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Review of Naiwu Osahon's Theory of the origin of human beings

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Mr. Naiwu Osahon, yesterday, at Facebook, I read your 2013 essay on your theory of human origin. It has been a long time since I read one of your pieces and it is refreshing to do so, again.  I have thoughts on your essay.

The essay in no mistakable terms state that aliens are responsible for the origin of human beings. It says that a group of aliens, Anunnakis from planet heaven/Niburu (where is that?), apparently, visited planet earth and beheld evolving animals, especially the various apes and grafted a part of their own DNA material onto some of them (chimpanzees) and that those thereafter made quantum progress away from the other animals.

The essay gave acceptable timelines on the evolution of the great apes, although the dates given are speculative, not as paleontologists tell us; it talked about the state of the apes 13 million years ago, 6 million years ago and so on.  Let us not worry about such matters for they are not the subject of this comment on your essay.

You suggest that the massive changes in the evolution of Homo sapiens that probably began 100, 000 years ago is due to alien intervention.

Those who study these matters told us that about 80,000 to 100, 000 years ago what we now call human beings reached their present approximate state. This level of evolution was reached in Africa, especially in East or South Africa where fossils indicating so were discovered.

Thereafter, some of them moved out of Africa and moved into Europe (where they met and supposedly killed or mixed with Neanderthals), to China, Asia and Australia.

Your suggestion is that the quantum leap made by Homo sapiens was due to alien intervention.  You mentioned what you called Anu God and speculated that he may be a name given to the leader of the Anunnakis, the supposed aliens that came to the Middle East to start contemporary human civilization.

Reading your take on the Anunnakis  reminds one of watching American TV History programs on ancient aliens; they talk about Anu and Anunnakis been responsible for the Sumerian civilization, Egyptian civilization, the Mayan civilization and the Inca civilization, that they had the advanced technologies to construct the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and central America and Peru's  wondrous stone stacking at Machu Picchu; apparently, only an advanced civilization with requisite technology could lift heavy stones and stack them on one another, which apparently human beings did not yet have.

Your essay speculated on why the Anunnakis came to earth and chose to hasten the evolution of a species of apes: to use them as slaves to work on gold or other rare minerals mines.

Apparently, having started human civilization on earth the Anunnakis left and human beings took the baton from them.

You suggested that the amazing discoveries and inventions made by human beings since Nicolas Copernicus corrected the Ptolemaic geocentric notion that the earth is the center of the universe with the heliocentric view in 1543, to the present, is due to alien influence.

You talked about aliens in some underground areas of the world and at several places in the USA working with people to hasten scientific development.

You speculated on the function such perplexing areas of the world such as the Bermuda triangle. There is a hypothesis that the Bermuda Triangle is a worm hole through which aliens tunnel their selves into our earth.

You went on to say that human beings are beginning to clone animals and suggest that the recently concluded effort to map the genes in the human body would lead to human beings being able to clone themselves and, hopefully, eventually produce a more advanced variety of human beings who would equal or surpass the anunnakis.

Thereafter, like the Anunnakis and other UFOs we, too, would be able to visit the putative trillions of habitable exoplanets in the universe.

Contemporary astrophysics and astronomy tell us that there are, at least, 200 billion galaxies in the visible universe and that each galaxy has, at least, 200 billion stars; and that the stars have planets orbiting them. This means that there are trillions of exoplanets and there is hope that some of them would have conditions for biological life forms to exist on them. There is no reason why only planet earth would be the only planet with biological life forms.

However, at the present we have only seen biological life forms on earth; talk of life on Mars (you seem to believe that life existed in Mars and even talked about pyramids on Mars...all those are false) is speculative.

Your alien origin of human beings hypothesis is predicated on the notion that given what astronomy tell us, that the universe began 13. 8 billion years ago and that our sun and its planets came into being 4.5 billion years ago and life started evolving on earth almost immediately (we have seen bacterial fossils from 3.7 billion years ago) you believe  that more advanced life forms must have sprouted elsewhere in the universe.

You are probably correct in your assertion; the prolific English astrophysicist, John Gribben, seem to suggest that there are probably more advanced life forms on other planets and that some of those advanced life forms probably engineered human beings. It could be that some of those intelligent life forms sort of wrote a computer program, software, came to earth and planted it into biological life forms and bid them evolve to evolve as animals?

