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My gratitude to the law of one and a course in miracles

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A few weeks ago, while at Barnes and Nobles bookstore, I stumbled onto a five books series called "The Law of One", by Ra. I bought them. I was not really expecting to read an earth shattering material; the title seemed like something I could kill time with.

As I read the book(s) light went on in my mind. They helped me to clarify what I already know about reality and have written about.  The books did not teach me anything new about the oneness of reality but helped me to put my metaphysics in a more organized manner.

The books placed reality in a sequential manner that was lacking in my conception of reality. I had written rather voluminously on metaphysics but somehow felt that something is missing and I was waiting to understand the missing piece. The law of one has helped me to put the puzzles together.

Let me summarize what the Law of one says. It says that God created us. It did not explain how God did this.

God, or as it calls him, the infinite creator, it says, is in what it calls the eight density state. That state is not explained. What we gather from the book is that God created us.

Somehow, those created by God (Logos) invented our physical universe. Logos invented each of the galaxies. Sub-logos invented stars and star systems such as our solar system. Sub-sub logos invented planets such as planet earth. Some sub-sub logos invented human beings.  The book is vague on how the logos created what they supposedly created. I take what it is saying as metaphors trying to represent reality but is not reality.

According to the book, logos invented our physical universe.  According to extant astronomy, nearly fourteen billion years ago, the physical universe came into being.  The physical universe emerged from nowhere and thereafter galaxies emerged and stars and planets and human beings emerged.

Planet earth, the book says, has undergone three density levels. First, was the emergence of planet earth. Astrophysics tells us that some massive star exploded in a supernova. Four and half billion years ago some of the debris from the exploded star(s) agglomerated into our Sun and its nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupitar, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, plus the comets and asteroids).

On planet earth pieces of debris congregated into what became a rocky (terrestrial) planet. Initially, planet earth was very hot but in time the planet was cooled by water brought to it by frozen comets.

Solid iron sunk into the earth's core; on top of the iron core is the outer core of molten iron and nickel; on top of the outer core is the mantel composed of molten rocks and finally is the earth's crust of solid rock (the earth has different layers in its atmosphere: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere).

Comets carrying frozen water kept landing on earth and over time water collected on the surface of the earth and currently covers 70% of the earth's surface.

Apparently, the original earth was larger than it is today; an object from space about the size of Mars struck earth and split off pieces of it and those formed the earth's moon.

In the water that accumulated on the earth's surface many elements mixed to form biological life forms.  Our bodies, animals' bodies and plants bodies are composed of 64 elements; the major ones are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium zinc, copper, sulfur, phosphorous and so on.

First, single celled organisms were formed. Those, in time, combined into multicellular organisms. Those evolved to plants and animals and over the last three and half billion years of evolution finally produced us, Homo sapiens We are thinking animals, self-conscious animals, animals that can study and understand their bodies and the world they live in.

The formation of our material universe is tantamount to what the law of one calls density level one; the emergence of plants and animals on earth is tantamount to what it calls density level two; the emergence of self-conscious animals, us, is what it calls density three level.

We, on earth, are on density level three. Here, each of us is motivated to do whatever he can to survive. Thus, as Charles Darwin said, we all struggle for survival and the fittest survive and the weakest die out. This is where Biology thinks that all human beings are.

In my experience, however, some people in our world, right from the beginning of their lives on earth, recognize that they are not mere animals who struggle for survival at the expense of other animals; they believe that they are more than animals.  They want to know why they should survive at the expense of other people. They are motivated to do what helps them to survive and also helps other people to survive. They are driven by what the early twentieth century psychoanalyst, Alfred Adler, called the need to serve social interests.

These people intuitively recognize that all human beings, at some level, are the same and coequal but also know that in our world they seem different, some powerful and others weak. They disregard the observed differences in people and work for our collective social good; they are motivated by social service; they are loving persons.

These persons, the law of one says, are at density level four. They are still like you and I; they look like any other human being on planet earth except that they want to serve all people's survival interests.

When people at density level four die the law of one says that they find themselves at density level five. People at density level five are in light forms; they still look like people on earth but now they are in light forms. Everything in level five, be they people, animals, trees, stars, planets etc. are in light forms. Clearly, density level five is not part of our planet earth.  People and things in this density level are at a higher level of evolution than those on planet earth, the book says.

