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The transformation of Nnamdi Kanu to an African tribal chief

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Is it just me or have other people noticed the manner in which Nnamdi Kanu dresses these days?  This morning I saw a picture of him at Facebook. I swear he looks like Mmawu, Igbo masquerade!

He had wrapper tied to his groins, Amayanabo jumper shirt, Jewish Rabbi shawls on his neck and front part and assorted jewelry on his neck and arms and other clothing materials. He had his trademark hand fan (in his republic's flag colors), his walking stick (why is a man in his forties walking around in a cane, is he sick?) and his hat of the day, today it looks like Abriba head hunters hat; at other occasions it is the current fad, Igbo red cap.

Simply put, the man looked like a tribal chief, what I imagine Igbo tribal leaders looked like several hundred years ago;  I visualize an ogaranya, an ozoed man looking as this man does.

As I look at this man who looks like he came from five hundred years ago primitive Igbo land, I ask: is this the man who is going to lead Igbos into a vibrant twenty first century industrial state, this man that looks cartoonish?

If he is going to lead his people into the industrial age shouldn't he look like an industry chieftain: in three piece suit?

Alternatively, if he is a militant or guerrilla fighter shouldn't he look the part, say, in military styled attire, kind of like Che Guevara or Fidel Castro or Mao Tse Tung  looked like during their youthful militant years?

Where exactly did this clown get the idea that the more primitive he looks the more he looks like a leader?  Whose leader exactly is he, the leader of a primitive tribe of head hunters in New Guinea, or a gang of Igbo slave catchers or the leader of modem people?

Given his clownish looks I bet you that he has not read a book in recent months (assuming that in the past he read books).

The man looks exactly like something colonial masters would draw to present a caricature of African leaders as primitive folk.

So, how did we get to this state of affairs where a man who supposedly went to university is now looking like a figure from colonial masters cartoon book on African chiefs?

Has this clown actually bothered to write down his political program, his manifesto, a blueprint of what he intends to accomplish for his people other than call Nigeria the zoo and other pejorative names?

Serious revolutionaries write down what they are planning to accomplish for their people. V.I. Lenin and Mao Tse Tung wrote many tracks explicating their aims.

What exactly is this clown trying to accomplish for his Igbo people? I would like to see it written down on paper, say, in a two hundred or more pages book that carefully delineates his visions and goals for his people.

The picture this man presents of his self is that of a dummy, a pathetic clown pretending to be a leader.

The man has transformed his self to another primitive African chieftain with nothing in his head other than the usual African narcissistic desire to look significant (he looks like another empty headed African big man, a very important person, a foolish VIP).

The man literally looks like ancient Igbo chiefs whose business was to capture and sell their people to white slave buyers. Perhaps, Kanu is getting ready to sell the unemployed riffraff that follow him wherever he goes to into slavery, this time, since white men no longer need black slaves, into their graves.

I hear that whoever disagrees with this man's clown show is harassed by his followers, even killed? If that is the case so much for the supposed haven on earth that these folks claim to be fighting for.

The way the man is going about his primitive leadership business what probably is in the making is another African tin-can dictator who does away with his supposed enemies. Think about the idiot that rules Equatorial Guinea, what is his name...Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

This Kanu man is increasingly looking pathetic! Somebody should tell him to, at least, look like a revolutionary leader of a modern people not something out of precolonial Alaigbo.

Finally, perhaps, what Nnamdi Kanu really wants to be is an African tribal chief and he has gratified that craving hence his outlandish attire? Perhaps, the mistake is folks who had expected an Igbo leader to look like a person who is gearing to transform his people to the industrial age to look like what such persons look like? You never know what motivates people. May be I am projecting my wishes for an Igbo leader unto this clown?

PS: Until someone satisfactorily explains to me the origin and meaning of the word, Biafra I do not ever want to hear an Igbo apply it to the Igbo nation. I suspect that the word is Portuguese in origin. Just because the other would be Igbo dictator, Emeka Ojukwu, employed it to refer to his fiefdom does not mean that it should be employed for present Igbo land.  For now folks should simply refer to Alaigbo instead of Biafra.


I have read several criticisms of my take on Nnamdi Kanu. I was actually very gentle on him! Here we have a man who calls his self an Igbo and therefore ought to know that "Igbo enwegi eze", Igbos do not accept other people as their kings and he allows unemployed Igbo youths with no hope for the future hence see him as their savior to worship him; he allowed them to prostrate on the ground and kiss his feet.

He is behaving like an oriental despot; for that sin alone he ought to be banished from Igbo land for he is not an Igbo.

Who the hell does he think that he is? Is he some kind of god? Who made him Igbos god? Just because he is reckless and mouths what many Igbos wish, separation from Nigeria, does not make him some kind of deity.

If he was smart, having articulated many Igbos wish for secession from Nigeria he would ask whether Igbos, at this time, can really govern themselves. They cannot!

Igbos are totally self-centered; each of them wants to make it on his own, become rich  and powerful and have other Igbos respect him. He does not care for the welfare of other Igbos. He won't even pay taxes with which the very road in front of his supposed mansion is paved. No, a paved road benefits other people and he does not do anything that benefits other people; he just wants to be big and become seen as another African big man.

Before the white man came to their world, Igbos had individuated village existence and did not subjugate their separated egos to obedience to larger social aggregations; there was no Igbo wide polity. This means that Igbos are essentially a wild bunch who have not learned the need to reduce their egos and use what is left of them to serve public good.

Igbos idea of a country is where each person cares only for his self and does not care for others. In which case those who could not make it and become successful, those left behind in this jungle where each person only cares for his self, would become professional criminals. They would kidnap their fellow Igbos and hold them hostage until ransom money is paid them and if not kill them. They are already doing that.

Give Igbos their own country and they would degenerate to the likes of Somalia and South Sudan; they would revert to the jungle; they would live in a kind of Hobbesian state of nature where each person is on his own and the strong take from the weak and the weak band together and kill the strong and every person lives in perpetual insecurity; life becomes nasty, brutish and short.

It is good for Igbos to stay in Nigeria and other large polities and while there learn to reduce their wild egos and socialize them.  At prevent they are wild men; they are not civilized at all; to be civilized is to care for society, to have social interest motivating ones behavior.

If you doubt it go do business with Igbos and they would steal your money and go use it to build mansions and the business dies.

Igbos are wild egos and, therefore, need to be ruled with iron fisted hands if we want to civilize them and get them to become law abiding persons.

Finally, I suspect that Nnamdi Kanu is bedecked in his chiefly regalia as a kind of superstitious effort to say that now that he is a chief that the Nigerian government would respect him, not arrest and throw him into jail. That is, he is using his absurd attire to plead for mercy from the Nigerian state. Alas, if the Nigerian state wishes it they can pick him up today and slam him into jail and, despite his boast that such action would spell the end of Nigeria, the country would not end. If his followers act out they, too, are arrested. In a little while his IPOB movement would be stamped out of existence.

What reasonable people ask for is for Nigeria to be restructured into about twelve states; each large tribe a state; and operated like the USA; that is, implement fiscal federalism, with each state totally owning its resources and developing their people and the people paying a stipulated annual individual, corporate and sales  taxes to run the central government.

Ozodiobi Osuji

September 8, 2017

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