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Nebuchadinazer Adiele is emotionally an eight years old child

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Ozodi Osuji

I know that Nebu has delusion disorder; he feels totally inferior, deny it and compensate with false sense of power and importance. He is totally convinced that he is an important, intelligent person.

Actually, he is not intelligent; his IQ is low average, about 85; he is not capable of university education.

I also know that he is a pathological liar; he is a sociopath and psychopath, a criminal.  His thinking and behavior is full of what we call criminal thinking and behavior; he easily sees his self as innocent and uses flimsy excuses to justify his anti-social behavior.

Asked why he is talking about my family members he said that I made him do so by writing about my issues with my father. I used my father to illustrate problems African children have with their parents; my goal is to teach folks about such problems, not to put my father down. If only this ape knows my father's love for me and my love for him he would not have said some of the rubbish he said about the man.  Anyway, the salient point is that in his childish mind it is my fault that he derogatorily talks about my father. My relationship with my father is not his freaking business and if he had any kind of commonsense he would stay out of folks family issues.

Apparently, Nebu is like the cat that has nine lives; we also know that curiosity kills the cat (he came very close to been killed when he wrote negatively about my folks). My family issues are none of his freaking business.

He sees me as anti-Igbo and uses that falsehood to rationalize engaging in anti-social behavior towards my family members, such as trying to defraud my daughter...I wonder why he did not go after my two sons, both over six foot tall, both were college track sprinters; they would have loved to put him out of his misery; as a coward he went after a woman to steal from her...; in his mind he is fighting an enemy of his people.

The fool does not know that I have done more good for Igbos than any Igbo alive; if you love people you tell them the truth; moreover, we know that scoundrels are nationalists whereas real courageous persons tell their people what is the matter with them. Igbos apparent desire for superiority and the problem it causes them when they look down on other Nigerians will always result in Nigerians killing them; therefore, telling them to give up that neurosis is a social service for them;  the illiterate piece of shit called Nebu  does not know who is serving his people well.

He wants me to sing praises of his people, to collude with him and join him in telling Igbos that they are the superior people their neurosis wants them to feel like.

Instead, I was motivated to heal their neurosis, their false sense of superiority; all human beings, black and white, men and women are the same and coequal. It is neurotic to desire superiority towards another human being but this daft man does not know it; he thinks that it is cute to fancy his people superior to other.

Imagine white folks who are scientifically five hundred years ahead of black folks feeling superior to us and note how we would resent them; yet a bunch of primitive Igbos want to feel superior to their neighbors and do not see how irritating that is to them.

What I could not quite understand is how he does not know that he contradicts his self in everything he writes in his tortured English, the English of the uneducated trying to seem educated. Okay, his grammar is passable but his syntax is totally meaningless. Apparently, he studies dictionaries, selecting big words to use to make him seem erudite, but he does not use those big words appropriately!

Well educated people use simple prose to communicate to folks for those communicated to need to understand what they are saying. Do you understand what the pompous ass is saying? I do not understand his gibberish!

What I could not get is why he does not realize that in every one of his posts, written in grandiose English, he contradicts his self hence to most rational persons cancels whatever point he is trying to make.

Most people know when their statements contradict each other but this chronological adult but emotional child does not know it.

Today I was on a long walk on the snow when, suddenly, he entered my consciousness and I wondered what happened to him to retard his emotional development and make him behave like a perpetual child. I had eureka moment; I got it; it was an epiphany of sorts.  The man is a child!

(He is actually very old but he would like folks to think that he is young; in some of his earlier posts he talked about fighting in the Biafra army; when it suits him he tells us that he was born yesterday. If he fought in the Biafra army he is probably in his seventies!)

He is emotionally no more than eight years old! He is kind of like Donald Trump who is 71 years old but has the emotional maturity of a nine year old child.

Nebu is an eight year old child. He is developmentally arrested at age eight. Something happened to him around that age (see Erik Erikson's Childhood and Society where he talked about age appropriate behaviors) to scare the hell out of him and he stopped growing up and began taking his wish to be powerful to mean that he is, in fact, powerfully.

Of course he is not powerful, for, like any human being put a bullet into his pride swollen head and in six minutes his brain dies from lack of oxygen. He kind of knows that much hence he abuses people, feels that they may come after his sorry Nigger ass and hide from them.

Consider the contradictory statements he made about me. He called me osu. I reminded him that the king of Owerri is an Osuji Njamanze...I am an OsujiNjoku; people do not make slaves their king. He then went on a tortured fishing expedition to tell me that there are different types of osujis, some free men and some slaves. He knows too well that no osu is as bold as I am.

(He talked about wrestling with a mad man, Abiodun, at Owerri; if he goes to Owerri and this Nwadiala, the Opara, the first family, Umuamadioha of our people, were to tell the people that he called me an osu they would hang his Mbaise black ass on the nearest ugba tree!)

Actually, we were the owners of the Osu in my town. In fact, most of our osus came from his neck of the woods, Mbaise and Nkwerre. To the present they still do our farm work for us!