People at density level five do not die. They learn and eventually progress to a formless state of being that the book calls density level six. Here, people still have individuality (separation) but they are not in bodily forms; they do not see themselves in our earthly bodies or in level five light forms but know themselves as units of consciousness. However, they can take on forms, dense or light, and return to the lower levels of five or four or three; they do so to come help those at these lower levels learn love (to harvest them and help them ascend to higher levels).

The book says that it is here that more advanced souls are. From there they guide people on earth. They are what religious folks call angels, spiritual guides etc.

The law of one says that those at level six may have ascended to where they are at from our planet or from other planets (some planets are said to have evolved far beyond planet earth).

Jesus Christ and the other folks that mediums claim to channel apparently come from this sixth density level. This is because they are highly evolved folks who are still conscious of planet earth and its issues. Those at higher densities are not aware of planet earth's issues.

From density level six the formless souls move to density level seven. Here, they are not in forms and are beginning to recognize that they are not individuals. They may still have some individuality but they do not affirm separation. They are now so close to density level eight that they have lost the attraction of separation and its individuality; they want to return to undifferentiated state.

From density level seven folks enter density level eight. Here, there is no individuality. It is what religious folks call heaven, the abode of God.  Here, there is one undifferentiated self and mind that has infinite selves and minds.

God is one self with infinite selves in it. God is a holograph. It is one self with infinite selves. Each part of God contains all of it. The part contains the whole and the whole contains the part.

Although heaven cannot be conceptualized by the human mind, if you must visualize heaven and its God then see it as a wave of spiritual light. That wave of spiritual light has infinite particles of light in it; it has no beginning and no end; it is eternal, permanent and changeless. Wave and particles are one.

That spiritual light can act as wave (here it is called God) or act as part (here it is like a human being).

You can call God intelligence. There is universal intelligence in the universe. That universal intelligence is holographic. It has units, each unit contains all of it and it contains all of its units.

Each human being and other existent things is a unit of universal intelligence (manifest in the world of time).

The law of one says that while we are all in the eight density level, somehow, we leave and go invent new physical universes, galaxies, stars, planets and people.

We go through the journey afresh, from level one and work our way back to level seven and then return to level eight.

From level eight (where we are with our infinite creator, God) we, subsequently leave and go invent new universes. The book says that this process has been going on forever and ever.

The law of one says that there are infinite universes; all of them invented by parts of God that left him. God created us, his sons, and we invent the various universes we journey in.

What the law of one says may not be literally true but it contains the germ of truth. Why truth? It is because it says what I had concluded is the truth, albeit not in its sequential formulation.

The law of one offered me the opportunity to place into sequential order what I had already known to be true but had not been able to place in appropriate sequences.

I had already known that there is a force that folks call God and that it created us. I had known that God is a force that expanded into each of us. I had known that in God we are in him and he is in us.

I had known that at some point, a point that has not occurred (our physical universe is a dream) we, the parts of God, the sons of God left him. We left him and invented the physical universe we now seem to live in.

We evolve in the physical universe. At first we appear to be unconscious (level one and two densities) but we were merely sleeping and using our God mind to invent the physical universe. Thereafter, at level three we are in bodies and have consciousness.

I had known that some people while still on earth are more advanced than others and want to love and serve all people (level four).

I had experienced level five (in out of body experiences I was in the world of light forms and know that it is real).

I had known that we go beyond existence in the world of light forms. I had known that there is a level of existence where we are pure ideas, pure consciousness without dense or light bodies.

I had known that we get to what I called gate of heaven (level seven) and here have lost the attraction of the wish for separation.

I had known that eventually we enter heaven and lose our individuality and know ourselves as parts of one unified self with one unified mind.

I had concluded that God is creative and gave us his creative abilities. I had concluded that we are creative and therefore after resting for a while in heaven leave and go invent new universes and begin the journey of self-forgetfulness and then self-remembrance and eventually return to heaven. Thereafter, we leave and the process is repeated.

I came to all these conclusions through reading Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism and A course in miracles and Plotinus' Enneads and, of course, by my own thinking. The law of one gave me a useful way to organize my apriori conclusions about our reality and place our journey away from God and journey back to God in a sequential manner.

