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Thoughts On The Latest Manifestation Of Igbos Delusion Disorder

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In the past week, due to Femi Fani Kayode’s statements about who owns Lagos, a Yoruba town which some crazy Igbos said belonged to them, and his subsequent revelation that he was plugging certain well known Igbo damsels, Igbos exaggerated pride has been piqued and they are on a warpath. A prominent Yoruba telling them that they are aliens at Lagos, which they are, has aroused their paranoid persecution complex; they feel persecuted by Yorubas (Hausas, Edos, Ijaws, and Efiks, by every person around them).  They have embarked on telling us how they are a special and superior people who are responsible for all the good that have taken place in Nigeria (thus gratifying delusion disorder persecutory and grandiose types).  I tried to ignore this latest manifestation of Igbo delusion disorder. I woke up this morning, as usual went and did my five miles run and while at it decided to give the Igbo problem of Nigeria a metaphysical touch. Let us hope that some Igbos could learn a thing or two from this essay. Igbos arrogance, boastfulness and grandiosity are jaded and irritating to Nigerians and it is about time they stopped those psychotic behaviors.

This Is Why It Is Difficult To Heal Mental Illness

Ozodi Osuji

Have you ever wondered why psychiatry has no record of healing one mentally ill person; I mean just one mentally ill person.  A profession with such dismal record would be seen as a useless profession.  No wonder that psychiatrists have the highest suicide rate of all professionals; they do not accomplish much and, as such, must feel useless.

Psychiatry is that branch of psychology that specializes in psychoses (schizophrenia, mania, depression, delusion disorder and a few orders). Clinical psychology specialized in minor mental disorders and provide talk based psychotherapy to them (the walking wounded who is every human being). Like psychiatrists, psychologists have no record of healing any one. However, people who go to psychotherapists can gain enough insight from talking to them and thereafter go manage their lives well but in reality are not healed. To the best of my knowledge, no one has healed one worried well neurotic (the rich and well educated persons that go to psychotherapists).

So, why is the mental health profession (psychiatry and psychology) unable to heal any one of his mental disorder?

The answer is very simple. Mentally ill persons do not want to be healed. They do not want to be healed because they do not want to accept what it means to be a healthy person. To live on earth they must be mentally ill.

Being mentally ill is the only condition for being on earth. You cannot be mentally healthy and be on earth!

The so-called normal person is actually operating at animal level of existence and for all intents and purposes is not yet given birth to what it means to be a human being; if he knew how dreadful it is to be a human being he would have become a neurotic and or psychotic. The normal person made a choice not to use his mind to grapple with the nature of reality and merely live as sheep, cattle and tigers and lions do, mindlessly! To be normal is to be an animal, to be pre- human in one’s evolution; if one attains the human level of evolution one must appreciate its absurdity and seek to adapt to it either through neurosis or psychosis.

A dog is happy because it is not aware of the nature of its absurd existence; the same goes for normal human beings.

No one can heal the mentally ill. The sooner one accepts this reality the better it is for one.  To be a human being is to be mentally ill. Therefore, as long as people want to be human beings they must be mentally ill.

One can only become sane if one chooses not to be a human being.

To be a human being one must be deluded (belief in what is not true as true) and must hallucinate (see what is not there as there, hear voices that are not there etc.).

Delusion and hallucination are the two parts of mental disorder. Since to be a human being is to be deluded and to hallucinate, to be a human being is to be mentally ill.

What do I mean that human beings believe what is not true as true and see what is not there?  This is a good question. Are you, however, ready to accept the answer that your question calls for?

Let us begin with seeing. You see people, animals, trees, land, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies, and the physical universe. Now consider what you see.

Everything that you see is made of atoms.  Your body, for example, is made of trillions of atoms (so are all animals, trees, lands, mountains and stars etc.).

Atoms are made of particles of electrons, protons and neutrons. Particles of neutrons and protons are made of quarks (electrons are made directly from light). Quarks are made of light. In other words, everything you see on earth as not light is actually made of light. Think about that for a moment.  If you break down all matter, space and time what you would see is light (radiation).

