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Is this why Nigeria declared IPOB a terrorist organization

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Ozodiobi Osuji

Nnamdi Kanu clearly violated the conditions for his release from jail.  From what I know about these things what needed to be done was to send the police to go pick him up and return him to jail.  A few dozen policemen, particularly those trained in what in the USA are called SWAT methods, could have gone to his house and in less than fifteen minutes apprehended him and returned him to the jail.

In a well-organized society you cannot be allowed to flaunt the conditions of your probation or parole. If you do then you might as well not have been given those conditions.

You make laws for them to be obeyed; if you do not enforce laws then you might as well not make them.

Nnamdi Kanu signed a legal contract to live by the conditions given to him when he was released from detention. If he had believed that the conditions were too stringent he should not have agreed to them.

Regardless of their stringency provided that he agreed to them he had to abide by them or he had violated the conditions of his probation and lawfully could be returned to jail.

And why hasn't the judge/court at Abuja ruled that he be returned to jail, anyway?  Such matters are supposed to take only an hour or so to be accomplished: you give the judge evidence that he violated his probation conditions, and there is evidence galore that he did, and she would sign off on it and he would be picked up and returned to jail.

So why was there delay in a judge signing the request to revoke his release from jail? I get it. The whole thing was probably a charade to jinn up riots in the East and uses that opportunity to teach Igbos some lessons on the nature of governments, on who has power and must be obeyed in the Nigerian polity, Buhari or Kanu.

Kanu and his group were becoming law unto themselves; they were setting up their own government with its apparatuses for coercion. They created Biafra Security Services and Biafra National Guard and gave them uniform (and armed them with bottles and sticks). Poor and unemployed kids were misled into thinking that they are a match for soldiers trained in the art of killing people with AK 49s and supporting armored vehicles.

We have seen this show before; Ojukwu armed his toy soldiers with ancient mark four rifles from before the twentieth century; his agents apparently bought those archaic guns at flea markets from all over the USA and he expected to use them to fight and win a modern war against a Nigerian army with modern weapons.

Wars are won with the best weapons available at the time they are fought.  But that is not the issue at stake here (if you are interested in war, perhaps, you can begin your education on that subject by reading Von Clausewitz's On War).

The question that stimulated my mind was why Nigeria had to go try to deal with Nnamdi Kanu with a whole army.

Why was it necessary to use an army to go after a boy that a platoon of policemen could apprehend with ease .You do not try to kill a fly with a tank; you use a fly swatter.

So why send the Nigerian Army to Abiah state just because one deluded boy who fancied his self his people's savior was holed up in his father's house talking tough.  Why?

I could not get it until this morning when I read at Premium Times that the Nigerian Army has declared IPOB a terrorist organization. A spark went on in my head saying:  so, that is why they did it!

They went into Abia state and paraded their armor around knowing that they would provoke the IPOB boys worshiping Kanu to pick a fight with them. They shot rifles into the air and may even have killed some people in Aba and Umuahia.

(Many of the pictures, shown at Facebook and other social media, of what they did in those two towns could be photo shopped.  In the age of Trumpian fake news who knows what is true anymore?)

Well, IPOB took the bait and made some gragra with the soldiers; the soldiers had some scuffle with them.

As a result of the apparent attacks on the Nigerian army they declared IPOB a terrorist organization.  If any organized group within a sovereign state challenges the elected government, or its military agents, of that state it can be lawfully declared an insurgent group (freedom fighters or terrorists).

When you declare a group insurgents trying to overthrow the legitimate government you can go after them and decapitate them.

This is probably what the British handlers of Buhari told him to do: provoke the amateurish Kanu toy soldiers into throwing stones and bottles at the Nigerian army, an army supposedly going about their legal business of conducting maneuvers on how to protect the country (dubbed, Egwu Eke, Python dance), and then declare them terrorists and use that as a cover to decapitate them.

I now get why there seemed overkill of military presence in Abia, why a motorized military formation was used to swat flies.

Who said that Buhari is not smart?  (By the way he will be at New York next week to address the UN.)

Everything Igbos do the Hausa- Fulani listen to those who are masters on how to control people, John Bull, Englishmen, and checkmate them.

Igbos are known for tough talking but lacking in tactical and strategical thinking. More importantly, Igbos assume that talking tough scares people. Actually, when you talk tough, especially if you insult people the people you verbally abuse feel angry and come after you and try to kill you to show you that you are nothing.