I know that what the law of one says is true not because the book is from a so-called disembodied consciousness called Ra who is from the sixth density level  and is channeled material  but because I had reached its conclusions on my own.

Consider how I looked at people, especially Americans. White Americans tend to fancy themselves civilized. From my first encounter with them I considered them the most primitive of human beings. That is correct, despite their material wealth, to me, white Americans seemed no better than my dogs (I love having dogs). Why so? It is because I had reached the conclusion that anyone who lives only for himself, is self-centered and serves only his self-interests, is no more evolved than animals.

Animals struggle for food and fight each other and the strongest take the largest share of available food and others die.  Competition for the survival of the fittest characterizes animal existence.

I intuitively knew that we are supposed to rise beyond survival at the expense of other selves; I knew that all of us share oneself and one mind. If we share one self and one mind it became self-evident to me that the rational person must do to other persons as he does to his self. He must work to produce what serves his survival and other people's survival.

If what I do enables me to live and enables you to live I consider it appropriate behavior but if it only helps me but not you I consider it inappropriate behavior.

My political economy is mixed economy of capitalism and socialism. I want each of us to struggle to make it but also use what he made to serve all of us.  Karl Marx said in the book, the Communist Manifesto, "from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs".

In my political writings, I call for Scandinavian type social welfare state; we must publicly pay for all people's education from elementary school through university and provide all people with publicly paid health insurance.  I do not like America's primitive capitalism where a few make all the money and live empty lives maintained by sexual perversions and drugs (the American lives an empty, miserable, narcissistic existence).

I realize that each of us has a choice to make. Our minds have two parts, one part that I call the selfish part, aka the ego mind. This part of our minds teaches us how to do what enables us to adapt to the exigencies of this world. Each of us has this left ego mind; without it you wouldn't be able to adapt to this world.

The other part of our minds is what I call the part of us that is in touch with our real self, the unified spirit self. A course in miracles calls it the right mind, or Christ mind, the part of mind directed by the Holy Spirit.

Call it what you like, this part of us is not wholly rational, for rationality advises for self-interests. The right part of our minds seems irrational for it asks us to help one another. It is the part of our minds that urge us to give away just about every penny we have.

I personally cannot stand hungry people. I often give away all my income to the poor and go broke. The rational part of me calls me a fool for doing what I do but the irrational part of me has no choice but to help those around me. Consider: I am walking down the street, I see a beggar, I get out my wallet, I give the beggar whatever cash is in my wallet, it could be one hundred dollars; then I get home and have no more spendable cash! I ask me why I do such a stupid thing. Yet, I will do it again, and again, and again!

I believe that each of us has a choice as to how he lives, from only his rational ego mind or from his irrational loving part.

Most people probably combine both parts of their selves but some of us have the irrational parts predominate in us. Those who must love and must serve are different from the mass of humanity. They are at what the law of one calls level four density. This is who they are; they cannot not be who they are. They are the people that tend to have spiritual experiences.

They have spiritual experiences because they are closer to unified spirit (God) than the people at density level three; folks at level three are  closer to animal status; they may not even understand what spiritual experience is.

I came to the conclusion that when I die that I would be in the world of light forms. I also concluded that those who do not love folks when they die are simply reborn on earth and keep on living as unloving folks until they learn to love all people.

You can choose to live from your left mind or choose to live from your right mind.  If you choose to love and forgive those who harmed you, thus live from your right mind, you tend to be in peace and joy most of the time.

If you chose to live from your selfish ego mind you are, more or less, a mere animal and will die as an animal and upon death will not even see the world of light forms; you will be in a place of darkness, limbo, where you have no consciousness and from there is reborn on earth. Your life would continue recycling through earth until you learn to love and forgive all. Thereafter, you would move on to level four and then when you die you will see yourself in the world of light forms (level five).

After level five you continue learning love and progress to level six, then level seven and finally you return to our real home, level eight, heaven, union with God.

In heaven you rest for a while and the creative and rebellious takes hold of you and you go invent other universes and repeat the pattern of outwards journey and homewards journey.


We find ourselves on a place called planet earth. We look around and find an immense universe. We compare our powers to the enormous powers of the universe we live in and conclude that we are powerless. We see all kinds of things snuff out our puny lives, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanos, diseases caused by bacteria, virus and fungi; we feel helpless.