The Movie, Matrix suggests that human beings are clones of other people that we are currently not aware of.

Steven Weinberg, in his 1977 book the first three minutes, gave us a putative summary of how the universe came into being and evolved. It goes like this. Out of nowhere, a speck of light, no larger than a particle of matter, emerged. It became inordinately hot and exploded. Within the first second it spread into trillions of photons; some of the photons transformed themselves into electrons (and anti-electrons, positions); and some transformed themselves to quarks and anti-quarks; quarks combined into protons and neutrons; by the end of three minutes protons and neutrons had combined to form the nuclei of the simplest elements (hydrogen, helium and possibly lithium).  The universe expanded at what Alan Goth called inflationary speed and as it expands it cooled down.

Matter (quarks, neutrons, protons and electrons) attacked anti-matter; they were supposed to annihilate each other but anthropic accident made it possible for every billion of anti-matter there was a billion and one particles of matter so that when matter and anti-matter attacked each other they did not annihilate each other and return to radiation; some matter survived to continue our matter based evolution.

In the incipient universe are now nuclei (of protons and neutrons held together by the strong nuclear force), free floating electrons and, of course, photons that were not transformed to matter.

The universe remained that way for 400, 000 years; at that point nuclei captured electrons to form the simplest elements (especially hydrogen and helium).

The electromagnetic force holds electrons to nuclei of atoms; the weak nuclei force decays nuclei; gravity olds things together in space.

The formation of atoms led to photons, radiation escaping from the hitherto dense plasmas universe (Arnold Penzias and Robert Wilson picked up that cosmic microwave background radiation in 1965).

Thereafter, the universe is composed of a sea of hydrogen, some helium and lithium. The universe remained this way for millions of years, still very hot.

Somehow space (asymmetry) emerged in the Ocean of hydrogen; clumps of hydrogen separated into groups. Gravity acted on each clump and in its core heat and pressure led to ignition of hydrogen, the nucleosynthesis of hydrogen into helium and stars were born.

The initial stars were very massive in size and did not live long before they died (exploded in supernova...when a star runs short of hydrogen it begins fussing helium; the synthesis of helium to  other elements continues to  the  fusion of iron  and at that point the heat in the core of stars is no longer sufficient to synthesize iron to higher elements and the star expands in size and explodes in a supernova;  the core collapses to form either a neutron star or a black hole; neutron stars are composed of only neutrons and spin at incredible speed; black holes are so dense that not even light can escape from their event horizons).

The heat accompanying supernovae synthesize all elements beyond iron.  The exploded stars spills the 92 naturally occurring elements into space.

The cloud of debris from shattered massive stars agglomerated into medium sized stars and planets. Our star, Sun, and its nine planets came into being this way 4.5 billion years ago.

The initial earth was very hot. Shortly thereafter water was brought to planet earth by comets and cooled it.

Biological life formed in the pools of water (sixty four elements, especially carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen mixed into compounds that became life forms).

Many scientists assume that what happened on planet earth probably happened on billions of other planets; especially at the goldilocks regions of galaxies where it is neither too hot nor too cold. Thus, folks expect that there are humanoid type lives elsewhere in the universe.

So far, despite our best efforts, say, through SETI, we have not found evidence of life elsewhere in the universe.

Assuming that there is life in other parts of the universe, since it took the universe about five billion years to cool down to the point where life can form, and moreover the universe had to have massive stars die to produce the elements found in biological life forms, we can then say that the universe has had about 8 billion years to evolve life.

Since life has evolved on planet earth for about 4 billion years we can reasonably say that somewhere in the universe life has evolved for 8 billion years.

If that is correct then some biological life forms are four billion years ahead of earthly human beings and if human being can reach their present scientific and technological state in four billion years those in other planets who have had to do it for 8 billion years are probably way ahead of us scientifically and technologically.

The point is that it is possible that there are alien civilizations that are way ahead of our earthly civilization.  Thus, your speculation has some germ of truth in it (I must say that unfortunately you tend to take your unverified conjectures as the truth!).

Assuming that there are advanced civilizations that formed us you still have not answered the question of intelligence and thinking; is thinking the product of mere permutations of matter; is mind epiphenomenal, the function of the dance of electrons in our brains?

