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Nebu Adiele, the igbo cowardly Mandela

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Ayo Ojutalayo:

I just read your post below in which you said that the ghost said that he chased me away. Interesting!

If you are a grown up person you write your bit and when you feel that you have said all that is in you on a particular subject you keep quiet.

Your ghostly friend has been part of Nigerian Internet forums since he came to the USA on Visa Lotto in the 1990s. Jabbering at Nigerian Internet forums is probably his only avenue for affirming his useless existence. If he did not make noise at Nigerian Internet forums he probably would feel nonexistent. He probably has no other opportunity through which he validates his existence, such as through productive writing of articles and books and or contributing something through a profession. If he is not a permanent fixture at Nigerian Internet fora he would feel nonexistent. The folks who joined these forums with him have mostly moved on, except a few left, his fellow Njakiri crowd.

I was not always a part of Nigerian Internet fora until I was referred to them. I took one look and felt revolted by what I read. I decided to do some public teaching. I taught on several subjects, including politics, psychology and spirituality.

Thereafter, I noticed the underdeveloped nature of Igbo members write ups, especially their lack of understanding of the nature of politics and leadership, other than to boast about their nonexistent powers, and decided to pay attention to them. I wrote voluminously on Igbos. I have said all I know how to say on Igbos.

I have pointed out that Igbos are generally (there are exceptions to e very general rule, of course) are self-centered and opportunistic; they are unprincipled and will do anything to make money. Money is their replacement God. In fact, they will sell you down the river to make money with which they pretend to be very important persons.

As we talk, they are kidnapping their people and holding them hostage for monetary ransom.  Now that they have heard that in Libya Arabs are selling Africans for four hundred dollars per person, given their total amorality and loyalty to money, some Igbos will probably start catching and marching their people to Libya and selling each Igbo for four hundred dollars, as their forefathers sold their people into slavery.

They would use the money they make from selling their people to go work in Arab farms to come build houses in their villages, buy chieftaincy titles and masquerade around as very important persons.

To the Igbo being a very important person is all there is to life; he uses social prestige to mask his underlying existential depression, his felt sense of total worthlessness  and his belief in the meaninglessness of being a human being; the Igbo lives a nihilistic existence.

What I said about them are now in several books, try visiting Barnes and Nobles and Amazon booksellers and buy some of my books. I doubt that there is something more that I can say on Igbos.

Therefore, I stopped harping on Igbos.  Actually, I quit Nigerian Internet forums in 2010. That is over seven years ago! However, some persons have their own e-groups which included my name.

It is kind of difficult to prevent those individualized e-groups from reaching one since you cannot just unsubscribe to them and they stop sending their stuff to you. I have literally begged them to remove my name from their e-groups; consider Madu's e-group, on a daily basis I get, perhaps, ten gibberish posts from this man-child.

If you cannot defeat them you take advantage of them. Thus I took advantage of two of these e-groups, Jerome's e-group and Aduba's e-group. I occasionally posted my articles on them.

When I felt like been an agent provocateur I would add a few lines above my article (which generally are not read by the Nigerian Internet forums crowd), something that would make Igbos go on a warpath and, as predicted, they would come stabbing at me with their rusted swords, stabbing at wherever they think that I am. I have been called every derogatory name in these folks limited vocabulary.

Last summer I decided that I am done and since fall I have resisted any urge to respond to stuff in the said two e-groups.

This morning I read you (Ayo's letter); you said that the deluded one said that he chased me away. I laughed but felt a need to correct the situation.


Delusion disorder is belief that what is not true is true and acting on it; the belief is systematized and no amount of rational argument would dissuade the deluded person from having his deluded beliefs.

The beliefs generally make him compensate for his underlying sense of total worthlessness, so to give them up is to accept that he is nothing.

To believe that people are out to kill one (paranoia, persecutory type), for example, makes one's otherwise unimportant life seem important in one's eyes, for one got to be important for folks to want to kill one. In delusion disorder, grandiose type, the person feels grandiosely important.

Delusion disorder is a serious psychosis. In it some one feels powerful and important. Apparently the deluded ghost at Nigerian Internet fora feels that he has the power to chase me away! He actually believes in that clap trap.  That is the nature of madness. There is nothing that anyone can do to cure him of his systematized delusions of power.

Here is a man who is so afraid that he hides his identity and comes to a crowd of his fellow Nigerians under an assumed name. He figures that if no one knows who he is that no one can harm him.

In darkness he feels bold (the boldness of cowards) to write all sorts of atrocious lies about people. I doubt that there is anyone who does not know that he is a big, fat liar. Everything that comes out of his filthy Njakiri mouth is a lie.

The fraudulent man is a document forger; one time he wrote a letter to my Friend, Kofi Achepong of Ghana, telling him that I wrote negative things about his Ashanti people. Kofi said that the letter he forwarded as my write up on Ashantis is not mine because the writing style is not mine.

Apparently, the uneducated ghost does not know that each of us has a voice, a pattern of writing that discerning folks know. Upon Kofi rejecting his made up allegations he called Kofi unprintable names, including calling him an old man.

Kofi is a lawyer at Washington DC. He could sue him for character assassination but what is the point in doing so since the ghost is a penniless mouse pretending to be wealthier than  Bill Gates (claiming to be rich is one of his delusions).

When he is not subtly claiming to be a lawyer he is grandstanding as a know it all on Nigerian politics. He writes meaningless gibberish on Nigerian politics and apparently believes that he has made profound sense (his audience is limited to Abraham Madu, Chukwuma, Ezeana and Assagwara, the Biafran Internet warriors).

The man calls other people whatever he sees in him. For example,  he feels shameless, for a man who hides his identity out of fear of harm is a shameless, lying  coward but he denies it and calls other people liars and shameless.

For a man with only elementary school education, he appears to write in Standard English but his syntax is totally meaningless. You ask yourself what exactly he is trying to say and don't get it.

He enjoys playing detective; he enjoys investigating folk's backgrounds. He calls just about every one that he believes comes from your area to gather whatever snippet of information he can on you and adds his lies to them and writes about them.

No one can write about his background for no one knows who he is. Really? In the age of electronics no one knows about him?

When I was sufficiently angry at him for trying to stiff and defraud (he is a 419 scammer and a con artist) my daughter I had him investigated. It takes only a few dollars for some outfits to tell you, in a couple of hours the address and particulars of any one with internet email. (Google it...they charge you a few dollars and tell you who you want to know about).

I got a picture of this fat clown; he is dark, fat and ugly; he is so fat that he is actually about ready to keel over, collapse from heart attack or stroke.

The joker sits at his security guard post and eats junk food like a food addict and uses his employer's computer to type the rubbish he posts at Nigerian Internet forums.

Well, I thought about publishing his picture and address at Nigerian Internet forums but knowing that he is a paranoid coward I feared that he might feel that folks are out to get him and experience heart attack and die.

I am supposed to understand these things so I did not want to be the cause of his death. There is such a thing as karma. If you contribute to some one's death you will pay a price in one form or another. Thus, I let sleeping dogs lay.

I must confess that it did cross my mind to give some youth gang members a few dollars to buy cigarettes and they go waste him. To me he is a total nonentity and I would not lose sleep from his demise!

What is he living for, to make noise at Nigerian Internet forums; is that good enough reason to be alive?  Trolling people is purpose for living?

In sum, he did not chase me away, although his delusion of grandeur would like him to believe that he did. If he is interested in reading let him visit Nigerian Village Square, Chatafrik and other Nigerian and African Internet sites or my own site, where thoughtful articles are posted and read some of my stuff. If he were not a mere primary school leaver and could understand sophisticated material I would ask him to read academic journals and read some of my articles. Better still, he could buy one of my over sixty books. If he happens to be in Nigeria let him check it out, I doubt that there is a week a Nigerian Newspaper did not publish one of my articles.

I am gratifying the riff-raffs need to feel important by talking about him. Listen, the man is a clown and one is wasting ones time talking about him. I have just wasted a few minutes of my time talking about him. I did not really say anything new that I had not said about him in the past.

This man exists with one goal in mind, to degrade and desecrate people; he searches for information everywhere until he sees what appears to be information that would put people in a negative light. Like sadists he takes pleasure from inflicting psychological pain on people; he is a sociopathic paranoid personality with primary diagnoses of Delusion disorder.

As one does to other people is done to one. He must be degraded and reduced to nothingness. This must happen to him until he learns that the best life is one dedicated to seeking ways to uplift downtrodden humanity, not contribute to their already depressed situation. His sadistic need to insult people must be returned to him tenfold. And the idiot does not know how to pick his fight; he picks a fight with me, a words smith that would use language to destroy him.

Ozodiobi Osuji

November 22, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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