We wish that there is a magical force that could reduce our fragility and vulnerability. We do not find any such magical wand in our world so we used our minds to create a powerful God and make him exist to protect us.

We pray to the God of our imagination and ask him to come rescue us but he does not do as asked. He does not do as asked because he does not exist in the form we imagine him to be.

There is God alright but he is our real self. There is intelligence in the universe; that intelligence is us. Nothing can happen to us without our wishes.

It is us that invented this universe. The universe is not what happened to us but what we invented. The only choice we now have is to understand the universe we made; and we shall, sooner or later, do so with our science.

I have no doubt that by the end of this millennium, if science is not disrupted we would have figured out how the universe works and designed technologies to go from planet earth to other exoplanets in the milky way galaxy and then onwards to other galaxies; we shall be migrating from one galaxy to another.

We will develop the technology to travel not only to the future but to the past (the science is already there).

By the next millennium we shall have the science and technology to leave our present universe and tunnel (at worm holes) to other universes (there are infinite universes).


Let us answer the question: how did we find ourselves here on earth?  Religions have tried to answer that question for us.

I have read what most extant religions have to say on the origin of human beings. Extant religions were formulated before the age of science so they tend to present reality in the language of poetry.

I built on science and the poetic postulations of Helen Schucman (A course in miracles) and Plotinus (Enneads) and some Hinduism to construct a rational metaphysics.

Briefly, my ontology goes like this. There is one force in the universe that we might call God. That God can be called universal intelligence; it is everywhere and everywhere is in it.

God is holographic. It has infinite parts; each part is in it and it is in each part; each part is in other parts.  Each part of God contains all of God and all other parts of God (when you sleep and dream you project out the entire universe; this means that the universe is in your mind; the day world is also in your mind and you project it out and see yourself in it...I know that solipsism is difficult to accept; see George Berkeley's writings on solipsism, also see Hinduism for that religion is solipsistic).

God is formless spirit; he is a wave of spiritual light with infinite parts in it. You cannot see the whole God for it is in its parts (even in heaven you do not see God; you simply know that he exists and that he is in you and in all people and that all people are in him).

There is one wave of spiritual light with infinite particles in it. Wave and particles are one but have different functions.

(Please review quantum physics, especially Neils Bohr's idea of complementarity, also Louis Broglie's experiments with electrons and double slits, to understand what I am saying here.)

When that light acts as a wave (God) you do not see its parts (us) and when it acts as parts you do not see the wave.

If you see one function of God you will not see the other. And where is the other when you do not see it? (Hugh Everett's many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics talked about quantum superposition; he speculated that the function of light we do not see when we see one is in another universe; he conjectured that there are infinite universes, what is today called multiverse.)

God is a wave of light; as wave he does not know about its parts functions (on earth). If you are acting as part of God you do not know about the wave function of God.

If, perchance, you tune out the particle function of God and escape to the wave function of God you know yourself as a part of one unified force that is itself and all of its parts; religious folks call this experience unity experience. In it you know that you are it and yet a part of it; you know that there are infinite parts of it yet all the parts are it and each other.

In God, there is no I and no I; there is no you and no you, no subject and object, no seer and seen, all are one, literally.

In God all selves share one self and share one mind. I have experienced unity and thus speak from experience (although it is difficult to put that experience into words for there is no speech in God).

In God, in what Christians call heaven there is one self and one mind. That self is God. In God is infinite parts (the parts, us, are his creation; God created us; we did not create God or create ourselves). The state of spiritual union has existed eternally; it does not change, it simply is.

In human terms, God and his sons, in their state of union have existed forever and ever. There is no time in heaven but if we must employ time categories then we can say that God and his sons are timeless.

While resident in timelessness and eternity the parts of God have an urge to experience all kinds of new situations. One of the experiences they desire is to experience their opposite. They are eternal and unified so they wished to experience death and separated existence. They are love so they wished to experience hate.

In truth they cannot separate from God and from each other for eternity cannot be divided. As it were, they seem to forget eternal union and went to sleep and in their sleep-dream seem to separate from God and from each other.

Separation is not real, or is done in a sleep-dream state; what is done in dreams have not been done in reality.

