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Part 2: How Are The Righteous Nigerians Going To Rule Over Their Oppression?

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This is Part 2 of the essay which elaborates on a sermon this writer heard a preacher deliver at a Redeemed Christian Church of God. The good pastor took his sermon from Isaiah 14: 5, which reads: "The righteous shall rule over their oppressors."  Part 1 asked "Where Are the Righteous Nigerians To Rule Over Their Oppression?" Part Two is asking "How Are The Righteous Nigerians Going to Rule Over Their Oppression?"

The question of oppression in Nigeria is so urgent that we are going to state the conclusions of this essay at the beginning and at the end . Oppression is a real thing that is tearing Nigeria apart at the seam.  Nigeria is a democracy owned by We The People, ruled by We The People, for the pleasure of We The people. Therefore, We The People are in charge. We have absolute power with the ballot. We must decide to do things differently.

We must be very, very careful about who we chose to govern us; we shall begin using our ballot and voting power as judiciously as possible. No more sending Kadiri to the governor's  mansion because Kadiri is Yoruba from your village in Ondo, or Chief Emekuku to the senate because he is Igbo physician who has impregnated your mother  20 years earlier. It is senseless to support a Moslem from a particular tribe in order to maintain grips on power. Doing so will only extend the problems Nigerians are presently complaining about.  Choose s a truthful person irrespective of tribe, religion, or ethnicity. Let the TRUTH reign.

President Buhari  is no  more and no less than our Public Servant Number One. Without us he can do nothing. The senators would not be there to mismanage and steal  if we hadn't given them the green light. Governor Okorocha or any other State governor is there because we put him there.  Remove the students from the classrooms and the teacher is jobless and must go home without a paycheck.

As  a college professor, I make it known to my students that they are the BOSS. I am not the boss. The students are my Boss. It is my duty to see that my students succeed in my classes, not fail; and that so long as they complete my reading and written assignments on time and earn at least a 70% (undergraduate) or a 80% (graduates), we shall get along well.  Have you now gotten the gist of where this writer is going? Does it make sense?  It has to make sense unless you have no commonsense.  Idiot! Perhaps, you are a blockhead and cannot think or read or understand the major point of this essay as if you had no brain in your head.  Are you one of those persons oppressing and stealing from Nigerians? If you are, get out from among us this moment. We don't want you.

What is the effective weapon to overcome oppression? Our most powerful weapon is concentrated in one authoritative word—TRUTH. Truth is so indestructible you can cut it up with a knife, beat it flat with a hammer, or pound it into powder with ikwe  na odo (mortar and pestle). In the end, it is still TRUTH.

People who trade in oppression ( even the senators  stealing our money, boko haram criminals killing our villagers,  young hoodlums kidnapping and raping our women or arsonists igniting or bombing our oil wells and other pieces of property) all have one thing in common. They are all afraid of the TRUTH. They cannot withstand the TRUTH.  They know their fight is against the immortal TRUTH, and their fight against Truth is and will be unsuccessful. TRUTH  is a frightful thing.  It is undying. It is dreadful, It is as the Igbos say agwu-agwu (eternal). You better not play with TRUTH.

How do we use TRUTH to fight oppression? First, we are going to elect young Nigerians aged 30 years or so,  born in Nigeria, and have lived righteous and blameless lives. Second, we are going to know from stories we hear about them that these men and women are honest with faultlessly unimpeachable public service, good moral standing and sound education. Third, we are going to ensure that these leaders are NEVER in the military, having not dipped clammy hands in shedding innocent blood.

A killer will kill again, just as a thief will graduate from stealing Naira to stealing people to enslave and sell for Naira. Fourth, we are going to demand that these young leaders agree to uphold and abide by the TRUTH embedded in our Constitution. They must vacate offices as soon as we cast our votes of no confidence in them. Government is by consensus; you direct people by accord; you administer by harmony, or agreement. You cannot govern people by use of tyranny, domination, totalitarianism nor is it by cruelty. People are increasingly aware of freedom and will fight for their freedom to the point of death. The American people told Britain: "Give me freedom , or give me death."