If people’s bodies are made of matter and matter is made of light do you think that people’s bodies are made of light?  Of course the answer is yes. Look at yourself and all people and things that you see. The bodily you that you see are made of matter (atoms) which is made of light.

Matter is literally congealed light; Einstein told us that matter is energy in a different form in his famous equation:  E=Mc2.

There is a version of you and each of us that is made of pure light. There are people who actually can see you in light form (and see all people, animals, trees and everything in light forms).

Every human being has two pictures of him or her: one in dense matter and the other in pure light. This is a fact, not speculation. How so?

When you sleep and dream you do see you, people and animals and trees and everything, don’t you?  Did you think that you saw them in solid matter form, that as solid matter they entered your tiny head for you to see them?  Can a mountain in our world enter your three pounds brain? You saw a picture of the things you see in your dream.

Pictures are made of photons, particles (waves) of light.

You do see you and other people in light forms in your dreams.  When you die you would also see you and other people, animals, trees and everything in light forms (as you already do in your nightly dreams; death is just another form of dreaming).

Both forms of matter and light are illusory, not real; they do not exist, in fact. How so? They came out of nowhere and nothing during the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago.

Logically speaking, that which came from nothing is nothing.  Energy and matter does not exist eternally; they have temporary existence.

Light, and its congealed form in atoms, matter, space and time are illusions; it seems to exist but does not exist, in fact.

As long as you see things at all, be they in light forms or atom/mass forms you are seeing what is not there; you are hallucinating.

Since on earth we see things that are not there (matter) and after our physical death we continue seeing what is not there (light forms), we are hallucinating. The world of forms, in atoms or in light does not exist yet we see it hence we are seeing what is not there as there hence hallucinating.

In as much as we believe that what we see is there and it is not there, in fact, we are deluded. Therefore, we satisfy the criterion for psychoses: have hallucination and delusion.

Can you refute what I have just said on scientific grounds? Of course you cannot do so.

For years I worked with the mentally ill.  I did not heal any one of them. I left the field to do other things. But my mind kept wondering why we, so-called psychotherapists, have such a dismal record of healing any one.  Finally, I got it. People are mentally ill because they want to be and it is the only condition for being on planet earth.  People do not want to become mentally healthy because if they did they would exit from this world and not see it or believe that it is there.

My conclusion was enhanced by observing Igbos, a people who are clearly mentally ill.  If you have dealt with Igbos you know that they want to be very important persons. They are boastful and perpetually tell you childish tall tales about their phantom accomplishments. They want to be seen as better than their neighbors (Yorubas, Hausas etc.).

Igbos tell you how an Igbo was the first in everything in Nigeria and has done everything better than other Nigerians.

Igbos make outrageous claims if that makes them seem important, such as claiming that the slave, Olauda Equano who while living in England wrote an autobiography of his life in the late 1700s was an Igbo; that claim makes Igbos seem important for he was the first negro-African to write in the English language and Igbos must be first in everything.

Never mind that in the book Olauda talked about how his fellow Africans kidnapped him and his sister and marched them to the Atlantic coast and sold them into slavery. Igbos would not take blame for this sordid aspect of Olauda’s life. What they are quick to do is take credit for whatever seems good and gives them bogus glory.

The good is always Igbo while the bad is always not Igbo. These people see themselves as angels and blame all their bad behaviors on other people; it is always other people’s fault if they did something wrong but whatever they do right they tell you about it. This is infantile effort to seem perfect by taking responsibility for the good and denying ownership of the bad in one.

Simply put, Igbos see themselves as a special and superior people; they are forever boasting about their superior accomplishments. Their goal is to establish that they are better than their Nigerian neighbors.

The more they boast about their imaginary superiority and accomplishments the more those around them detest them. Igbos are, perhaps, the most loathed people on planet earth! No one wants to be around them (do you like to be around boastful people, of course not).  An hour of being around Igbos drives me up the wall; I must leave their presence so as not to be subjected to their perpetual boastfulness, their vain glory seeking life style, and yes, their delusion of grandeur.