(If, perchance, you have unity experience, today, you will know that you have never separated from God and that you were always in God when you thought that you were on earth; you would know that your life on earth is your dream; we all have individuated as well as a collective dream).


If you would like to place these events in the language of contemporary physics then say that 13.8 billion years ago the big bang occurred. There was actually no explosion. All that happened was that a particle of spiritual light (one son of God that contains God and all sons of God) emerged (separated) from its unified state (from God) and is now in a dream state.

If while you are in the light (God) you close your eyes you will see darkness (our universe). So, the son of God with his eyes closed saw darkness everywhere he looked (in his dream).

God is light so when the son of God, who is part of God's light, sleeps he closes his eyes. In his closed eyes he sees darkness (the darkness of our universe, the universe is the opposite of God; since God is light the universe is darkness).

The son of God is light so he brought that light with him into the darkness he now sees all around him. The light that he is the point of light that appeared to emerge in darkness (state of singularity before big bang explosion). That one point of light is holographic. It contains all of God and all of us in it.

That one particle of light contains all particles of light; it had wished separation and did so in what scientists call the big bang. It shattered into infinite parts.

The Big Bang is light that appeared in a background of darkness (in sleep-dream).  Immediately, the parts of light, now in the opposite form of spiritual light, physical light, began to reunify. Photons unified into electrons; photons unified into quarks. Quarks unified into protons and neutrons.

As Steven Weinberg pointed out in his book, the first three minutes, within three minutes protons and neutrons had captured each other and became nuclei of hydrogen and helium (they are held together by the strong nuclear force; the weak nuclear force do decay them).

It should be noted that the universe began in war, in the production of opposites that fight each other. Thus, the Big bang produced matter and anti-matter (quarks and anti-quarks, protons and anti-protons, neutrons and anti-neutrons, electrons and anti-electrons/positrons). It had a bit more matter than anti-matter, so when matter and anti-matter clashed instead of all of them annihilating themselves and returning to radiation and thus ending the incipient universe some matter survived. The surviving matter expanded to form our universe of matter and energy.

The early universe expanded at what Alan Goth Called inflation rate, speed greater than the speed of light (186, 000 miles per second) and that way avoided collapsing back to itself. If it had collapsed it would have aborted the existence of the universe. Apparently, the universe was meant to exist and produce people; this is called the anthropic principle.

The emergent physical universe was in plasma (a sea of unattached nuclei, electrons and photons).  They remained so for 400, 000 years. Thereafter, nuclei captured electrons and simple atoms were formed (hydrogen, helium and lithium).  In the atom, electrons are held to nuclei by the electromagnetic force.

(There are four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force. Albert Einstein and others tried to unify them into one grand unified theory but failed.)

Photons (light) were released from the hitherto dense plasma. That released light is what today is called cosmic background microwave radiation; Arnold Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered them in 1965. (Turn on your TV and you see it in the wavy stuff that you see on the TV screen as you change channels.)

Subsequent to the formation of atoms the universe became a sea of hydrogen and helium atoms.  It remained this way for millions of years. Thereafter, space emerged in the cloud of hydrogen. Hydrogen separated into clumps.  Gravity acted on each clump of hydrogen. Pressure pushed the gas inwards and in its center, core, heat and pressure led to the fusion of hydrogen into helium and stars were born.

A star is a clump of hydrogen in whose core pressure and high temperature lead to the fusion of hydrogen to helium and heat and light is given up. That light is what we see when we look at stars.

The initial stars were massive in size and quickly burned out their hydrogen; they fused to other elements; the process continued to carbon and eventually reached iron. After iron is fused the star does not have enough temperature to continue the fusion process; it expands and explodes in supernova.

In supernova, a star's inner core implodes into either a neutron star (only made of neutrons and spins at incredible speed) or into a black hole (where not even light can escape from its event horizon).

Supernovae explosions are accomplished by the type of heat needed to produce the elements not produced inside stars, which is anything beyond iron. Thus, the 92 elements naturally occurring in the universe are spilled into space during supernova (and form nebulae).

Those elements (debris from supernova) in time congregate into medium sized stars like our Sun and their planets.