Our nation shall not be taken over by lawless, trigger-happy Nigerians who would kill when the devils tell them "Oga, na you get power; make una use una power. Hehehe."  If you are  a leader and you disregard the TRUTH, we vote you out of leadership. Period. It is as simple as that. If we vote you out, you ought to go farm or raise animals because you are woefully and hopelessly incapable of managing people with love and commonsense.

You are a fool to not understand your people and their needs. You are a bigger fool to want to govern a hungry people. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, before people will listen to your nonsense about leading them and agree to follow your leadership, they shall have opportunities to satisfy certain basic  human needs. First:  physiological needs for food and water. Second:  safety needs for financial security, light and freedom from threats of robbery and uncertainties. Third: Love and belongingness in political parties and religious organizations. You are a fool to want to lead and you don't understand how to help your people meet their pressing  needs. You ought to be voted out.

If you are a Nigerian leader and we vote you out of office, you are better off managing animals because you cannot handle Nigerian citizens in a peaceful manner. But we shall stop you raising animals if we find you guilty of animal cruelty. Psychologists have found that people who are cruel to animals as children will grow up to be cruel killers of neighbors as they mature to adulthood. If you doubt this, please read this up in a General Psychology book, Better yet: don't run for a Nigerian political office because you are a potential killer and a cheater in disguise. You are an oppressor of your people.

What is oppression?  Oppression is a spiritual thing, and dealing with oppression shall be in the secret place of righteousness.  Righteousness is defined as the state of being in the house of virtue (good value), morality (honesty, integrity) , justice ( fairness, fair dealing, impartiality), decency (politeness, civility), or uprightness. Leaders worthy of our time should be scrutinized before, while holding offices, and after leaving offices. If you want to be a leader and don't like scrutiny, you are advised to hold no offices in Nigeria. You must be a nincompoop or a fool to not want to be examined, pored over, or inspected. A true leader is as transparent as the reading eye glass on his/her nose.

Therefore, if you want to be our leader, it is advisable that you keep your heart and hands squeaky clean.  A lawmaker who steals public funds under his/her watch, or a judge who takes bribes, is immoral, criminal, unjust,  and disrespectful. He/she is a person whose conscience is dead.  His/her heart is full of iniquitous darkness and his hands are diseased, unsightly and made unattractive with leprosy.

A bad leader will rape the son or daughter of his body without shame. He or she does not need to be our public servant. Vote that man or woman out quick quick! Let the bastard go! Damn! Good riddance!  We Nigerians are in trouble because we are so stupid that we cast our votes for criminals who would fuck their children, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers. Heck, Shit!

We are adamantly stating that oppression is real rather than a figment of our imagination; that Nigeria is a real independent nation; and that Nigerians are real people rather than ghosts. Whichever way you see it, the fact remains that we Nigerians and our Nigerian family members are being oppressed each day in more ways than you care to know. Be aware that oppression is evident in our people's heard and unheard cries and complaints.  That you hear nothing does not mean all is going hunky-dory (about as well as anyone could expect). Things should be better every day or you are a useless leader. Communicate with the people you are leading to make improvements. There is never a time when improvements are unnecessary.

When we complain, we object, we moan, we grieve, we criticize, we grumble, and we protest by peaceful means. If you are our leader and don't hear our cries, you are a person whose soul is taken over by Satan commanding a battalion of bastards. Bad leaders have ears that are impervious to complaints or souls that are resistant to TRUTH. They are brutes.

We must weaken oppression by peaceful means in order to calm down our complaints. When Nigerians complain in the presence of oppression, three things are likely to happen. First, nobody is listening. Their leaders are too busy robbing the treasury to listen. Secondly, If someone is listening, the listener either may not be interested in the problem or unable to offer a solution. Thirdly, the message is not even being understood due to other issues clamoring for attention. Other issues are thronging the message out. Suffice it to say this: there is a great oppression in Nigeria.

