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Igbos poor political judgement shown in their support of Donald Trump

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This is a follow up to the essay I wrote this morning on Igbos political naiveté. We must put our heads together and figure out a way to make Igbos politically realistic and get them to fight realistic political wars instead of wasting their times and energies on unrealistic causes, such as the struggle for Biafra.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

During the US 2016 Presidential election many Igbos, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora, supported Donald J. Trump. They even had demonstrations all over Alaigbo supporting Trump!

I asked those close to me who supported Trump why they did it. They told me that Barack Obama is a Muslim and were in cahoots with Muslims in Northern Nigeria in oppressing Igbos; they said that Obama does not represent Igbos interests. They said that they believed that Hillary Clinton would continue Obama's supposed anti-Igbo policies.

In their view, Trump is a Christian and would fight for Igbo Christian interests.  I asked them whether apart from his alleged Christianity there is anything in his background that would lead a rational person to believe that he supports black folk's causes.

In 1972 he was sued by black folks who had tried to rent some of his apartments and he turned them down.

There is nothing in Trump's background that is not racist. Indeed, he came to political lime light by championing the racist Birther movement. That movement was fueled by white folk's anger that a black man was elected the President of the United States of America; it sought ways to delegitimize him and did so by claiming that he was born in Africa hence not qualified to be their President.

Trump made life difficult for Obama and one must be blind not to realize that he did what he did because of racism. The man rode racists' anger at Obama to the White House.

Honesty requires me to state that Trump's antimuslimism stood well with me. I even wrote an article agreeing with him on that score. As I see it, America and Europe must remain Christian and scientific. Muslims have a way of taking countries back to the feudal seventh century when Mohammed founded his religion.  I did not like Angela Merkle allowing over a million Syrian Muslims crashing into Germany.

Apart from seeing eye to eye with Trump on the Muslim issue I did not see anything else in him that would lead a black man to support him.

The man's antecedent behaviors tell us that he is a racist. His grandfather was an alleged Ku Klux Klan member.

Well, my Igbo brothers still supported the man. At Facebook they became his mouthpiece reposting all those fake news that Trump's supporters posted about Hillary Clinton. To them Hillary was the devil itself.

I took offense with some of these Igbos, such as Zubbie Ekwueme and Emenike Nwankwo. After trying to get them to see reason and they wouldn't I simply unfriended and blocked them. I blocked many Igbos posts at Facebook from reaching me.

I wish that I could block the posts of such Igbo idiots as Nebu Adiele and Daniel Akusobi from reaching my mail box. Those two Igbos lack critical reasoning; no university in this world would give them a bachelor's degree; I doubt that they even had secondary school education? They write like bush men!

Today, we see what is happening at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville (I have been to that campus; it is a lovely campus; it was designed and built by Thomas Jefferson...the campus is close to Jefferson's Monticello estate, his slave den).

The apparent cause of the problem is that some citizens demanded that a statue of Robert Lee, the commander in chief of the Confederate army, a racist army, be removed from their town.

David Duke and his KKK and other white supremacist groups opposed the removal of the statue. Things got to a head, yesterday, when white nationalists from several states came to the University to demonstrate their support for the continued stay of the said statue. They carried placards saying that they want to take America back (one presumes, from those they see as niggers).

The racists were confronted by a small group of "black lives matter" and other liberals. Apparently, the racist Neanderthals outnumbered the human beings opposing them and a scuffle ensued. People were beaten up.

A twenty year old racist from Ohio drove his car into a crowd of those opposing the racists; it is reported that he killed one young woman and injured nineteen others; a police helicopter crashed killing two police men bringing to a total of three dead and dozens hospitalized.

It is clear that these white supremacists were emboldened by the election of the racist in chief, Donald Trump. The election of this dumb shit has given racists signal to crawl out of their closets and make noise about taking back their country (never mind that African slaves built America and the interlopers from Europe want to reap where they did not sow).

Trump and two senators want to introduce legislation essentially accepting only immigrants who already speak English (this is a code term meaning those from Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand), and those who have skills that America desires (meaning computer skills, and certain rare medical skills and so on). They also want to reduce the legal immigration from its current 500, 000 a year to 250, 000 a year and abolish the Visa Lotto (annually, 50, 000) that had favored those countries that traditionally were underrepresented in America, such as Africans.

If you read between the lines you know that Trump wants to stop immigrants from Africa and other non-white countries. He would like to send Nigerians back to where they came from; he probably sees most Nigerians as corrupt and criminals.

Since many Igbos engage in 419 scams, bank loans scams, credit card scams, social security number thefts, and drug pushing (the number of Igbos in American jails  and prisons is high)there is no doubt that Trump would like to round them up and ship them back to the corruption haven they came from.

I am writing these observations not to engage in a comprehensive examination of Trump's racist government but to point out one more instance of Igbos poor political skills at work.

Most Africans saw Trump for what he is, a goddamned, freaking racist, a lying, psychopathic narcissist but many Igbos saw a savior in him.

My question is this: what is it about Igbos that they cannot read the tea leafs correctly? As we speak, they are supporting a megalomaniac called Nnamdi Kanu; they see him as their savior, indeed, some Igbos say that he is more important than Jesus Christ!

If that egotist is not quickly removed from the political limelight he would cause Igbos so much death that the death that occurred during civil war would be a child's play.

I do not understand how any thoughtful Igbo person would support Kanu. What does he stand for? Biafra? What is Biafra, a Portuguese village?

What is his reasoned political manifesto, a clearly articulated program he plans to put in place for Igbos? Has he written an outline of how his Biafra would be organized; I mean a sketched Biafra constitution?

And while at it, who is in his Biafra; is it only Igbos; does it include Ijaw, Efik, Edo, Itsekiri, Urhobo? Has he bothered to consult these people to find out if they want to go on the ride to death that he wants to take them or is he god and knows what is good for other persons?

Indeed, how does he even know that many Igbos support him? Having unemployed Igbo youth adore him does not mean that Igbo intelligentsia support him.

All Kanu has accomplished is, like other foolish Igbos, call Nigerians put down names. He calls Nigeria the zoo. If he had bothered to go to school and taken some biology classes he would have learned that human beings are animals and that animals live in zoos.

I understand that Mr. Kanu has not successfully completed any project he undertook and that he dropped out of college and has not held a reasonable job for extended time; I understand that the Casanova was supported by numerous girlfriends while he lived in London. In time he found a gig:  making radio broadcasts where he insulted any and all Nigerians.

Is this never do well man going to make Biafrans do well?

My question is this: what is it about Igbos that their political judgement is unrealistic?  I would like someone to educate me on this phenomenon. I am really, really sick and tired of been the only one pointing out Igbos apparent poor political skills.

Can other Igbos please join me; let us help our brothers lost in the wilderness of political never-never land? We must extricate Igbos from political magical thinking and teach them political realism. We must improve Igbos political judgment.

In America, we must teach Igbos to develop courage so that they stand with our African American brothers and fight racism; at present they are not anywhere to be found when black folks fight racist alt-right, neo-Nazis, white nationalists and other white supremacist groups.

At present they hide, may be seeking ways to make money; they allow other black folks to go fight racism and secure some benefits for black folks. Thereafter, they come out of hiding and try to reap the benefits other folks fought and died for.

People from Ghana generally join black Americans in fighting racism; I bet you that if you were at Charlottesville today, you would find Ghanaians among those fighting the alt-right racist Neanderthals; that is why African Americans hold Ghanaians in high esteem; their idea of visiting Africa is to go to Ghana, not Nigeria.

We must teach Igbos to fight the right wars and do it with political finesse; that is what it means to be real human beings.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 12, 2017

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