As of today, we know that there are, at least, over 200 billion galaxies; each galaxy with, at least, 200 billion stars.  There are binary stars, proto-stars, quasars, white dwarfs, red giants and other types of stars.

Most stars have planetary systems. Our star, the Sun, has nine planets that orbit it.  On planet earth, three and half billion years ago, life began to evolve inside a pond of water (elements in it were heated by lightning and fused to amino-acids, fats and those later formed cells). The evolution of biological organisms culminated in the production of human beings.


Listen, no one has fully understood the origin of human beings. Therefore, whatever we say, be it in science or religion, about the origin of people is in the nature of mythology. Given the immensity of what we still do not fully understand and our need to have an idea of how we began, each age must have its mythology. Therefore, consider this part of what I am saying a myth of the origin of human beings.

According to this myth, we are part of God, part of universal intelligence that decided to experience our opposite nature. Our true nature is unified. To be unified we have to have no forms, no bodies and we did not live in space and time; we were in each other (and still are).

To experience our opposite we used the God mind in us to invent matter, space and time. We evolved and gradually invented plants and animals. When the bodies of certain animals seem capable of housing us we seem to be living in them. Thus, today, we seem to be living in human bodies.

For all intents and purposes, we are in bodies but in truth bodies do not exist except as in dreams so we do not live in bodies.

The physical universe does not exist. This postulation is probably difficult for you to accept until you have an experience whereby the physical universe disappeared and you knew yourself as part of one formless self, aka God. After that unitive experience you return to the awareness of our diverse universe.

My ontology is that we are the inventors of our universe. We are the parts of God who went to sleep and in our sleep wrote the mathematical equations that produced everything that exists in the physical universe.

The universe is not accidental, as spurious, atheistic scientists claim. Someone wrote the mathematics and laws undergirding everything, including our bodies, animals, trees, planets, stars, galaxies; everything in the universe was carefully calibrated by a genius.

(Have you ever appreciated the precision of what is going on inside an atom or, for that matter, inside a human cell? Trillions of years could not accidentally make for such precise and predictable workings of things. How long would it take a monkey to randomly pound on a key board to pound out this paper? How about a trillion-trillion years, yet the universe has only been around for less than fourteen billion years.)

The genius that wrote the equations and laws that formed our universe is us. But we did so in dreams; as it were, we did it in the opposite of our true selves' minds hence in deluded state of mind.

Our mind was in an insane state when we invented the physical universe. Wouldn't you agree that this universe was invented by an intelligent but insane person? After all everything it constructed is designed to live and die. Our stars will die, our planets will die, animals will die and we will die, so why bother to design them to die? Only an insane force could have invented our physically complex universe yet a meaningless universe; why take all the trouble to come up with a universe that ends in nothingness?

Our bodies and all things are composed of the various elements; the elements are composed of particles. In time our bodies and all things will decay to the elements that will decay to protons, neutrons and electrons. Those will decay to quarks and photons. Photons will decay to the nothingness from when they came. What then is the point of constructing the universe in the first place? The universe has no real purpose and meaning; at best we might call it the handwork of children's play.

The universe was invented by an insane and rebellious self, us. We temporarily went insane and decided to experience our opposite self (we are formless and wanted to experience life in forms; we are eternal and decided to experience death; we are love and decided to experience hate).

The universe is a product of rebellion in that God created us unified with him and we decided to experience the opposite of how he made us; we desired separation; separation is an act of rebellion against God's unified reality (we really have not separated from him and one another, for we remain as he created us, formless and unified with him, but in our dream we seem separated from him).

The desire for separation produced space, time and matter; separation and what it produced are illusions; they do not exist; they seem to exist in a dream setting. We now seem to live in an illusion but in truth we always live in God.

We have the illusion of separation from union (God) and now have the illusion of returning to union. As the preceding talk on the eight density levels show, we first separate from unified state and then seem unconscious while we invent space, time and matter and plants and animals (levels one and two) and at level three we become self-conscious animals and begin the journey of awakening, of remembering our true unified self.

When we remember our true self we experience level eight density state (what A course in miracles calls Holy Instant and Christian mystics call mystical union of the oneness of the father and his sons; see Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism; see William James, Varieties of religious experience; see Richard Burke, Cosmic Consciousness).  After that unity experience we return to the awareness of separation (our earth) so as to help those who have not experienced eternity while still in time.