Human beings are proud. If you put them down you have attacked them psychologically; they feel psychological pain and have their pride pricked; they experience a need to assuage the assault on their vanity.

People feel narcissistic injury when you insult them and to rehabilitate their deflated ego will take you down; this is lesson 101 in human nature and human behavior.

Men kill other men for putting them down than for other reasons; in fact, most wars are fought for this ego prestige reasons (you learn this in introduction to International Relations class).

Igbos disregard the reality of human tendency to feel slighted and fight to rehabilitate their egos and keep on insulting people, right, left and center. In doing so, Igbos consciously or unconsciously, ask to be smacked down, even killed! We must consider death wish in Igbos (what Sigmund Freud called Thanatos).

Reasonable people quickly learn that human beings are vain and try not to say or do anything that would prick their vanity so as to not get attacked by them. To the contrary, Igbos have penchant for saying degrading things about people.

Rational persons always strive to respect other people; people do not like it if you disrespect them and, in fact, people seldom forgive you if you did not respect their human dignity.

Contrary to this reality everywhere you find Igbos they make a sport of insulting people! It is like they see themselves as invincible and nobody can kill them.

Kanu called Nigeria the zoo and called Hausas, Yorubas and other Nigerians unprintable names; name calling may have made him feel neurotically powerful but now look who is on the run! The degraded have come to show him that they can kill him.

I do not know if Igbos are daft; if they have the capacity to learn they must henceforth desist from calling people degrading names; if they feel an urge to depreciate folks they must bite their lips and walk away. Just do not call a human being derogatory name.

The Igbos who abused me at Nigerian Internet forums probably thought that they were cowing me! Poor fools!  My initial response was anger and in anger I felt a need to take them down; that is, correct, kill them. But on second thought I realized that they are ill-informed riffraff and do not know what they are doing.  So, I decided to do the next best thing: learn from their primitive behavior.

If you want to go to war with folks study them. Know their strength and weaknesses. Befriend them and be close to them and learn about them so that you can plan ways to fight them; above all, you must take your enemy seriously and respect him. Sun Tzu said this in his famous book, The Art of War.

Igbos do not respect their supposed enemy, Hausas; and Hausas have won all their conflicts with Igbos!

The Chinese practice Sun Tzu; they smile at the West and are gradually taking over the West. White men  humiliated the Chinese during the nineteenth century when they divided China among themselves; the British even forced China to allow British traders to sell opium to the Chinese, addict them to drugs, and, worse, took Hong Kong away from China; the Chinese have a score to settle with the white man; they are gently and quietly doing to the West what the West did to them: taking it over; they are also taking over most of the raw materials in Africa, yet they appear gentle and weak; they do not raise their voices at you. Buddha and Confucius taught them how to manage their anger and behave gently while screwing you!

But you see Igbos who have absolutely no power shouting at you as if when push comes to shove they have the ability to defeat you.

Given Igbos self-evident smarts, if they are tactful and diplomatic there is no doubt that they would accomplish a lot in life. As it is, Igbos specialize in making enemies and breeding conflicts for themselves, mostly because they put folks down.

Apparently, they do it in neurotic effort to feel superior to those they insult and compensate for their underlying sense of inferiority.

You find Igbos, such as Nebu Adiele, who probably did not even go to secondary school (while claiming that he is an attorney...attorneys do not insult people...the law is designed to engender respect for people not to disrespect them, so he is not a lawyer) come to Nigerian Internet forums to verbally abuse Nigerians with doctorate degrees. He chooses such persons to insult. Apparently, in insulting the well-educated the illiterate Mbaise boy convinces himself that he is their equal if not better. Instead of trying to learn from first rate brains such as Bolaji Aluko, Joseph Igietseme and  others he felt as if he is superior to them and wrote nonsense and in his mind and in the mind of his fellow hillbillies is now their superior. He should have put his time to good use by learning from these masters but as an Igbo he apparently believed that making noise is being powerful.

Kanu and his strange bunch made noise about the Nigerian state and the Nigerian State has checkmated them!

Like the naïve fools, they are, they are now asking the UN to come and save them! Really?  Assuming that the UN even knows about their existence it would take, at least, six months for it to get the necessary votes and money to fund a peace keeping operation in Eastern Nigeria.