He said that during the war I had kwashiorkor. Never mind that that disease happened to children, usually under age twelve.

He said that I am the son of a Yoruba butcher (his symbolic killer of Igbos, as he sees me as killer of Igbos; this shows his paranoid sense of persecution by Yoruba's); as a result of not being my father's son he hates me, he said.

The man so hates me that in a couple of years after the war he sent me to the USA; those days it cost over $20, 000 a year to go to an American university. A man who hates his son paid that kind of money for his training!

(And his father who liked him could not even send him to more than Ejekom-Typing commercial school where he learned typing and short hand and thereafter worked in an attorney's office to learn a few legal terminologies and now pretends to be an attorney. Thanks to visa lotto this country denizen was given the opportunity to come to America hence is now pretending ability to rub shoulders with his social real life I would not talk to him; he is too primitive to be in my presence!)

He told us that his investigation told him that I was of military age during the Biafra war (and he wondered why I did not join his Biafra army...his Ojukwu is in my eyes an idiot so even if I was of military age I do not see how I could serve in an army led by a coward, a man who abandoned his men at the battlefield and fled to the Ivory Coast).

He said that my parents live (or is it lived since he also told us that they are dead) in a hut.  Both he and his alter ego, the other man-child Chukwuma Agwunobi said that  they went to my village and gave my poor folks money (generally, there is no one in our Osuji compound; they only come home during Christmas  holidays...we have Mbaise gate men and workers who take care of our farm work for us).

He said that his investigation told him that I left Nigeria to the USA soon after the war. We know that Nigerian authorities gave adult Igbos $20. So, how could my parents who were so poor that they lived in huts have sent me to the USA (and I left Nigeria with three sisters, two live in New Jersey, one lives in Atlanta, Georgia a CDC research scientist; all three of them attended American elite universities, Johns Hopkins, Rutgers, two with PhDs and one an MBA accountant) to an American university with twenty dollars?

And how could a person who suffered kwashiorkor which generally leaves brain damage in those it afflicted go to the number 14 university in the world, the University of California and has the doctorate degree before age thirty and was a professor at one of California state universities thereafter. How is this possible?

How could the chimpanzee not see that what he says does not make sense? I wondered why he did not see that what he says does not add up.

This morning I got my answer.  Nebu is developmentally arrested at age eighth (he is what in the mental health field we call DD children, developmentally underdeveloped); this is in addition to his co-occurring delusion disorder and anti-social personality disorder.

This man needs our pity not crucifixion. Now that we know that he is a child in an adult body we must have pity for him.

The man feels childish excitement and exuberance whenever his snooping around in folks backgrounds  seem to reveal an aspect of folks he believes would put them in negative position (as a sadist, he loves to degrade people hence he must be degraded, for as we do to others is invariably done to us).

He comes to the internet to tell folks how old he believes that folks are when no one is asking him about folk's age and their age has no relevance to social discourses. Nebu is a waste.

Actually, it is better that he did not exist but he appears to exist so folks must tolerate him; they should do so given that his odious behaviors are the result of his major emotional impairment.

His friends, such as the seeming perpetually drunk Dan and the man-child Chukwuma sing his praises instead of pointing him to psychiatric institutions...he needs to be on neuroleptic medications for psychosis.

Furthermore, he needs to be assigned to a case manager to be managed; this is because he is essentially a child and cannot operate well in the adult world!


It is not adult behavior for one to go snooping into other people's backgrounds, playing detective and trying to scoop whatever dirt is in their closets and using that dirt to degrade them.

Why not say nice things about people instead of degrading them? It is because Nebu Adiele is a sadist; he is a deluded psychopath (he is actually a dangerous man and needs to be in prison).

Healthy people realize that most human beings have existential depression; people are born and will die and their bodies rot and smell like shit. Therefore, healthy folks try to uplift their fellow depressed human beings. Sadists want to add to people's depression by saying dreadful things about them.

As far as I know, no other person does this sort of thing at Nigerian Internet forums; it is this savage called Nebu Adiele and some of his fellow emotionally underdeveloped Igbos that does it.

He does not know that what he does makes him a child; but in his eight years old childish mind he kind of thinks that it makes him a great detective.

He is now the great Shylock Holmes, except a cowardly one since he hides his identity, for he knows that if folks know who he is they would take him down, take him out and smash his cowardly head into the dust. This thing called Adiele is what a human being ought to not be. He is an eye sore; he makes me want to vomit.

The only good that comes out of observing this creature of the swamp is that I used him to learn about Igbos and their mental health issues, issues that dispose them to insult Nigerians, right, left and center hence make them angry and occasionally attack and kill Igbos.

In understanding this unfortunate creature I understand Igbos. Whereas no one can heal him, he is too deluded and sadistic to be healed, he is too far gone, some Igbos can be healed so that they learn to respect their Nigerian neighbors and stop insulting them in neurotic quest for false superiority.

Ozodiobi Osuji

December 1, 2017


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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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