It is all a game, the game of separating from God and the game of returning to God. We did not separate from God and we do not return to him; we are always in God, for no will can disobey God, although we can seem to do so in dreams.  But in as much as we are in a game so let us play along.

The game is for folks to feel separated from each other at level three density state. Some people here are beginning to remember their union with all people; they are at level four.

Those who are beginning to remember union and love all people may occasionally experience level five (life in light forms) and beyond.

A few human beings, while still on earth, actually experience level eight and know themselves as one with everything.

Those who have experienced union with everything, what Hinduism calls self-realization (see the concepts of Hindu Samadhi, Buddhist Nirvana and Zen Satori) become the world teachers of union (who are also teachers of love and teachers of God).

I am a teacher of love, a teacher of union and a teacher of God. I am here in this world to give the world a new metaphysics, one that builds on contemporary science and extant religions to give science educated folks what their minds can accept.

The teachers of God are here to help the broad masses of humanity to work towards reaching a higher level of existence.

We are here to transform our earth to the kingdom of love (which is the same thing as the kingdom of God).

In Christological language, we are here to transform the earth to a New Jerusalem, a place where folks love one another and gradually begin to see themselves in the world of light forms.

The world of light forms is akin to what Christians call New Israel with new men in it (in Revelation, Bible, John talked about new Israel and new man led by Jesus Christ before the earth is finally over and folks return to God). Here, people have resurrected from live in ego and body is to be metaphorically dead to the awareness of our true selves; to become aware that one's true identity is love is to be reborn in Christ; Christ comes a second time to one's world when one becomes a loving and forgiving person. The last judgment is the day the individual judges his ego and the world an illusion and turns to God, love and forgiveness.

Christ was born the first time when God created him in heaven (in spirit); he died when he forgot his unified identity and began living as an ego separated self; he is rebirthed a second time when he accepts his true self, love.


Whereas I address my metaphysics to all human beings, however, as an African I am particularly interested in Africans world views. When you encounter an African and talk serious matters with him he generally reverts to what he calls his culture. He tells you what his ancestors believed in religion and philosophy. He thinks that by trotting out his people's worldviews that he is making sense.

African cultures are fit for people who lived three thousand years ago!  African cultures and religions are primitive and ought to be left to quietly die and disappear from the world just as pre-Socratic Greek culture (Homeric culture) died and pre-Christian European religions died and disappeared from the world.

The world does not stand still. The Greeks tried to replace their people's mythologies with pure rationalism and gave that to the Romans.

The Romans did not make major contributions (their stoicism and epicures were of Greek origin) to rationalism. When the Roman Empire collapsed in the fifth century of our Common Era the primitives took over.

Christianity, a Middle Eastern religion, a sect of Judaism, a Semitic religion overran Europe and imposed its primitive conceptions of reality on Europeans. Consequently, the continent went into the dark ages where no new ideas came from.   It did not reemerge from the absence of rationalisms until the renaissance when Greek rationalism was reintroduced to Europe.

In 1543 Nicolas Copernicus posited his heliocentric view of the solar system, as opposed to Ptolemy's induced Christian geocentric view of the universe.

In 1610 Galileo used his telescopes to verify that the Sun is indeed the center of our solar system hence gave birth to what we now call the scientific method: acceptance of a proposition only if it can be observed and verified (or is falsifiable).

In 1687 Isaac Newton posited his three laws of motion and law of gravitation (mechanics). Modern science was born.  Eugene Huygens, Tyco Brahe and Johannes Kepler added to Newton's astronomy, study of mechanics and light (optics).

By the eighteenth century folks like Laplace, Dalton (atomic theory), Boyle (law of gases) made great inroads in empirical science.

In the nineteenth century we had Thomas Young, Charles Darwin, Mendel (genetics), James Clark Maxwell, J.J. Thompson, Ludwig Boltzmann, Henri Becquerel, Jenner (biology), Pasteur (biology); those made huge contributions to the study of electricity, sound, light, heat and mechanics.