I know that if ones brain is sick one does not think well, put anesthesia into the brain and conscious thinking stops, but does that mean that only brain produced our thinking?

Mr. Naiwu Osahon, last night, lying on my bed, around 11 PM, I read on my tablet computer your essay. I got up this morning at 5: AM and decided to comment on it and went to my Desktop computer to type my thoughts, this review.

Did my brain make me write this response to your interesting but speculative write up on the origin of Human beings or did something else make me do so?

Mr. Osahon, I like you a whole lot. You are a different kind of African, you are thoughtful and speculate on the origin of human beings; you are a rare breed of African.

In my experience with Africans, I have to tell you that I find them extremely dull. The typical Nigerian is like a monkey who jabbers ad infinitum on politics but give him opportunity to rule and all he knows how to do is steal from the national treasury.

I do not believe that Nigerians can rule themselves well, not in the next couple hundred years. Therefore, I tune Nigerians and their politics out.

Worse, Nigerians and Africans seldom think philosophically and metaphysically; I have not run into many Africans trying to understand their origin, as you did in your essay. They embrace and defend other people's religions, such as Christianity and Islam. They seem to lack the capacity to come up with useful metaphysics. Mr. Osahon, I appreciate your efforts to come up with a metaphysic.

I believe that years ago I shared with you my own ideas on the origin of people.  I tend to believe that we are spiritual beings who somehow chose to forget our spirt nature and sleep and invent our material universe; we house ourselves in bodies and currently experience life in bodies.

My metaphysics is psychological hence not based on physics; it is the product of mentation that has not been verified in empirical phenomena; therefore, it is more like poetry than science.

I did not give the technical specifics of how spirit invented matter over the past fourteen billion years and used it to form our bodies and life on earth.

I believe that in the future science will show us that a superior intelligence (which is our true self) is the one using matter to do what is done on earth and the universe.

Matter, such as our bodies, does not have worth and value hence nature destroys it without qualms.

Our bodies are compositions of sixty four elements and in the final analysis are not different from animals, trees, rocks, so nature destroying our bodies does not matter.

Nevertheless, I do think that there is a spiritual element in human beings that transcends their bodies.

I believe that in the future we shall get to a point where science and technology would enable us to actually invent human beings bodies that are far superior to what we currently are; this may be done in wetware (biological matter) or in some sort of software program.

I believe that before the universe loses heat (the expanding universe is losing heat and will cool down and all life dies) we should be able to tunnel our way to other universes (I believe that there are infinite universes). I believe that eventually we shall be able to live outside bodies, say, as pure intelligence playing with matter and anti-matter.

If science is not disrupted by some stupid religion I believe that we can actually reach this level of civilization in a couple hundred years.

To the question: did aliens from other planets come to earth and grasp their DNA to some animals to hasten their evolution to current human status, I say that a purely rational perspective will answer in the affirmative.

Having agreed with you on the probability that aliens shaped our bodies I still have to find out where human intelligence came from.

I believe that intelligence came from spirit and that spirit is eternal, permanent and changeless. Read my metaphysics to see how I came to that conclusion.

I appreciate your efforts to figure out human origins; please keep making such herculean efforts. You are my kind of human being, the type that ask why questions even if the answers they provide us with are conjectures and not true.

A review is supposed to have some critical comments; in that light, apparently, in an attempt to show the reader that you understand contemporary physics you tended to mix physics with pseudo physics; your time lines, such as suggesting that the pyramids were built much longer ago than historical evidence shows is problematic; for a trained engineer you ought to stick to verified data and facts and not take liberties with them, as you did.

You gave the reader the impression that you are writing science fiction and or new age religious razzmatazz; you factored into the writing such myths as Mayan astrology predicting events in the future; you talked about star gate; you injected biblical fairy tales about Enoch, Ezra and Ezekiel.

The essay that you probably planned to be an exercise in scientific thinking on the origin of human beings ended up seeming like pseudo-science written by a quack. Surely, you know better than that!

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

PS: Mr. Naiwu Osahon please keep in touch with me. I remember talking to you while I was visiting Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and enjoyed talking to you. I would like to talk to you, again. If you give me your phone number I will call you.  You can reach me at:

(907) 310-8176

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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