Peace keeping is funded differently from regular UN operations (budget). The Security Council asks the rich members to pony up the cost of the specific peace keeping mission and if they are willing to do so it is a go but if not the crisis/war is left to fester and people are killed.

As we speak Indonesians are massacring black Papua New Guineans and the world has not intervened to save them!

Most UN peace keeping funds come from the US and a few other wealthy countries. African countries hardly pay their regular levies to run the UN's day to day operations; most of them owe arears to the much does Nigeria owe the UN in past dues...this is a task for you to find out if you are a student of international relations, international law and international organizations?

Why didn't the Biafrans ask ECOWAS and AU to come protect them? Why ask the UN and the racist Donald Trump to come protect them?

It is probably because they do not believe that their fellow Africans can protect them and because they do not have a clue about international politics. They think that noise making regarding someone persecuting them would persuade rational countries who operate on the basis of national interests to come protect them.

How much would it cost the USA to send troops to Eastern Nigeria to protect Igbos, say, for one year?

The US has $20 trillion dollars debt and is expected to run billions of dollars in deficit this year; so where are they supposed to get the money with which to come protect Africans?

Trump is so uneducated that he probably does not know where Nigeria is on the world map and does not care for Africans. If given free reign he probably would like to enslave Africans but Igbos don't know it and see him as their savior!

I am digressing and must return to my theme. My point here is that I now understand why the Nigerian state did not just go pick up Kanu but instead sent in their army and took their time playing cat and mouse game with the IPOB leader.

They probably wanted to provoke attack on them and use it as ruse to declare IPOB a terrorist group. Now seen as a terrorist group they will go after them, smoke them out from hiding and kill them.

Confused Biafrans will probably tell us that the Nigerian state has no constitutional right to declare IPOB a terrorist organization. Really? Who should do so for Nigeria?

The terrorist government in Washington, the racist government that exists to incarcerate black folks should sit in judgement over Nigerians? Igbos naiveté on political matters actually makes me cry!

Buhari has won round one. But his victory could be pyric; winning a battle is not the same thing as winning a war.

Buhari must try to solve the problems that led to the creation of Kanu. Igbos have some legitimate grievances against the Nigerian state. Those grievances must be addressed.

I have made it known how I believe that Nigeria ought to be restructured. I made submissions to the 2005 and 2014 supposed conferences to restructure Nigeria so my views are on record; the Nigerian government acknowledged my submissions, how I think that Nigeria needs to be structured.

For a starter, all of Alaigbo must become one state, from Igwe Ocha to Agbo; this is non-negotiable. Igbos must rule themselves and develop at their pace.  Left to their devices they will make tremendous economic headway (they need a lot of learning on governance, leadership and politics).

Nigeria is holding Igbos down.  Not rectifying this problem, sweeping it under the rug will not make it go away. After Kanu is long gone will be other Igbo insurgents.

(By the way, where is Kanu? Has he Ojukwued on us? That is, like Emeka Ojukwu, has Nnamdi Kanu run away, escaped to London, after all he has British passport and can easily sneak back into England; indeed the British government may even have helped him to do so! And after such cowardly act his followers would see him as a courageous person, as they saw the coward called Ojukwu when he abandoned his troops to their fate and fled to the Ivory Coast.  Ojukwu ran away from his troops and instead of hanging him on the nearest tree many Igbos called him their hero, a hero my foot.)

I end by saying: let us give it up for Buhari and his handlers. They have won another round in their battle with Igbos.  May be during the next round they may not win? Who knows?

Let us get on with the work of restructuring Nigeria and governing it as well as we could. Enough corruption already!


I think that I understand the game Buhari is playing; however, that does not mean that I approve his killing unemployed Igbo kids.  He should not have done that; as I pointed out above there are many ways to extricate Kanu and return him to jail without killing suffering Igbo kids.

What abandoned Igbo kids ask for is employment; they probably thought that Kanu was going to give them employment via his rag tagged army.

Buhari please start providing Nigerian kids with jobs or get the hell out of office. Over 90% of Nigerian youths are unemployed and, may be, over, 50% of Nigerian adults are unemployed. What exactly is your job as the president of Nigeria, if I may ask?


Ozodiobi Osuji

September 15, 2017

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