By the twentieth century western science came into full bloom; we had Pierre and Marie Curie, Max Plank, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Neils Bohr, Louis Broglie, Werner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, Pauli, Dirac, Eddington, Born, Alexander Friedman, George Lemaitre, Edwin Hubble's, George Gamow, Lise Meitner, Alexander Flaming, Enrico Fermi, Fred Hoyle, James Wheeler, Hugh Everett, John Bell, Murray Gell-Mann, Francis Crick, James Watson, Alan Aspect, Alan Goth and others; these folks made monumental contributions to science; they established science as the dominant Western epistemology.

The West is now mostly predicated on the scientific method (with applied scientists such as James Watt, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Nicolas Tesla, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc.).

If you want to talk to any educated Westerner you must talk in the language of science; your culture must be scientific culture or an approximate scientific culture; the mythopoetic language of religion is no longer in vogue.

But when you talk to an Africa he trots out a world view propagated by his ancestors three thousand years ago! African world views are prescientific.  Africans have rubbish masquerading as African culture; Africans need to be given a new philosophy and taught the physical sciences.


When the West began making inroads into modern science their rational thinkers began trying to come up with philosophies that appealed to reason. We had Machiavelli, Rene Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Pascal, Rousseau, Voltaire, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, David Hume, George Berkeley, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Feuerbach, Bergson and William James. Each of those philosophers tried to propound a world view that is compatible with the science of the time he lived.

By the twentieth century, classical science gave way to new science, aka quantum mechanics and, as a result, rational philosophy was not able to come up with a useful philosophy based on the apparent counter commonsensical new physics. For example, can you explain Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in rational terms, how do you explain the fact that if you know where an electron is inside the atom you cannot know its velocity, indicating that it is nowhere or is wherever you want it to be; or how do you explain Einstein's  spooky action at a distance, confirmed by John Bell and Alan Aspect, the fact that entangled particles communicate instantaneously regardless of their location in the universe, indicating that everything is in one place.

The twentieth century did not produce seminal Western philosophers; it did produce escapist thinkers such as Wittgenstein and Derrida, the philosophers of language.

In place of philosophy the twentieth century west produced secular psychology (Fred, Adler, Jung, Fromm, Horney, Watson, Carl Rogers, R.D. Laing, Albert Ellis, Aaron Becks, and Abraham Maslow, B.F Skinner and the behaviorists and the neuroscientists).

Psychology is a branch of philosophy and has actually run its course! There are no more new ideas in psychology (women have taken over the field). We now need a new epistemology.

We live in the age of science and need a philosophy that is congruent with science. Joseph Campbell, in his series," The Hero with a thousand faces" and his epic "The Power of myth" indicated that  every once in a while a person comes along and gives the people a news mythology to live by.

People always need myths for what is not known is too much for them to bear so they must have a stop gap between the known and unknown. Campbell said that mankind is at one of those states where old myths are no longer functional and humanity is waiting for a new myth to help it move forward.

I see me as a myth maker. I am here to give mankind a new mythology with which to make sense of their lives. What I do is take science into consideration and come up with a philosophy that people can live with in their day to day lives.

Forget about extant religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism etc.; those were hatched before the age of modern science. Their parameters are primitive.

My function is to modernize philosophical worldviews; I am here to posit a new weltanschauung that is congruent with science and religion.

Africans must embrace the scientific method and give themselves a scientific culture; they must embrace a philosophy based on science.

Ultimately, all mankind must embrace scientific culture and a rational metaphysics; my job is to help give people a scientific culture and rational metaphysics.

The attainment of my goal is enhanced by the insights on the nature of unknown reality written on "The law of one" by Ra. That book did not improve my metaphysics but gave me a schematic frame unto which I placed conclusions that I had already reached about the different levels of human evolution. I am grateful to it for improving my efforts.

I thank you Professor Don Elkins (of physics), Carla L. Rueckert and James A. McCarty, the scribes of the law of one. I thank Schiffer Publishing Ltd for publishing the book. As usual, I am indebted to Professor Helen Schucman (of psychology), the author of A course in miracles. These folks enabled me to clarify my thinking on metaphysics.

In the end, whereas several people, on earth and on other planes of existence (scientists at the sixth density level do guide earthly scientists; spiritually advanced souls at the sixth density level do guide those on earth interested in spirituality) helped me formulate my metaphysics, I take responsibility for it. Both credit and blame should be given to me.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 26, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: (907) 310-8176