In a series of papers I pointed out Igbo characteristics.  I naively hoped that by doing so, pointing out what is obvious about them that they would change. What I said about them is known by all other Nigerians so I really did not say anything new.  I was surprised that despite pointing out how they come cross not one Igbo person changed as a result of my input to them.  They persisted in boasting, seeking superiority and specialness.

Like certified psychotics, they struggle to get you to change your perception of them as imperfect human beings and see them as they want you to see them, special and perfect human beings.

If you go to psychiatric hospitals you quickly learn that the in-mates, patients want you to see them as very important persons. Mentally ill people want you to see them as Jesus Christ and or God or whoever or whatever they think makes them seem very important. In psychiatric hospitals it is always a hilarious sight witnessing patients fighting to establish which one is the true Jesus Christ/god and which ones are not! The crazy Jesuses duke it out to establish who the real Jesus of the insane asylum is!

Igbos want you to see them as very important persons and persist in this psychotic road show. They try to wear you down until you collude with them and see them as special.

If you do not want to be worn down by these crazy people you avoid their presence. How can one human being be better than another person? That is absurd. We are all equal and the same; any talk of superiority and inferiority is madness.

As noted, I did not get one Igbo to give up his desire for specialness, his delusion disorder. Why? Recently, it dawned on me that it is because no one can heal the mentally ill person.

Igbos clearly are deluded. Their delusion disorder is shown in their pursuit of grandeur and accompanying sense of persecution.

Igbos attack other people by insulting them and when in self-defense those they insulted counter attack them, they forget their initial attack on them and see themselves as innocent victims of others attack.

Lately, they have been insulting Yorubas by claiming to own a piece of Yoruba land, Lagos and when Femi Fani Kayode defended Yoruba ownership of Lagos, Igbos feel attacked and go into their paranoid persecution mode. They are currently telling us that they are innocent victims of Mr. Kayode’s attack but have forgotten their lunatic claim of owning Lagos that precipitated Kayode’s defensive statements.

Igbos accused Kayode of hating them. Whoever is not in cahoots with Igbo madness is seen as a hater of Igbos.

To prove that he does not hate Igbos, Kayode told us that he was pumping many Igbo women’s piss holes during his college days at Cambridge University (and during his brief tenure as the Minister of Aviation).

If you know anything about Igbos neurotic games, you know that if you disagree with them they preempt what they see in themselves, as mad people, by calling you mad. They are currently calling Kayode mad. Kayode is a normal human being.  Igbos want to discredit him; they do not want people to listen to the truth he said about Igbos.

Igbos do these silly things as if they do not know that each human being has his own mind and can read others and does not need Igbos deluded interpretation of people to know what is true about people.

Many Igbos are deluded paranoid characters; paranoid persons see madness in them (their denial of their real self and identification with false big self is madness), deny it and project what they see in them to other persons. What they attribute to other persons is not gotten rid of, it is still there.

The Igbo that calls you mad is as mad as hatter. What going to psychoanalysts does to people is help them understand themselves so that they stopped externalizing what they see in them to other persons.

If you say what does not make Igbos seem like the God they want to be, they will try to humiliate and shame you. They will tell amazing lies about you, as they are now saying about Kayode (looking at his face, and his writing I can tell that he is an honest man albeit corrupted by Nigeria’s culture of corruption).

Luckily, persons with healthy and positive self- esteem cannot be humiliated and shamed by the lies of the nuts called Igbos.

If I had listened to their crazy lies about me I would be depressed.  I simply saw them for what they are, nuts, and do not take their incredible lies seriously.

Igbos little neurotic ego games are well known to all of us. We all know what they are doing; I mean their self-defeating games of insulting other people.

We know that if they insult people, given that people want to be respected, they feel angry at Igbos and do whatever they can to thwart Igbos progress. What do you think: do you think that now that Igbos have done everything to degrade Kayode that he will now work for the good of Igbos, or put obstacles on their paths?

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: (907) 310-8176