic Shithology 101 with flying colors. The course is on how to train Negroes from  Africa's underdeveloped  countries to become slaves for the developed nations through systematic approximations (gradual reinforcements)  We are living in the age of master-servant relationships where huge profits are gained from el cheapo laborers. Trump is Master. Buhari is Servant working for Trump with the assistance of his brand of shitholers.

Don't take Trump for a fool because he can gamble, lose , and still win.  He knows how to dribble the ball shaped like Nigeria and to score controversial goals. He gets in and out of sequence after making a goal. Trump usually comes out smelling like a powdery rose.  He might say "I like Nigerians They are fantastic people. Their president Buhari is my good friend, and that's why I've invited him to the White House. You see. "

Trump has the encyclopedic knowledge of the African economy and the key players. That's Trump the man. Dr. P, this writer's former student with the PhD in adult education , agrees with the assessment of Trump as a master player in Nigerian affairs.

Dr P says; "Trump is armed with a computer and newspapers, constantly following up on trends in Nigeria, noticing where trouble is brewing. He knows where all the raw minerals are and their prices on the world markets, who to contact and bribe when the time comes. His advisers feed him money-making information as a Nigerian mother feeds her infant with akamu or breast milk. He makes millions of Dollars in Nigeria while sitting on a chair reading his newspapers and listening to advisers"

Trump knows  the African students are very bright, that these students come from poor families  which is why they struggle very hard to succeed, and often excel .  How can he make use of these people? He wants the Nigerians to quit enjoying America too much. Why are they staying too long? He wants them to hurry home to their huts so he could use their talents to saturate their country with Trump's merchandize. That's how a businessman thinks and should think.

That's the extent of the positive things Trump sees in Africa. Somehow, Trump likes Nigeria but is anxious and sorrowful that Nigerians don't like to return home to help widen Trump Empire the way the British did and the Chinese are doing. To Trump, Making America Again is sending "these people from shithole countries to their huts."  As soon as the shitholers settle in their huts, Trump would move products that expand Trump Empire throughout the shithole countries, from toilet papers to having several wives to asking Ghanaians to interfere in Nigeria's elections. Trump eyes the oil and the untapped precious metals. Someone needs to tell Trump "jiri nwayo" (take it easy), to not scare the shitholers away.

Trump Empire is a business energized by profits and racism. Think of Trump's casino, Trump's hotels, Trump's malls, Trump's beauty products, Trump liquors and winery; and Trump's golf course. Trump wants all things that make America great to be sold (not made) in Nigeria in order to boost the economy of Trump America.

Trump likes Nigeria quite alright. His reasons are impressive: (1) the place is rich; (2)  the people are smart and leaderless; (3) they still live in huts and won't  take much from profits; (4) they lack the technology to exploit the natural resources and we won't transfer our knowledge; (5) the people are such a greedy bunch we can bribe a few at the top and expropriate all we want for nothing; (6) the people will still be thankful  to owe us even after we have taken their stuffs for nothing because we are the Superpower with nuclear capability and we have the machinery, the technicians and machine operators, and the know-how, plus the spare parts; (7) the leaders are so drunk with power we can sell them our outdated weapons to suppress and kill off the others like the Tutsi-Hutu, North and South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Biafra, and now the Nigerian Muslims and Christians" It's all figured out in Trump's brain.

In what country can a Trump fly in in the morning, do a few transactions by noon,  and fly out in the evening with a few millions of dollars hidden in the cockpit? Nigeria is the place. If you don't know this , try to know it now.  The only interest Trump has in Nigeria and any of the underdeveloped/developing African nations is based on money, exploitation, and dependency. The West wants Nigeria to remain economically poor but strong consumers of Western products. Are you surprised that while America imports over $690 million worth of goods annually from Nigeria, the Nigerians can only export a paltry $90 million? Come on!

Do you wonder why Nigerians are always crying about foreign exchange? There's a huge imbalance in trade. Ever wonder why Nigeria owes huge debts to others and cannot pay its teachers, or why the Naira is useless at the rate of Dollar to 360 naira?

What do Nigerians do to combat Trump? (1) Stay in school and keep excelling in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology; (2) Be law abiding in any society you find yourself in whether it be  Nigeria, America, or elsewhere; (3) Participate in political activities wherever you are as a citizen, or voter; (4) Participate in peaceful movements to return true democracy to Nigeria; (5) Be aware of political events taking place in Nigeria and seek ways to serve or influence the government through voting, holding offices, or educating your representatives  on the right legislations to pass; and (6) Transfer at least one idea from Trump's home to your hut, however  microscopic or infinitesimal.

Prepared Wednesday January 17, 2018 at 7:42pm

By Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

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