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Questions About The Arewa Quit Ultimatum

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Arewa Boys, your ultimatum will fail, has failed, and shall forever fail

Whom are you fooling, and why are you being terribly ungrateful?

Why are you unappreciative, ungrateful,  or acting like the spoiled brats you are

A brat  is an unpleasant child, a little monster, tiny fellow you see hiding in a horror movie.

Arewa Boys, are you serious about ordering the Igbos out of the North?

If your answer is " it's no big deal" or "it's a routine thing"

How do you describe a thing that is routinely no big deal?

Is it regularly, habitually, normally, usually, consistently, customarily?

Is it more often than not, and  who do you sell your water to when it is consistently so?

Who would hydrate drenching bodies in your scorching, hissing , boiling inferno?

Oh, and you bought Nigeria for a dozen suya on skewers and a leg of nama, eh?

Don't you see anything wrong with ordering a man out of his country and you're outsiders?

Could it be a wrong dream conceived in the middle a nocturnal emission

When you slept on the wrong side of the prayer mat or impregnated the wrong virgin

Whose father brought the wrong number of cows as dowry?

What's  wrong and why are you behaving as the spoiled brats you have been?

Name just one heinous crime the people you're ordering out have committed

And where were you when they were burning midnight candle on both ends?

When you masqueraded around with heads in the sky or filled with burukutu

A brat  is an unpleasant child, little monster, the tiny fellow in stroboscopic motion

Why are your gripes turning from temper tantrums into astonishing schizophrenic

The acute mental illness, evidenced by incoherent speech and Arewa thinking

That lacks understanding and behavior that is lacking in underlying theme?

I take it you have affect or facial expression that is usually flat, inappropriate, or silly?

Why does  Arewa letter violently written to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

That Excuses your heinous crime on the theory that Nzeogwu's 5 equals your 4 million.

This essay unmasks, uncovers, blows the whistle on the Arewan shenanigan,

On Arewa prank, mischief, trouble, tomfoolery, misbehavior, naughtiness,

Arewa  is a monkey business hastily concocted in a moment of inebriation.

Aren't you Arewa Boys the fake philosophers beguiling Northern Nigeria for ages

That teach children the wrong math that killing  4 politicians equals killing 3 million Igbos

Aren't Arewa Boys boldface kidnappers holding  200 million souls for ransom?

Now, Arewa Boys, tell us what Crimes have the Ndiigbo family members committed

That you are pursuing with local herdsmen's poisoned arrows and expatriate AK-47?

And by the way, how have you procured those illegal weapons of mass destruction?

Aren't they being purchased with drug money, human trafficking and money laundry?

Where were you when so-called  Anyamirins were busy mixing mud with water

To erect your first primary schools and latrines in Northern Nigeria

At a time when your parents walked around stark naked, wearing just leaves?

Their buttocks served as dinners for mosquitoes, and toes amputates of leprosy

Weren't your men and women blindfolded with stings of the tsetse flies?

Didn't the Anyamirins quickly run up mountains to cover the nakedness of your virgins?

As your men's limp penises and your girls' swollen clitorises were sights to behold?

And now you have the unblessed gall to throw the Anyamirins out of prehistoric North

Aren't you as inept and unthinking as U S President Donald Trump?

Ain't  your Quit Order similar to Trump's four-nation Travel ban that woefully failed?

Arewa Boys, whom are you fooling, and aren't  you being terribly mistaken?


By Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

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James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment.