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My year end thoughts on Igbos

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This is my year end notes on Igbos; I give them this parting gift and wash my hands of them; their idiocy irritates me no end. I do not ever want them to enter my consciousness; a person can only tolerate so much foolishness.


The rate at which Igbos tell lies, especially on behalf of their desired Biafra makes one wonder if they are morally challenged?

Can telling lies to foster their desired end actually bring that end into being? Has there been any political system that came into being based on lies and is maintained by lies?

Adolf Hitler and his Nazis came into being through lies; Benito Mussolini and his fascists came into being through lies; Joseph Stalin tried to maintain his murderous political system with lies; did any of them last long before falling down?

What lasts long is what came into being through truth and what is maintained by truth. You cannot build an empire on lies and expect it to last long.

My question is this: whatever happened to telling the truth? Is it not common human knowledge that it is better to tell the truth than tell lies? There is no gain in being a liar for once people discover that you are a liar they would no longer trust you.

Don't Igbos want to be trusted? Are they happy with the present situation where many people assume that they are liars and are cynical towards them?

Most businesses are done on the basis of handshake, trust, not the contracting pieces of paper they are written on. Igbos are really shooting themselves on the foot by being perceived as humongous and ginormous liars.


In present Nigeria Igbos are the kingpin of criminal activities, kidnapping and holding people hostage for ransom payment; they are the lords of scamming every person that can be scammed.

In the Americas and Europe they scam Americans and Europeans relieving them of their moneys.

They sell drugs all over the world and do whatever can be done to make money regardless of who is hurt.

Simply stated, many Igbos are very unscrupulous and if you do not know this fact and trust them they will rip you off in a jiffy.

Now, while doing all these nefarious things they tell us that they desire Biafra. What would Biafra become but the land of criminals if past and present Igbos are criminals?

Would Igbos suddenly change their behaviors and become honest folks the moment they have their Biafra?

People's behaviors are learned and if those behaviors are over learned are not easily changed.

People's antecedent behaviors tell you what their future behaviors would be like. If Biafra were to come into being it would become the land of criminals, the worst criminal land on planet earth.


Most Nigerians would restrict their negative comments to people from their neck of the woods. I do not see Hausas criticizing Igbos; I do not see Yorubas criticizing Igbos; I do not see Yoruba's criticizing Hausas.

I see Igbos not only criticizing other Nigerians but down rightly verbally abusing them. They see a Yoruba man with a doctorate degree from a first rate university and a professor of chemical Engineering and call him all sorts of abusive put down names.  What they are doing is irritating to Yorubas.

Don't Igbos see that they are alienating Yoruba's or do they expect to be liked when they insult an achieving Yoruba man?

I see Igbos calling an Edo man with a doctorate degree from a first rate university and is a world class researcher on diseases put down names; they call him a dish washer. Now, don't these Igbos realize that they are alienating Edo people?

I bet you that members of Yoruba and Edo and Hausa tribes whose people Igbos desecrate are angry at Igbos and seek ways to get back at Igbos. The least that they do is shut Igbos out of good jobs in Nigerian governments.

Denied good positions Igbos yell tribalism. But they forget that top level jobs everywhere in the world are given to people because of their political benefits to those giving such jobs.

Given what Igbos do that bring them the enmity of other Nigerians I am seriously wondering whether Igbos are born stupid and we do not know it.

If you must call people put down names, and there is no reason for doing so, why not restrict doing so to members of your own ethnic group and not do so to members of other ethnic groups? If you abuse members of out-groups their hatred can lead them to kill you?

Igbos appear to lack common sense in doing what they do! What is the matter with Igbos, anyway? How come they do not realize what would put them in trouble and avoid doing it; how come they do not have circumspection and avoid doing certain things that other people do not like?

I see; Igbos fancy that they are super men; they believe that other people cannot do anything to harm them.

Are Igbos really invincible or stupid? Point guns at their childishly pride swollen heads and shoot and they are dead. They then cry to the world how they are selected out for killing and, of course, the world ignores their crying for who cares when fools and criminals are killed?


There is a bunch of particularly egregious Igbo verbal abusers of Nigerians; they comprise of a  notorious 419 Scammer called Nebu Adiele (he apparently graduated from Onitsha  market university and writes like an illiterate trader employing big words to impress those he believes read his meaningless writings), Daniel Akunobi (he appears perpetually drunk, mindless), Greg Ukaegbu (he writes like he did not see even a secondary school), Collins Ezebuhi (he writes as if there is no brain in his head), Abraham Madu (if this man believes the rubbish he posts daily at Nigerian Internet forums he is five years old), Chukwuma Agwunobi (a stupid mechanic) and others.

These mentally and morally challenged Igbos literally exist to say nasty things about other Nigerians; they do not see other Nigerians saying bad things about Igbos and that does not clue them to the awareness that folks do not want to criticize those who are not from their tribe and do not like persons who are not from their tribes to criticize members of their tribes. But these daft Igbos exist to rave and rant about non Igbos. I often wonder if they are totally insane and lack the ability to develop insight to their obnoxious behaviors.

Please note that Yorubas and other Nigerians seldom criticize Igbo states and their leaders.  If you must criticize some leaders criticize your own leaders.

