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This Is Not The Answer

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Reports of Northerners being killed in parts of the south are quite disturbing. It is the wrong answer to the incessant killings of southerners' by Boko Harem. And the blame for this must be laid at the foot of NLC and those who inflame the polity. There was enough fear and anger after the Christmas bombing and the FG was doing its best to tone down the rhetoric and calm down flared nerves. The government was being assisted by notable Muslim leaders who quickly expressed disgust at the bombings, but leaders such as Mr. Buhari and others used the opportunity to instigate anger against the presidency on the advice of Mr. Yinka Odumakin, his press man who should have advised him better.


The anger flamed the subsequent killing of more southerners and more anger against Mr. Jonathan who has been in office a mere 7 months. It was claimed that he had no leadership skills; could not wipe out corruption; could not improve infrastructure; could not wipe out hunger; could not improve the lot of Nigerians. All in seven months.


When he tackled the corruption in the down stream oil sector impossible solutions were offered. He must wipe out corruption before he would undertake such a painful exercise or keep funding the waste and investing or rather subsidizing the upstream sector in addition. The past leaders including IBB called the action ill timed even though he had been at the helm much longer than Mr. Jonathan without taming the shrew.


These public outcry and misguided politics were responsible for NLC Co. Ltd rejecting any conciliatory offers made by the administration, the legislature, and other cooler heads. The streets are burning. At least seven demonstrators have been reported dead and now four or more Muslims are reported dead in the south all in anger. How many NLC leaders have spent the day on the streets leading? Our Internet warrior and prospective 2015 Head of State did not even make appearance at DC where there is absolutely no risk to life or limb and where demonstration was scheduled.


As I look at those demanding revolution and watching their plans, I could only weep at their management skills and leadership quality. Where were the demonstrators, arriving out of town, supposed to meet, to park, to start the march? Were police permits obtained? Would signs be provided or should each person bring his/hers? Any advice on the need to be peaceful? None of this information was available on the Nigerian web sites, the major information source for followers.


Yet we hear of confused FG.


I denounce the killings of innocent Muslims and northerners’ in the southt; it is every inch as bad as the killings of southerners in the north. Those northerners are part of our family. We live with them, they are our neighbors; we sell to them; they sell to us; we both buy. They have helped our development by building houses and places of worship in our neighborhood. They are southerners much more than they are northerners.


We just do not know it.


May their souls rest in peace?


A nation in a fury consumes her best children. Nigeria is consuming her best. The people who left the north to the south are the people who are willing to build a strong vibrant Nigeria. And vice versa. They did not participate in killing the southerners in the north. They did not participate in looting Nigerian resources. They were just trying their best to make a wretched living by the sweat of their brows.


These killings are not the answer.


Cry my beloved country.


Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba


Boston Massachusetts


January 10, 2012.


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Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba  currently lives in Medfield, Massachusetts.