Oppression serves several purposes one of which is to put fear in the heart of the oppressed and render the victim apprehensive. Apprehension is a form of fear, and apprehension is the expectation that something unpleasant is bound to happen unless a certain action is immediately taken. Apprehension keeps oppressed people uneasy.

What does oppression do? We stated that oppression can subdue a man or woman to such an extent as to reduce the individual to feel like nothing. If you feel like nothing, then you are nobody. Feeling like nobody leads a politician to rob the Nigerian treasury and siphon billions of dollars overseas and billions of Naira to private accounts. Stealing millions of public funds makes a thief feel like a powerful somebody.

What are the effects of oppression?  A man or woman (a lawmaker for that matter) with the spirit of "nobodyness" doesn't stop to consider the effects of what his powerless nobody does. For one thing,  his people are in darkness without electricity; his people are on roads that are non-drivable because of potholes and highwaymen; his nation's  college graduates remain unemployed years after graduation; his neighbors' children often go to bed with unfed stomachs that growl with hunger all night; and the health of his constituency is being marred by malaria and dysentery which cut many lives short. A bad leader does not understand that Nigerians get sick and eventually die.

Where are the righteous Nigerians to deliver us from those who oppress us? Delivering Nigerians out of the clutches of the enemies' oppression is a duty each Nigerian ought to take seriously and perform painstakingly. What affects one Nigerian affects us all. We cannot keep silent when Fulani herders are destroying people's farmlands and killing villagers. Must we keep silent when Nigerian retirees go for months or years without pension payments?

Don' t you know that not paying teachers their monthly benefits timely makes people not want to teach and those teaching use class time to trade to provide alternative means to feed their families?   Only a fool doesn't know that destroying farmlands creates hunger and increases the importation of foodstuffs. Destroyed farms will remove food from the tables, increase importation of food and in turn sap our foreign exchange? The Naira falls. We must make our president and leaders hear our voices of condemnation. We must talk to our public servants and make them understand they are serving at out pleasure.

We must use our telephones to call attention to instances of oppression. We must write letters in support of good laws and deed and letters to condemn evil legislation. Absolute power resides in We The People. We are the voters. It is We that Democracy is for, isn't it? We must condemn evil actions and pieces of legislation that support the killings of protestors participating in peaceful demonstrations, or that lead to the marginalization of a Nigerian tribe.

Remember that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. We must take to the World Wide Web (internet super highways) to reach a wider circle to make known our stand against oppression We shall endeavor to vote troublesome lawmakers out of office by the use of out ballots in peaceful elections.

We cannot keep silent and allow our nation to be destroyed by oppression. If we keep silent and Nigeria is destroyed, we are just as guilty as the persons (politicians stealing teaches' salaries and pension benefits; Boko Haram criminals; kidnappers and rapists and those destroying our property with fire and bombs) who are actively demolishing our democracy. What do we do to control oppression? TRUTH  shall be our mantra, our  battle hymn in our WAO (war against oppression). We shoot no guns. We waste no bullets. We drink no kai-kai or dangerous drugs to get us in fighting moods.  We tell the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. Truth is redeeming.

First, we are going to elect young Nigerians below age of 30 years born in Nigeria, who have lived righteous and blameless lives.  Second, we are going to know from stories we hear that these men and women are honest with faultlessly unimpeachable character and public service, good moral standing and sound education. Third, we are going to ensure that these leaders are NEVER in the military, having not dipped clammy hands in shedding of innocent blood.

We scrutinize these man and women once in a while, from time to time to vote out rotten apples before the whole barrel becomes a latrine full of shit. We must shout, scream, holler, peacefully demonstrate, adamantly demand that the rotten apples either remove themselves voluntarily or be VOTED OUT in peaceful elections called by We The People.

If you agree with me or have ideas you feel I left out, please advise through my email. Thanks! Together, shall extricate or free our Fatherland from oppression.   LONG LIVE GREAT NIGERIA!

Nothing  in this essay should be misconstrued to mean the writer is advocating a change of Nigerian government through the use of force, violence or intimidation.  This writer does not belong to any political party and is not interested in holding any office.

By Dr.James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;


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