There are seven Igbo governors (including Rivers and Delta states); all seven of them are not even minimally good; they are not leaders by any measure of that term; they are common thieves redirecting the money they get from the central government to their pockets and in the meantime not improving their states.

Why not subject these thieves to withering criticisms and see if perchance they can be transformed into leaders of men instead of the criminals they currently are.

Instead of doing this needful thing Igbos give themselves the permission to criticize other states governors, especially the governors of Lagos and Kano states.

Indeed, when they are totally insane they claim to own Lagos, a Yoruba town, thus risking Yorubas anger and consequently asking them to leave their town.

I tell you what, Igbos seem born stupid; "trouble de sleep iyanga de wekam."


When Igbos see what seems to them a weakness in a person they want to exploit it. It is the behavior of pimps. Pimps go to bus stops and see run away girls and pick them up and use them as sex slaves and prostitutes. Igbos do the same thing. If they think that you have a character weakness, say, you seek attention and fear making mistakes and fear humiliation Igbos will try to humiliate you, shame you and do everything that they believe that you fear.


Even if a human being could be shamed would a nice person want to shame him, degrade him and humiliate him?

The normal response to such persons is efforts to help them improve their obvious low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

But, no, Igbos would try to build on their low self-esteem and humiliate them, shame them. This shows that they are devils, literally not figuratively; they lack love in their hearts.

Now I understand why their ancestors used to run around capturing their people and selling them into slavery. I am increasingly suspecting that Igbos are sub human beings and we do not know it.

At best Igbos are garbage; in my mind Igbos are garbage, I have no use for them.


The good part of Igbos efforts to degrade, humiliate and shame people is that those they try to shame learn from their satanic efforts that no one can be shamed unless he believes that you can be shamed. No son of God can be humiliated and shamed although Igbo devils will try to shame you and use that satanic maneuver to blackmail you to go along with them and that way they control you.

In a way Igbos deserve to be eliminated from the surface of the earth because of their devilish behaviors.


Some of these devils called me OSU (slave), and others said that my parents live in huts. Apart from the fact that they were telling lies let us suppose that they are telling the truth should they have said it? Are there not somethings that adults do not say?

What do you think of an adult who sees a handicapped person and makes fun of him? You see him as childish and devilish and have no respect for him.

Listen, because these idiot Igbos called me names I do not want them to be alive; I want all of them eliminated from the surface of this earth; their stupidity is too much for me to swallow.

Everything they do is stupid and if they are that stupid they ought to not be alive. Get rid of this subhuman garbage.

Why should they be kept alive, to make life miserable for people and to steal from people? I say get rid of the refuse.

Like fools they do not know that those they lie about want to get rid of them but instead fancy that they are admired.

Who admires criminals? Human beings admire moral and honest people not criminals. I believe that the emotional age of the average Igbo is no more than eight year old; they are children in adult bodies.

And they boast about how smart they are yet give them standard IQ tests like WAIS and Stanford Binet and the average Igbo scores under 70, that is, as if he is mentally retarded; perhaps, they are mentally retarded and this accounts for their absurd behaviors?


Igbos never managed to form an Igbo wide political structure; they lived in small villages where they were so weak that slave sellers roamed around kidnaping their people and selling them to Arabs and later to white folks.

In the late nineteenth century, the British came to their shores and declared their lands a part of southern Nigerian protectorate and in 1914, to reduce administrative costs, joined the northern and southern protectorates into what is now called Nigeria. The British unified Igbos.

Instead of appreciating the positive role of the British in unifying them, like an ungrateful people they rail against what they call Lugard's cage. It is as if they do not know that without Lugard they would still be running around naked in the jungles of the lower Niger.

Igbos have not been together long enough to form a sense of nationhood. Anambra Igbo still arrogantly feel superior to Owerri Igbo and Owerri Igbo still see Anambra Igbo as thieves. If you get Alaigbo to separate from Nigeria the ensuing issue would be who is going to rule whom?

Anambra folks rule Owerri folk? Not on your life. Thus, Igbos will have civil wars and soon the whole place will turn into another Somalia and South Sudan, total chaos and anarchy.

To prevent this from happening, badly as the government of Nigeria is Igbos need to be in Nigeria and keep developing a sense of nationhood. May be, in a couple hundred years they would be capable of self-rule.

The best thing that could happen is make all Igbos a state in Nigeria with a capital at Owerri (and make the other major tribes in Nigeria each a state, for a total of about twelve self-sustaining states of Nigeria).

Igbos do not understand real politics and power politics; they take their emotional masturbation on politics as real politics; they know diddlysquat about politics. Their desire to separate from Nigeria must be ignored; they must be told what is good for them: stay in Nigeria for the foreseeable future.

Post Script:

Nominally, I am Igbo; one asks how an Igbo could have such seeming negative view of his people, does it not show self-hatred? Good questions. The encounter between many cultures, including Western and African and many Nigerian ethnic groups have caused a lot of psychological dislocations in Africans. My function is to help heal a sick people. Finally, I am very much aware that what I say about Igbos apply to other Nigerian and Africans groups but I choose to focus my attention on my own people. We begin the process of healing Africans, one person and one ethnic group at a time!

Ozodiobi Osuji

December 26, 2017


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